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Record Name
12nd Street Nightclub DEXTER 2006 TV SeriesNightlifeClubs

2nd Street Nightclub
Nightclub mentioned in the newspaper article about Dexter's next target, the serial drunk driving Matt Brewster.

2602 ClubSTAR TREK: ENTERPRISE 2001 TV SeriesNightlifeClubs

602 Club
The bar in San Francisco near Starfleet Command.

3The 7 of Clubs Room ARMY OF THE DEAD 2021 FilmNightlifeClubs

The 7 of Clubs Room
The 7 of Clubs Room presents the magical stylings of Larry Fong. Larry Fong is a cinematographer who has collaborated with the majority of Zack Snyder's films. "Larry is magic"

4The American Underground [nightclub] SLIDERS 1995 TV SeriesNightlifeClubs

The American Underground [nightclub]
Club that Rembrandt mentions when being interrogated about the Imperialist American Underground on the communist world.

5Atrium Club HUDSON HAWK 1991 FilmNightlifeClubs

Atrium Club

6Babalu ClubI LOVE LUCY 1951 TV SeriesNightlifeClubs

Babalu Club

7The Baby Seal ClubFICTION EMPIRE 1999 OtherNightlifeClubs

The Baby Seal Club

8Bayside Club DEXTER 2006 TV SeriesNightlifeClubs

Bayside Club
The arm found inside the alligator identified as belonging to 19 year old Estrella Carazo who worked at the Bayside Club as a cocktail waitress.

9The Black Mask ClubBIRDS OF PREY 2020 FilmNightlifeClubs

The Black Mask Club
Roman's nightclub.

10Butterfly Club WESTWORLD 2015 TV SeriesNightlifeClubs

Butterfly Club
Nightclub in Temperance.

11Cabana ClubMOONRAKER 1979 FilmNightlifeClubs

Cabana Club
Nightclub next door to the C&W warehouse.

12Cabin Club ZeroSCARY MOVIE V 2013 FilmNightlifeClubs

Cabin Club Zero
Nightclub from Jody's night out with Kendra.

13The Caribbean ClubBANGKOK DANGEROUS 2008 FilmNightlifeClubs

The Caribbean Club

14Carioca Club THE TWILIGHT ZONE 1959 TV SeriesNightlifeClubs

Carioca Club
Nightclub that turns down Jonathan's ventriloquist act that his talking dummy Caesar later convinces him to rob.

15The Chez Club THE SHIELD 2002 TV SeriesNightlifeClubs

The Chez Club
After a gunfight breaks out at the Chez Club between local rappers Kern Little and T-Bonz during Kern's Back from the Ashes album release party, the Strike Team works to prevent the conflict from escalating on the street.

16China ClubAMONGST FRIENDS 1993 FilmNightlifeClubs

China Club
Where Billy says he picked up a girl named Cindy.

17The Clinton ClubGRAFFITI BRIDGE 1990 FilmNightlifeClubs

The Clinton Club

18Club 11:59 FOR ALL MANKIND 2019 TV SeriesNightlifeClubs

Club 11:59
Margo invites her Russian counterpart to talk, her secret place where she plays piano. The name refers to the Doomsday Clock.

19Club 225 PERSON OF INTEREST 2011 TV SeriesNightlifeClubs

Club 225
Nightclub that machine number and Brazilian diplomat's daughter Sofia Campos visits, where Reese as her new bodyguard protects her from a few 14th Street Mafia gangmembers trying to kill her.

20Club 29 STEVE MARTIN 1967 Comedy ActsNightlifeClubs

Club 29

21Club 404 of HarlemRIGHTEOUS KILL 2008 FilmNightlifeClubs

Club 404 of Harlem
Nightclub where Turk first learns about the dealer named Spider.

22Club 40's BLAST FROM THE PAST 1999 FilmNightlifeClubs

Club 40's
Music club where Eve takes Adam, unintentionally giving him a chance to demonstrate his dancing skills.

23Club 54 Level BATMAN BEYOND 1999 Animated SeriesNightlifeClubs

Club 54 Level
Nightclub in Gotham City.

