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1Drip Rock County Schools BOX OF MOONLIGHT 1996 FilmEducationSchools

Drip Rock County Schools
Local school bus used to transport Al and his workmen from the motel to the work site and back.

3The EducationKING MAX 2016 LiteratureEducationSchools

The Education
Max's son Dobie resides in The Education, an impenetrable fortress where the children are raised. Located in the heart of The Industry, a heavily armed militarized complex and headquarters of the strict authoritarian society, known as The State.

4The Everett Steering Academy THE WORLD ACCORDING TO GARP 1982 FilmEducationSchools

The Everett Steering Academy
School that Garp attends. Founded 1781.

3Extra-Over Technological Investigative I...SUPER ROBOT WARS ALPHA 2000 Video GamesEducationSchools

Extra-Over Technological Investigative Institute
Technology focused school.

4Fart School for the Gifted [school] BOB'S BURGERS 2011 Animated SeriesEducationSchools

Fart School for the Gifted [school]
School in Gene's short story.

3Fat Academy FRASIER 1993 TV SeriesEducationSchools

Fat Academy
Joke Frasier makes about Daphne's weight: "I made the arrangements so long ago I didn't anticipate Daphne going for her master's degree at the Fat Academy."

4Frout Academy of Learning Through PlayDISCWORLD SERIES 1983 LiteratureEducationSchools

Frout Academy of Learning Through Play
Experimental school.

5Fry's Dumb School FUTURAMA 1999 Animated SeriesEducationSchools

Fry's Dumb School
When Brain Spawns make everybody on Earth stupid but Fry, Fry starts up his own school, aptly called Fry's Dumb School.

6Grand United School District FUTURAMA 1999 Animated SeriesEducationSchools

Grand United School District
Al Gore's Action Rangers' specially equipped terrestrial transport module.

3Hanna-Barbera Business School SUCCESSION 2018 TV SeriesEducationSchools

Hanna-Barbera Business School
Joke Lukas Matsson makes: And what about these fucking press stories? Are you Scooby-Dooing me here? Is that where you went? Hanna-Barbera fucking business school? You're telling me the theme parks are haunted and your big movie is shitty? Are you tanking the deal?

4House Madrassa FIREFLY 2002 TV SeriesEducationSchools

House Madrassa
A Companion's Guild training house on Sihnon where Inara and Nandi studied.

5HugglestonesDISCWORLD SERIES 1983 LiteratureEducationSchools

Designed to turn boys into men, Hugglestones was built to lodge people who temporarily have no human rights at all - the sons of the rich, successful and influential, all those who because they rise to the top, society is best advised to publicly refer to as its "cream".

6I Wanna Dance with My Body BOB'S BURGERS 2011 Animated SeriesEducationSchools

I Wanna Dance with My Body
Dance studio Teddy recommends, where Bob goes to take dance lessons to surprise Linda on Valentine's Day.

3Jackson School THE LAST OF US 2023 TV SeriesEducationSchools

Jackson School
School in Jackson, Wyoming.

3Jedi AcademySTAR WARS: JEDI ACADEMY 2015 LiteratureEducationSchools

Jedi Academy

4Jefferson David Middle School EASTBOUND & DOWN 2009 TV SeriesEducationSchools

Jefferson David Middle School
After blowing his professional baseball career, Kenny heads back to his hometown, getting a job at Jefferson David Middle School in the Shelby County Public School System, the same school where his ex-girlfriend is a teacher - and her fiance is the principal.

3Juggy UniversityTHE MAN SHOW 1999 TV SeriesEducationSchools

Juggy University

4Kennedy School of GovernmentCHAIN REACTION 1996 FilmEducationSchools

Kennedy School of Government

5The King Don School of Management GRAND THEFT AUTO: SAN ANDREAS 2004 Video GamesEducationSchools

The King Don School of Management

3Korzenowski StudioOUTRAGEOUS FORTUNE 1987 FilmEducationSchools

Korzenowski Studio

4Mert County Public Schools THE WALKING DEAD 2010 TV SeriesEducationSchools

Mert County Public Schools
School bus visible when Rick and Shane drive the boy they rescued out to drop him off.

5The Michael Scott School of Business THE OFFICE 2005 TV SeriesEducationSchools

The Michael Scott School of Business
School Michael makes up to teach Ryan about business.

6Mrs. Tutle's of Mountain BriarTHE PATTY DUKE SHOW 1963 TV SeriesEducationSchools

Mrs. Tutle's of Mountain Briar

7Northeast Community Schools BRUCE ALMIGHTY 2003 FilmEducationSchools

Northeast Community Schools
School district in Buffalo.

3NYC Security School RABBIT HOLE 2023 TV SeriesEducationSchools

NYC Security School
School listed on Edgar Hampton's social media page - American News Broadcast network security guard that Crowley contacts and blackmails.

3Outdoor Education Center BOB'S BURGERS 2011 Animated SeriesEducationSchools

Outdoor Education Center
Nature camp that the kids of Wagstaff visit. Home of Mount Windy Gap.

3Owl Correspondence SchoolMR. ROGERS' NEIGHBORHOOD 1963 TV SeriesEducationSchools

Owl Correspondence School
Also known as OCS.

4Packanack Lake Region Counselor Training... FRIDAY THE 13TH PART 2 1981 FilmEducationSchools

Packanack Lake Region Counselor Training Center
Five years after the massacre in the first film, Paul Holt opens a school for camp counselors on the shore of Crystal Lake.

