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1Alcoholic State HEATHERS 1988 FilmEducationUniversities

Alcoholic State
Westerberg High School student's T-shirt.

3Alien U FARSCAPE 1999 TV SeriesEducationUniversities

Alien U
Joke Crichton makes to Zhaan. Crichton: "But, you know, with Aeryn and D'argo it's like everything's a test. It's like I'm in some never ending frat hazing at Alien U."

4All Systems UniversityANDROMEDA 2000 TV SeriesEducationUniversities

All Systems University
The main recorder of knowledge and information in the known worlds. The University was founded following the conversion of the Vedran Empire to the Systems Commonwealth with the mandate to preserve and record all knowledge in the known worlds.

5Alpha UniversityURBAN LEGENDS: FINAL CUT 2000 FilmEducationUniversities

Alpha University

6American University THE X-FILES 1993 TV SeriesEducationUniversities

American University

7Anna Nicole Smith UniversitySATURDAY NIGHT LIVE 1975 TV SeriesEducationUniversities

Anna Nicole Smith University
From Weekend Update.

8Appomattox University COMMUNITY 2009 TV SeriesEducationUniversities

Appomattox University
Where Dean Pelton got his degree.

9Arkham UniversitySHADOW HEARTS 2001 Video GamesEducationUniversities

Arkham University

10Arlen University KING OF THE HILL 1997 Animated SeriesEducationUniversities

Arlen University
Hank brings the Native American artifacts he finds in his yard to Professor Lerner at Arlen University.

11Atlanta A&T UniversityDRUMLINE 2002 FilmEducationUniversities

Atlanta A&T University

12Atlantic Eastern BACK TO SCHOOL 1986 FilmEducationUniversities

Atlantic Eastern
Grand Lakes University competitor in a swim meet.

3Bangalore World UniversityA.I. ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE 2001 FilmEducationUniversities

Bangalore World University
One of the finest institutions of higher learning in the solar system and definitely the largest.

4Banting UniversityDEGRASSI: THE NEXT GENERATION 2001 TV SeriesEducationUniversities

Banting University

5Barden UniversityPITCH PERFECT 2012 FilmEducationUniversities

Barden University

6Barden UniversityPITCH PERFECT 2 2015 FilmEducationUniversities

Barden University
Home of the Bellas.

7Barden UniversityPITCH PERFECT 3 2017 FilmEducationUniversities

Barden University
University scenes were shot at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

8Bayfield UniversityHAPPY DEATH DAY 2017 FilmEducationUniversities

Bayfield University

9Bayfield UniversityHAPPY DEATH DAY 2 U 2019 FilmEducationUniversities

Bayfield University

10Beijing University 21 JUMP STREET 1987 TV SeriesEducationUniversities

Beijing University
Mentioned by the Chinese student that Ioki tries to help who is dealing with a spy trying to bring him home at the college where Hanson, Hoffs and Ioki go undercover investigating synthetic heroin experimentation.

11Beilecki University ALIENS 1986 FilmEducationUniversities

Beilecki University
Arthur Dallas Coblez earned a Bachelors of Engineering from Beilecki University, Mars campus.

3Big URAGE 1977 LiteratureEducationUniversities

Big U
Charlie Decker: Want to talk about the panty raids you made the scene at while you were at Big U learning the kid business?

4Bikini Bottom University SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS 1999 Animated SeriesEducationUniversities

Bikini Bottom University
University in Bikini Bottom.

5Bill & Ted University BILL & TED'S BOGUS JOURNEY 1991 FilmEducationUniversities

Bill & Ted University
College of the future in a world based on the music of Wyld Stallyns.

3Blackmoor University SCREAM 6 2023 FilmEducationUniversities

Blackmoor University
College that Tara attends in New York City. Named for John Blackmoor, the name the production company substituted on audition scripts to protect the killer reveal.

3Bloomington University RUNAWAY JURY 2003 FilmEducationUniversities

Bloomington University
Where Nick Easter - really Jeffrey Kerr - went to college.

3Boatwright UniversityTHE WALTONS 1971 TV SeriesEducationUniversities

Boatwright University
John-Boy Walton's alma mater, Boatwright University, is patterned after Richmond College, which became part of the University of Richmond on Boatwright Drive near Westham Station in The West End of Richmond, Virginia, about 70 miles east of Schuyler.

4Booker University PERSON OF INTEREST 2011 TV SeriesEducationUniversities

Booker University
Reese goes in undercover at the Booker University Medical Center to keep an eye on machine number Dr. Richard Nelson, but he is too late, as he has already been poisoned.

5Boston UniversityCHEERS 1982 TV SeriesEducationUniversities

Boston University

6Bovine University THE SIMPSONS 1989 Animated SeriesEducationUniversities

Bovine University
Joke Troy McClure makes in the educational film Meat and You: Partners in Freedom, where cows "graduate" from on their way to the slaughterhouse.

7Bradbury University THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT 2004 FilmEducationUniversities

Bradbury University
College, nod to the Ray Bradbury story A Sound of Thunder, often credited as the origin of the term, "The Butterfly Effect".

3Bradley UniversityTEETH 2007 FilmEducationUniversities

Bradley University

4Braxton UniversityNEIGHBORS 2014 FilmEducationUniversities

Braxton University

5Braxton UniversityNEIGHBORS 2: SORORITY RISING 2016 FilmEducationUniversities

Braxton University
Sorority rush video online.