24Club AereolaVEGAS VACATION 1997 FilmNightlifeClubs

Club Aereola
The Club where Clark finds Audrey dancing in a cage.

25Club Alias JESSICA JONES 2015 TV SeriesNightlifeClubs

Club Alias
Nightclub that Sterling Adams plans to open.

26Club AmericaTHE CURE 1976 MusicNightlifeClubs

Club America
I ride into your town on a big black Trojan horse. I'm looking to have some fun. Some kind of trigger-happy intercourse. Club America salutes you says the girl on the door.

27Club Aqua I THINK YOU SHOULD LEAVE 2019 TV SeriesNightlifeClubs

Club Aqua
After having a heart attack at Club Aqua, a man's doctor implants the ABX Heart Monitor made by Abbott. When his doctor finds out his patient can get into Club Aqua and Club Haunted House, he demands to be brought along, checking the heart monitor to know when he's going to the clubs.

28Club Asiatique INHERENT VICE 2014 FilmNightlifeClubs

Club Asiatique
Nightclub where Jade works in San Pedro. Beware the Golden Fang!

29Club Avatar UPLOAD 2020 TV SeriesNightlifeClubs

Club Avatar
Nora and Byron go out to get to know each other.

30Club Bismark AMERICAN WEDDING 2003 FilmNightlifeClubs

Club Bismark
Gay bar.

31Club Blur PERSON OF INTEREST 2011 TV SeriesNightlifeClubs

Club Blur
Machine number Ian Murphy's favorite nightclub, where Carter, Shaw and Zoe go in undercover.

32Club Bonanza THE TWILIGHT ZONE 1959 TV SeriesNightlifeClubs

Club Bonanza
Bar from multiple episodes.

33Club Boost PERSON OF INTEREST 2011 TV SeriesNightlifeClubs

Club Boost
Reese tracks down machine number Harper Rose at Club Boost to see her favorite DJ.

34Club Brasilia BROOKLYN NINE-NINE 2013 TV SeriesNightlifeClubs

Club Brasilia
Club run by the Brazilian mob.

35Club BrikZOOLANDER: SUPER MODEL 2016 Animated FilmNightlifeClubs

Club Brik
Derek and Hansel launch a fake energy drink at Club Brik as a trap to ambush the Red Carpet.

36Club Club COMMUNITY 2009 TV SeriesNightlifeClubs

Club Club
Koogler: Now I have to tell you, no shooting in here. The first rule of Club Club is that we are not a fight club. The second rule is that if you're a hot lady, you have to have sex with me. And then there's a bunch of rules and restriction that they've just now been adding because of the lawsuits based on that, second rule, which, I'm not allowed to call a rule. That was my screw up.

37Club Congress THE DAILY SHOW 1996 TV SeriesNightlifeClubs

Club Congress
Congress reimagined as a night club.

38Club Damnation WORKAHOLICS 2011 TV SeriesNightlifeClubs

Club Damnation
Where Topher the swagger hound, also known as "bieberhole69', takes the guys.


Club Dot
Nightclub built on the site of the Muppet Theatre.

40Club FinaleDEVIL IN A BLUE DRESS 1995 FilmNightlifeClubs

Club Finale

41Club Flamingo POLICE SQUAD! 1982 TV SeriesNightlifeClubs

Club Flamingo
Where Mimi Dujour dances.

42Club Frasier FRASIER 1993 TV SeriesNightlifeClubs

Club Frasier
Joke Frasier makes when he finds out he has a secret admirer. Frasier: Yes, well, not to disrupt the think-tank, but there is an easier way to find out. I'll just make a few well-placed inquiries and see where I get a nibble. (Reading through address book) Ah, yes, there's a group of people that might regret leaving Club Frasier before last call.

43Club Haunted House I THINK YOU SHOULD LEAVE 2019 TV SeriesNightlifeClubs

Club Haunted House
After having a heart attack at Club Aqua, a man's doctor implants the ABX Heart Monitor made by Abbott. When his doctor finds out his patient can get into Club Aqua and Club Haunted House, he demands to be brought along, checking the heart monitor to know when he's going to the clubs.

44Club HelTHE MATRIX RELOADED 2003 FilmNightlifeClubs

Club Hel
Nightclub run by The Merovingian.

