TV Series 1984. Created by George A. Romero. Starring Paul Sparer and Catherine Battistone.
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Total Records: 81 - Medium: TV SERIES
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1900 Years of Solitude BBBLiteratureBooks

900 Years of Solitude
The title of the book the protagonist writes using the stories of a real vampire.

2Aerobic Action BBBTelevisionTV Shows

Aerobic Action
TV show that granddaughter Greta mentions.

3All-Bran BBBFood ProductsBreakfast Cereal

Generic breakfast cereal that Grandma tells Frank to eat.

4Ambrose Cavender BBBServicesMiscellaneous Services

Ambrose Cavender
Tear collector.

5Biddle and Bundles BBBFinancial CompaniesAccounting Services

Biddle and Bundles
Accounting firm that handles Gideon Hackles' account.

6Bold Dancer BBBSportsRacehorses

Bold Dancer
Racehorse in the first race at Belmont Park.

7Bulldog High School BBBEducationHigh Schools

Bulldog High School
Joke that Rick Hall's friend and coworker Chris Wood makes about their boss Mr. Blake: Sometimes I think that guy got his diploma from Bulldog High.

8Catherine Daly BBBServicesPsychic Services

Catherine Daly
False tarot reader that only gives out good predictions, whose tarot deck gets swapped out for one that's cursed to make terrible predictions come true.

9Chow-Ting BBBMaintenance ServicesLaundry Services

Chinese laundry offering the Special Service of washing away sins. Their motto is At Chow-Ting's Laundry, everything comes out in the wash.

10The Classical Hour BBBRadioRadio Programs

The Classical Hour
Radio program on the radio at Harvey Turman's house.

11Commercial Graphics BBBCorporationsCompanies

Commercial Graphics
Company where both Rick and his friend applied for jobs - his friend gets the job, but Rick hasn't heard back about his application.

12Country Lane BBBPersonal CarePerfumes

Country Lane
Perfume that granddaughter Greta wears.

13Cross Creek News Reporter BBBPeriodicalsNewspapers

Cross Creek News Reporter
Rick Hall's home town newspaper.

14The Dancing Dwarf BBBAmusementEntertainment Acts

The Dancing Dwarf
Freak show attraction at a carnival.

15Doc Snodgrass BBBHealthcareDoctors

Doc Snodgrass
Local doctor called to examine Grandpa when he shows up at the breakfast table the morning after he died.

16Dr. Johnson BBBHealthcareDoctors

Dr. Johnson
Doctor that May mentions the Frank is injured.

17Dr. Roebuck BBBHealthcareDoctors

Dr. Roebuck
Harvey Turman's doctor.

18Dr. Velman BBBHealthcareTherapy

Dr. Velman

19Dracula's Harem BBBCinemaMovies

Dracula's Harem
Actree Joan Matlin played the third bride in the movie Dracula's Harem.

20DuMont Elementary BBBEducationElementary Schools

DuMont Elementary
School that Alan's "son" Jerry attends.

21Execu Sect BBBTechnology ProductsAudiovisual Devices

Execu Sect
Leon's answering machine with a mind of its own from an alternate dimension.

22Fatima, Siren of the Desert BBBAmusementEntertainment Acts

Fatima, Siren of the Desert
Freak show attraction at a carnival.

23First Lady BBBSportsRacehorses

First Lady
Racehorse in the first race at Belmont Park.

24The Great Karma BBBAmusementMagicians

The Great Karma
Magician known for mastering the art of levitation.

25Greaves Memorial Hospital BBBHealthcareHospitals

Greaves Memorial Hospital
Hospital where Alan's "son" Jerry was born in Carpenter.

26Gropper Industries Inc. BBBCorporationsCompanies

Gropper Industries Inc.
Carl Grooper's company. He also refers to it as Gropper International Industries.

27Gumbs BBBAmusementClowns

Gubernatorial candidate Bo Gumbs, believing that politics is nothing more than entertainment, is helped at a hotel where the bellboy and maid help him get ready to show the public his true colors.

28Horace X BBBServicesPsychic Services

Horace X
Astrological machine at the bus stop that traveler Cassie Pines visits, son of Madame X.

29Jackpot-o-Rama BBBEventsLotteries

School teacher Abe North summons spirits to help him win the lottery.

30Johnson's Real Homes BBBServicesRealty Services

Johnson's Real Homes
Company where Alan works.

