TV Series 1959. Created by Rod Serling. Starring Rod Serling.
Source Features: BBB (417) TIMELINE (65) MAP (99) OTHER (105) THEMES (11)

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Total Records: 686 - Medium: TV SERIES
Record Name
1A-1 Garage BBBVehiclesAutomotive Services
2A.J. Coleman, Draughting BBBServicesArchitects
3Ace Beer BBBBeverage ProductsBeer
4ACME Tailors BBBMaintenance ServicesLaundry Services
5ACME Tool Company BBBRetailHardware Stores
6Agnes BBBComputersA.I.
7Ajax Cement BBBIndustrial CompaniesManufacturing
8Allerton High School BBBEducationHigh Schools
9The Angry Lovers BBBEntertainmentTheater Productions
10Antiques BBBHome FurnishingAntique Stores
11Apothecary Shop BBBRetailDrugstores
12The Arrow I BBBVehiclesSpacecrafts
13Arthur Castle Antiques and Curios BBBHome FurnishingAntique Stores
14Astro VII BBBVehiclesSpacecrafts
15Atlas Investment Co. BBBFinancial CompaniesInvestment Companies
16B&M Electrical Contractors BBBConstructionConstruction Companies
17B2 BBBTechnology ProductsRobot Models
18B7 BBBTechnology ProductsRobot Models
19B9 BBBTechnology ProductsRobot Models
20Babcock's BBBHome FurnishingHome Furnishing Stores
21Baby Don't Hang On BBBMusicSongs
22Bakery BBBFood StoresBakeries
23The Bam Girl BBBNightlifeStrip Clubs
24The Bandwagon BBBRetailPawn Shops
25Bar BBBNightlifeBars
26Barber BBBBeauty CareBarber Shops
27Barber Shop BBBBeauty CareBarber Shops
28Beacon News Service BBBPeriodicalsNewspapers
29Belucci's Western Saloon BBBNightlifeNightclubs
30Benny's Barn BBBNightlifeBars
31Beowulf BBBCinemaMovies
32Blacksmith BBBRetailHardware Stores
33Bocker's Lager Beer BBBBeverage ProductsBeer
34A Book of Modern Poetry BBBLiteratureBooks
35Boot Hill Cemetery BBBServicesCemeteries
36Boston Dispatch BBBPeriodicalsNewspapers
37Boy Meets Girl BBBTelevisionTV Shows
38Bradbury BBBCorporationsCompanies
39The Bredon Gazette BBBPeriodicalsNewspaper Gazettes
40Buck Winston BBBMusicMusicians
41Building Supplies BBBRetailHardware Stores
42The Bulletin BBBPeriodicalsNewspapers
43Burns Receivers BBBFinancial CompaniesFinancial Services
44Burton County Museum BBBEntertainmentMuseums
45Busy Bee Cafe BBBDiningCafes and Delis
46The Button BBBTransportationTime Travel
47C. NYBY Funeral Parlor BBBServicesFuneral Homes
48Cafe BBBDiningCafes and Delis
49Cafe Mme Duval BBBDiningCafes and Delis
50Campus Jewelers BBBApparelJewelry Stores
51Candy Store BBBFood StoresCandy Stores
52Capital Oil BBBCorporationsFuel Companies
53Capri BBBEntertainmentMovie Theaters
54Carioca Club BBBNightlifeClubs
55Carson's Bookstore BBBRetailBookstores
56The Casino BBBEntertainmentCasinos
57Cavanaugh's Old Smokey BBBBeverage ProductsAlcohol
58Cayuga Bus Company BBBTransportationBus Lines
59Celebrity Interviews BBBTelevisionTV Shows
60Cellem Employment Agency BBBServicesJob Services
61Channel 10 BBBCinemaTV Stations
62Charlie's Place BBBNightlifeNightclubs
63Chateau Beechwood BBBDiningRestaurants
64Chesterton Hotel BBBTravelHotels
65Chicago Express BBBPeriodicalsNewspapers
66Chickering Oil BBBCorporationsFuel Companies
67Christian Horn Jr., M.D. BBBHealthcareDoctors
68City Bank BBBFinancial CompaniesBanks
69The City Drug Store BBBRetailDrugstores
70Clarion High School BBBEducationHigh Schools
71Clary Press BBBMedia CompaniesPublishing Companies
72Cloverbrook BBBSportsRacehorses
73Club Bonanza BBBNightlifeClubs
74Club Rico BBBNightlifeClubs
75Club Tiki BBBNightlifeClubs
76Coeurville Country Sheriff BBBLegal AidPolice Departments
77Coeurville High School BBBEducationHigh Schools
78Columbia Room BBBNightlifeNightclubs
79Come Wander with Me BBBMusicSongs
80Consolidated Press BBBPeriodicalsNewspapers
81Consumers Trust Co. BBBFinancial CompaniesFinancial Services
82Cooper Corporation BBBCorporationsCompanies