45Club HelTHE MATRIX: PATH OF NEO 2005 Video GamesNightlifeClubs

Club Hel

46Club Hole in the Wall MUPPETS MOST WANTED 2014 FilmNightlifeClubs

Club Hole in the Wall
Old abandoned club that Kermit proposes for the Muppet Show in Berlin. According to Miss Piggy, "More like Hole in the Ground Club."

47Club House Nightclub HUNTER 1984 TV SeriesNightlifeClubs

Club House Nightclub
Vic Terranova's nightclub where Dee Dee goes undercover, posing as a singer.

48Club Ingenue STAR TREK: DEEP SPACE NINE 1993 TV SeriesNightlifeClubs

Club Ingenue
Nightclub in Paris, from Bashir's holosuite program.

49The Club International of Brighton Beach... BROOKLYN NINE-NINE 2013 TV SeriesNightlifeClubs

The Club International of Brighton Beach International Club
Nightclub where Jake and Terry track down elevator inspector Zerb Gudanya.

50Club Jump BluesBOWFINGER 1999 FilmNightlifeClubs

Club Jump Blues
Club where Bowfinger films Kit outside of Max clothing store.

51Club Juniper ALF 1986 TV SeriesNightlifeClubs

Club Juniper
Bar where Willie saw the band Whizzer Deaver and the Whizztones.

52Club Klooch PERSON OF INTEREST 2011 TV SeriesNightlifeClubs

Club Klooch
Charge on machine number and billionaire Logan Pierce's credit card bill.

53Club Mallard HOWARD THE DUCK 1986 FilmNightlifeClubs

Club Mallard
Nightclub on Duckworld.

54Club Manhole THE CRITIC 1994 Animated SeriesNightlifeClubs

Club Manhole

55Club Mayan DEXTER 2006 TV SeriesNightlifeClubs

Club Mayan
Nightclub stamp - lead on the Fuentes Brothers in Deb's murder investigation.

56Club Nagel BOJACK HORSEMAN 2014 Animated SeriesNightlifeClubs

Club Nagel

57Club Neolution ORPHAN BLACK 2013 TV SeriesNightlifeClubs

Club Neolution
Private club.

58Club Obi Wan INDIANA JONES AND THE TEMPLE OF DOOM 1984 FilmNightlifeClubs

Club Obi Wan
1930s restaurant and nightclub in Shanghai, China. Tribute to Obi Wan Kenobi from Star Wars.

59Club Ooze THE HOUSE 2017 FilmNightlifeClubs

Club Ooze
The name Frank gives the pool and backyard area at the house.

60Club OrbSTAR WARS: BOUNTY HUNTER 2015 Video GamesNightlifeClubs

Club Orb

61Club Panties THE BEN STILLER SHOW 1990 TV SeriesNightlifeClubs

Club Panties
Nightclub from The Grungies TV show skit.

62Club Pigalle MOONLIGHTING 1985 TV SeriesNightlifeClubs

Club Pigalle
In David's dream sequence, several neon signs for restaurants and hotels float by as his character Zack walks the streets after the murder.

63Club Pink Moon BATTLESTAR GALACTICA 2004 TV SeriesNightlifeClubs

Club Pink Moon
Bar on Picon where Ellen hangs out prior to the Cylon attack.

64Club RedTHE ICE PIRATES 1984 FilmNightlifeClubs

Club Red
Vacation resort advertised in the Space Travel magazine that Jason reads.

65Club Rick RICK AND MORTY 2013 Animated SeriesNightlifeClubs

Club Rick
Nightclub in the Citadel of Ricks.

66Club Rico THE TWILIGHT ZONE 1959 TV SeriesNightlifeClubs

Club Rico
Nightclub down the street from Freddie Iaccino's speakeasy.

67The Club Right AwayPOLICE SQUAD! 1982 TV SeriesNightlifeClubs

The Club Right Away
Frank says Mimi told him to meet her at the Club Right Away, but he didn't know where that was, so he suggested the Flamingo Club instead.

68Club Robo LIQUID TELEVISION 1991 Animated SeriesNightlifeClubs

Club Robo
Nightclub where Dog-Boy meets Rondy.

