Literature 2014. Written by Egon Sterling.
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Total Records: 117 - Medium: LITERATURE
Record Name
1The Adder's Fork BBBMenuSandwiches

The Adder's Fork
Davis orders the The Adder's Fork sandwich from Hank at Sand Witches before the show.

2Atomic Energy Bar BBBFood ProductsSnack Food

Atomic Energy Bar
Griffin eats.

3Bacon Double Chunk Burger Supreme BBBMenuBurgers

Bacon Double Chunk Burger Supreme
Morty brings Buddy a burger.

4Barista DoorsBBBDiningCoffeehouses

Barista Doors
Coffee shop on Asylum Street - Ring Hollow. Griffin stalked a girl that worked there - Wild Boredom.

5The Beast BBBVehiclesMotor Vehicles

The Beast
Vince's truck.

6Ben's Fire EngineBBBMusicMusicians

Ben's Fire Engine
Gabriel turns up the radio when Ben's Fire Engine's new song Lockjaw is playing - Wasp. Morty's band - Reunion. Davis mentions the band - Embers. Davis mentions the Ben's Fire Engine who at the Hegman to Hank - Wheel of Fortune.

7Big Thunder Rumble FishBBBMusicMusicians

Big Thunder Rumble Fish
Nicky's concert T-shirt, from their Headstrong Battle Songs tour - Last Resort, Yellow Bastard. Band Hank listens to at work - Big League.

8Bits and Pieces of Insanity in Alphabeti... BBBLiteratureBooks

Bits and Pieces of Insanity in Alphabetical Order
Book by Eugene Sterling that guy in the auto shop is reading.

9Black Magic Mushroom Burger BBBMenuBurgers

Black Magic Mushroom Burger
Menu item at Sand Witches.

10Black Soup BBBLiteratureBooks

Black Soup
Book Davis discusses with band members.

11Blue Tigress BBBApparelClothing Stores

Blue Tigress
Blue's boutique.

12Bluebonnet Hill Golf Course BBBAmusementMiniature Golf

Bluebonnet Hill Golf Course
Miles invites to play golf.

13Boss Taurus BBBVehiclesMotor Vehicles

Boss Taurus
Taco's truck.

14Bun in the Coven BBBMenuSandwiches

Bun in the Coven
Sand Witches menu item, a club sandwich with faux turkey and bacon.

15Bunny Patch Daycare BBBYouth ServicesChildcare Services

Bunny Patch Daycare
Zoe's daycare.

16The Capricious Sprites BBBMusicMusicians

The Capricious Sprites
Davis' old band he tells Hank about.

17Chunky BurgerBBBDiningBurger Joints

Chunky Burger
Gabriel and Marla stop for burgers - Wasp. Stu picks up Chunky Burger - Planet Erica. Zeke suggests Chunky Burger - Guardian Angel. Rosie picks up lunch on her way home to pack - Embers. Walt mentions - Volume 2 Exit. Morty brings Buddy a burger - Late (Be Cool Buddy).

18The Crazy Diamonds BBBMusicMusicians

The Crazy Diamonds

19The Cross Gates Tower BBBTravelLodging

The Cross Gates Tower
Hotel where Oz's family stays.

20Crystal Meatball Sub BBBMenuMenu Items

Crystal Meatball Sub
Menu item at Sand Witches.

21Derby Lane Cafe BBBDiningCafes and Delis

Derby Lane Cafe
Tess mentions.

22Dominion BBBEducationHigh Schools

High school that Hank mentions.

23Dreamcatcher BBBMusicAlbums

Morty's new album.

24Drencromyacin BBBDrugsMedicine

Drug Jacob asks Miles about, that Miles is testing.

25Eels of Doom BBBMusicMusicians

Eels of Doom
Sal's old band.

26Einstein's Arcade BBBAmusementVideo Game Arcades

Einstein's Arcade
Chris and Rufus play video games.

27Every Last Dime BBBMusicSongs

Every Last Dime
Grady listens to the song Every Last Dime by The Fake Jamaicans.

28The Fake Jamaicans BBBMusicMusicians

The Fake Jamaicans
Grady listens to Every Last Dime by The Fake Jamaicans.

29Firegold BBBIndustrial CompaniesChemical Companies

Pharmaceutical company.

30Go Grey Bulls Stomp BBBMusicSongs

Go Grey Bulls Stomp
Violet Crown University's school spirit song.

31Grey Bull Automotive BBBVehiclesAutomotive Services

Grey Bull Automotive
Auto service.

32Grey Bull Mini-Mart BBBRetailGas Stations

Grey Bull Mini-Mart
Convenience store.

33The Hegman Theater BBBNightlifeNightclubs

The Hegman Theater
Music venue in Waterloo.

34Hit the Dance Floor Jumping BBBMusicSongs

Hit the Dance Floor Jumping
Dora plays the song "Hit the Dance Floor Jumping" by the Wild Trains.