6Brichester UniversitySEVERN VALLEY 1964 LiteratureEducationUniversities

Brichester University

7Bromwell UniversityDARIA 1997 Animated SeriesEducationUniversities

Bromwell University

8Buchanan Williams UniversityTHE BYE-BYE MAN 2017 FilmEducationUniversities

Buchanan Williams University
Wisconsin college.

9Bucknell University THE HOUSE 2017 FilmEducationUniversities

Bucknell University
Where Alex goes to college. "GET YOUR BIS-ON!"

3Busterburger University HAMBURGER: THE MOTION PICTURE 1986 FilmEducationUniversities

Busterburger University
Proco enrolls in Busterburger University to become an owner of a Busterburger fast food franchise.

3Calatonia UniversitySING 2016 Animated FilmEducationUniversities

Calatonia University
Buster's alma mater.

4California UniversityBEVERLY HILLS, 90210 1990 TV SeriesEducationUniversities

California University
After graduating from West Beverly High, the gang all enroll at CU in Los Angeles.

5California UniversitySAVED BY THE BELL: THE COLLEGE YEARS 1993 TV SeriesEducationUniversities

California University
The original name of the University of California, Berkeley.

6California University SLIDERS 1995 TV SeriesEducationUniversities

California University
Arturo informs the police at Moodyville's that he is the Regent's professor of Cosmology and Ontology at California University.

7California UniversityHAIL CAESAR 1994 FilmEducationUniversities

California University
When Julius learns that he is being kicked out of California University after not being able to meet their academic eligibility requirements, he decides to focus on his band full time.

8California University of Los AngelesLEGALLY BLONDE 2001 FilmEducationUniversities

California University of Los Angeles
Also known as C.U.L.A., college in Los Angeles.

9Camford UniversityFLATLAND 1884 LiteratureEducationUniversities

Camford University

10Carolina UniversityPITCH PERFECT 2012 FilmEducationUniversities

Carolina University
The Bellas participate in the southeastern regional competition at Carolina University.

11Celadon UniversityPOKEMON 1997 Animated SeriesEducationUniversities

Celadon University

12Central City University THE FLASH 2014 TV SeriesEducationUniversities

Central City University
The school that gives Wells the Man of the Year award.

13Central Kansas University SMALLVILLE 2001 TV SeriesEducationUniversities

Central Kansas University
Lex researches Milton Fine, locating a profile for him when he was a professor at Central Kansas University.

14Central University STAR TREK: DEEP SPACE NINE 1993 TV SeriesEducationUniversities

Central University
When Kira is kidnapped by Cardassians in a plot that involves convincing her that she is actually Iliana, a member of the Obsidian Order, sent to infiltrate the Bajoran Resistance, Iliana's father tells her that Iliana's mother was an Inquisitor at the Central University.

15Central University SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE 1975 TV SeriesEducationUniversities

Central University
Location of Coach Bert pedophilia investigation.

3Charles Dickens University NIGHT COURT 1984 TV SeriesEducationUniversities

Charles Dickens University
Dr. Walter Udell is the head of the animal research department at Charles Dickens University, which Harry refers to as "Chuck U."

4Charles UniversityTHE BEST YEARS 2007 TV SeriesEducationUniversities

Charles University

5Charlton University LUCY 2014 FilmEducationUniversities

Charlton University
From Samuel Norman's online bio - one of his degrees is from Charlton University.

3Chennai UniversityHEROES 2006 TV SeriesEducationUniversities

Chennai University
University in Madras, India where Chandra and Mohinder Suresh work.

4City Law University ROUNDERS 1998 FilmEducationUniversities

City Law University
University that Jo attends.

3Community State 21 JUMP STREET 1987 TV SeriesEducationUniversities

Community State
Booker goes undercover as a controversial radio program host, formerly the host of the You Got a Problem? Program at Community State.

4Cool UniversityOFFICE CHRISTMAS PARTY 2016 FilmEducationUniversities

Cool University
Joke Josh makes: "Of course I'm cool. Very cool. Please. Yeah. Mr. Cool. I graduated valedictorian from Cool university. Good old C.U."

5Coombs UniversityTHE GATEWAY 2018 FilmEducationUniversities

Coombs University

6Cor-not University THE OFFICE 2005 TV SeriesEducationUniversities

Cor-not University
Joke Andy makes to Dwight. Andy: "You should be an English professor at Cor-Not University."

7Cordell University SUPERMAN 1939 Comic BooksEducationUniversities

Cordell University

3Corrington University GEN V 2023 TV SeriesEducationUniversities

Corrington University
Framed diploma on Dean Shetty's office wall.

3Crazy Go Nuts UniversityHOMESTAR RUNNER 2000 OtherEducationUniversities

Crazy Go Nuts University
University created and run by Strong Bad. To attend CGNU, applicants must send in the free art test consisting of drawing a guy with a big knife.

4Cruxwan UniversityTHE HITCHHIKER'S GUIDE TO THE GALAXY 1978 LiteratureEducationUniversities

Cruxwan University
Narrator: "A sudden commotion destroyed the moment: the door flew open and two angry men wearing the coarse faded-blue robes and belts of the Cruxwan University burst into the room, thrusting aside the ineffectual flunkies who tried to bar their way."

5Culver UniversityIRON MAN 2 2010 FilmEducationUniversities

Culver University
News report on Hulk incident.

6Culver University THE INCREDIBLE HULK 2008 FilmEducationUniversities

Culver University
University where Bruce Banner worked.

