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1Arkham CemeteryTHE BRAVE AND THE BOLD 2018 Animated FilmServicesCemeteries

Arkham Cemetery
Cemetery on the grounds of Arkham Asylum that the Riddler mentions.

2Ashecliffe Hospital Cemetery SHUTTER ISLAND 2010 FilmServicesCemeteries

Ashecliffe Hospital Cemetery
Cemetery on Shutter Island.

3Ben Zion Cemetery THE X-FILES 1993 TV SeriesServicesCemeteries

Ben Zion Cemetery

4Birches Cemetery SKELETON CREW 1985 LiteratureServicesCemeteries

Birches Cemetery
Cemetery on Maple Sugar Road in Castle Rock that was vandalized - desecrated - the day after George's mother yelled at Gramma.

5Boot Hill Cemetery THE TWILIGHT ZONE 1959 TV SeriesServicesCemeteries

Boot Hill Cemetery
Graveyard in Happiness, Arizona, where 128 people are buried, every one of them shot to death, except one who died of natural causes.

6Briar Cemetery DEXTER 2006 TV SeriesServicesCemeteries

Briar Cemetery
Cemetery where suspected murderer Ray Seltzer works as groundskeeper.

7Calvary CemeteryDEADEYE DICK 1982 LiteratureServicesCemeteries

Calvary Cemetery
Cemetery in Midland City.

8Cemetery DUCKMAN 1994 Animated SeriesServicesCemeteries

Generic cemetery.

9Child of God THE OUTSIDER 2020 TV SeriesServicesCemeteries

Child of God
Local cemetery that Claude Bolton's brother mentions that got flooded in the 1960s: Well, that's because all the coffins, they got flooded in the '60s. All those dead folks, kinda body surfin' down the hill toward the river. Hey, look, there's Grandpap Joe and he's waving at us.

10Chuck and Bill's CemeteryNIGHT SHIFT 1982 FilmServicesCemeteries

Chuck and Bill's Cemetery

11Clifton Municipal CemeteryTHE TRIANGLE 2005 TV SeriesServicesCemeteries

Clifton Municipal Cemetery
Mentioned in the newspaper obituaries that Bruce finds when he returns to his office in Miami.

12Crown Ridge Cemetery THE 4400 2004 TV SeriesServicesCemeteries

Crown Ridge Cemetery
Where Maia tells her foster parents they will be buried. They receive a pamphlet in the mail the next day, returning her to quarantine shortly thereafter.

13Eagle Hill CemeteryDARK SHADOWS 1966 TV SeriesServicesCemeteries

Eagle Hill Cemetery

14Eastside Cemetery HAVEN 2010 TV SeriesServicesCemeteries

Eastside Cemetery
Cemetery where Duke's father's body was moved to from Eastside Cemetery.

15Eternal Peace Cemetery JASON LIVES 1986 FilmServicesCemeteries

Eternal Peace Cemetery
Local cemetery where Jason was buried - and where Tommy Jarvis unintentionally resurrects him.

16Fairvale CemeteryPSYCHO 1959 LiteratureServicesCemeteries

Fairvale Cemetery
Cemetery in Fairvale.

17Folkstone Municipal Cemetery THE X-FILES 1993 TV SeriesServicesCemeteries

Folkstone Municipal Cemetery

18Forest Creek Cemetery BRIDE OF CHUCKY 1998 FilmServicesCemeteries

Forest Creek Cemetery

19Glenmore Discount Cemetery PARKS AND RECREATION 2009 TV SeriesServicesCemeteries

Glenmore Discount Cemetery
Local business that Leslie mentions.

20Gotham CemeteryBATMAN: HUSH 2019 Animated FilmServicesCemeteries

Gotham Cemetery
Nightwing and Catwoman investigate the report of a person breaking the lock on the Gotham Cemetery gate, encountering Scarecrow inside the grounds.

21Granville Cemetery SMALLVILLE 2001 TV SeriesServicesCemeteries

Granville Cemetery
Per Oliver, his old friend Duncan's mother died the month before, and was buried in Granville Cemetery.