35The Howling Song BBBMusicSongs

The Howling Song

36Jamaican Bar BBBNightlifeBars

Jamaican Bar

37Johnny Yen and the Hypnotizing Chickens BBBMusicMusicians

Johnny Yen and the Hypnotizing Chickens
Vince plays Liquor and Drugs by Johnny Yen and the Hypnotizing Chickens.

38Jolly Roger's Rockin' 50s Highway Diner BBBDiningDiners

Jolly Roger's Rockin' 50s Highway Diner
New Mexico diner where Annie finds clothes.

39Kensington BBBIndustrial CompaniesChemical Companies

Pharmaceutical company.

40La Ranchera Vista BBBTravelLodging

La Ranchera Vista

41Last Chance for Infinite HorizonsBBBLiteratureBooks

Last Chance for Infinite Horizons
Egon Sterling book Tess finds in Luna's car.

42Liquor and Drugs BBBMusicSongs

Liquor and Drugs
Vince plays the song Liquor and Drugs by Johnny Yen and the Hypnotizing Chickens.

43Lockjaw BBBMusicSongs

Gabriel turns up the radio when Ben's Fire Engine's new song Lockjaw is playing.

44Lola Cola BBBBeverage ProductsSoft Drinks

Lola Cola
Soft drink brand.

45M Tech BBBCorporationsCompanies

M Tech
Company that Miles and Davis discuss.

46Markdown Kingdom BBBRetailStores

Markdown Kingdom

47Mexi-Chunk Burger BBBMenuBurgers

Mexi-Chunk Burger
Sandwich Rosie orders at Chunky Burger.

48Mirabeau's BBBDiningRestaurants

Restaurant in Waterloo.

49The Most Gorgeously Stupid Things BBBMusicMusicians

The Most Gorgeously Stupid Things

50New London Cigarettes BBBTobaccoCigarettes

New London Cigarettes
Maeve smokes.

51No Time Left BBBMusicSongs

No Time Left
Song by the Windswept Stars that plays in Jack's car.

52Nocturnal Flight BBBLiteratureComic Books

Nocturnal Flight
Comic Book in Mona's apartment.

53Perrin Lager BBBBeverage ProductsBeer

Perrin Lager

54Phi Rho Gamma BBBEducationFraternities

Phi Rho Gamma
Solomon and his friends' fraternity.

55Pinky's Pretzels BBBFood ProductsChips and Crackers

Pinky's Pretzels
Snack food.

56Powerful Pain BBBMusicRock Bands

Powerful Pain
Ska punk rock song.

57Rainbow Hurricanes BBBMusicMusicians

Rainbow Hurricanes
Tommy's ringtone.

58Raridon's Fantasy Warehouse BBBPersonal CareSex Products

Raridon's Fantasy Warehouse
Peach and Ziggy mention, where they bought the dildos.

59Roscoe's Tacos BBBDiningMexican Fast Food

Roscoe's Tacos
Moose eats tacos.

60Samantha's Curious Craving BBBMenuMenu Items

Samantha's Curious Craving
Sand Witches menu item, vegan corn beef with mustard and pickles.

61Sand Witches BBBDiningCafes and Delis

Sand Witches
Vegetarian deli in Waterloo.

62Screamin' Gangsta BBBMusicMusicians

Screamin' Gangsta
Taco plays Screamin' Gangsta's new single Twenty Years Later.

63Serling Ale BBBBeverage ProductsBeer

Serling Ale

64Simply Kissable BBBMusicSongs

Simply Kissable
Song by The Most Gorgeously Stupid Things.

65Snugglebunny BBBVehiclesMotor Vehicles

Gabriel's car.

66The Squirming Toads BBBMusicMusicians

The Squirming Toads

67Stories from the Starburst Diner BBBLiteratureBooks

Stories from the Starburst Diner
Book by Egon Sterling. Grady's gift for Luna.

68Sugar Boogers BBBFood ProductsCandy

Sugar Boogers
Candy wrapper in Mona's apartment.

69Sweet Memory Will Die BBBMusicSongs

Sweet Memory Will Die
Song by Squirming Toads.

70Tonkawa Elementary BBBEducationElementary Schools

Tonkawa Elementary
Grady parks.

71Trouble Brewing BBBLiteratureBooks

Trouble Brewing
Stu buys and sells action figures.

72Twenty Years Later BBBMusicSongs

Twenty Years Later
Taco plays Screamin' Gangsta's new song Twenty Years Later.

73The Vampires BBBMusicMusicians

The Vampires

74Vellocetium BBBDrugsMedicine

Drug Miles mentions.

75Violet Crown UniversityBBBEducationUniversities

Violet Crown University
Local college. Setting.

76Wacky Tackles BBBLiteratureChildrens Books

Wacky Tackles
Zoe's children's books.

77Wagon Wheels BBBFood ProductsCandy

Wagon Wheels
Snack in Taco's glove box.

78Wasting the DawnBBBMusicSongs

Wasting the Dawn
The Squirming Toads' song Wasting the Dawn plays in Gabriel's car.