83Corinth High School BBBEducationHigh Schools
84Corporation, Inc. BBBCorporationsCompanies
85Cortez Laundry BBBMaintenance ServicesLaundry Services
86County School BBBEducationPrimary Schools
87Crinoline BBBSportsRacehorses
88Culture Class BBBEducationClasses
89The Daily Bulletin BBBPeriodicalsNewspapers
90Daily Chronicle BBBPeriodicalsNewspaper Chronicles
91The Daily Courier BBBPeriodicalsNewspaper Couriers
92The Daily Independent Press Herald BBBPeriodicalsNewspaper Heralds
93Daily Journal BBBPeriodicalsNewspapers
94Dalton Saloon BBBNightlifeSaloons
95The Dansburg Courier BBBPeriodicalsNewspaper Couriers
96Dansburg Gazette BBBPeriodicalsNewspaper Gazettes
97Dansburg High School BBBEducationHigh Schools
98Dansburg Water and Power Company BBBCorporationsEnergy and Power Companies
99Davis Morton Company BBBCorporationsCompanies
100Del Rio Club BBBNightlifeClubs
101Desimulator BBBTransportationTransportation Technology
102Devlin's Travel Agency BBBTravelTravel Agencies
103Diedrich Tool and Die Company BBBRetailHardware Stores
104Doc Bolton BBBHealthcareDoctors
105Doctor Wallman BBBHealthcareTherapy
106Doodah Day BBBSportsRacehorses
107Dr. E.R. Fowler BBBHealthcareDoctors
108Dr. Koslenko BBBHealthcareDoctors
109Dr. Lubin BBBHealthcareTherapy
110Dr. Martin BBBHealthcareDoctors
111Dr. Matthews BBBHealthcareTherapy
112Dr. Mel Avery BBBHealthcareDoctors
113Dr. Saltman BBBHealthcareDoctors
114Dr. Sam Thorne BBBHealthcareDoctors
115Dr. William Stockton BBBHealthcareDoctors
116Drug Store BBBRetailDrugstores
117E-89 BBBVehiclesSpacecrafts
118East Side Hospital BBBHealthcareHospitals
119Eastside Bank and Trust BBBFinancial CompaniesBanks
120Edson BBBVehiclesWatercrafts
121Electro Appliance Co. BBBRetailElectronics Stores
122The Elgin Bugle BBBPeriodicalsNewspapers
123Eliot Rathmann M.D. BBBHealthcareTherapy
124Emerson Public School BBBEducationPrimary Schools
125English-Kanamit Dictionary BBBLiteratureBooks
126Excelsior Office Furniture BBBHome FurnishingFurniture Stores
127F.J. Palmer, Attorney BBBLegal AidLaw Firms
128Facsimile Ltd. BBBCorporationsRobotics Companies
129Family Grocers BBBFood StoresGrocery Stores
130Famous Callini Circus BBBAmusementCircuses
131A Farewell Without Tears BBBCinemaMovies
132Ferguson's Wax Museum BBBEntertainmentMuseums
133Firefly BBBVehiclesAircrafts
134First National Bank BBBFinancial CompaniesBanks
135Flood, M.D. BBBHealthcareDoctors
136Food Concentrate, Able-1-6-3, Modified D... BBBFood ProductsPrepackaged Meals
137Founder's Day Pic-Nic BBBEventsFairs and Festivals
138Fred Jackson BBBHealthcareDoctors
139Freddie Iaccino's BBBNightlifeNightclubs
140Frisby's General Store BBBRetailStores
141Fun Palace BBBAmusementVideo Game Arcades
142Furlough Romance BBBCinemaMovies
143Furniture Mart BBBHome FurnishingFurniture Stores
144Fury in the Night BBBEntertainmentTheater Productions
145Galaxy VI BBBVehiclesSpacecrafts
146Gas & Oil BBBRetailGas Stations
147The Gazette BBBPeriodicalsNewspaper Gazettes
148General Merchandise BBBRetailStores
149Georgia Crackers BBBFood ProductsChips and Crackers
150The Gerald Hugo Agency BBBServicesTalent Agencies
151German Corners Elementary School BBBEducationElementary Schools
152German Corners Fire Department BBBServicesFire and Rescue
153German Corners Sheriff BBBLegal AidPolice Departments
154Gilly's Green Room BBBNightlifeNightclubs
155Global Airlines BBBTransportationAirlines
156Globe Taxicab Co. BBBTransportationTaxicabs
157Glove Cleaner BBBDrugsMedicine
158Gold Star Airways BBBTransportationAirlines
159Golden Delight Sour Mash Whiskey BBBBeverage ProductsAlcohol
160Goldstein's Loan Company BBBFinancial CompaniesBanks
161The Great Seed BBBEntertainmentTheater Productions
162Green BBBTobaccoCigarettes
163Gunfight at Red Rock BBBCinemaMovies