3Culver University WHAT IF...? 2021 Animated SeriesEducationUniversities

Culver University
University where Black Widow tracks down Banner.

4Cyprus-Rhodes UniversityGREEK 2007 TV SeriesEducationUniversities

Cyprus-Rhodes University

5Darrow University SCOOBY-DOO! MYSTERY INCORPORATED 2010 Animated SeriesEducationUniversities

Darrow University
The gang tours Darrow University.

6Desert University G.I. JOE: RENEGADES 2010 Animated SeriesEducationUniversities

Desert University
Home of the anti-Cobra blogger.

7Dick Cavett University TRANSMETROPOLITAN 1997 Comic BooksEducationUniversities

Dick Cavett University
Qi notes that feedsite access is being shut down slowly, and is suddenly alerted to a camera set up at Dick Cavett University, where student protestors are going face-to-face with the military.

3Dogwart's University THE CURSE OF THE WERE-RABBIT 2005 Animated FilmEducationUniversities

Dogwart's University
Gromit graduated from Dogwart's University, seen in framed photo on the wall. Parody of Harry Potter's Hogwart's.

3Dupont UniversityI AM CHARLOTTE SIMMONS 2004 LiteratureEducationUniversities

Dupont University

4Eastern Atlantic UniversityTHE SUBSTITUTE 3: WINNER TAKES ALL 1999 FilmEducationUniversities

Eastern Atlantic University

5Eastwestern University HAVEN 2010 TV SeriesEducationUniversities

Eastwestern University
The troubled coma guy's alma mater.

6El Segundo University SLIDERS 1995 TV SeriesEducationUniversities

El Segundo University
Vernon Peckinpah is the president of the 4S Club - the Seer's Students for Sliders Society - at El Segundo University on Elm Street on the Seer Marc LeBeau's world.

7Ewe S.C. BOJACK HORSEMAN 2014 Animated SeriesEducationUniversities

Ewe S.C.
College that Vance's daughter attends. Parody of U.S.C. BoJack and Vance hang out at the Delta house fraternity.

8Exeter UniversityCOLD ENOUGH TO SNOW 1997 FilmEducationUniversities

Exeter University

9Faber University CONTINUUM 2012 TV SeriesEducationUniversities

Faber University
Someone stole all the superconducting magnets from Faber University's physics lab.

10Funk Town University BROOKLYN NINE-NINE 2013 TV SeriesEducationUniversities

Funk Town University
A joke Jake makes.

11Generic University SLEDGE HAMMER! 1986 TV SeriesEducationUniversities

Generic University
College where Sledge Hammer and Dori investigate a murder. Sign out front reads, "Where education is a bargain"

12Genoa City UniversityTHE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS 1973 TV SeriesEducationUniversities

Genoa City University
Genoa City, Wisconsin.

13Godolkin UniversityGEN V 2023 TV SeriesEducationUniversities

Godolkin University
Education facility for training future superheroes. Also known as "God U".

14Gorman University PERSON OF INTEREST 2011 TV SeriesEducationUniversities

Gorman University
Missing Person Krupa Naik attended Gorman university.

3Gotham City University JUSTICE LEAGUE 2017 FilmEducationUniversities

Gotham City University
GCU. Victor Stone plays football.

3Gotham City University SUICIDE SQUAD 2016 FilmEducationUniversities

Gotham City University
College mentioned in Harley Quinn's file.

3Gotham Law UniversityBLUE BEETLE 2023 FilmEducationUniversities

Gotham Law University
Jaime Reyes returns to his hometown of Palmera City after graduating from Gotham Law University, only to learn that his family is facing eviction from their home due to financial difficulties.

4Gotham UniversityBATMAN 1940 Comic BooksEducationUniversities

Gotham University
From Batman comics and animation.

5Grand Canyon UniversityBORAT SUBSEQUENT MOVIEFILM 2020 FilmEducationUniversities

Grand Canyon University
Borat and Tutar are presented at the debutante ball as Sandra Jessica Parker Drummond and her father, Professor Phillip Drumming III. Miss Drummond is attending Grand Canyon University where she is double majoring in cage maintenance and electronics with a focus on VCR repair.

6Grand Lakes University BACK TO SCHOOL 1986 FilmEducationUniversities

Grand Lakes University

3Grant UniversityMAZES AND MONSTERS 1982 FilmEducationUniversities

Grant University

4Grant University PERSON OF INTEREST 2011 TV SeriesEducationUniversities

Grant University
College that machine Number and college student Harper Rose attends.

5Haddonfield University HALLOWEEN: RESURRECTION 2002 FilmEducationUniversities

Haddonfield University
Internet reality show Dangertainment hires a group of students from Haddonfield University to spend a night in Michael Myers' abandoned childhood house in order to figure out what led him to kill.

3Hamilton University TEEN WOLF TOO 1987 FilmEducationUniversities

Hamilton University
Scott's cousin Todd is accepted into Hamilton University on a full athletic scholarship.

3Hampden UniversityANN CARVER'S PROFESSION 1933 FilmEducationUniversities

Hampden University

4Harlow University LUCY 2014 FilmEducationUniversities

Harlow University
From Samuel Norman's online bio - one of his degrees is from Harlow University.

3Harrison University OLD SCHOOL 2003 FilmEducationUniversities

Harrison University

3Health-E University THE GOOD PLACE 2016 TV SeriesEducationUniversities

Health-E University
Eleanor's new job, a super-dicey new business that sells classes for a non-profit university, and the classes train people how to sell supplements, a Ponzi scheme within a Ponzi scheme.

