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1Alkali LakeX2: X-MEN UNITED 2003 FilmWaterLakes

Alkali Lake

2Alkali LakeX-MEN: THE LAST STAND 2006 FilmWaterLakes

Alkali Lake

3Alkali LakeX-MEN 2000 FilmWaterLakes

Alkali Lake
According to Charles, the location of an abandoned military compound that may provide Logan with a clue to his identity.

4Archimedes Lake EUREKA 2006 TV SeriesWaterLakes

Archimedes Lake
Carter and Stark go to talk to Dr. Todd while he is fishing.

5Axiana Lakes STAR TREK: VOYAGER 1995 TV SeriesWaterLakes

Axiana Lakes
Lakes on Neelix and Dexa's home planet that they reminisce about.

6Baker Lake FROG PERSPECTIVES 2014 LiteratureWaterLakes

Baker Lake

7Baker Lake TADPOLE 2005 LiteratureWaterLakes

Baker Lake
Lake in Rio Rancho Estates.

8Barbosa Lake SEARCHING 2018 FilmWaterLakes

Barbosa Lake
South Bay's hidden gem. Based on map location, actually San Felipe lake near San Jose - though it wasn't filmed there.

9Barefoot Lake PARKS AND RECREATION 2009 TV SeriesWaterLakes

Barefoot Lake
Lake in Pawnee. Cleaning it up is listed as one of the things that Leslie is for in her campaign ad.

10Bear LakeCLAY PIGEONS 1998 FilmWaterLakes

Bear Lake

11Big Cat Lake 20TH CENTURY GHOSTS 2005 LiteratureWaterLakes

Big Cat Lake
Location of the family cabin.

12Big Moose LakeSCOOBY-DOO! CAMP SCARE 2010 Animated FilmWaterLakes

Big Moose Lake
Lake near Camp Big Moose.

13Brady's Lake TALES FROM THE DARKSIDE 1984 TV SeriesWaterLakes

Brady's Lake
Lake that Rick mentions when he calls his old friend Jim Harris and Jim's wife answers, where he taught Jim how to fish.

14Cascade Lake SKELETON CREW 1985 LiteratureWaterLakes

Cascade Lake
Also known as Cascade Beach. Lake 40 miles outside Pittsburgh.

15Castle LakeGWENDY'S BUTTON BOX 2017 LiteratureWaterLakes

Castle Lake
Where Gwendy considers throwing the button box.

16Castle Lake SKELETON CREW 1985 LiteratureWaterLakes

Castle Lake
Lake in Castle Rock where the Todds have a big summer home.

17Castle Lake [lake] CASTLE ROCK 2018 TV SeriesWaterLakes

Castle Lake [lake]
Frozen lake where Alan Pangborn finds missing child Henry Deaver.

18Catfish Lake THE SIMPSONS 1989 Animated SeriesWaterLakes

Catfish Lake
Home of General Sherman, a freakishly big catfish. Where Reverend Lovejoy holds the third annual marriage retreat at Catfish Lake - counseling for couples whose marriages are hanging by a thread, or those in need of a tune-up.

19Central Park Lake FUTURAMA 1999 Animated SeriesWaterLakes

Central Park Lake
Lake in New New York's Central Park.

20Chocolate Lake THE MIST 2017 TV SeriesWaterLakes

Chocolate Lake
Vacation spot that the Ravens mention coming out of library and stepping into the mist, where they didn't get out of bed.

21Crater Lake SMALLVILLE 2001 TV SeriesWaterLakes

Crater Lake
Lake near Smallville from various episodes.

22Cross LakePIRANHA 3DD 2012 FilmWaterLakes

Cross Lake
Setting. Lake in Arizona near Lake Victoria, site of the piranha massacre in the previous movie, now uninhabitable and largely abandoned.

23Crystal LakeFRIDAY THE 13TH PART III 1982 FilmWaterLakes

Crystal Lake
Lake where Jason goes on murderous rampage.

24Crystal LakeDEADEYE DICK 1982 LiteratureWaterLakes

Crystal Lake
Lake in Midland City.

25Crystal Lake FRIDAY THE 13TH PART VII: THE NEW BLOOD 1988 FilmWaterLakes

Crystal Lake
Setting. Telekinetic teen Tina unintentionally resurrects Jason where his body has been resting at the bottom of the lake.

26Crystal Lake JASON X 2001 FilmWaterLakes

Crystal Lake
The Grendel crew creates a holographic simulation of Crystal Lake in order to keep Jason occupied while they try to escape.

27Crystal Lake SKELETON CREW 1985 LiteratureWaterLakes

Crystal Lake
Lake from one of Hal's memories of Uncle Will.