22Greenlawn Cemetery PSYCHO 1960 FilmServicesCemeteries

Greenlawn Cemetery
Sheriff Chambers tells Sam and Lila that Norman Bates' mother has been dead and buried in Greenlawn Cemetery for 10 years.

23Greenwood CemeteryLOGAN 2017 FilmServicesCemeteries

Greenwood Cemetery
Cemetery where Gabriela first confronts Logan about helping her.

24Harmony Hill Cemetery CASTLE ROCK 2018 TV SeriesServicesCemeteries

Harmony Hill Cemetery
Cemetery in Castle Rock where the kid tells Molly to bring Henry - but Henry turns him in and the police arrest him.

25Highland Park Cemetery THE X-FILES 1993 TV SeriesServicesCemeteries

Highland Park Cemetery

26Hilltop Cemetery PARKS AND RECREATION 2009 TV SeriesServicesCemeteries

Hilltop Cemetery
Cemetery in Pawnee. Resodding it is listed as one of the things that Leslie is for in her campaign ad.

27Homeland Cemetery THE DARK HALF 1993 FilmServicesCemeteries

Homeland Cemetery
Cemetery where Thad Beaumont's twin was buried - and later, George Stark (not really, just for publicity).

28Huntington CemeteryKILL BILL 2003 FilmServicesCemeteries

Huntington Cemetery

29Lakewood CemeterySCARY MOVIE 2000 FilmServicesCemeteries

Lakewood Cemetery
Cemetery that the Sheriff mentions: I'm sorry, Cindy. It wasn't the man you guys killed. His name was David Keegan. Some fishermen found his body a few weeks later. He's buried in Lakewood Cemetery.

30Lazarus Cemetery PARADISE 2023 FilmServicesCemeteries

Lazarus Cemetery
Graveyard in Berlin.

31Little Hope Cemetery TO DIE FOR 1995 FilmServicesCemeteries

Little Hope Cemetery
Cemetery where Suzanne's husband Larry Maretto is buried.

32Lodge Grass CemeteryTHE TRIANGLE 2005 TV SeriesServicesCemeteries

Lodge Grass Cemetery
Mentioned in the newspaper obituaries that Bruce finds when he returns to his office in Miami.

33Mefford Heights Cemetery KICK-ASS 2 2013 FilmServicesCemeteries

Mefford Heights Cemetery
Location of Kick Ass's father's funeral.

34Memorial Cemetery FUNNY FARM 1988 FilmServicesCemeteries

Memorial Cemetery
Local cemetery where the body the Farmers find in their yard gets buried, for which they receive a huge bill.

35Miami Central Cemetery DEXTER 2006 TV SeriesServicesCemeteries

Miami Central Cemetery
Location of graveside services for Henry Mitchell.

36Mortville CemeteryPROBLEM CHILD 2 1991 FilmServicesCemeteries

Mortville Cemetery
Junior's new elementary school in Mortville.

37Mount Hope Cemetery1408 2007 FilmServicesCemeteries

Mount Hope Cemetery
Haunted graveyard.

38New Haven Cemetery SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE 1975 TV SeriesServicesCemeteries

New Haven Cemetery
Cemetery the janitor mentions - where his wife is buried.

39New Olive Baptist THE OUTSIDER 2020 TV SeriesServicesCemeteries

New Olive Baptist
Local cemetery in Cecil, Tennessee that Holly and Andy visit.

40North Haven Cemetery HAVEN 2010 TV SeriesServicesCemeteries

North Haven Cemetery
Where the supernatural investigative TV show Dark Side Seekers that comes to Haven to investigate a murder starts recording their show.

41Oak Ridge CemeteryTHE HOUSE WITH A CLOCK IN ITS WALLS 2018 FilmServicesCemeteries

Oak Ridge Cemetery
Using a magic spell, Lewis brings Izard back to life in the local cemetery.

42Old Lutz Cemetery THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL 2014 FilmServicesCemeteries

Old Lutz Cemetery
Location of the memorial for the author of the book: The Grand Budapest Hotel.