31Larchmont Industries BBBIndustrial CompaniesIndustries

Larchmont Industries
Company owned by Sam Larchmont, the man who tells Carl Gropper about Chow Ting's Laundry's Special Service.

32Lucy Girl BBBSportsRacehorses

Lucy Girl
Racehorse in the first race at Belmont Park.

33Madame Marlena BBBServicesPsychic Services

Madame Marlena
Tarot reader who swaps out false tarot reader Catherine Daly's tarot deck with one that is cursed to make terrible predictions come true.

34Madame X BBBServicesPsychic Services

Madame X
The prophet Madame X. Fabulous astrological machine at traveler Cassie Pines' salon in Sasawatche. Voice-activated and very intelligent. She takes into account your birthdate and the electromagnetic field under which you were born.

35Mohandus Mukhtar (Curios) BBBRetailStores

Mohandus Mukhtar (Curios)
Tent store that pops up, where Danny and Connie find the genie's lamp.

36Moment to Moment Church BBBReligionChurches

Moment to Moment Church
Heat Jones' church: The word is present, the time is here. Live, breathe and believe in the now, the everlasting now.

37Multicinema Theater BBBEntertainmentMovie Theaters

Multicinema Theater
Movie theater featuring 18 wonderful double features that Leon's answering machine calls.

38Native Princess BBBSportsRacehorses

Native Princess
Racehorse in the first race at Belmont Park.

39Northlite Fur Company BBBApparelClothing Stores

Northlite Fur Company
Carl Grooper's son Marvin calls his father at work to ask if Gropper owns Northlite Fur Company and clubs baby seals. Yes, it does, and yes, they do.

40Phil's Bar BBBNightlifeBars

Phil's Bar
Bar where bookie Tommy Vale conducts business.

41Regis BBBEducationHigher Education

College were Abe North teaches.

42Ryan's Daughter BBBSportsRacehorses

Ryan's Daughter
Long shot (40 to 1) racehorse in the first race at Belmont Park that Bill Lacey bets on.

43Seymour Furman, Artist Management BBBServicesTalent Agencies

Seymour Furman, Artist Management
Talent agency.

44Sid's Auto Parts BBBVehiclesAutomotive Services

Sid's Auto Parts
Auto shop where Harvey Turman works.

45Snowbird BBBSportsRacehorses

Racehorse in the first race at Belmont Park.

46Sunny Brook BBBBeverage ProductsAlcohol

Sunny Brook
Alcohol bottle that Alan finds in the dresser drawer.

47Tammy Shanter BBBSportsRacehorses

Tammy Shanter
Racehorse in the first race at Belmont Park.

48Thin Air Vacuum BBBHome FurnishingVacuum Cleaners

Thin Air Vacuum
Product that graphic designer Rick works on.

49Thorton Plastics BBBIndustrial CompaniesChemical Companies

Thorton Plastics
Company that Michael mentions to Edward.

50Tommy Vale BBBFinancial CompaniesFinancial Services

Tommy Vale
Bookie Tommy Vale never refuses a bet. Bettor Bill Lacey only bets long shots and beats impossible odds each time. Lacey's latest bet is that Vale will die of natural causes by 8:00 am tomorrow.

51Wheel of Fate BBBTelevisionTV Shows-Game Shows

Wheel of Fate
TV game show that Chow Ting mentions.

52The Wild Thing from Borneo BBBAmusementEntertainment Acts

The Wild Thing from Borneo
Freak show attraction at a carnival.

53Ziegfeld Theatre BBBEntertainmentTheaters

Ziegfeld Theatre
Theater where Grandma used to dance in her youth.

54July 17, 1888 Dates19th Century and earlierJournal Entries

July 17, 1888
Date of entry in Ophelia Fairchild's diary that Cathy finds in the mysterious Madness Room in their very old house: I love my baby, but it cries. I want to make my baby stop crying forever. What's happening to me?

55July 28, 1888 Dates19th Century and earlierJournal Entries

July 28, 1888
Date of entry in Ophelia Fairchild's diary that Cathy finds in the mysterious Madness Room in their very old house: It's a beautiful day outside even though it's raining. The raindrops are speaking to me. They're saying, Deceit. Deceit. Deceit. Death. Death. Death.

56June 8, 1974 Dates20th Century: 70sBirth Dates

June 8, 1974
Alan's "son" Jerry born.