4Hempstead UniversitySCROOGED 1988 FilmEducationUniversities

Hempstead University

5Horlicks University CREEPSHOW 1982 FilmEducationUniversities

Horlicks University
College where a janitor finds a mysterious crate.

3Horlicks University SKELETON CREW 1985 LiteratureEducationUniversities

Horlicks University
University that Deke, Randy, Rachel and LaVerne attend in Pittsburgh.

4Horlicks University JASON GOES TO HELL: THE FINAL FRIDAY 1993 FilmEducationUniversities

Horlicks University
In the basement of the Voorhees home, there is a crate marked "Arctic Expedition Julia Carpenter Horlicks University", a crate from the movie Creepshow.

3Hudson UniversityTEEN TITANS 1966 Comic BooksEducationUniversities

Hudson University
From New Teen Titans series.

4Hudson University LIMITLESS 2015 TV SeriesEducationUniversities

Hudson University
While attempting to prove convicted killer Andre Hannan's innocence, Brian tracks down Dr. Howard Gilroy - Hannan's former psychiatrist - now a leading researcher at Hudson University's New York Mind and Memory Institute, experimenting with optogenetics as a potential treatment for all kinds of things including PTSD, schizophrenia and addiction.

5Ivy UniversityTHE ALL-NEW ATOM 2006 Comic BooksEducationUniversities

Ivy University

6Jackson University THE X-FILES 1993 TV SeriesEducationUniversities

Jackson University
College in Raleigh, North Carolina where Elizabeth Hawley and James Summers get abducted while making out in a parked car.

7Jew C.L.A.LESS THAN ZERO 1985 LiteratureEducationUniversities

Jew C.L.A.
Blair and Trent joke about the name of Trent's college at her Christmas party, calling it Jew C.L.A.

8Jew S.C.LESS THAN ZERO 1985 LiteratureEducationUniversities

Jew S.C.
Blair and Trent joke about the name of Blair's college at her Christmas party, calling it Jew S.C. and the University of Spoiled Children.

9K&S University SMALLVILLE 2001 TV SeriesEducationUniversities

K&S University
College that patient #94842 attended, prior to being incarcerated in Belle Reve - per classified file that Chloe reviews.

3Katahdin University 20TH CENTURY GHOSTS 2005 LiteratureEducationUniversities

Katahdin University
Publisher of The True North Literary Review in upstate New York.

4Kincaster UniversityTHE CURSE OF RATHLAW 1969 LiteratureEducationUniversities

Kincaster University

5Langemore University UNKNOWN 2011 FilmEducationUniversities

Langemore University
Martin Harris's college in New Hampshire.

3Las Vegas University DODGEBALL: A TRUE UNDERDOG STORY 2004 FilmEducationUniversities

Las Vegas University
The Las Vegas International Dodgeball Open takes place at the Las Vegas University Learning Annex.

3Lions Gate University CONTINUUM 2012 TV SeriesEducationUniversities

Lions Gate University
Location of free speech demonstrations. "Liber8 R free speech".

4Los Angeles UniversityHERBIE: FULLY LOADED 2005 FilmEducationUniversities

Los Angeles University

5Lowlands UniversityA VERY PECULIAR PRACTICE 1986 TV SeriesEducationUniversities

Lowlands University

6Malibu UniversityTOTALLY SPIES! 2002 Animated SeriesEducationUniversities

Malibu University
College that Samantha, Clover, Alexandra and Mandy attend.

7Manhattan UniversityMURDER SHE WROTE 1984 TV SeriesEducationUniversities

Manhattan University
The university where Jessica taught.

8Marquette UniversityTOMMY BOY 1995 FilmEducationUniversities

Marquette University
Tommy graduates from Marquette University.

9Marrietta University THE PRETENDER 1996 TV SeriesEducationUniversities

Marrietta University
Dr. Arnett and Dr. Blass' alma mater.

10Mars University FUTURAMA 1999 Animated SeriesEducationUniversities

Mars University
University on Mars, also known as Mars U. Founded in 2636.

3Maxwell University MULTIVERSE 2019 FilmEducationUniversities

Maxwell University
College that the main characters attend.

3Medfield UniversityTHE STRONGEST MAN IN THE WORLD 1975 FilmEducationUniversities

Medfield University

4Menduna University DREAM SCENARIO 2023 FilmEducationUniversities

Menduna University
Paul's diploma.

3Metropolis UniversitySUPERMAN 1939 Comic BooksEducationUniversities

Metropolis University
A major university in Metropolis attended by Clark Kent.

4Metropolis University SMALLVILLE 2001 TV SeriesEducationUniversities

Metropolis University
College in Metropolis, also referred to as "Met U".

3Miami South University DEXTER 2006 TV SeriesEducationUniversities

Miami South University
Dexter suspects that Professor Case at Miami South University is Gellar's next victim.

3Miami-Florida UniversityTHE TRIANGLE 2005 TV SeriesEducationUniversities

Miami-Florida University
Mentioned in the newspaper obituaries that Bruce finds when he returns to his office in Miami.

4Middle Delaware State SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE 1975 TV SeriesEducationUniversities

Middle Delaware State
ESPN Outside the Lines reporter interviews abusive Sheila Kelly, basketball coach at Middle Delaware State, shown terrorizing the team, throwing basketballs, hurling threats to cut their ponytail off, and dishing out violent chest bumps.