69Club Samoa 12 MONKEYS 2015 TV SeriesNightlifeClubs

Club Samoa
Nightclub in 1944 New York City.

70Club SeidenbaumSTAY TUNED 1992 FilmNightlifeClubs

Club Seidenbaum
From the Roy Knable, Private Dick TV show.

71Club Skunk 10 THINGS I HATE ABOUT YOU 1999 FilmNightlifeClubs

Club Skunk
Music club featuring the band Letters to Cleo.

72Club Spanky LIFE 1999 FilmNightlifeClubs

Club Spanky
Spanky Johnson's club where Ray and Claude are forced to pay off their debt bootlegging.

73Club Squish IT'S YOUR MOVE 1984 TV SeriesNightlifeClubs

Club Squish
Matthew blackmails Lou with a photo of him pawing a mudwrestler at Club Squish.

74Club SugarWARIOWARE, INC.: MEGA PARTY GAME$! 2003 Video GamesNightlifeClubs

Club Sugar
Jimmy and 9-Volt's favorite place to dance.

75Club TBDDAYS OF OUR LIVES 1965 TV SeriesNightlifeClubs

Club TBD
Nightclub, previously known as Common Grounds Cafe, and Cheatin' Heart.

76Club Tepes THE X-FILES 1993 TV SeriesNightlifeClubs

Club Tepes
Goth club on Hollywood Boulevard.

77Club Tiki THE TWILIGHT ZONE 1959 TV SeriesNightlifeClubs

Club Tiki
Location of party to celebrate the success of the company where George works.

78Club TokyoONE CRAZY SUMMER 1986 FilmNightlifeClubs

Club Tokyo
Joke Egg Stork makes while wearing the Godzilla costume.

79Club VandersexxxEUROTRIP 2004 FilmNightlifeClubs

Club Vandersexxx
Club in Amsterdam - the Red Light District's hottest sex club.

80Club VenusSEGA 1940 AdvertisingNightlifeClubs

Club Venus
From a Dreamcast television commercial.

81Club Zero SMALLVILLE 2001 TV SeriesNightlifeClubs

Club Zero
Nightclub in Metropolis from various episodes.

82Club-a-Dub-Dub PARKS AND RECREATION 2009 TV SeriesNightlifeClubs

One of the potential names for Tom's theoretical submarine-themed nightclub.

83Clubi THE SIMPSONS 1989 Animated SeriesNightlifeClubs

Nightclub seen in video shown on Jock Center, the sports news show that decries the professional athletes using the dances they bought from Homer when scoring goals just to get in their highlight reel.

84The Clubmarine PARKS AND RECREATION 2009 TV SeriesNightlifeClubs

The Clubmarine
One of the potential names for Tom's theoretical submarine-themed nightclub.

85The Co-operative Social ClubSEVERN VALLEY 1964 LiteratureNightlifeClubs

The Co-operative Social Club
From The Interloper.

86The Cobalt ClubTHE SHADOW 1931 Comic BooksNightlifeClubs

The Cobalt Club
An exclusive, upscale establishment located in New York City that caters to the wealthy.

87The Coconut Club REMINISCENCE 2021 FilmNightlifeClubs

The Coconut Club
Nightclub in the Sunken Coast neighborhood.

88Comet Club THE TICK 1994 Animated SeriesNightlifeClubs

Comet Club
Nightclub for superheroes.

89Corona clubEL MARIACHI 1992 FilmNightlifeClubs

Corona club
El Mariachi looks for a job. Later Azul shoots several of Moco's men.

90Covenant Club PERSON OF INTEREST 2011 TV SeriesNightlifeClubs

Covenant Club
Nightclub in Brooklyn where the mob leaders meet.

91Coyle's Club & CuffPOLICE ACADEMY 2: THEIR FIRST ASSIGNMENT 1985 FilmNightlifeClubs

Coyle's Club & Cuff
Cop bar.

92The Crave ClubSHOWGIRLS 1995 FilmNightlifeClubs

The Crave Club
Molly takes her dancing at The Crave Club.