164Hall of Records BBBEntertainmentMuseum Halls
165Happiness Barber Shop BBBBeauty CareBarber Shops
166Happiness Saloon BBBNightlifeSaloons
167Happiness Undertaking BBBServicesFuneral Homes
168Happy Daze Cafe BBBDiningCafes and Delis
169Happy Glades BBBServicesFuneral Homes
170Hardware and Appliances BBBRetailHardware Stores
171The Harlan Trio BBBMusicMusicians
172Harvey Hunnicut Used Cars BBBVehiclesVehicle Dealerships
173Henry J. Fate, Dealer in Everything BBBRetailStores
174Henry J. Fate's Fast Gun Developer Potio... BBBDrugsMedicine
175Henry Radish Books BBBRetailBookstores
176Hi-way Cafe BBBDiningCafes and Delis
177Hicksville Bullets BBBSportsBaseball Teams
178High School BBBEducationHigh Schools
179Hoagley Gum and Candy BBBFood StoresCandy Stores
180Hoboken Zephyrs BBBSportsBaseball Teams
181The Homeville Clarion BBBPeriodicalsNewspapers
182Homeville National Bank BBBFinancial CompaniesBanks
183Horn Hotel BBBTravelHotels
184Hotel Gaines BBBTravelHotels
185Hotel Real BBBTravelHotels
186Houghton's BBBNightlifeNightclubs
187How to be Happy Though Bedridden BBBLiteratureInstructional Books
188Ice Cream BBBDiningIce Cream Parlors
189Instant Smile BBBBeverage ProductsBeverages
190Insurance Agency BBBFinancial CompaniesInsurance Services
191Intercity Bus BBBTransportationBus Lines
192International Pictures BBBMedia CompaniesFilm Production Companies
193J.M. Meyer M.D. BBBHealthcareDoctors
194J.P. Swanson, M.D. BBBHealthcareDoctors
195Jack Nelson's Barber Shop BBBBeauty CareBarber Shops
196Jack's Fix-It Shop BBBServicesRepair Services
197Jack's Place BBBNightlifeNightclubs
198Jason's Meat Co. BBBFood StoresButcher Shops
199Jason's Meat Market BBBFood StoresButcher Shops
200Jason's Meats BBBFood StoresButcher Shops
201JDQE-TV BBBCinemaTV Stations
202Jeremy Wickwire BBBComputersA.I.
203Jim Dalton's Saddle Shop BBBRetailSporting Goods Stores
204Jim Henry's Paradise BBBNightlifeNightclubs
205Joe Bartoli Barber BBBBeauty CareBarber Shops
206Joey Crown BBBMusicMusicians
207Joe's Airflite Cafe and Gas Station BBBDiningCafes and Delis
208Joe's Cafe BBBDiningCafes and Delis
209Joe's Ice Cream BBBDiningIce Cream Parlors
210John Foster BBBMusicMusicians
211The Joint BBBBeauty CareBeauty Salons
212Jones Plumbing Co. BBBMaintenance ServicesPlumbing Services
213Jones Van & Storage Co BBBServicesShipping and Storage
214Joseph J. Callahan BBBFinancial CompaniesFinancial Services
215Junior Woodchucks BBBYouth ServicesYouth Programs
216Just Plain J.P. BBBTelevisionTV Shows
217The Kansas City BBBMenuMenu Items
218Kelsey's Cafe BBBDiningCafes and Delis
219Kieso's Laundry BBBMaintenance ServicesLaundry Services
220King Nine BBBVehiclesAircrafts
221Krzeminski Liquors BBBFood StoresLiquor Stores
222Kurt J. Lucas, M.D. BBBHealthcareDoctors
223Lachlin Agency BBBTravelTravel Agencies
224Land Attorneys BBBLegal AidLaw Firms
225The Last Man on Earth BBBLiteratureBooks
226Lawyer Furniture Co. BBBHome FurnishingFurniture Stores
227Le Parisien BBBDiningRestaurants
228Leffendi BBBSportsRacehorses
229Legeis Jewelry BBBApparelJewelry Stores
230Leo's Liquors BBBFood StoresLiquor Stores
231Liberty Storage BBBServicesShipping and Storage
232Liberty Sun BBBSportsRacehorses
233Lister's Pool Room BBBAmusementPool Halls
234Little Caesar and Jonathan BBBAmusementVentriloquists
235Lonely Club BBBNightlifeClubs
236Love Potion BBBDrugsMedicine
237Lucky Lady BBBSportsRacehorses
238Mac's Tavern BBBNightlifeTaverns
239Madame Maria BBBServicesPsychic Services
240Madame Olga BBBServicesPsychic Services
241Magnum Gasoline BBBCorporationsFuel Companies
242Main Street Jewelers BBBApparelJewelry Stores
243Manchester High School BBBEducationHigh Schools
244Manhattan Storage BBBServicesShipping and Storage
245Mansfield Tires BBBVehiclesAutomotive Services