3The Paris Institute NIGHT GALLERY 1970 TV SeriesEducationSchools

The Paris Institute

4Professor Zander's Academy for Extraordi... SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE 1975 TV SeriesEducationSchools

Professor Zander's Academy for Extraordinary Children
A teacher and her two students from West Grove High School go up against Professor Zander's Academy for Extraordinary Children (parody of Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters from Marvel Comics X-Men) on TV show School vs. School.

3The Pyper InstituteBEING JOHN MALKOVICH 1999 FilmEducationSchools

The Pyper Institute

4Re-Neducation Center THE SIMPSONS 1989 Animated SeriesEducationSchools

Re-Neducation Center
Where the Simpsons are sent after Homer travels back in time, kills a bug and returns to a future where Ned Flanders is the unquestioned lord and master of the world. "Where the elite meet to have their spirits broken"

5Ronald Reagan Reeducation Center THE SIMPSONS 1989 Animated SeriesEducationSchools

Ronald Reagan Reeducation Center
Reform school in the prison where the Simpsons are taken after being arrested for hating America.

6Rosemead V 1983 TV SeriesEducationSchools

School band that plays John Williams' Star Wars theme as the Visitors arrive.

3The Royal Academy of Government STAR WARS: THE CLONE WARS 2008 Animated SeriesEducationSchools

The Royal Academy of Government
Ahsoka teaches a class on corruption to future leaders at the the Royal Academy of Government on Mandalore.

4School TOY STORY 2 1999 Animated FilmEducationSchools

Generic school in the Wild West town on the Woody's Roundup TV show.

3The School of Hard Dads BOB'S BURGERS 2011 Animated SeriesEducationSchools

The School of Hard Dads
Joke Gene makes when Linda tells him he can't go with Bob to return the defective True Lies helicopter because it's a school night: This is my school now, Mom, the School of Hard Dads! So just call me Li'l Hard Dad!

3School of Hard KnocksFICTION EMPIRE 1999 OtherEducationSchools

School of Hard Knocks
Also known as the University of Life.

4The School of Hard KnocksTHE HOUSE 2017 FilmEducationSchools

The School of Hard Knocks
When they're in Vegas and Scott jinxes Frank's dice roll by shouting he better roll a 7 and they lose their winnings, saying that was Alex's money for college, the dealer jokes that she just got accepted to the "School of Hard Knocks"

5The School of Hard Knocks FRASIER 1993 TV SeriesEducationSchools

The School of Hard Knocks
According to the back of Dr. Mary's book, she graduated from "The School of Hard Knocks"

6The School of the AmericasMADHOUSE FOG 2013 LiteratureEducationSchools

The School of the Americas
Also known as SOA.

7School of the Blatantly Obvious JUST SHOOT ME 1997 TV SeriesEducationSchools

School of the Blatantly Obvious
Joke Elliot makes to Jack: Congratulations, you're a proud graduate of the School of the Blatantly Obvious.

8Shelby County Public School System EASTBOUND & DOWN 2009 TV SeriesEducationSchools

Shelby County Public School System
After blowing his professional baseball career, Kenny heads back to his hometown, getting a job at Jefferson David Middle School in the Shelby County Public School System, the same school where his ex-girlfriend is a teacher - and her fiance is the principal. There is a Shelby in North Carolina where the show is set, but it is located in Cleveland County.

3Shinra Private SchoolSHAMAN KING 1998 Comic BooksEducationSchools

Shinra Private School

4Slowbrooke ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT 2003 TV SeriesEducationSchools

The school that Rita attends in Wee Britain, the British themed area of Orange County.

5South City Manual TradesTHE RUNNING MAN 1982 LiteratureEducationSchools

South City Manual Trades
Ben's last school attended, from September of 2011 until December of 2013.

6Southern Navy of Mississippi RENFIELD 2023 FilmEducationSchools

Southern Navy of Mississippi
A Roughriders sports team from the Southern Navy of Mississippi arrives at the Mulates bar shortly before Teddy and his goons begin to rob the place.

3St. Cake's SchoolPRIVATE EYE 1961 MagazinesEducationSchools

St. Cake's School
Motto: Quis paget entrat. Translation: "Who pays gets in".

4St. HugginsTHE CABLE GUY 1996 FilmEducationSchools

St. Huggins

5Trainer Consolidated School DepartmentIT 1986 LiteratureEducationSchools

Trainer Consolidated School Department

6The University of LameCURSED 2000 TV SeriesEducationSchools

The University of Lame
Joke Ricky makes.

7Van's School of Nail Technology THE NEGOTIATOR 1998 FilmEducationSchools

Van's School of Nail Technology
School in the building where Danny Roman negotiates with Omar.

3Venice School District NEXT TIME ON LONNY 2011 TV SeriesEducationSchools

Venice School District
Lonny gives a speech in front of the Venice School District.

3The Wanda Tressler School of Beauty REAL GENIUS 1985 FilmEducationSchools

The Wanda Tressler School of Beauty
Nearby college where Chris found the girls for his party.

3Western Hemisphere Institute for Securit...MADHOUSE FOG 2013 LiteratureEducationSchools

Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation
Also known as WHISC.

4Woodsboro Unified School District SCREAM 1996 FilmEducationSchools

Woodsboro Unified School District
Local school district in Woodsboro.

3Yearning AnnexMAKE SOMETHING UP: STORIES YOU CAN'T UNREAD 2015 LiteratureEducationSchools

Yearning Annex
From story Eleanor.

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