3Midston UniversityDANNY DUNN SCIENTIFIC DETECTIVE SERIES 1956 LiteratureEducationUniversities

Midston University

4Milton UniversityLUNOPOLIS 2009 FilmEducationUniversities

Milton University

5Miskatonic University NIGHT GALLERY 1970 TV SeriesEducationUniversities

Miskatonic University
Name taken from the Cthulhu Mythos.

6Miskatonic UniversityTHE PICTURE IN THE HOUSE 1920 LiteratureEducationUniversities

Miskatonic University

7Miskatonic UniversityTHE WHISPERER IN DARKNESS 1930 LiteratureEducationUniversities

Miskatonic University

8Miskatonic UniversityTHE REAL GHOSTBUSTERS 1986 Animated SeriesEducationUniversities

Miskatonic University

9Miskatonic UniversityTHE ILLUMINATUS! TRILOGY 1975 LiteratureEducationUniversities

Miskatonic University

10Miskatonic UniversityTHE SHADOW OUT OF TIME 1936 LiteratureEducationUniversities

Miskatonic University
Home of the library where Wingate Peaslee gets a copy of De Vermis Mysteriis.

11Miskatonic UniversityCOLOR OUT OF SPACE 2019 FilmEducationUniversities

Miskatonic University
Ward Phillips is wearing a sweatshirt from Miskatonic University, a college from H.P. Lovecraft stories.

12Miskatonic UniversityTHE THING ON THE DOORSTEP 1933 LiteratureEducationUniversities

Miskatonic University
Derby went through Miskatonic University in Arkham, since his parents would not let him board away from them. He entered at sixteen and completed his course in three years, majoring in English and French literature and receiving high marks in everything but mathematics and the sciences.

13Monsters UniversityMONSTERS UNIVERSITY 2013 Animated FilmEducationUniversities

Monsters University
School for monsters to learn how to be scary.

14Monsters UniversityMONSTERS AT WORK 2021 Animated SeriesEducationUniversities

Monsters University
Monster Tuskmon graduated from Monsters University after breaking Sully's record.

15Moon University TWO AND A HALF MEN 2003 TV SeriesEducationUniversities

Moon University
In a flash forward to the year 2030, Louis attends Moon University, and there's a game between Jupiter State and Moon University. Go Craters!

16Mount Arnault University GEN V 2023 TV SeriesEducationUniversities

Mount Arnault University
Framed diploma on Dean Shetty's office wall.

3Muppet UniversityTHE MUPPETS TAKE MANHATTAN 1984 FilmEducationUniversities

Muppet University

4National University of Industrial Servic... LUCY 2014 FilmEducationUniversities

National University of Industrial Services
From Samuel Norman's bio that Lucy finds online.

3New Stanton University LUCY 2014 FilmEducationUniversities

New Stanton University
From Samuel Norman's bio that Lucy finds online.

3Northern University BACK TO SCHOOL 1986 FilmEducationUniversities

Northern University
Grand Lakes University competitor in a swim meet.

3Northmount University THE 4400 2004 TV SeriesEducationUniversities

Northmount University
Kyle Baldwin's college.

4Northwestern UniversityBLUES BROTHERS 2000 1998 FilmEducationUniversities

Northwestern University

5Oakley University THE WHALE 2022 FilmEducationUniversities

Oakley University
College where Charlie works as an online-only literature teacher.

3Orange County UniversityORANGE COUNTY 2002 FilmEducationUniversities

Orange County University

4Orville Richards UniversityLUNOPOLIS 2009 FilmEducationUniversities

Orville Richards University

5Osler University DREAM SCENARIO 2023 FilmEducationUniversities

Osler University
University where Paul Matthews works as a professor.

3Otago UniversitySCARFIES 1999 FilmEducationUniversities

Otago University

4Oz UniversityOZ UNIVERSITY 1936 FilmEducationUniversities

Oz University

5P.U.TOY STORY 3 2010 Animated FilmEducationUniversities

Pennant on Andy's bedroom wall.

6Pacific Coastal University CONTINUUM 2012 TV SeriesEducationUniversities

Pacific Coastal University
One of the Lily Jones that Kiera and Carlos track down is a student at Pacific Coastal University. There's a Pacific Coast University in Vancouver where Continuum is filmed, but a sign for this college is shown, and it's definitely "Coastal" not "Coast" - it is not the same school.

7Pacifica University SLIDERS 1995 TV SeriesEducationUniversities

Pacifica University
On the Sorcerer world, the sliders take the injured Quinn who was shot in the shoulder by the Lottery Commission, to the Doctor Xang Medical Clinic to see Manfred Xang, M.D. There's a degree from Pacifica University in his office.

8Patrick Henry UniversityATLAS SHRUGGED 1957 LiteratureEducationUniversities

Patrick Henry University

9Payton-Noble UniversityINVINCIBLE 2003 Comic BooksEducationUniversities

Payton-Noble University

10Pembleton University STORIES OF YOUR LIFE AND OTHERS 2002 LiteratureEducationUniversities

Pembleton University
College where the induction of calliagnosia, a condition that prevents judgement of one's degree of beauty, is being hotly debated.

11Pendleton UniversityURBAN LEGEND 1998 FilmEducationUniversities

Pendleton University

12Pine Valley UniversityALL MY CHILDREN 1970 TV SeriesEducationUniversities

Pine Valley University

13Pomona UniversityJIMMY NEUTRON 2002 Animated SeriesEducationUniversities

Pomona University

14Port Chester UniversityPCU 1994 FilmEducationUniversities

Port Chester University

15Prince of Wales UniversityTHE CITY & THE CITY 2009 LiteratureEducationUniversities

Prince of Wales University
College in Ul Qoma.