246Mantel Clocks BBBHome FurnishingHome Furnishing Stores
247Marchand's Wax Museum BBBEntertainmentMuseums
248Mariners Club BBBDiningRestaurants
249Mark V Electrical Grandmother BBBTechnology ProductsRobot Models
250Mason's BBBToysToy Stores
251Mason's Meat Market BBBFood StoresButcher Shops
252Mason's Pool Hall BBBAmusementPool Halls
253Max Philips BBBFinancial CompaniesFinancial Services
254Maya the Cat Girl BBBAmusementAmusement Attractions
255McClellan Industries BBBIndustrial CompaniesIndustries
256Men's Clothing Co. BBBApparelClothing Stores
257Mid-Town Restaurant BBBDiningRestaurants
258Migrator BBBSportsRacehorses
259Millers BBBRetailStores
260The Mind and the Matter BBBLiteratureBooks
261The Minstrel BBBVehiclesWatercrafts
262Miss Culture of 1960 BBBEventsBeauty Pageants
263Model A BBBVehiclesMotor Vehicles
264Modern Science BBBPeriodicalsMagazines
265Montecito BBBNightlifeNightclubs
266Moon Ray BBBSportsRacehorses
267Morley Cigarettes BBBTobaccoCigarettes
268Mother's Restaurant BBBDiningRestaurants
269Mr. Hop-Hop BBBToysOther Toys
270The Multi-millionaire BBBTelevisionTV Shows
271Murderers Row BBBEntertainmentMuseum Exhibits
272My Honey Tree BBBMusicSongs
273Mystic Seer BBBToysOther Toys
274National Bank BBBFinancial CompaniesBanks
275Naywood Tredman Furniture BBBHome FurnishingFurniture Stores
276Nelson's BBBRetailSporting Goods Stores
277Nelson's Motel BBBTravelMotels
278Nelson's Selections BBBPeriodicalsNewspaper Columns
279New Brunswick Hotel BBBTravelHotels
280New Life Corporation BBBHealthcareMedical Companies
281New World BBBPeriodicalsNewspapers
282New York Chronicle BBBPeriodicalsNewspaper Chronicles
283New York National Bank BBBFinancial CompaniesBanks
284Nick's BBBDiningRestaurants
285A Night in Paris BBBCinemaMovies
286Nimble Runner BBBSportsRacehorses
287North End High School BBBEducationHigh Schools
288Northside Hospital BBBHealthcareHospitals
289O.C. Clayborn BBBLegal AidLawyers
290Oakwood Alphabetical Telephone Directory BBBLiteratureBooks
291Oakwood High School BBBEducationHigh Schools
292Oakwood Police Department BBBLegal AidPolice Departments
293The Oasis Cafe BBBDiningCafes and Delis
294Official Airline Guide BBBLiteratureBooks
295Optometrist BBBHealthcareOptometry
296P.S. 31 BBBEducationPrimary Schools
297Park Central Insurance Company BBBFinancial CompaniesInsurance Services
298Park Drugs BBBRetailDrugstores
299Pebble Ames Straight Kentucky Bourbon BBBBeverage ProductsAlcohol
300Peckinpaugh Corporation BBBCorporationsCompanies
301Pell Mell Whiskey BBBBeverage ProductsAlcohol
302Petrelli's Drug BBBRetailDrugstores
303Phi Delta Kappa BBBEducationFraternities
304The Philadelphia Clarion BBBPeriodicalsNewspapers
305Philadelphia Press BBBPeriodicalsNewspapers
306Photo Specialist: Development and Printi... BBBServicesPhotography Services
307Pick Your Own Embalmer BBBTelevisionTV Shows
308Pilgrim I BBBVehiclesSpacecrafts
309Pioneer-West Insurance Co. BBBFinancial CompaniesInsurance Services
310Plainville High School BBBEducationHigh Schools
311The Planters BBBRetailStores
312Plotzky's Bijou of Famous Hollywood Hits BBBRetailStores
313Pole River Boys BBBMusicMusicians
314Polodney's Book Shop BBBRetailBookstores
315The Post-Record BBBPeriodicalsNewspaper Posts
316Potomac Club BBBOrganizationsProfessional Organizations
317The Press-Herald BBBPeriodicalsNewspaper Heralds
318The Private World of Arthur Curtis BBBCinemaMovies
319Probe 7 BBBVehiclesSpacecrafts
320Prof. Eliot's Famous Alternative Elixir BBBDrugsMedicine
321Professor Manion's Time Machine BBBTransportationTime Travel
322Public Library BBBEntertainmentLibraries
323Purple Valley Farms BBBFood IndustriesFarms
324Quality Beer BBBBeverage ProductsBeer
325Queen of the Nile BBBCinemaMovies
326R. Unger, M.D. BBBHealthcareDoctors
