Video Games 2004. Developed by Rockstar North. Starring David Cross, Andy Dick, Ron Foster, Samuel L. Jackson, James Woods, Peter Fonda, Charlie Murphy, Frank Vincent, Chris Penn, Danny Dyer, Sara Tanaka, William Fichtner, Wil Wheaton, Ice-T, Chuck D, Frost, MC Eiht, The Game, George Clinton, Axl Rose, Sly and Robbie, Shaun Ryder and Young Maylay.
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Total Records: 253 - Medium: VIDEO GAMES
Record Name
124/Seven BBBRetailGas Stations

Convenience store in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

298 Cent Store BBBRetailDiscount Stores

98 Cent Store
Discount store in Los Santos.

3Aircraft Graveyard BBBEntertainmentMuseums

Aircraft Graveyard
Abandoned airstrip in the northern desert of Bone County, San Andreas.

4Alexander's Toys BBBToysToy Stores

Alexander's Toys
Toy store in San Fierro.

5Alex's Dog'z BBBDiningHot Dogs

Alex's Dog'z
Mobile hotdog themed fast food restaurant.

6All Saints General Hospital BBBHealthcareHospitals

All Saints General Hospital
Hospital in Los Santos.

7Ammu-Nation BBBWeaponsGun Stores

Gun store.

8Attica Bar BBBNightlifeNightclubs

Attica Bar
Bar in Los Santos.

9Autobahn BBBVehiclesVehicle Dealerships

Car dealership in Las Venturas.

10Bank BBBFinancial CompaniesBanks

Generic small town bank in Palomino Creek.

11Base 5 BBBApparelClothing Products

Base 5
Clothing brand.

12Beef Tower BBBMenuMenu Items

Beef Tower
Menu item at fast food restaurant Burger Shot.

13Belle Maitresse Beauty Salon BBBBeauty CareBeauty Salons

Belle Maitresse Beauty Salon
beauty salon.

14BF Motors BBBVehiclesVehicle Dealerships

BF Motors
Sales, Service, Parts & Leasing.

15Big O Tours BBBTravelTours

Big O Tours
Coach/bus company operating in San Andreas that competes with Bikini Line Coach Company. "Sit back & watch us go"

16Big S Liquor and Deli BBBFood StoresLiquor Stores

Big S Liquor and Deli
Liquor store in Los Santos.

17Biglogs Cok O Pops BBBFood ProductsBreakfast Cereal

Biglogs Cok O Pops
Start your day with a mouthful of cok!

18Bikini Line BBBTransportationBus Lines

Bikini Line
Bus/coach company that operates in San Andreas.

19Binco BBBApparelClothing Stores

Clothing store.

20Blob Music BBBMusicMusic Stores

Blob Music
Music store in Los Santos.


Advertised on the radio selling personal accessories such as gold plated mirrors, razor blades and straws, among other things.

22Bounce FM BBBRadioRadio Stations

Bounce FM
Rhythmic Oldies station from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

23Broffles Waffles BBBDiningRestaurants

Broffles Waffles
Breakfast food style restaurant.

24Brown Starfish Bar and Grill BBBDiningRestaurants

Brown Starfish Bar and Grill
Seafood restaurant in Los Santos.

25Brown Streak Railroad BBBTransportationTrains

Brown Streak Railroad
Passenger railroad in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

26Burger Shot BBBDiningBurger Joints

Burger Shot
Fast food burger chain in San Andreas.

27Buster BBBMenuMenu Items

Menu item available at the Well Stacked Pizza Company restaurant.

28C.C. Cabinets BBBHome FurnishingHome Furnishing Stores

C.C. Cabinets
Home furnishing store in Los Santos.

29Caligula's Casino BBBEntertainmentCasinos

Caligula's Casino
When in Rome... play and live like Caligula.

30The Camel's Toe BBBEntertainmentCasinos

The Camel's Toe
Hotel/Casino owned by the North Resort Group.

31Canny Bus Group BBBTransportationBus Lines

Canny Bus Group
Bus line operating in San Andreas.

32Carmel Corn BBBDiningFast Food

Carmel Corn
Snack shop on Santa Maria Beach.

33Casino BBBEntertainmentCasinos

Generically named casino in Las Venturas.

34The Cathay BBBEntertainmentMovie Theaters

The Cathay
Movie theater in Los Santos.

35Chilli Dogs BBBDiningHot Dogs

Chilli Dogs
Mobile hotdog themed fast food restaurant in San Fierro.

36Chuff Security Co. BBBServicesSecurity Services

Chuff Security Co.
Security and armored car company.

37Clown's Pocket BBBEntertainmentCasinos

Clown's Pocket
Circus themed casino on the Strip in Las Venturas. "Clown around if you wanna, you just might get lucky."

38The Club BBBNightlifeNightclubs

The Club
Nightclub in Las Venturas.

39Cluckin' Bell BBBDiningChicken Joints

Cluckin' Bell
Chicken-themed fast food restaurant from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

40Cluckin' Big Meal BBBMenuMenu Items

Cluckin' Big Meal
Menu item available at chicken themed fast food restaurant Cluckin' Bell.

41Cluckin' Huge Meal BBBMenuMenu Items

Cluckin' Huge Meal
Menu item available at chicken themed fast food restaurant Cluckin' Bell.

42Cluckin' Little BBBMenuMenu Items

Cluckin' Little
Menu item available at chicken themed fast food restaurant Cluckin' Bell.

43Cobra Martial Arts BBBEducationMartial Arts Schools

Cobra Martial Arts
Always wanted to have some Kung Fu moves at your disposal, just in case?