16Prinstone U THE FLINTSTONES 1960 Animated SeriesEducationUniversities

Prinstone U
Fred attends Prinstone U and must balance studying and football practice along with his job at the quarry.

17Raft UniversityDARIA 1997 Animated SeriesEducationUniversities

Raft University

18Rainier UniversityTHE SENTINEL 1996 TV SeriesEducationUniversities

Rainier University

19Ramsey UniversityHOW I GOT INTO COLLEGE 1989 FilmEducationUniversities

Ramsey University

20Remington University HEATHERS 1988 FilmEducationUniversities

Remington University
Heather drags Veronica to a college party.

3Rockland UniversityGHOST WHISPERER 2005 TV SeriesEducationUniversities

Rockland University

4Rummidge UniversityNICE WORK 1989 TV SeriesEducationUniversities

Rummidge University

5Saginaw UniversityROOMIES 1987 TV SeriesEducationUniversities

Saginaw University

6Salem Bay University FRINGE 2008 TV SeriesEducationUniversities

Salem Bay University
The Fringe team tracks David Robert Jones to Salem Bay University.

7Salem UniversityDAYS OF OUR LIVES 1965 TV SeriesEducationUniversities

Salem University
Local university in Salem.

8Sampsfordshire University LUNOPOLIS 2009 FilmEducationUniversities

Sampsfordshire University

3Santa Clarita UniversityTHE MAN FROM EARTH: HOLOCENE 2017 FilmEducationUniversities

Santa Clarita University
University where John taught under a different name in California.

4Schuster UniversityTHE ADVENTURES OF SUPERBOY 1966 Animated SeriesEducationUniversities

Schuster University
University Clark attended.

5SCUPARALLELS 2015 FilmEducationUniversities

Sun City University. College on the slightly more futuristic version of Earth that the group visits.

6Shale UniversityTHE FLINTSTONES 1960 Animated SeriesEducationUniversities

Shale University
Parody of Yale University.

7Shiz UniversityWICKED 1995 LiteratureEducationUniversities

Shiz University

8Shuster UniversitySUPERBOY 1988 TV SeriesEducationUniversities

Shuster University

9SMUGILLIGAN'S ISLAND 1964 TV SeriesEducationUniversities

Also known as Super Millionaires University.

10Southeast University DEXTER 2006 TV SeriesEducationUniversities

Southeast University
Emmet Meridian's college.

11Spank Me UniversityMY SUPER EX-GIRLFRIEND 2006 FilmEducationUniversities

Spank Me University
Joke Matt's friend Vaughn makes at the gym - that a girl looks like a cheerleader from Spank Me University.

12Splatter UniversitySPLATTER UNIVERSITY 1984 FilmEducationUniversities

Splatter University

13Springfield University THE SIMPSONS 1989 Animated SeriesEducationUniversities

Springfield University
Local university from various episodes.

3St. Brendan's University 21 JUMP STREET 1987 TV SeriesEducationUniversities

St. Brendan's University
Penhall, Hoffs and Ioki go undercover at a Catholic college to investigate Father Jim, suspected of facilitating the sale of El Salvadoran babies to American couples.

4St. Paternus UniversityTHE LAZARUS EFFECT 2015 FilmEducationUniversities

St. Paternus University

5St. Roch UniversityLEGENDS OF TOMORROW 2016 TV SeriesEducationUniversities

St. Roch University

6Stansbury UniversitySAVED BY THE BELL 1989 TV SeriesEducationUniversities

Stansbury University

7Stratford UniversitySENSELESS 1998 FilmEducationUniversities

Stratford University
College where Darryl Witherspoon studies economics.

8Suffix UniversityPERFECTLY CORRECT 1992 LiteratureEducationUniversities

Suffix University

9Sweet Valley UniversitySWEET VALLEY HIGH 1983 LiteratureEducationUniversities

Sweet Valley University

10Swigmore University THE SIMPSONS 1989 Animated SeriesEducationUniversities

Swigmore University
Bartending college that Moe attended.

11Tarant UniversityARCANUM 1984 OtherEducationUniversities

Tarant University

12Tate UniversityTHE FRESHMAN 1990 FilmEducationUniversities

Tate University

13Tennyson University THE TWILIGHT ZONE 2019 TV SeriesEducationUniversities

Tennyson University
Dorian's college, which the police officer calls, the black school.

14Texas Methodist UniversityFRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS 2006 TV SeriesEducationUniversities

Texas Methodist University

15Texas Western 21 JUMP STREET 1987 TV SeriesEducationUniversities

Texas Western
College that the State University Wildcats basketball team plays a game against.

3Tokyo University THE OFFICE 2005 TV SeriesEducationUniversities

Tokyo University
Warehouse employee Hide says he has a business degree from Tokyo University when interviewing for a new job. There's a real University of Tokyo, but no Tokyo University.

4Toronto UniversityI'LL FOLLOW YOU DOWN 2013 FilmEducationUniversities

Toronto University
I'll Follow You Down version of University of Toronto.

5Trumaine UniversityMARRIED... WITH CHILDREN 1987 TV SeriesEducationUniversities

Trumaine University

6Truth UniversitySTOMP THE YARD 2007 FilmEducationUniversities

Truth University

7Ul Qoma UniversityTHE CITY & THE CITY 2009 LiteratureEducationUniversities

Ul Qoma University
College in Ul Qoma.

