TV Series 1970. Created by Rod Serling. Starring Rod Serling.
Source Features: BBB (215) TIMELINE (2) MAP (20) OTHER (130) THEMES (2)

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Total Records: 367 - Medium: TV SERIES
Record Name
1Abel Joyce BBBFinancial CompaniesFinancial Services
2Abner Suggs BBBServicesPsychic Services
3The Academy BBBArtsPaintings
4An Act of Chivalry BBBArtsPaintings
5Antoine's BBBDiningRestaurants
6The Arlington BBBDiningRestaurants
7Barbells BBBSportsRacehorses
8Bard College BBBEducationColleges
9Bartleby and Sons Undertakers BBBServicesFuneral Homes
10Bedford Clinic and Convalescent Hospital BBBHealthcareHospitals
11Bellicose and Brady, Dennison and Daws, ... BBBLegal AidLaw Firms
12Big Surprise BBBArtsPaintings
13Bimany Swimwear BBBApparelClothing Stores
14Blue Danube Cafe BBBDiningCafes and Delis
15Book of the Dead BBBLiteratureBooks
16Boston Art Institute BBBEducationPerforming Arts Schools
17The Boy Who Predicted Earthquakes BBBArtsPaintings
18Brenda BBBArtsPaintings
19Bruce Tarraday BBBLegal AidLawyers
20Bullivant and Co. BBBCorporationsCompanies
21Bullivant's Mystery Mixture BBBPetsPet Products
22Cabot Museum BBBEntertainmentMuseums
23Cafe La Luz BBBNightlifeNightclubs
24Camera Obscura BBBArtsPaintings
25Canby Hall BBBAmusementPool Halls
26Carriages BBBFood StoresLiquor Stores
27The Caterpillar BBBArtsPaintings
28The Cemetery BBBArtsPaintings
29Certain Shadows on the Wall BBBArtsPaintings
30Champion Pet ShowBBBEventsPet Shows
31Class of '99 BBBArtsPaintings
32Clean Kills and Other Trophies BBBArtsPaintings
33Conway Funeral Home BBBServicesFuneral Homes
34Cool Air BBBArtsPaintings
35Corn Exchange BBBFinancial CompaniesFinancial Services
36Crawford Buttonhall Co. BBBCorporationsCompanies
37Danielli Perfume BBBPersonal CarePerfumes
38Dan's Cafe BBBDiningCafes and Delis
39The Dark Boy BBBArtsPaintings
40David Faulkner Photo Studio BBBServicesPhotography Services
41The Dead Man BBBArtsPaintings
42Dead Weight BBBArtsPaintings
43The Dear Departed BBBArtsPaintings
44A Death in the Family BBBArtsPaintings
45Death on a Barge BBBArtsPaintings
46Deliveries in the Rear BBBArtsPaintings
47Delphinium House BBBHealthcareHospitals-Mental Health
48Dessnau Limited BBBCorporationsCompanies
49The Devil Is Not Mocked BBBArtsPaintings
50The Diary BBBArtsPaintings
51Die Now, Pay Later BBBArtsPaintings
52The Different Ones BBBArtsPaintings
53Discours des Sorciers BBBLiteratureBooks
54Doc SoamesBBBHealthcareDoctors
55Doctor Max Redford BBBHealthcareDoctors
56Doctor Stringfellows Rejuvenator BBBPersonal CareHygiene Products
57The Doll of Death BBBArtsPaintings
58The Doll BBBArtsPaintings
59Domestic Model 931 BBBTechnology ProductsRobot Models
60Douglas McArthur Memorial Fund BBBOrganizationsCharities
61Dr. Archibald Ravden BBBHealthcareDoctors
62Dr. Armstrong BBBHealthcareDoctors
63Dr. Charles Cottrell BBBHealthcareTherapy
64Dr. Ernest Stringfellow BBBHealthcareDoctors
65Dr. Francis Deeking BBBHealthcareSurgeons
66Dr. Frank Heatherton BBBHealthcareDoctors
67Dr. Glendon BBBHealthcareDoctors
68Dr. Holmes BBBHealthcareDoctors
69Dr. John Fletcher BBBHealthcareSurgeons
70Dr. Juan Munoz BBBHealthcareDoctors
71Dr. Levine BBBHealthcareDoctors
72Dr. Mill BBBHealthcareTherapy
73Dr. Nichols BBBHealthcareDoctors
