TV Series 1974. Created by Jeff Rice. Starring Darren McGavin, Simon Oakland, Jack Grinnage and Ruth McDevitt.
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Financial Companies
Food Industries
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Industrial Companies
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Total Records: 105 - Medium: TV SERIES
Record Name
1The Angels BBBCinemaMovies

The Angels

2Archaeological Quarterly BBBPeriodicalsMagazines

Archaeological Quarterly
Science Magazine.

3The Blue Monitor BBBPeriodicalsNewspapers

The Blue Monitor
College newspaper.

4Brennan Building Materials BBBCorporationsCompanies

Brennan Building Materials

5The Camelot Bar BBBNightlifeBars

The Camelot Bar

6The Camelot Discoteque BBBNightlifeNightclubs

The Camelot Discoteque

7Canadian American Leisure Corporation BBBCorporationsCompanies

Canadian American Leisure Corporation

8The Char Pit BBBDiningRestaurants

The Char Pit

9Chatteau Mettencourt BBBBeverage ProductsAlcohol

Chatteau Mettencourt

10Chez Voltaire BBBDiningRestaurants

Chez Voltaire

11Chicago Garage Door Service BBBServicesRepair Services

Chicago Garage Door Service

12Cook County Warehouse BBBServicesShipping and Storage

Cook County Warehouse

13Dark Star Coven BBBReligionReligious Organizations

Dark Star Coven

14Domino Car Company BBBTransportationTaxicabs

Domino Car Company
Where the first victim of the headless motorcycle rider is killed.

15Domino Taxi BBBTransportationTaxicabs

Domino Taxi

16The Fever BBBCinemaMovies

The Fever

17First Country Bank and Trust BBBFinancial CompaniesBanks

First Country Bank and Trust

18Gem Exchange BBBFinancial CompaniesFinancial Services

Gem Exchange

19Glengarry Mortuary BBBServicesFuneral Homes

Glengarry Mortuary

20Grace's Catering Service BBBServicesCatering Services

Grace's Catering Service

21Grassland State Mental Hospital BBBHealthcareHospitals-Mental Health

Grassland State Mental Hospital

22Great Lakes Symphony BBBMusicMusicians

Great Lakes Symphony

23Great Wall of Peking BBBDiningRestaurants

Great Wall of Peking

24Greensboro Republican BBBPeriodicalsNewspapers

Greensboro Republican

25The Handgun Review BBBPeriodicalsMagazines

The Handgun Review
Gun Magazine.

26The Hanover BBBTravelTravel Services

The Hanover

27The Herald BBBPeriodicalsNewspaper Heralds

The Herald

28Hills of Leafy BBBServicesBurial Grounds

Hills of Leafy

29Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel BBBTravelHotels

Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel

30Hydecker Museum BBBEntertainmentMuseums

Hydecker Museum

31Hydecker Wine Import Co. BBBCorporationsImport Export Companies

Hydecker Wine Import Co.

32Illinois State Technical College BBBEducationSchools-Science/Technology

Illinois State Technical College

33Intercity Neon Service BBBServicesMiscellaneous Services

Intercity Neon Service
Joke Kolchak makes, what INS stands for.

34International Nickel Syndicate BBBCorporationsCompanies

International Nickel Syndicate

35Joe's Vacuum Cleaner Repair BBBServicesRepair Services

Joe's Vacuum Cleaner Repair

36Johannsen Tire Company BBBVehiclesAutomotive Services

Johannsen Tire Company

37Jolette State College of Barbering BBBEducationVocational Schools

Jolette State College of Barbering

38Kentucky Maid Packing Co. BBBFood IndustriesFood Companies

Kentucky Maid Packing Co.
Prepared Meals.

39Ladies World Weekly BBBPeriodicalsMagazines

Ladies World Weekly
Magazine for Women.

40Lakefront Hospital BBBHealthcareHospitals

Lakefront Hospital

41Lakshmi Restaurant BBBDiningRestaurants

Lakshmi Restaurant

42Las Vegas Daily NewsBBBPeriodicalsNewspapers

Las Vegas Daily News
From the first Kolchak television movie.

43Launderama BBBMaintenance ServicesLaundry Services


44Little Dublin BBBNightlifeNightclubs

Little Dublin

45Little Roman Tea Room BBBNightlifeNightclubs

Little Roman Tea Room
Featuring the gypsy Maria Hargrove.

46The Lollipop Factory BBBHealthcareHospitals-Mental Health

The Lollipop Factory

47Macy's Wedding PortraitsBBBServicesWedding Services

Macy's Wedding Portraits

48Maddies BBBDiningCafes and Delis


49Maison de Marque Inc BBBApparelClothing Stores

Maison de Marque Inc

50Manchester Guardian BBBPeriodicalsNewspapers

Manchester Guardian

51Mark Hopkins Hotel BBBTravelHotels

Mark Hopkins Hotel

52Marymount Archive Inc. BBBServicesShipping and Storage

Marymount Archive Inc.