8UMC 22 JUMP STREET 2014 FilmEducationUniversities

University of Metro City, where Zook wants to transfer to. Also where Booker works as a security guard in a deleted scene.

3Universidade De Sao Paulo MEDICAL POLICE 2020 TV SeriesEducationUniversities

Universidade De Sao Paulo
Most prestigious university in Brazil.

4University of American Samoa BREAKING BAD 2008 TV SeriesEducationUniversities

University of American Samoa
Skyler inspects the framed diploma from the University of American Samoa on the wall in Saul Goodman's office.

3University of American Samoa BETTER CALL SAUL 2015 TV SeriesEducationUniversities

University of American Samoa
College where Jimmy got his law degree.

4University of Bajor STAR TREK: DEEP SPACE NINE 1993 TV SeriesEducationUniversities

University of Bajor
Dr. Surmak Ren, former member of the Higa Metar sect of the Bajoran Underground, graduated from the University of Bajor.

5University of Bologna CHEERS 1982 TV SeriesEducationUniversities

University of Bologna
Diane decides to accompany Frasier to his temporary job at the University of Bologna.

6University of California at SunnydaleBUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER 1997 TV SeriesEducationUniversities

University of California at Sunnydale
Local College in Sunnydale, Buffy's town.

7University of Coeurville THE TWILIGHT ZONE 1959 TV SeriesEducationUniversities

University of Coeurville
Alan Talbot's alma mater in his home town of Coeurville, New York.

8University of Culat STAR TREK: VOYAGER 1995 TV SeriesEducationUniversities

University of Culat
Cardassian exobiologist and apparent war criminal during the Occupation of Bajor, Crell Moset, is currently the Chairman of Exobiology at the University of Culat.

9University of Eastern Colorado THE LAST OF US 2023 TV SeriesEducationUniversities

University of Eastern Colorado
University that Joel and Ellie visit in Colorado.

5University of EdgestowTHAT HIDEOUS STRENGTH 1945 LiteratureEducationUniversities

University of Edgestow

6University of GloucesterTHINKS... 2001 LiteratureEducationUniversities

University of Gloucester
Based on the University of York.

7University of Grenada FRASIER 1993 TV SeriesEducationUniversities

University of Grenada
Frasier and Niles' relationship counselor's alma mater.

8University of Hanover THE PRETENDER 1996 TV SeriesEducationUniversities

University of Hanover
When University of Hanover professor Alden Clark disappears, Jarod teaches his Psychology of the Criminal Mind class while searching for his killer.

9University of Internet 22 JUMP STREET 2014 FilmEducationUniversities

University of Internet
The online college the guys are watching at the beginning of the movie listening for coded messages in lectures before they get sent to a real college.

3University of IthacaROADTRIP 2000 FilmEducationUniversities

University of Ithaca
"The coolest place in the world."

4University of Landing THE BOBIVERSE 2016 LiteratureEducationUniversities

University of Landing
Will visits professor Dr. Stephen Gilligan, now a replicant, a former department chair at the University of Landing on Vulcan who specialized in artificial environments when he was alive.

5University of Las Vegas FRASIER 1993 TV SeriesEducationUniversities

University of Las Vegas
Niles' lawyer Donny's alma mater.

6University of LouisianaEVERYBODY'S ALL-AMERICAN 1988 FilmEducationUniversities

University of Louisiana

7The University of MaximegalonTHE HITCHHIKER'S GUIDE TO THE GALAXY 1978 LiteratureEducationUniversities

The University of Maximegalon
University that Veet Voojagig attended, who pursued a brilliant academic career studying ancient philology, transformational ethics and the wave harmonic theory of historical perception, and then, after a night of drinking Pan Galactic Gargle Blasters with Zaphod Beeblebrox, became increasingly obsessed with the problem of what had happened to all the biros he'd bought over the past few years.

8The University of MaximegalonTHE RESTAURANT AT THE END OF THE UNIVERSE 1980 LiteratureEducationUniversities

The University of Maximegalon
Home of the professor and writer of the General and Special Theories of rock band's Disaster Area Tax Returns.

9The University of MaxiMegalonMOSTLY HARMLESS 1992 LiteratureEducationUniversities

The University of MaxiMegalon
Starship engine. When the Infinite Improbability Drive arrived and whole planets started turning unexpectedly into banana fruitcake, the great history faculty of the University of MaxiMegalon finally gave up, closed itself down and surrendered its buildings to the rapidly growing joint faculty of Divinity and Water Polo, which had been after them for years.

10University of MexicoSOUL 2020 Animated FilmEducationUniversities

University of Mexico
University that one of the souls in the Great Before attended.

11University of MinnetonkaRODERICK 1980 LiteratureEducationUniversities

University of Minnetonka
Where Roderik the learning machine robot was conceived and manufactured.

12University of New YorkFELICITY 1998 TV SeriesEducationUniversities

University of New York
Based on New York University.

13University of North Alaska THE LIFE AQUATIC WITH STEVE ZISSOU 2004 FilmEducationUniversities

University of North Alaska
Marine science students from the University of North Alaska accompanied Zissou's team on their to the Oubyamywe Peninsula as unpaid interns in exchange for school credit.