93The Crush ClubBOSTON COMMON 1996 TV SeriesNightlifeClubs

The Crush Club

94Crypt ClubUNDER THE SILVER LAKE 2018 FilmNightlifeClubs

Crypt Club
Music club underneath a mausoleum where Sam and Balloon Girl go when he asks her about Sarah. Filmed in the Bronson Caves in Griffith Park.

95The Daedalus ClubTHE RESTAURANT AT THE END OF THE UNIVERSE 1980 LiteratureNightlifeClubs

The Daedalus Club
Nightclub. "Flare-riding is one of the most exotic and exhilarating sports in existence, and those who can dare and afford it are amongst the most lionized men in the Galaxy. It is also of course stupefyingly dangerous - those who don't die riding invariably die of sexual exhaustion at one of the Daedalus Club's Apres-Flare parties."

96Del Rio Club THE TWILIGHT ZONE 1959 TV SeriesNightlifeClubs

Del Rio Club
Bar from multiple episodes.

97Diogenes ClubTHE ADVENTURE OF THE GREEK INTERPRETER 1893 LiteratureNightlifeClubs

Diogenes Club
Gentleman's club featured in several Sherlock Holmes stories.

98Dum-Dum Club THE SIMPSONS 1989 Animated SeriesNightlifeClubs

Dum-Dum Club
Nightclub too dumb for Homer, now that he's had the crayon removed from his brain.

99Eat Drink Dance FREE GUY 2020 FilmNightlifeClubs

Eat Drink Dance
Nightclub in Free City.

100El Rancho NightclubCITIZEN KANE 1941 FilmNightlifeClubs

El Rancho Nightclub
A seedy Atlantic City cabaret where Susan Alexander Kane sits with her head bowed drunkenly on her arms resting on the table. Thompson makes an attempt to interview her, but she will not talk to him.

101The El Tubadero Club POLICE SQUAD! 1982 TV SeriesNightlifeClubs

The El Tubadero Club
Tuba-themed nightclub.

102The Electric Psychedelic Pussycat Swinge...AUSTIN POWERS: INTERNATIONAL MAN OF MYSTERY 1997 FilmNightlifeClubs

The Electric Psychedelic Pussycat Swingers Club
Nightclub in swinging London where Dr. Evil sets a trap for Austin Powers.

103End of Line ClubTRON: LEGACY 2010 FilmNightlifeClubs

End of Line Club
Club owned by Castor.

104Fat's Brown Derby Night ClubTHE A-TEAM 1983 TV SeriesNightlifeClubs

Fat's Brown Derby Night Club

105Fink's Sunday Night Blues Club FINK 1993 MusicNightlifeClubs

Fink's Sunday Night Blues Club

106Haley's Jazz ClubTHE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE 2017 Animated FilmNightlifeClubs

Haley's Jazz Club
Music club in Gotham City.

107Hellfire ClubX-MEN: FIRST CLASS 2011 FilmNightlifeClubs

Hellfire Club
Nightclub in the Atomic Casino in Las Vegas.

108Hi-Fi ClubTHE ROCKER 2008 FilmNightlifeClubs

Hi-Fi Club
Nightclub that Fish calls trying to get a gig for A.D.D.

109The Hippo Club GROSSE POINTE BLANK 1997 FilmNightlifeClubs

The Hippo Club

110The Hippo Club SLIDERS 1995 TV SeriesNightlifeClubs

The Hippo Club
Speakeasy where Rembrandt sings and Maggie serves drinks on the world where caffeine has been outlawed.

111Hiroshima Club LIQUID TELEVISION 1991 Animated SeriesNightlifeClubs

Hiroshima Club

112Homer's Hunting Club THE SIMPSONS 1989 Animated SeriesNightlifeClubs

Homer's Hunting Club
Bar Homer opens in his garage when Moe changes his tavern into a hip new joint called "m".

113The Huntley ClubBAYWATCH 2017 FilmNightlifeClubs

The Huntley Club
Victoria Leeds' bar in Emerald Bay.

114The Ink and Paint Club WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT 1988 FilmNightlifeClubs

The Ink and Paint Club
Joint where Jessica Rabbit sings.