327R.C. Jones Real Estate BBBServicesRealty Services
328Ragaway BBBSportsRacehorses
329Ralph's Florist BBBRetailFlower Shops
330Rayton Batteries BBBVehiclesAutomotive Products
331Rayton Gasoline BBBCorporationsFuel Companies
332Resnick's Store Mannequins BBBRetailStores
333Richard Roy M.D. BBBHealthcareDoctors
334Rico Club BBBNightlifeClubs
335Rock Spring School for Boys BBBEducationBoarding Schools
336The Rock-a-Billy Kid BBBMusicRock Bands
337The Roswell G. Flemington Model Ship Com... BBBIndustrial CompaniesManufacturing
338Royal Star Line BBBTransportationMaritime Transport
339S.S. Flemington Co. BBBVehiclesWatercrafts
340S.S. Lady Anne BBBVehiclesWatercrafts
341S.S. Queen of Glasgow BBBVehiclesWatercrafts
342Saloon BBBNightlifeSaloons
343Savoy BBBCinemaMovies
344Schiffs BBBRetailStores
345Schuster's Candy Shop BBBFood StoresCandy Stores
346Schwimmer, Schwimmer, King, Bathrick, Pe... BBBLegal AidLaw Firms
347Screen Digest BBBPeriodicalsMagazines
348The Shannon Classic Playhouse BBBTelevisionTV Shows
349The Shannon Food Corporation BBBFood IndustriesFood Companies
350Shannon Onion Soup BBBFood ProductsSoup
351Shifty Sal BBBSportsRacehorses
352Shoe Repair BBBApparelShoe Stores
353Sir Hiram BBBSportsRacehorses
354Skylight Room BBBNightlifeNightclubs
355Smith's Grocery BBBFood StoresGrocery Stores
356Smitty's BBBNightlifeNightclubs
357Smitty's Bar & Grill BBBDiningRestaurants
358Southside Loan Company BBBFinancial CompaniesBanks
359Space Probe No. 1 BBBVehiclesSpacecrafts
360Staunch Soldier BBBSportsRacehorses
361Study of 19th Century Midwest America BBBLiteratureBooks
362Supreme Perfume BBBPersonal CarePerfumes
363Sure Fire Spark Plugs BBBVehiclesAutomotive Products
364Sweet Shop BBBFood StoresCandy Stores
365T&N Trucking Co. BBBServicesShipping and Storage
366Talky Tina BBBToysDolls
367The Tavern Bar & Grill BBBDiningRestaurants
368Thompson Brothers Restaurant BBBDiningRestaurants
369Tidy Too BBBSportsRacehorses
370Time Helmet BBBTransportationTime Travel
371To Serve Man BBBLiteratureCookbooks
372The Tragic Cycle BBBTelevisionTV Shows
373Trails West BBBCinemaMovies
374Trans East Airlines BBBTransportationAirlines
375Trans Ocean Airways BBBTransportationAirlines
376Trans-Mississippi Debentures BBBFinancial CompaniesFinancial Services
377Treasures Unlimited BBBHome FurnishingAntique Stores
378Tri-Electronics BBBRetailElectronics Stores
379Trinity Church BBBReligionChurches
380Tropicana BBBSportsRacehorses
381Try Electronics BBBCorporationsTechnology Companies
382TV Probes the Unusual BBBTelevisionTV Shows
383TV Repairs BBBServicesRepair Services
384United Fidelity Bank BBBFinancial CompaniesBanks
385Universe BBBLiteraturePrinted Matter
386University of Coeurville BBBEducationUniversities
387University of Wichita BBBEducationUniversities
388V.A. Johnson BBBVehiclesWatercrafts
389Valley View Cemetery BBBServicesCemeteries
390Venuto Bath & Health Club BBBBeauty CareFitness Centers
391Vernon's Auto Repair BBBVehiclesAutomotive Services
392Viewpark Girl's Home 17th Annual Christm... BBBOrganizationsCharities
393Vinnie's De-luxe Shoe Polish BBBApparelFootwear
394The W.V. Whipple Manufacturing Corporati... BBBCorporationsCompanies
395The Wall Street Finance BBBPeriodicalsNewspapers
396Watchmaker BBBServicesRepair Services
397The Way to Salvation BBBLiteraturePrinted Matter
398We Answer Telephones BBBLiteratureBooks
399Web's Hardware BBBRetailHardware Stores
400What to Do When Booth Comes Back BBBEntertainmentTheater Productions
401Whippleton Hotel BBBTravelHotels
402Wienees BBBDiningHot Dogs
403Wilkinson Realty BBBServicesRealty Services
404Willard's BBBDiningRestaurants
405Willie and Jerry BBBAmusementVentriloquists
406Willoughby & Son Funeral Home BBBServicesFuneral Homes