74Dr. Peter Mitchell BBBHealthcareTherapy
75Dr. Peterson BBBHealthcareDoctors
76Dr. Shockman BBBHealthcareSurgeons
77Dr. Simsich BBBHealthcareTherapy
78Dr. Snyder BBBHealthcareDoctors
79Dr. Stringfellow's Medicine Show BBBDrugsMedicine
80Dr. Stringfellow's Rejuvenator BBBArtsPaintings
81Dr. William Fall BBBHealthcareDoctors
82Elgin Livery BBBPetsPet Stores
83Escape Route BBBArtsPaintings
84Eyes BBBArtsPaintings
85A Fear of Spiders BBBArtsPaintings
86A Feast of Blood BBBArtsPaintings
87Finnegan's Flight BBBArtsPaintings
88First National Bank BBBFinancial CompaniesBanks
89The Flip Side of Satan BBBArtsPaintings
90Fox's Gaming House BBBEntertainmentCasinos
91Fright Night BBBArtsPaintings
92The Funeral BBBArtsPaintings
93General Store BBBRetailStores
94George Packer BBBLegal AidLawyers
95The Ghost of Sorworth Place BBBArtsPaintings
96Ghoul Preparing to Dine BBBArtsPaintings
97The Girl with the Hungry Eyes BBBArtsPaintings
98Glendalough Military Academy BBBEducationMilitary Schools
99Glendon Museum BBBEntertainmentMuseums
100Green Fingers BBBArtsPaintings
101The Hand of Bogus Weems BBBArtsPaintings
102Hatred Unto Death BBBArtsPaintings
103Hell's Bells BBBArtsPaintings
104History of Lycanthropy in Medieval Europ... BBBLiteratureBooks
105Holly Schaefer Portfolio of Particularly... BBBTelevisionTV Shows
106Holt Industries BBBIndustrial CompaniesIndustries
107Hotel BBBTravelHotels
108The Hotel Astor BBBTravelHotels
109House - with Ghost BBBArtsPaintings
110The House BBBArtsPaintings
111The Housekeeper BBBArtsPaintings
112How to Cure the Common Vampire BBBArtsPaintings
113How to Stuff Bread-Dressing BBBEntertainmentTheater Productions
114I'll Never Leave You - Ever BBBArtsPaintings
115J.J. Wilson BBBRadioRadio Programs
116The J.J. Wilson Show BBBRadioRadio Programs
117Joel Winter BBBHealthcareTherapy
118Junior BBBArtsPaintings
119KAPH BBBRadioRadio Stations
120Keep in Touch - We'll Think of Something BBBArtsPaintings
121Kings Arms BBBTravelLodging
122The Last Laurel BBBArtsPaintings
123Last Rites for a Dead Druid BBBArtsPaintings
124The Late Mr. Peddington BBBArtsPaintings
125Lindemann's Catch BBBArtsPaintings
126The Little Black Bag BBBArtsPaintings
127Little Girl Lost BBBArtsPaintings
128Logoda's Heads BBBArtsPaintings
129Lone Survivor BBBArtsPaintings
130Lycanthropy in Ancient and Modern Times BBBLiteratureBooks
131MacMillan School of Medicine BBBEducationMedical Schools
132Make Me Laugh BBBArtsPaintings
133Man into Wolf BBBLiteratureBooks
134Marmalade Wine BBBArtsPaintings
135A Matter of Semantics BBBArtsPaintings
136Mausoleum School of Art BBBEducationPerforming Arts Schools
137The Merciful BBBArtsPaintings
138Messiah on Mott Street BBBArtsPaintings
139Midnight Never Ends BBBArtsPaintings
140A Midnight Visit to the Neighborhood Blo... BBBArtsPaintings
141The Miracle at Camafeo BBBArtsPaintings
142Miskatonic University BBBEducationUniversities
143Miss Lovecraft Sent Me BBBArtsPaintings
144Munsch Beer BBBBeverage ProductsBeer
145Munsch Brewery BBBBeverage ProductsBeer
146The Nature of the Enemy BBBArtsPaintings
147Night GalleryBBBArtsArt Galleries
148Nuestra Senora De Camefeo BBBReligionReligious Organizations
149The Other Way Out BBBArtsPaintings
150Pacific Cigarettes BBBTobaccoTobacco Products
151The Painted Mirror BBBArtsPaintings