28Crystal Lake THE SIMPSONS 1989 Animated SeriesWaterLakes

Crystal Lake
Homer tracks down Marge after she is kidnapped by the real Hell's Satans motorcycle gang at the Crystal Lake Campground.

29Crystal LakeFREDDY VS. JASON 2003 FilmWaterLakes

Crystal Lake
Freddy and Jason's final showdown takes place at Camp Crystal Lake.

30Crystal Lake FRIDAY THE 13TH PART 2 1981 FilmWaterLakes

Crystal Lake
Five years after the massacre in the first film, Paul Holt opens a school for camp counselors on the shore of Crystal Lake.

31Crystal Lake FRIDAY THE 13TH 1980 FilmWaterLakes

Crystal Lake
Location of the Camp Crystal Lake youth camp, where Pamela Vorhees murders 9 people in June 1980.

32Crystal Lake FRIDAY THE 13TH PART IV: THE FINAL CHAPTER 1984 FilmWaterLakes

Crystal Lake
Setting. After being being presumed dead and taken to the morgue, Jason returns home to Crystal Lake to keep killing.

33Crystal Lake FRIDAY THE 13TH PART V: A NEW BEGINNING 1985 FilmWaterLakes

Crystal Lake
Location of Jason's original murders, mentioned in newspaper clipping.


Crystal Lake
A houseboat anchor on Crystal Lake damages some underwater cables that shock Jason Vorhees' corpse, bringing him back to life to kill again.

35Crystal LakeFRIDAY THE 13TH 1989 Video GamesWaterLakes

Crystal Lake
Players control counselors at Camp Crystal Lake as they attempt to defeat Jason Vorhees.

36Crystal Lake JASON GOES TO HELL 1993 Comic BooksWaterLakes

Crystal Lake

37Crystal LakeFRIDAY THE 13TH: THE GAME 2017 Video GamesWaterLakes

Crystal Lake
The game is set throughout the 1980s in a variety of locations in and around Camp Crystal Lake.

38Crystal LakeFRIDAY THE 13TH 2006 Video GamesWaterLakes

Crystal Lake
The game revisits the events of the first movie, with Pamela Vorhees murdering the Camp Crystal Lake counselors.

39Crystal LakeJASON GOES TO HELL: THE FINAL FRIDAY 1993 FilmWaterLakes

Crystal Lake
Steven drops of a group of hitchhiking teenagers at Crystal Lake. While the old Camp Crystal Lake no longer exists, Steven mentions it to them.

40Crystal Lake [lake] FRIDAY THE 13TH 2009 FilmWaterLakes

Crystal Lake [lake]
Setting, home of Camp Crystal Lake, where Jason Vorhees drowned.

41Dark Score LakeBAG OF BONES 1998 LiteratureWaterLakes

Dark Score Lake

42Dark Score LakeGWENDY'S BUTTON BOX 2017 LiteratureWaterLakes

Dark Score Lake

43Dark Score Lake CASTLE ROCK 2018 TV SeriesWaterLakes

Dark Score Lake
Lake in Maine, visible on the map during the opening credits for season 2 - from Bag of Bones.

44Dead Lake PLANET OF THE APES 1968 FilmWaterLakes

Dead Lake
Lake where the astronauts crash.

45The Great Slave LakeARQ 2016 FilmWaterLakes

The Great Slave Lake
Up north, Torus security forces battle Bloc paramilitaries over the Great Slave Lake Oil Refinery. The refinery borders the Arctic Parallel neutral zone. Torus executives accuse the Arctic Parallel of providing a safe haven for Bloc leaders.

46Harding LakeTHE RUNNING MAN 1982 LiteratureWaterLakes

Harding Lake
The inner office looked big enough to play killball in. It was dominated by a huge, one-wall picture window that looked west over the homes of the middle class, the dockside warehouses and oil tanks, and Harding Lake itself.

47Herschensohn LakeHE-MAN AND THE MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE 1983 Animated SeriesWaterLakes

Herschensohn Lake
Lake visible on Man-at-Arms' map of Eternia.

48Johnny Kaye LakeNEWHART 1982 TV SeriesWaterLakes

Johnny Kaye Lake

49Lago De Los DragonesPOLLY O'KEEFE SERIES 1965 LiteratureWaterLakes

Lago De Los Dragones
Dragonlake. Lake in Venezuela.

50Lake ArmstrongSTAR TREK: FIRST CONTACT 1996 FilmWaterLakes

Lake Armstrong
Lake on the moon that Riker mentions to Zefram Cochrane in the Phoenix.

51Lake Bundy THE TWILIGHT ZONE 1959 TV SeriesWaterLakes

Lake Bundy
Lake mentioned in one of the stories that Mr. Smith breaks: HONEYMOONERS DROWN IN LAKE BUNDY.