3University of Northeastern CaliforniaUNDECLARED 2001 TV SeriesEducationUniversities

University of Northeastern California

4University of Peachland THE BOBIVERSE 2016 LiteratureEducationUniversities

University of Peachland
Snidely Whiplash, paying passenger aboard the Hurricane, the Quinlan barge that Bob joins as a deck hand on his way back to Garack's Spine with Bender, claims to have a Masters in Business from the University of Peachland.

5The University of Psyche THE SIMPSONS 1989 Animated SeriesEducationUniversities

The University of Psyche
Joke Bart makes, taunting the PHDs working the counter at Bookaccino's bookstore. "Hey guys, I heard an assistant professorship just opened up... at the University of... Psyche!"

3University of Quahog FAMILY GUY 1999 Animated SeriesEducationUniversities

University of Quahog
Home to the Quahog University Library, where Brian takes Stewie along under the pretense of expanding his knowledge.

4University of RummidgeCHANGING PLACES 1975 LiteratureEducationUniversities

University of Rummidge

5University of Spoiled ChildrenLESS THAN ZERO 1985 LiteratureEducationUniversities

University of Spoiled Children
Blair and Trent joke about the name of Blair's college at her Christmas party, calling it Jew S.C. and the University of Spoiled Children.

6University of SuffolkNICE WORK 1988 LiteratureEducationUniversities

University of Suffolk
A real University Campus Suffolk was founded later.

7University of Tallahassee DEXTER 2006 TV SeriesEducationUniversities

University of Tallahassee
Travis Marshall has a Masters Degree in Art History from the University of Tallahassee.

3University of TikTok UPLOAD 2020 TV SeriesEducationUniversities

University of TikTok
Dr. Kapoor's alma mater - framed medical diploma on his wall.

3University of WatermouthTHE HISTORY MAN 1975 LiteratureEducationUniversities

University of Watermouth

4University of Wichita THE TWILIGHT ZONE 1959 TV SeriesEducationUniversities

University of Wichita
College where Frisby claims to have majored in meteorology.

5University of WinnemacARROWSMITH 1925 LiteratureEducationUniversities

University of Winnemac

6University of Zenith UNDER THE DOME 2013 TV SeriesEducationUniversities

University of Zenith

7Unknown UniversityTHE MEN WHO MURDERED MOHAMMED 1958 LiteratureEducationUniversities

Unknown University

8Upton UniversityTIL DEATH 2006 TV SeriesEducationUniversities

Upton University

9UTI BOB'S BURGERS 2011 Animated SeriesEducationUniversities

Gretchen attends Teddy's Halloween party dressed as a cheerleader from UTI.

3Varsity U FIGHT CLUB 2 2015 Comic BooksEducationUniversities

Varsity U
T-shirt worn by college student at the Rooster Fight Club.

3Violet Crown UniversityKING MAX 2016 LiteratureEducationUniversities

Violet Crown University
College in Waterloo, location of Duffy's job.

4Violet Crown University TADPOLE 2005 LiteratureEducationUniversities

Violet Crown University

5Violet Crown University ARMADILLO 2021 LiteratureEducationUniversities

Violet Crown University
College in Waterloo.

6Violet Crown UniversityFROG PERSPECTIVES 2014 LiteratureEducationUniversities

Violet Crown University
Local college. Setting.

7Walker UniversityLUNOPOLIS 2009 FilmEducationUniversities

Walker University

8Wallace UniversitySCREAM QUEENS 2015 TV SeriesEducationUniversities

Wallace University

9Warren University LUCY 2014 FilmEducationUniversities

Warren University
From Samuel Norman's online bio - one of his degrees is from Warren University.

3Waterford University LUCY 2014 FilmEducationUniversities

Waterford University
From Samuel Norman's bio that Lucy finds online.

3Weirdsville University KOLCHAK: THE NIGHT STALKER 1974 TV SeriesEducationUniversities

Weirdsville University

4Wentbridge UniversityFLATLAND 1884 LiteratureEducationUniversities

Wentbridge University

5West Texas UniversityCOACH 1989 TV SeriesEducationUniversities

West Texas University
University that lost to Minnesota State University for the National Championship on Coach.

6Western UniversityBLUE CHIPS 1994 FilmEducationUniversities

Western University

7Whassamada UniversityWARNER BROS. MOVIE WORLD 1991 AdvertisingEducationUniversities

Whassamada University
Deep inm the heart of the non animated world.

8Whitney UniversityPREY 2007 FilmEducationUniversities

Whitney University

9Wildstone UniversityLES LUTHIERS 1967 Comedy ActsEducationUniversities

Wildstone University

10Winfield UniversityMADHOUSE FOG 2013 LiteratureEducationUniversities

Winfield University

11Wordsmith UniversityPALE FIRE 1962 LiteratureEducationUniversities

Wordsmith University

12Worthington UniversityDAWSON'S CREEK 1998 TV SeriesEducationUniversities

Worthington University

13Wossamotta U 21 JUMP STREET 1987 TV SeriesEducationUniversities

Wossamotta U
Joke that suspected bomber Lance makes about where he goes to college when the guys meet fraternity guys in Miami Beach.

14Wossamotta U.THE ROCKY AND BULLWINKLE SHOW 1959 Animated SeriesEducationUniversities

Wossamotta U.

15Yeal University BROOKLYN NINE-NINE 2013 TV SeriesEducationUniversities

Yeal University
One of the possible sperm donors that Boyle and Genevieve review went to Yeal University, not Yale University.

16Yellowhammer University ARMADILLO 2021 LiteratureEducationUniversities

Yellowhammer University
Where Egon and Paige met in Mobile.

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