152Pamela's Voice BBBArtsPaintings
153The Paris Institute BBBEducationSchools
154Pawn Shop BBBRetailPawn Shops
155The Phantom Farmhouse BBBArtsPaintings
156Phantom of What Opera? BBBArtsPaintings
157Pickman's Model BBBArtsPaintings
158Plaza Hotel BBBTravelHotels
159Pritkin ProductsBBBCorporationsCompanies
160Pritkin's Plastic Products BBBCorporationsCompanies
161Professor Peabody's Last Lecture BBBArtsPaintings
162Pulaski Plumbing BBBMaintenance ServicesPlumbing Services
163A Question of Fear BBBArtsPaintings
164Quoth the Raven BBBArtsPaintings
165Radha Ramadi BBBServicesPsychic Services
166Rare Objects BBBArtsPaintings
167The Return of the Sorcerer BBBArtsPaintings
168The Ring with the Red Velvet Ropes BBBArtsPaintings
169Robot Aid Production Model 473: Secretar... BBBTechnology ProductsRobot Models
170Robot Aid Production Model 706: Housemai... BBBTechnology ProductsRobot Models
171Robot Aid Production Model 738: Chaffeur BBBTechnology ProductsRobot Models
172Robot Aid Production Model 931: Housemai... BBBTechnology ProductsRobot Models
173Robot Aids, Inc. BBBTechnology ProductsRobot Models
174Rocky Mountain Rockets BBBSportsDance Teams
175Room for One Less BBBArtsPaintings
176Room with a View BBBArtsPaintings
177Satan's Invisible World Discovered BBBLiteratureBooks
178Satisfaction Guaranteed BBBArtsPaintings
179Shapiro's Mart BBBFood StoresGrocery Stores
180She'll Be Company for You BBBArtsPaintings
181Silent Snow, Secret Show BBBArtsPaintings
182Silkline Cut Rate Catafalque BBBServicesFuneral Homes
183Since Aunt Ada Came to Stay BBBArtsPaintings
184The Sins of the Fathers BBBArtsPaintings
185Smile, Please BBBArtsPaintings
186Soames Funeral Home BBBServicesFuneral Homes
187Something in the Woodwork BBBArtsPaintings
188Sorworth Place BBBTravelLodging
189Spectre in Tap Shoes BBBArtsPaintings
190St. Bartholomew's Cemetery BBBServicesCemeteries
191Starlight Ballroom BBBNightlifeNightclubs
192State University BBBEducationState Colleges
193Stop Killing Me BBBArtsPaintings
194Stuyvesant Development Corporation BBBCorporationsCompanies
195Tell David... BBBArtsPaintings
196There Aren't Any More MacBanes BBBArtsPaintings
197They're Tearing Down Tim Riley's Bar BBBArtsPaintings
198Thrift Shop BBBRetailDiscount Stores
199Tim Riley's Bar and Grille BBBDiningRestaurants
200The Tune in Dan's Cafe BBBArtsPaintings
201Vampyricon BBBLiteratureBooks
202Verga's Millinery BBBApparelClothing Stores
203Vienna Academy BBBEducationAcademies
204View from an Artist's Window BBBArtsPaintings
205Village Inn BBBTravelInns
206Vitala Electronics Corporation BBBCorporationsTechnology Companies
207The Waiting Room BBBArtsPaintings
208Whisper BBBArtsPaintings
209William Sharsted BBBFinancial CompaniesFinancial Services
210William Sharsted Sr. BBBFinancial CompaniesFinancial Services
211Witches' Feast BBBArtsPaintings
212With Apologies to Mr. Hyde BBBArtsPaintings
213World Consolidated Industries BBBIndustrial CompaniesIndustries
214You Can Come Up Now, Mrs. Millikan BBBArtsPaintings
215You Can't Get Help Like that Anymore BBBArtsPaintings
216March 2, 1971 Dates20th Century: 70sBirth Dates
217September 17, 2098 Dates21st Century: 30s and upEvents
218Avenida Jacinto MapTransit RoutesAvenues
219Bakerton MapUrban AreasCities-U.S.