52Lake Cannepaqui THE TICK 2001 TV SeriesWaterLakes

Lake Cannepaqui
Lake Arthur mentions in his story about some kid filling up his official The Immortal sleeping bag with rocks and dumping it in a lake.

53Lake Carter EUREKA 2006 TV SeriesWaterLakes

Lake Carter
Joke Carter makes to Jo after she comes on to him while delirious. Carter: "I mean, maybe you just got tired of staring at Lake Carter, and you had to take a dip."

54Lake ChesterDOWNSIZING 2017 FilmWaterLakes

Lake Chester
Lake in Leisureland.

55Lake Dalston BLACK MIRROR 2011 TV SeriesWaterLakes

Lake Dalston
Where Sara and Trick have sex.

56Lake East Point UNDER THE DOME 2013 TV SeriesWaterLakes

Lake East Point
First mentioned.

57Lake Jordan STRANGER THINGS 2016 TV SeriesWaterLakes

Lake Jordan
Local lake.

58Lake Kashwakamak CASTLE ROCK 2018 TV SeriesWaterLakes

Lake Kashwakamak
Lake in Maine, visible on the map during the opening credits for season 2 - from Cell, Gerald's Game.

59Lake Manitoc SUPERNATURAL 2005 TV SeriesWaterLakes

Lake Manitoc
Lake in Wisconsin where Sam and Dean end up facing off with the spirit of a drowned child.

60Lake Monogamy TWO AND A HALF MEN 2003 TV SeriesWaterLakes

Lake Monogamy
Joke Alan makes at Charlie's expense when he starts dating Mia: "swimming in Lake Monogamy".

61Lake NovusROBOPOCALYPSE 2011 LiteratureWaterLakes

Lake Novus

62Lake of FireMEAT PUPPETS 1980 MusicWaterLakes

Lake of Fire

63Lake of Fire NIRVANA 1987 MusicWaterLakes

Lake of Fire
Where bad folks go when they die.

64Lake of Fire SILENT HILL 2006 FilmWaterLakes

Lake of Fire
Christabella mentions in her sermon: And anyone's name not found written in the Book of Life, they will be thrown into the Lake of Fire.

65Lake of Tepid BileDAMNED 2011 LiteratureWaterLakes

Lake of Tepid Bile
The lake is more than 5,000 km. deep and covers more than 250,000 acres. It's surrounded by jagged geothermic rock that keeps the lake at an even temperature of 26 degrees C.

66The Lake of the Clouds MANIAC 2018 TV SeriesWaterLakes

The Lake of the Clouds
Lake in the fantasy world.

67Lake Okobogee THE X-FILES 1993 TV SeriesWaterLakes

Lake Okobogee
UFO hot spot near Sioux City, Iowa where Mulder and Scully investigate missing teenage girl Ruby Morris. There is a real Lake Okoboji in Iowa, but it is quite different than the Lake Okobogee as depicted.

68Lake PontacoGET OUT 2017 FilmWaterLakes

Lake Pontaco

69Lake PotowotominimacTHE GREAT OUTDOORS 1988 FilmWaterLakes

Lake Potowotominimac
Chet Ripley and his family vacation at Perk's Pine Lodge on Lake Potowotominimac in Clare County, Wisconsin. Filmed in Bass Lake, California.

70Lake SedebegoCATCHER IN THE RYE 1951 LiteratureWaterLakes

Lake Sedebego

71Lake Skeen 21 JUMP STREET 1987 TV SeriesWaterLakes

Lake Skeen
Location of Cory's lake house, where Penhall and Hoffs track down Cory and Dean.

72Lake Springfield THE SIMPSONS 1989 Animated SeriesWaterLakes

Lake Springfield
Local lake.

73Lake Springfield THE SIMPSONS MOVIE 2007 Animated FilmWaterLakes

Lake Springfield
Duff Beer sponsors the Duff Summer Concert Series on Springfield Lake, featuring the rock band Green Day.

74Lake SuperiorHOWARD THE DUCK 1986 FilmWaterLakes

Lake Superior
Lake on Duckworld. The chicks of Lake Superior are featured on the cover of Playduck.

75Lake Veronica THE BOB NEWHART SHOW 1972 TV SeriesWaterLakes

Lake Veronica
Carol's childhood camp story takes place at Lake Veronica.

76Lake VictoriaPIRANHA 3DD 2012 FilmWaterLakes

Lake Victoria
Lake in Arizona, site of the piranha massacre in the previous movie, now uninhabitable and largely abandoned.