57October 12, 1983 Dates20th Century: 80sEvents

October 12, 1983
Date on the IOU on top of the stack of IOUs that rich and spiteful old man Gideon Hackles assembles for his annual Halloween event - offering trick-or-treaters the chance to search his house for their parents' IOUs, only to terrify them with animatronic ghosts.

58October 31, 1983 Dates20th Century: 80sEvents

October 31, 1983
Rich and spiteful old man Gideon Hackles, who holds an obsession for documenting and exploiting debts owed to him, annually offers trick-or-treaters the chance to search his house on Halloween night for their parents' IOUs, only to terrify them with animatronic ghosts. Over the course of this particular night, Mr. Hackles finds himself terrified by a genuine monsters and demons.

59April 6, 1985 Dates20th Century: 80sEvents

April 6, 1985
Rick Hall's 20 year high school reunion, which he finds out about the next reading his home town newspaper the Cross Creek News Reporter.

60April 7, 1985 Dates20th Century: 80sEvents

April 7, 1985
Rick Hall reads in his home town newspaper the Cross Creek News Reporter that they're closing down his old high school, and that the 20 year reunion was the day before.

61June 16, 1985 Dates20th Century: 80sEvents

June 16, 1985
Businessman Carl Gropper's son gifts him a parakeet for Father's Day.

62April 18 DatesNo YearBirth Dates

April 18
Traveler Cassie Pines born. She starts to say the year, but doesn't finish.

63Brady's Lake MapWaterLakes

Brady's Lake
Lake that Rick mentions when he calls his old friend Jim Harris and Jim's wife answers, where he taught Jim how to fish.

64Carpenter MapUrban AreasCities-U.S.

Town where Alan's family used to live, where he let his family down, where Alan's "son" Jerry was born.

65Circleville MapUrban AreasCities-U.S.

Town that Alan's wife mentions, one of the towns where they lived when they had to move around due to his drinking.

66Cross Creek MapUrban AreasCities-U.S.

Cross Creek
Graphic designer Rick Hall's home town.

67The DarksideMapWorldsDimensions

The Darkside

68Hollyview Apartments MapResidential CommunitiesApartment and Condos

Hollyview Apartments
Apartment complex where Leon lives.

69Monroe MapUrban AreasCities-U.S.

Town Alan's family used to live, where he let his family down.

70Sasawatche MapUrban AreasCities-U.S.

Town in Iowa where traveler Cassie Pines is from.

71Tranquil Gardens MapResidential CommunitiesRetirement Communities

Tranquil Gardens
Retirement home where Frank and his family sends Grandma. It's a humdinger of a place.

72Wellington Place MapTransit RoutesThoroughfares

Wellington Place
Tear collector Ambrose Cavender's address.

73Heat Jones OtherQuotesQuotes

Heat Jones
Heat Jones: You got eyes like pools frogs could swim in.

74Heat Jones OtherQuotesQuotes

Heat Jones
Heat Jones: Hi there, sweet pea. Dark outside, ain't it? But then there's always dark before the dawn. You remember that, I mean, literally speaking, dark turns into light, night to day, sinners to repenters. Dark before the dawn.

75Heat Jones OtherQuotesQuotes

Heat Jones
Heat Jones: I was driving along, moment to moment, and all of a sudden I felt a tingling in my toes, and my heart started beating and I felt an incredible desire to drive into this depot. I walk in here, and there you are. Whoo-ee, I mean, you sure are a looker, sweet pea. Heat Jones. Founder and preacher of the Moment to Moment Church. The word is present, the time is here. Live, breathe and believe in the now, the everlasting now.

76Heat Jones OtherQuotesQuotes

Heat Jones
Heat Jones: Special moments for special days. And today's my birthday. And I think I've got myself a jewel for a birthday present.

77Joan Matlin OtherQuotesQuotes

Joan Matlin
Joan Matlin: Good evening, Sir or Madame. Unplug your telephone or die.

78Pookie's twin Mookie's real name. OtherTriviaName Game

Pookie's twin Mookie's real name.

79Tommy Vale OtherQuotesQuotes

Tommy Vale
Tommy Vale: Horace, wake me up if I die.

80Tommy Vale OtherQuotesQuotes

Tommy Vale
Tommy Vale: I'm gonna die laughing.

81Untitled OtherThemesSolo


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