115The Jazz ClubSPIDER-MAN 3 2007 FilmNightlifeClubs

The Jazz Club
After being let go from her Broadway show, MJ works as a singing waitress at a jazz club. Filmed at the Paramount backlot in Hollywood.

116Jump Club STRANGE DAYS 1995 FilmNightlifeClubs

Jump Club
One of Lenny's SQUID clips is called "Faith Jump Club".

117King of ClubsFARGO 1996 FilmNightlifeClubs

King of Clubs
Bar and pool hall Jerry Lundegaard meets with Carl Showalter and Gaear Grimsrud to arrange the kidnapping of his wife.

118Kiss and Fly Club MR. ROBOT 2015 TV SeriesNightlifeClubs

Kiss and Fly Club
Nightclub where Tyrell Wellick tracks down Anwar Raziz.

119Kodiak Club HOT TUB TIME MACHINE 2010 FilmNightlifeClubs

Kodiak Club
Where Nick's band plays.

120Lazer ClubCIVIL WAR 2006 Comic BooksNightlifeClubs

Lazer Club
Nightclub where Johnny Storm is attacked during the anti-superhero backlash, following the destruction of Stamford Elementary during the filming of reality TV show New Warriors.

121The Legitimate Businessmen's Social Club... THE SIMPSONS 1989 Animated SeriesNightlifeClubs

The Legitimate Businessmen's Social Club
Private club in Springfield.

122Lonely Club THE TWILIGHT ZONE 1959 TV SeriesNightlifeClubs

Lonely Club
Nightclub from multiple episodes.

123Malibu Club GRAND THEFT AUTO: VICE CITY 2002 Video GamesNightlifeClubs

Malibu Club
Nightclub in Vice Point, Vice City, based on the the Babylon Club from Scarface.

124Mondo Club STRANGE FREQUENCY 2001 FilmNightlifeClubs

Mondo Club

125Moomba ClubSATURDAY NIGHT LIVE 1975 TV SeriesNightlifeClubs

Moomba Club
Nightclub from Roxbury guys skit.

126Mother's Night ClubPETER GUNN 1958 TV SeriesNightlifeClubs

Mother's Night Club
The smoky wharfside jazz club that Peter Gunn uses as his office.

127The Mudd ClubA NIGHT AT THE ROXBURY 1998 FilmNightlifeClubs

The Mudd Club

128New Wave Rock Dance Club HUNTER 1984 TV SeriesNightlifeClubs

New Wave Rock Dance Club
Nightclub that New York Detective Molinas visits when he hits the Hollywood punk music scene looking for The Snow Queen Sally Lupone.

129Nowhere ClubLESS THAN ZERO 1985 LiteratureNightlifeClubs

Nowhere Club

130The Old Psychiatrists ClubFEAR AND LOATHING IN LAS VEGAS 1971 LiteratureNightlifeClubs

The Old Psychiatrists Club
Club the guys are told about at the taco stand, what may now be known as The American Dream.

131Outlander Club STAR WARS EPISODE II: ATTACK OF THE CLONES 2002 FilmNightlifeClubs

Outlander Club
Nightclub where Anakin and Obi-Wan chase bounty hunter and assassin Zam Wesell.

132Outlander ClubLEGO STAR WARS: THE PADAWAN MENACE 2011 Animated FilmNightlifeClubs

Outlander Club

133The Palomino ClubTHE FALL GUY 1981 TV SeriesNightlifeClubs

The Palomino Club

134The Panic Club LESS THAN ZERO 1987 FilmNightlifeClubs

The Panic Club
Julian asks his uncle for $15,000 to finance The Panic Club, a hot spot nightclub.

135The Paragon Club NIGHT COURT 1984 TV SeriesNightlifeClubs

The Paragon Club
Exclusive nightclub where Dan takes Bull.

136Pintero Social ClubENEMY OF THE STATE 1998 FilmNightlifeClubs

Pintero Social Club
Bobby visits mob boss Paulie Pintero on behalf of his client.

137The Players ClubTHE BANK JOB 2008 FilmNightlifeClubs

The Players Club

138The Purple Pig ClubONE DAY AT A TIME 1975 TV SeriesNightlifeClubs

The Purple Pig Club
Schneider's favorite pick-up joint: The Boom Boom Room of the Purple Pig Club.