407Willspark Spark Plugs BBBVehiclesAutomotive Services
408Windjammer Cafe BBBDiningCafes and Delis
409Wine Sport BBBNightlifeNightclubs
410Witchcraft BBBLiteratureMagic Books
411WNYG BBBRadioRadio Stations
412WPDA BBBRadioRadio Stations
413X-20 BBBVehiclesAircrafts
414X109B14 Modified Transistorized Totally ... BBBTechnology ProductsElectronics
415Ye Book of Ye Black Arts BBBLiteratureMagic Books
416Yellow Jack BBBSportsRacehorses
417Your Tears Ain't Enough BBBMusicSongs
418April 4, 1862 Dates19th Century and earlierEvents
419April 14, 1865 Dates19th Century and earlierEvents
420June 25, 1876 Dates19th Century and earlierEvents
421November 14, 1880 Dates19th Century and earlierEvents
422July 1, 1881 Dates19th Century and earlierHeadlines
423July 2, 1881 Dates19th Century and earlierEvents
424July 3, 1881 Dates19th Century and earlierHeadlines
425July 4, 1881 Dates19th Century and earlierEvents
426March 10, 1890 Dates19th Century and earlierHeadlines
427May 6, 1915 Dates20th Century: 1st HalfEvents
428March 5, 1917 Dates20th Century: 1st HalfEvents
429July 18, 1918 Dates20th Century: 1st HalfDeath Dates
430January 12, 1923 Dates20th Century: 1st HalfHeadlines
431October 23, 1929 Dates20th Century: 1st HalfEvents
432June 13, 1939 Dates20th Century: 1st HalfEvents
433December 7, 1941 Dates20th Century: 1st HalfEvents
434May 4, 1942 Dates20th Century: 1st HalfEvents
435August 7, 1942 Dates20th Century: 1st HalfEvents
436April 5, 1943 Dates20th Century: 1st HalfEvents
437June 6, 1944 Dates20th Century: 1st HalfEvents
438January 12, 1945 Dates20th Century: 1st HalfEvents
439January 13, 1945 Dates20th Century: 1st HalfEvents
440August 6, 1945 Dates20th Century: 1st HalfEvents
441August 6, 1945 Dates20th Century: 1st HalfEvents
442March 6, 1953 Dates20th Century: 50sHeadlines
443December 5, 1958 Dates20th Century: 50sEvents
444December 12, 1958 Dates20th Century: 50sEvents
445December 22, 1958 Dates20th Century: 50sEvents
446January 2, 1959 Dates20th Century: 50sEvents
447January 9, 1959 Dates20th Century: 50sEvents
448January 16, 1959 Dates20th Century: 50sEvents
449January 30, 1959 Dates20th Century: 50sEvents
450February 6, 1959 Dates20th Century: 50sEvents
451February 13, 1959 Dates20th Century: 50sEvents
452February 27, 1959 Dates20th Century: 50sEvents
453March 5, 1959 Dates20th Century: 50sEvents
454July 4, 1959 Dates20th Century: 50sEvents
455July 19, 1959 Dates20th Century: 50sEvents
456July 20, 1959 Dates20th Century: 50sEvents
457October 15, 1959 Dates20th Century: 50sEvents
458December 24, 1960 Dates20th Century: 60sEvents
459March 12, 1961 Dates20th Century: 60sEvents
460April 14, 1961 Dates20th Century: 60sEvents
461June 2, 1961 Dates20th Century: 60sEvents
462June 3, 1961 Dates20th Century: 60sEvents
463August 5, 1961 Dates20th Century: 60sEvents
464March 6, 1962 Dates20th Century: 60sEvents
465April 1, 1962 Dates20th Century: 60sEvents
466May 3, 1962 Dates20th Century: 60sEvents
467June 3, 1962 Dates20th Century: 60sEvents
468December 24, 1962 Dates20th Century: 60sEvents
469March 13, 1963 Dates20th Century: 60sEvents
470February 11, 1964 Dates20th Century: 60sEvents
471May 25, 1964 Dates20th Century: 60sEvents
472June 25, 1964 Dates20th Century: 60sEvents
473September 11, 1964 Dates20th Century: 60sJournal Entries
474December 31, 1987 Dates20th Century: 80sEvents
475January 1, 1988 Dates20th Century: 80sEvents
476April 19, 1988 Dates20th Century: 80sEvents
477May 1, 1988 Dates20th Century: 80sEvents
478May 25 DatesNo YearEvents
479August 3 DatesNo YearEvents
480August 24 DatesNo YearEvents
481October 16 DatesNo YearEvents
482October 30 DatesNo YearEvents
48314th Street MapTransit RoutesStreets
4843rd MapTransit RoutesThoroughfares
4853rd Avenue MapTransit RoutesAvenues
486Allerton MapUrban AreasCities-U.S.