43Parkway Cemetery THE X-FILES 1993 TV SeriesServicesCemeteries

Parkway Cemetery

44Pet Sematary RICK AND MORTY 2013 Animated SeriesServicesCemeteries

Pet Sematary
Cursed cemetery where Rick and Morty bury Ben Franklin.

45Pleasant View CemeteryPET SEMATARY 1983 LiteratureServicesCemeteries

Pleasant View Cemetery
Cemetery in Bangor where Timmy Baterman was buried in 1943, and Gage Creed in 1984. Both were dug up by their fathers, and re-buried in the Micmac burying ground.

46Roane Hill Cemetery STRANGER THINGS 2016 TV SeriesServicesCemeteries

Roane Hill Cemetery
Max visits Billy's grave.

47Sacred Saints Cemetery DAREDEVIL 2015 TV SeriesServicesCemeteries

Sacred Saints Cemetery
Cemetery where Elektra was buried.

48Sacred Saints Cemetery THE DEFENDERS 2017 TV SeriesServicesCemeteries

Sacred Saints Cemetery
Cemetery where Elektra was buried. Now resurrected, she breaks into Matt's apartment and finds a bookmark with the name of the cemetery on it.

49Saint Arthelais Cemetery FRINGE 2008 TV SeriesServicesCemeteries

Saint Arthelais Cemetery
Olivia and Sam Weiss go to Saint Arthelais Cemetery for Sam to retrieve a box from the coffin of the fifth Sam Weiss.

50Seaside Cemetery HAVEN 2010 TV SeriesServicesCemeteries

Seaside Cemetery
Cemetery where Duke's father used to be buried, but was then moved to Eastside Cemetery.

51Seaview CemeteryTHE COLORADO KID 2005 LiteratureServicesCemeteries

Seaview Cemetery
Where the Colorado Kid was buried.

52Shady Rest CemeteryNIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD 3D 2006 FilmServicesCemeteries

Shady Rest Cemetery
Location of Barb and Johnny's aunt's funeral.

53Smallville Cemetery SMALLVILLE 2001 TV SeriesServicesCemeteries

Smallville Cemetery
Local cemetery, from various episodes.

54Smallville Cemetery SUPERMAN 1978 FilmServicesCemeteries

Smallville Cemetery
Cemetery where Clark's father is buried.

55Springfield Cemetery THE SIMPSONS 1989 Animated SeriesServicesCemeteries

Springfield Cemetery
Local cemetery in Springfield from various episodes.

56Springfield Children's Cemetery THE SIMPSONS 1989 Animated SeriesServicesCemeteries

Springfield Children's Cemetery
Homer and Marge take the kids to the doctor for shot day. Dr. Hibbert tells Bart to look out the window, it'll make him feel better. What's out there is Springfield Children's Cemetery.

57St. Bartholomew's Cemetery NIGHT GALLERY 1970 TV SeriesServicesCemeteries

St. Bartholomew's Cemetery

58St. Lucy's Cemetery KOLCHAK: THE NIGHT STALKER 1974 TV SeriesServicesCemeteries

St. Lucy's Cemetery

59Valley View Cemetery THE TWILIGHT ZONE 1959 TV SeriesServicesCemeteries

Valley View Cemetery
Cemetery in London Flats, what turns out to be the source of the mysterious phone calls that Miss Elva Keene has been receiving.

60Woodbine CemeteryLOVING YOU 1957 FilmServicesCemeteries

Woodbine Cemetery
Glenda and Deke drive to the Woodbine cemetery, where he shows her the Tomb of Deke Rivers. He explains that when the orphanage he lived in burned down eleven years earlier, he decided to bury his past, and took Rivers' name.

61Yoorana Cemetery GLITCH 2015 TV SeriesServicesCemeteries

Yoorana Cemetery
Yoorana policeman Sgt. James Hayes is called to the cemetery where he finds several naked people covered with dirt and in distress. He and Dr. Elishia McKellar take them to the Yoorana District Health Centre.

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