77Lake VictoriaPIRANHA 3D 2010 FilmWaterLakes

Lake Victoria
An underground tremor releases hundreds of prehistoric, carnivorous piranhas into Lake Victoria in Arizona. Filmed at Lake Havasu.

78Lake Watchahatchee FRASIER 1993 TV SeriesWaterLakes

Lake Watchahatchee
Lake Martin can't remember the name of - Lake Watchahatchee? Lake Watchakootchie? Lake Coochawatchie? "It's an Indian word, it meant Land of a Thousand..."

79Lake Waterloo TADPOLE 2005 LiteratureWaterLakes

Lake Waterloo
Lake in Waterloo.

80Lake Waterloo PHOENIX 2010 LiteratureWaterLakes

Lake Waterloo
Lake in Waterloo.

81Lake Yuron STAR TREK: DISCOVERY 2017 TV SeriesWaterLakes

Lake Yuron
Saru visits Michael Burnham in her new holodeck program of Ni'Var, where she looks out on the Cliffs of Surak and Lake Yuron.

82Larva Lake THE SIMPSONS 1989 Animated SeriesWaterLakes

Larva Lake
Lake the Simpsons attempt to visit, but are turned away by park rangers due to the rampant bugs. Marge: "I'm not sure mosquito season is the best time to visit Larva Lake."

83Little Moose LakeSCOOBY-DOO! CAMP SCARE 2010 Animated FilmWaterLakes

Little Moose Lake
Lake near Camp Little Moose.

84Loch Lake ONWARD 2020 Animated FilmWaterLakes

Loch Lake
Lake on Barley's map.

85Lost River Lake PIRANHA 1978 FilmWaterLakes

Lost River Lake
When two teenagers go missing near Lost River Lake, skiptracer Maggie McKeown and backwoods guide Paul Grogan go looking for them, discovering an abandoned military compound.

86Lost River LakePIRANHA 1995 FilmWaterLakes

Lost River Lake
A school of killer piranhas descend upon the bustling Lost River Lake Resort.

87Lovers Lake STRANGER THINGS 2016 TV SeriesWaterLakes

Lovers Lake
Lake in Hawkins from various episodes.

88Morris LakeTUCKER AND DALE VS. EVIL 2010 FilmWaterLakes

Morris Lake
Tucker and Dale sink every penny they have into a a vacation home up by Morris Lake that they intend to fix up.

89Preston Dry Lake TREMORS 3: BACK TO PERFECTION 2001 FilmWaterLakes

Preston Dry Lake
Lakebed in Perfection Valley that Burt mentions when looking at infrared satellite images.

90The Rainbow LakesROADSIDE PICNIC 1971 LiteratureWaterLakes

The Rainbow Lakes

91Ramsett Park Lake PARKS AND RECREATION 2009 TV SeriesWaterLakes

Ramsett Park Lake
Lake in Ramsett Park where the residents of Pawnee commemorate the great Pawnee Tea Dump of 1817 by throwing a guy named Ted in the water, due to confusion regarding the old-timey script in the town charter.

92Reiden Lake FRINGE 2008 TV SeriesWaterLakes

Reiden Lake
Body of water located near Schenectady in East-central New York State.

93Ruby LakeLAZER TEAM 2015 FilmWaterLakes

Ruby Lake
Lake near Milford, Texas where Hagan breaks up a teeage party.

94Saratoga lake THE TWILIGHT ZONE 1959 TV SeriesWaterLakes

Saratoga lake
Lake near Homewood that Martin Sloan mentions.

95Scotts Lake HAVEN 2010 TV SeriesWaterLakes

Scotts Lake
Mentioned on radio broadcast.

96Smoke Lakes STAR TREK: STRANGE NEW WORLDS 2022 TV SeriesWaterLakes

Smoke Lakes
Batel mentions to Pike: Chris, I have always wanted to see the Crivian Planetary Museum, and there are day trips to the Glass Islands and Smoke Lakes. I know you love a lake.

97Snow Lake WESTWORLD 2015 TV SeriesWaterLakes

Snow Lake
Lake in Shogun World.

98Summit LakeCABIN BY THE LAKE 2000 FilmWaterLakes

Summit Lake

99Tashmore LakeSECRET WINDOW 2004 FilmWaterLakes

Tashmore Lake

100Tashmore LakeTHE COLORADO KID 2005 LiteratureWaterLakes

Tashmore Lake
Location of unresolved poisoning.

101White Cloud Lake THE PRETENDER 1996 TV SeriesWaterLakes

White Cloud Lake
Location of Sydney's cabin, where he takes his brother Jacob.

102Wilson Lake THE PRETENDER 1996 TV SeriesWaterLakes

Wilson Lake
Lake where Jarod finds Dr. Randall Blythe's Mercedes, with Erica's body still inside.

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