487Amanda Drive MapTransit RoutesDrives
488Anderson Air Force Base MapStructuresMilitary Bases
489Bascomb Road MapTransit RoutesRoads
490Blue Ridge Mountains MapNatureMountains
491Brand Street MapTransit RoutesStreets
492Bredon MapUrban AreasCities-U.S.
493Burton County MapGeographic AreasCounties
494Cedarburg MapUrban AreasCities-U.S.
495Celestial Palace MapStructuresMansions
496Centerville MapUrban AreasCities-U.S.
497Clarion MapUrban AreasCities-U.S.
498Cliffordville MapUrban AreasCities-U.S.
499Coeurville MapUrban AreasCities-U.S.
500Corinth MapUrban AreasCities-U.S.
501Dansburg MapUrban AreasCities-U.S.
502Dayton Street MapTransit RoutesStreets
503Eagle Rock Mountain MapNatureMountains
504Eagle Rock Trail MapTransit RoutesThoroughfares
505East City MapUrban AreasCities
506Easy Street MapTransit RoutesStreets
507Elm MapTransit RoutesThoroughfares
508Elm Street MapTransit RoutesStreets
509The Elysian Fields MapNatureNatural Areas
510Eternity Road MapTransit RoutesRoads
511George P. Hanley Building MapStructuresBuildings
512German Corners MapUrban AreasCities-U.S.
513Golden Street MapTransit RoutesStreets
514Happiness MapUrban AreasCities-U.S.
515Harboro Street MapTransit RoutesStreets
516Harmony MapUrban AreasCities-U.S.
517Hicksville MapUrban AreasCities-Joke
518Highway 11 MapTransit RoutesThoroughfares
519Homeville MapUrban AreasCities-U.S.
520Homewood MapUrban AreasCities-U.S.
521Hook's Landing MapUrban AreasCities-U.S.
522Howardville MapUrban AreasCities-U.S.
523Jones Beach MapWaterBeaches
524Koloka River Dam Project MapStructuresBuildings
525Lafayette Air Base MapStructuresMilitary Bases
526Lake Bundy MapWaterLakes
527Laurel Canyon MapNatureCanyons
528Laurel Street MapTransit RoutesStreets
529Lime Rock Avenue MapTransit RoutesAvenues
530Lodge Hall MapStructuresHalls
531London Flats MapUrban AreasCities-U.S.
532Love Alley MapTransit RoutesThoroughfares
533Madeiro, Mexico MapUrban AreasCities
534Main Street MapTransit RoutesStreets
535Manchester MapUrban AreasCities-U.S.
536Maple Street MapTransit RoutesStreets
537Maynard MapUrban AreasCities-U.S.
538Meladin MapUrban AreasCities-U.S.
539Memorial Stadium MapStructuresStadiums
540Morgan Mansion MapStructuresMansions
541NY Arcade MapStructuresEvent Venues
542Oak Street MapTransit RoutesStreets
543Oakwood MapUrban AreasCities-U.S.
544Owl Creek MapWaterCreeks
545Owl Creek Bridge MapTransit RoutesBridges
546Park MapTransit RoutesThoroughfares
547Peaceful Valley, New Mexico MapUrban AreasCities
548Peaksville MapUrban AreasCities-U.S.
549Pitchville Flats MapUrban AreasCities-U.S.
550Plainville MapUrban AreasCities-U.S.
551Radin Building MapStructuresBuildings
552Randolph Street MapTransit RoutesStreets
553Ridgeview MapUrban AreasCities-U.S.
554The Ritz-Savoy MapResidential CommunitiesApartment and Condos
555Riverdale MapTransit RoutesThoroughfares
556Riverside Park MapNatureNatural Areas
557Rock Spring MapUrban AreasCities-U.S.
558Route 8 MapTransit RoutesThoroughfares
559The Royal Crest MapResidential CommunitiesApartment and Condos
560Saratoga lake MapWaterLakes
561Savoy Theatre MapStructuresEvent Venues
562Scotch Broom Field MapNatureNatural Areas
563The Spencer Building MapStructuresBuildings
564Splendor Flats MapUrban AreasCommunities
565St. Nicholas Arena MapStructuresArenas
566Star System 51 MapOuter SpaceStar Systems
567Sticksville MapUrban AreasCities-Joke
568Sunkist Park MapNatureParks
569Sunnyvale Rest Home MapResidential CommunitiesRetirement Communities
570Temple MapUrban AreasCities-U.S.