220Bennet Avenue MapTransit RoutesAvenues
221Blayde MapUrban AreasCities
222Briarwood Gardens MapTransit RoutesThoroughfares
223Camp Pendleton MapStructuresMilitary Bases
224Chichester's MapResidential CommunitiesApartment and Condos
225Conway MapUrban AreasCities-U.S.
226Cwrt Y Cadno MapUrban AreasCities
227East Howard Street MapTransit RoutesStreets
228Elm Street MapTransit RoutesStreets
229Main Street MapTransit RoutesStreets
230Miller's Field MapNatureNatural Areas
231Moss Island MapGeographic AreasIslands
232Mott Street MapTransit RoutesStreets
233Oddball Land MapWorldsFantasy Lands
234Paris Opera MapStructuresEvent Venues
235Project Settlement MapUrban AreasCities
236Sorworth MapUrban AreasCities
237Victoria Greens MapNatureNatural Areas
238Abe Bennett OtherQuotesQuotes
239Alistair Loring OtherQuotesQuotes
240Andrew MacBane OtherQuotesQuotes
241Andrew MacBane OtherQuotesQuotes
242Angela Casey OtherQuotesQuotes
243Ann Loring OtherQuotesQuotes
244Ann Loring OtherQuotesQuotes
245Ann Loring OtherQuotesQuotes
246Aunt Ada OtherQuotesQuotes
247The Bartender OtherQuotesQuotes
248Brenda OtherQuotesQuotes
249Bruce Tarraday OtherQuotesQuotes
250Cedric Acton OtherQuotesQuotes
251Cedric Acton OtherQuotesQuotes
252Charlie McKinley OtherQuotesQuotes
253Charlie Rogan OtherQuotesQuotes
254Charlie Rogan OtherQuotesQuotes
255Charlie Wheatland OtherQuotesQuotes
256Colonel Malloy OtherQuotesQuotes
257Craig Lowell OtherQuotesQuotes
258Doc Soames OtherQuotesQuotes
259Doc Soames OtherQuotesQuotes
260Doc Soames OtherQuotesQuotes
261Doc Soames OtherQuotesQuotes
262Doctor OtherQuotesQuotes
263Dr. Francis Deeking OtherQuotesQuotes
264Dr. Kessler OtherQuotesQuotes
265Dr. Nichols OtherQuotesQuotes
266Dr. Stevens OtherQuotesQuotes
267Dr. Stringfellow OtherQuotesQuotes
268Dr. William Fall OtherQuotesQuotes
269Dr. William Fall OtherQuotesQuotes
270Endopulminosis OtherMedical ConditionsDiseases
271Fern OtherQuotesQuotes
272Fern OtherQuotesQuotes
273Fern OtherQuotesQuotes
274Frank Heller OtherQuotesQuotes
275Gideon OtherQuotesQuotes
276Girl OtherQuotesQuotes
277Helena Millikan OtherQuotesQuotes
278Henry Mallory OtherQuotesQuotes
279Henry Mallory OtherQuotesQuotes
280Henry Millikan OtherQuotesQuotes
281Henry Millikan OtherQuotesQuotes
282Henry Millikan OtherQuotesQuotes
283Holly Shaefer OtherQuotesQuotes
284Holly Shaefer OtherQuotesQuotes
285Holly Shaefer OtherQuotesQuotes
286Holly Shaefer OtherQuotesQuotes
287Holly Shaefer OtherQuotesQuotes
288J.J. Wilson OtherQuotesQuotes
289Jackie Slater OtherQuotesQuotes
290Jamie Dilman OtherQuotesQuotes