79Waterloo Community College BBBEducationColleges

Waterloo Community College
Dora and Sweaty took a jazz dancing class.

80Waterloo Planetarium BBBEntertainmentMuseums

Waterloo Planetarium
Sweeky used to visit.

81Westfield BBBIndustrial CompaniesChemical Companies

Pharmaceutical company that Miles mentions that shut down.

82The Whale BBBVehiclesMotor Vehicles

The Whale
Institution van that Annie steals.

83Wild Trains BBBMusicMusicians

Wild Trains
Dora plays the song "Hit the Dance Floor Jumping" by the Wild Trains.

84The Windswept Stars BBBMusicMusicians

The Windswept Stars
No Time Left by the Windswept Stars plays in Jack's car.

85Zaroast Beef on Rye BBBMenuMenu Items

Zaroast Beef on Rye
Menu item at Sand Witches.

86Antoinette's LeapMapNatureNatural Areas

Antoinette's Leap
Grady's thought in Blindsiders, Walt mentions in Volume 2 Exit.

87Asylum StreetMapTransit RoutesStreets

Asylum Street
Moose drives down Asylum Street on his way to pick up the guys - Volume 1 Enter. Luna went to coffee shop - Ring Hollow. The guys go fishing / Mick gives Zeke's stuff to a Crawl snake - Last Resort. Mentioned - The Unfortunate Dreamer. Grady mentions Crawl snakes - Chance/Continuum. Chris and Rufus captured - The Walk. Griffin runs into Moose, Ziggy and Rufus - Wild Boredom. Address of Sand Witches - Big League. Annie follows Sal - The One that Got Away. Jacob drives down - Black Holes. Morty and Buddy walk down - Late (Be Cool Buddy).

88Baker Lake MapWaterLakes

Baker Lake

89Cat Mountain Nature Preserve MapNatureNatural Areas

Cat Mountain Nature Preserve
Drop pledges off.

90Citadel MapResidential CommunitiesApartment and Condos


91Clyde Park MapUrban AreasNeighborhoods

Clyde Park
Neighborhood in Waterloo.

92The Crawl MapTransit RoutesThoroughfares

The Crawl
Section of Asylum Street that runs by the university in Waterloo.

93English Aire MapResidential CommunitiesApartment and Condos

English Aire
Rosie and Davis' apartment.

94Fifteenth Street MapTransit RoutesStreets

Fifteenth Street

95Hutchence MapUrban AreasCities-U.S.

Hank's hometown.

96MLK MapTransit RoutesThoroughfares

Street in Waterloo.

97Morrison MapUrban AreasCities-U.S.

Texas city.

98Peace Park MapNatureParks

Peace Park
Park in Waterloo.

99Pecan Street MapTransit RoutesStreets

Pecan Street
Entertainment district in Waterloo.

100Rio Rancho Estates MapUrban AreasNeighborhoods

Rio Rancho Estates
Neighborhood where Stu lives.

101Skull Creek MapWaterCreeks

Skull Creek
Creek in Waterloo. Stand-in for Shoal Creek in Austin.

102Tallwood Apartments MapResidential CommunitiesApartment and Condos

Tallwood Apartments
Where Morty and Sam live in Clyde Park.

103Thirty-Eighth Street MapTransit RoutesStreets

Thirty-Eighth Street
Street in Waterloo.

104Tonkawa Estates MapUrban AreasNeighborhoods

Tonkawa Estates
Tommy's neighborhood.

105Twelfth Street MapTransit RoutesStreets

Twelfth Street

106Twenty-Fifth Street MapTransit RoutesStreets

Twenty-Fifth Street
Morty and Buddy walk down Asylum Street.

107Twenty-First Street MapTransit RoutesStreets

Twenty-First Street
Pledge chase.

108Twenty-Fourth Street MapTransit RoutesStreets

Twenty-Fourth Street
Street in Waterloo.

109Twenty-Ninth Street MapTransit RoutesStreets

Twenty-Ninth Street
Morty and Buddy walk down Asylum Street.

110Twenty-Seventh Street MapTransit RoutesStreets

Twenty-Seventh Street
Morty and Buddy walk down Asylum Street.

111Viewpoint Apartments MapResidential CommunitiesApartment and Condos

Viewpoint Apartments
Solomon's apartment complex.

112Violet Crown Boulevard MapTransit RoutesBoulevards

Violet Crown Boulevard
Street in Waterloo near the university.

113WabamunMapUrban AreasCities-U.S.

Small town in the White Mountains of Arizona. Location of Jacob's institute in Black Holes, pledge Muffley's home town in A Sort of Pilgrimage.

114Walnut Creek MapUrban AreasNeighborhoods

Walnut Creek
Neighborhood in Waterloo.

115WaterlooMapUrban AreasCities-U.S.

Setting. Texas town.

116Untitled OtherThemesDark Shadows


117Untitled OtherThemesDark Shadows


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