53Max Match BBBServicesDating Services

Max Match

54Merry General Hospital BBBHealthcareHospitals

Merry General Hospital

55The Midtown Garage BBBVehiclesAutomotive Services

The Midtown Garage

56Minerva Musso BBBServicesPsychic Services

Minerva Musso

57Miss Physical Therapist Contest BBBEventsBeauty Pageants

Miss Physical Therapist Contest

58Moore Junkyard BBBMaintenance ServicesWaste Management

Moore Junkyard

59Morton Mining and Manufacturing BBBIndustrial CompaniesMining

Morton Mining and Manufacturing

60Mount Alavant HospitalBBBHealthcareHospitals

Mount Alavant Hospital

61Museum of Science and Industry BBBEntertainmentMuseums

Museum of Science and Industry
Museum with a French Revolution exhibit called Reign of Terror.

62Nebachudnezzar Motel BBBTravelMotels

Nebachudnezzar Motel

63Oceanic International Oil CorporationBBBCorporationsFuel Companies

Oceanic International Oil Corporation

64Organic Hair Care BBBPeriodicalsMagazines

Organic Hair Care
Magazine the coroner who wants to be a beautician is reading when Kolchak goes to the morgue to get information about a murder.

65Pacific First National Bank BBBFinancial CompaniesBanks

Pacific First National Bank

66Peel's Footwear BBBApparelShoe Stores

Peel's Footwear

67Rabino's Arcade BBBAmusementVideo Game Arcades

Rabino's Arcade

68Randolph Hotel BBBTravelHotels

Randolph Hotel

69The Regent BBBCinemaMovies

The Regent

70Reliance Guard Dog Inc. BBBServicesSecurity Services

Reliance Guard Dog Inc.

71Ron Jun Brazieres BBBApparelClothing Stores

Ron Jun Brazieres

72The Rouge Room BBBNightlifeNightclubs

The Rouge Room

73Sarriego Construction Company BBBConstructionConstruction Companies

Sarriego Construction Company

74Seattle Daily ChronicleBBBPeriodicalsNewspaper Chronicles

Seattle Daily Chronicle

75Serrano Engineering Company BBBCorporationsCompanies

Serrano Engineering Company

76Sherwood Hotel BBBTravelHotels

Sherwood Hotel

77South Side High School BBBEducationHigh Schools

South Side High School

78St. Lucy's Cemetery BBBServicesCemeteries

St. Lucy's Cemetery

79St. Vincent's Hospital BBBHealthcareHospitals

St. Vincent's Hospital

80Sultan's Palace BBBNightlifeStrip Clubs

Sultan's Palace

81Temptation of Adam BBBPersonal CarePerfumes

Temptation of Adam

82Tony Vincenzo's Neopolitans BBBMusicMusicians

Tony Vincenzo's Neopolitans

83The Trevi Collection BBBApparelClothing Products

The Trevi Collection

84The Trustees BBBMusicMusicians

The Trustees

85Tucker Cab BBBTransportationTaxicabs

Tucker Cab

86V.Morrison and Sons Fine MeatsBBBFood StoresButcher Shops

V.Morrison and Sons Fine Meats

87Vito's Meat MarketBBBFood StoresButcher Shops

Vito's Meat Market

88The Washington Airplane BBBCinemaMovies

The Washington Airplane
Movie directed by Carl Kolchak.

89Weirdsville University BBBEducationUniversities

Weirdsville University

90Womens Wear Daily BBBPeriodicalsMagazines

Womens Wear Daily
Fashion Magazine.

91Botanical Gardens MapNatureGardens

Botanical Gardens

92Felicity Street MapTransit RoutesStreets

Felicity Street

93Lakeshore Club MapResidential CommunitiesApartment and Condos

Lakeshore Club

94Lincoln Park Cultural Parks Center MapStructuresCenters

Lincoln Park Cultural Parks Center

95Patterson Towers MapResidential CommunitiesApartment and Condos

Patterson Towers

96Roosevelt Heights MapUrban AreasNeighborhoods

Roosevelt Heights

97State St MapTransit RoutesThoroughfares

State St

98Wilton Park MapUrban AreasNeighborhoods

Wilton Park

99Wyland Avenue MapTransit RoutesAvenues

Wyland Avenue

100The Bishops OtherCriminalsGangs

The Bishops

101Carl KolchakOtherQuotesQuotes

Carl Kolchak
Carl Kolchak: If by chance you happened to be in the Windy City between May 25 and May 29 of this year, you would have had good reason to be terrified. During this time Chicago was stalked by a horror so frightening, so fascinating, that it ranks with the great unsolved mysteries of all time. It's been the fictional subject of films, plays, even an opera. Now, here, are the true facts.

102The Devil's Advocates OtherCriminalsGangs

The Devil's Advocates

103The Jokers OtherCriminalsGangs

The Jokers

104Untitled OtherThemesStarfighter


105Untitled OtherThemesSin City


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