291Joe Belman OtherQuotesQuotes
292Joe Bristol OtherQuotesQuotes
293Joe Bristol OtherQuotesQuotes
294Junior OtherQuotesQuotes
295Justus Walters OtherQuotesQuotes
296Lynn Alcott OtherQuotesQuotes
297The Maybe Murderer OtherCriminalsSerial Killers
298The Messiah OtherQuotesQuotes
299Mildred OtherQuotesQuotes
300Miss Claudia Menlo OtherQuotesQuotes
301Miss Crane OtherQuotesQuotes
302Molly Wheatland OtherQuotesQuotes
303Molly Wheatland OtherQuotesQuotes
304Molly Wheatland OtherQuotesQuotes
305Mother OtherQuotesQuotes
306Mr. Bullivant OtherQuotesQuotes
307Mr. Fulton OtherQuotesQuotes
308Mr. Fulton OtherQuotesQuotes
309Mr. Gingold OtherQuotesQuotes
310Mr. Gingold OtherQuotesQuotes
311Mr. Hawkins OtherQuotesQuotes
312Mr. Munsch OtherQuotesQuotes
313Mr. Saunders OtherQuotesQuotes
314Mrs. Bowen OtherQuotesQuotes
315Mrs. Fulton OtherQuotesQuotes
316Mrs. Fulton OtherQuotesQuotes
317Ms. Munsch OtherQuotesQuotes
318Narrator OtherQuotesQuotes
319Narrator OtherQuotesQuotes
320Narrator OtherQuotesQuotes
321Narrator OtherQuotesQuotes
322Narrator OtherQuotesQuotes
323Narrator OtherQuotesQuotes
324Narrator OtherQuotesQuotes
325Narrator OtherQuotesQuotes
326Narrator OtherQuotesQuotes
327Narrator OtherQuotesQuotes
328Narrator OtherQuotesQuotes
329Narrator OtherQuotesQuotes
330Narrator OtherQuotesQuotes
331Narrator OtherQuotesQuotes
332Narrator OtherQuotesQuotes
334Narrator OtherQuotesQuotes
336Noel Evans OtherQuotesQuotes
337Pete Tuttle OtherQuotesQuotes
338Portifoy OtherQuotesQuotes
339Preacher OtherQuotesQuotes
340Professor OtherQuotesQuotes
341Professor Peabody OtherQuotesQuotes
342Project Rescue OtherPlansProjects
343Ralph Burke OtherQuotesQuotes
344Ralph Burke OtherQuotesQuotes
345Ralph Burke OtherQuotesQuotes
346Ralph Burke OtherQuotesQuotes
347Richard Alden OtherQuotesQuotes
348Richard Pickman OtherQuotesQuotes
349Richard Pickman OtherQuotesQuotes
350Robot Aid Production Model 931 OtherQuotesQuotes
351Robot Aid Production Model 931 OtherQuotesQuotes
352Rod Serling OtherQuotesQuotes
353Rod Serling OtherQuotesQuotes
354Rod Serling OtherQuotesQuotes
355Rod Serling OtherQuotesQuotes
356Rod Serling OtherQuotesQuotes
357Rod Serling OtherQuotesQuotes
358Sam Dichter OtherQuotesQuotes
359Sam Dichter OtherQuotesQuotes
360Sheila Gray OtherQuotesQuotes
361Sherry OtherQuotesQuotes
362Untitled OtherThemesStarfighter
363Untitled OtherThemesSin City
364Vampire OtherQuotesQuotes
365Vincent OtherQuotesQuotes
366Werblin's Disease OtherMedical ConditionsDiseases
367William Sharsted OtherQuotesQuotes

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