139Pussycat Club LIQUID TELEVISION 1991 Animated SeriesNightlifeClubs

Pussycat Club
Nightclub that Dog-Boy visits.

140Radio ClubPAPRIKA 2002 Animated FilmNightlifeClubs

Radio Club

141Red Square ClubOFFICE CHRISTMAS PARTY 2016 FilmNightlifeClubs

Red Square Club
Nightclub where Trina the pimp hangs out.

142Regal ClubAMONGST FRIENDS 1993 FilmNightlifeClubs

Regal Club
Club that Andy's grandfather opened with Trattner.

143Rico Club THE TWILIGHT ZONE 1959 TV SeriesNightlifeClubs

Rico Club
Nightclub from multiple episodes.

144Roxie Club48 HRS. 1982 FilmNightlifeClubs

Roxie Club

145Shine ClubUNKNOWN 2011 FilmNightlifeClubs

Shine Club
Dance club in Berlin where Martin Harris and Gina hide out temporarily.

146Single Malt Platinum Boobs and Billiards... COMMUNITY 2009 TV SeriesNightlifeClubs

Single Malt Platinum Boobs and Billiards Club
Nightclub invitation that Abed sent to Jeff so he would keep the night open when he had his party.

147The Slow ClubBLUE VELVET 1986 FilmNightlifeClubs

The Slow Club

148The Smash ClubFULL HOUSE 1987 TV SeriesNightlifeClubs

The Smash Club
Joey and Jesse's nightclub.

149The Snub Club THE SIMPSONS 1989 Animated SeriesNightlifeClubs

The Snub Club
Nightclub where Homer catches all sorts of celebrities in awkward moments.

150The Sombrero ClubTHE BANK JOB 2008 FilmNightlifeClubs

The Sombrero Club

151Sugardaddy's Gentlemen's Club LUKE CAGE 2016 TV SeriesNightlifeClubs

Sugardaddy's Gentlemen's Club
Strip club.

152Sunset ClubMURDER IN SMALL TOWN X 2001 TV SeriesNightlifeClubs

Sunset Club
One of the initial 15 suspects owns the Sunset Club.

153The Talon Club SMALLVILLE 2001 TV SeriesNightlifeClubs

The Talon Club
In Jimmy's 1940s film noir dream, the Talon is a nightclub.

154The Tip-Top Club THE WALT DISNEY COMPANY 1923 OtherNightlifeClubs

The Tip-Top Club
Exclusive club in the hotel, featuring Anthony Freemont and his Orchestra. Anthony Freemont was the six-year-old child with godlike mental powers in the classic episode It's a Good Life.

155Top Hat Nightclub SLIDERS 1995 TV SeriesNightlifeClubs

Top Hat Nightclub
Judge John Nassau gives a chip to Wade before he dies that contains the text of the United States Constitution, hidden in a matchbook from the Top Hat Nightclub.

156The Touchdown Club COACH 1989 TV SeriesNightlifeClubs

The Touchdown Club
Hayden talks Luther into making an investment in the Touchdown Club, but their friendship is jeopardized by an opening-night mishap.

157Trinidad ClubCOHERENCE 2013 FilmNightlifeClubs

Trinidad Club
Nightclub mentioned in the story about the night that Mike slept with Hugh's wife Beth.

158Trinidad ClubKING MAX 2016 LiteratureNightlifeClubs

Trinidad Club
Bar that Randall mentions, where he and Max celebrated the end of his probation. Reference to bar mentioned in the movie Coherence.

159Union ClubYOU WERE NEVER REALLY HERE 2017 FilmNightlifeClubs

Union Club
Where Joe meets State Senator Albert Votto regarding his missing daughter. He's offering 50 grand cash.

160Wayne ClubTHE FLASHPOINT PARADOX 2013 Animated FilmNightlifeClubs

Wayne Club
Nightclub owned by Thomas Wayne in an alternate reality.

161The Xavier ClubSTRETCH 2014 FilmNightlifeClubs

The Xavier Club
In Hollywood, where Karos sends Kevin to pick up the briefcase.

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