571Tracy's Pond MapWaterPonds
572Tranquility Lane MapTransit RoutesLanes
573The Twilight ZoneMapWorldsDimensions
574Ventner Road MapTransit RoutesRoads
575Viceroy Theatre MapStructuresEvent Venues
576Viewpark Girl's Home MapResidential CommunitiesOrphanages
577Walker Building MapStructuresBuildings
578Wells Theatre MapStructuresEvent Venues
579Whale's Mountain MapNatureMountains
580White Oak MapUrban AreasNeighborhoods
581Willoughby MapUrban AreasCities-U.S.
582Alan Talbot OtherQuotesQuotes
583Alan Talbot's nickname back in high scho... OtherTriviaName Game
584Aliens OtherThemesGray Eagle
585The Angels OtherCriminalsGangs
586Annabelle Streator OtherQuotesQuotes
587Billy-Ben & Jess-Belle OtherQuotesQuotes
588Burgess Meredith OtherThemesSolo
589Burke and Hare OtherCriminalsSerial Killers
590Death OtherQuotesQuotes
591Dragon OtherLiving ThingsAnimals
592Edward Hall & Eliot Rathmann OtherQuotesQuotes
593Erich Streator OtherQuotesQuotes
594Eye of the Beholder OtherThemesColor Out of Space
595Facsimile Limited OtherQuotesQuotes
596Five Characters in Search of an Exit OtherThemesMAD
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598George Hanley's middle name. OtherTriviaName Game
599George's dog's name. OtherTriviaName Game-Animals
600Hate-ridden fanatic Oliver Crangle's par... OtherTriviaName Game-Animals
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602Hyder Simpson's coon dog's name. OtherTriviaName Game-Animals
603Jackie Benson & Doug Winter OtherQuotesQuotes
604Janie Williams OtherQuotesQuotes
605Jason Abernathy OtherQuotesQuotes
606Jeremy Wickwire OtherQuotesQuotes
607Jerome OtherQuotesQuotes
608Jess-Belle & Ellie Glover OtherQuotesQuotes
609Jesse James OtherQuotesQuotes
610Joey Crown OtherQuotesQuotes
611Kanamit OtherQuotesQuotes
612Laurette Bowen OtherQuotesQuotes
613Lew Bookman & Death OtherQuotesQuotes
614Man OtherQuotesQuotes
615Man OtherQuotesQuotes
616Man OtherQuotesQuotes
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619Martin Sloan OtherQuotesQuotes
620Maya the Cat Girl & Edward Hall OtherQuotesQuotes
621Michael Chambers OtherQuotesQuotes
622Mother Connelly's Hand-fried Eggs OtherRecipesBreakfast Recipes
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624Mr. Archibald Beechcroft OtherQuotesQuotes
625Narrator OtherQuotesQuotes
626Narrator OtherQuotesQuotes
627Narrator OtherQuotesQuotes
628Narrator OtherQuotesQuotes
629Narrator OtherQuotesQuotes
630Narrator OtherQuotesQuotes
631Narrator OtherQuotesQuotes
632Narrator OtherQuotesQuotes
633Narrator OtherQuotesQuotes
634Narrator OtherQuotesQuotes
635Narrator OtherQuotesQuotes
636Narrator OtherQuotesQuotes
637Narrator OtherQuotesQuotes
638Narrator OtherQuotesQuotes
639Norma OtherQuotesQuotes
640Old Ben's nickname for Jenny. OtherTriviaName Game
641Old Maid's Fern OtherLiving ThingsFlowers
642Operation Invasion OtherPlansOperations
643Patty OtherQuotesQuotes
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645Paula OtherQuotesQuotes
646Population of Cliffordville in 1910? OtherTriviaQuestions
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648Radio Announcer OtherQuotesQuotes
649Radio Announcer OtherQuotesQuotes
650Reverend Anderson OtherQuotesQuotes
651Rocky Valentine OtherQuotesQuotes
652Rod Serling OtherThemesPleasantville
653Rod Serling OtherQuotesQuotes
654Romney Wordsworth OtherQuotesQuotes
655Sheriff Koch OtherQuotesQuotes
656The Staff of Truth OtherArtifactsArchaeological Artifacts
657Stansfield's Mount Everest OtherPlansInitiatives
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659Talky Tina OtherQuotesQuotes
660Talky Tina OtherQuotesQuotes
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662The young boy's name who suggests aliens... OtherTriviaName Game
663Thirty-six year old media vice-president... OtherTriviaName Game
664Time Enough at Last OtherThemesSin City
665U.S. Air Force OtherQuotesQuotes
666Untitled OtherThemesSin City
667Untitled OtherThemesStarfighter
668Untitled OtherThemesDiff|rent Strokes
669Untitled OtherThemesSingles
670Untitled OtherThemesSingles
671Venus Project OtherPlansProjects
672Vixen-wort OtherLiving ThingsFlowers
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674Walter Bedeker OtherQuotesQuotes
675Walter Jameson OtherQuotesQuotes
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