44Cogs BBBApparelClothing Stores

Makers of fine timepieces.

45The Craw Bar BBBNightlifeNightclubs

The Craw Bar

46Credit and Commerce Bank of San Andreas BBBFinancial CompaniesBanks

Credit and Commerce Bank of San Andreas
Bank in San Fierro.

47Creek Shopping Center BBBRetailShopping Centers

Creek Shopping Center
Shopping center featuring several clothing stores.

48Crippen Memorial Hospital BBBHealthcareHospitals

Crippen Memorial Hospital

49Crowex BBBApparelClothing Products

Watch brand.

50CSR 103.9 BBBRadioRadio Stations

CSR 103.9
Urban Contemporary station from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

51The Daily Globes BBBPeriodicalsNewspapers

The Daily Globes
Newspaper in San Fierro.

52Degenatron BBBMediaVideo Games

Video game console sold in San Andreas.

53Dick Goblin's World of Coq BBBDiningRestaurants

Dick Goblin's World of Coq
Fancy restaurant.

54Dick's Sounds BBBMusicMusic Stores

Dick's Sounds
Buy, sell and trade your music at Dick's Sounds. CD's and cassettes ad specializing in 12"s... We take all 12 inches.

55Didiersachs BBBApparelClothing Stores

Clothing store for those with discriminating taste.

56Discount Furniture BBBHome FurnishingFurniture Stores

Discount Furniture
Furniture store.

57Dom's Rubber Shop BBBApparelClothing Stores

Dom's Rubber Shop
Clothing store in San Fierro.

58Double D-Luxe BBBMenuMenu Items

Double D-Luxe
Menu item available at the Well Stacked Pizza Company restaurant.

59Dude BBBIndustrial CompaniesIndustries

Company manufacturing power tools and heavy machinery.

60Easter Bay International Airport BBBTransportationAirports

Easter Bay International Airport
International airport serving San Fierro, San Andreas.

61The El Dritch Theatre BBBEntertainmentMovie Theaters

The El Dritch Theatre
Movie theater in Los Santos.

62The Epsilon ProgramBBBReligionReligious Organizations

The Epsilon Program
Cult based in Flint County, San Andreas.

63Erotic Wedding Chapel BBBServicesWedding Services

Erotic Wedding Chapel
Wedding hall in the Roca Escalante district of Las Venturas, San Andreas, featuring a large love heart shaped sign with its logo.

64EXsorbeoBBBMediaVideo Games

Handheld game system.

65Filthy Chicks BBBCinemaMovies

Filthy Chicks
Dirty movie advertised at the Sex Shop in Las Venturas.

66Final Build Construction Company BBBConstructionConstruction Companies

Final Build Construction Company
Construction company in San Fierro.

67The Four Dragons Casino BBBEntertainmentCasinos

The Four Dragons Casino
A mob owned casino owned by Wu Zi Mu in Las Venturas - Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

68Francis International Airport BBBTransportationAirports

Francis International Airport
Airport in Liberty City. Veteran Los Santos-based Grove Street Families street gang member returns to San Andreas after five years in Liberty City.

69Frog's PawnBBBRetailPawn Shops

Frog's Pawn
We'll keep you in the green!

70Fud's Brazilian Waxing BBBBeauty CareBeauty Salons

Fud's Brazilian Waxing
Beauty salon in San Fierro.

71Full Rack BBBMenuMenu Items

Full Rack
Menu item available at the Well Stacked Pizza Company restaurant.

72G&A Automotive BBBVehiclesAutomotive Services

G&A Automotive
Auto shop.

73Gasso BBBRetailGas Stations

Small petroleum company that operates a lone filling station in Dillimore, Red County, San Andreas.

74Gay Gordo's Bouffant Boutique BBBBeauty CareBeauty Salons

Gay Gordo's Bouffant Boutique
Hip fashion clothing store in San Andreas.

75Gaydar Station BBBNightlifeNightclubs

Gaydar Station
Gay nightclub.

76General Store BBBRetailStores

General Store

77Glory Hole Theme ParkBBBAmusementAmusement Parks

Glory Hole Theme Park
A theme park only mentioned on the radio in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

78Gold Diamond BBBApparelJewelry Stores

Gold Diamond
Jewelry store in Los Santos.

79Gustav's BBBBeauty CareBeauty Salons

Hair salon in San Fierro.

80Hannibal Liquor BBBFood StoresLiquor Stores

Hannibal Liquor
Beer, spirits, tobacco. "Supporting your habits for over 15 years."

81Hashbury & Garcia Joint Festival BBBEventsFairs and Festivals

Hashbury & Garcia Joint Festival
Marijuana themed festival.

82The High Roller BBBEntertainmentCasinos

The High Roller
Casino in Las Venturas.

83Hippy Shopper BBBRetailGas Stations

Hippy Shopper
Convenience store chain.

84Homies Sharp BBBTobaccoTobacco Products

Homies Sharp
Cigar company.

85I Didn't Do It Bail Bonds BBBLegal AidBail Bonds

I Didn't Do It Bail Bonds
Bail bond service in Los Santoz.

86Ideal Homies Store BBBRetailDepartment Stores

Ideal Homies Store
Store in Los Santos selling guns, clothing and various other items.

87Inside Track BBBFinancial CompaniesFinancial Services

Inside Track
Computerized gambling service.

88International BBBHome FurnishingHome Furnishing Stores

Flooring store in Los Santos.

89Ivory Towers BBBHealthcareHospitals-Mental Health

Ivory Towers
Drive-thru mental clinic in Las Venturas.

90Jefferson Motel BBBTravelMotels

Jefferson Motel

91Jenny & Sarah BBBCinemaMovies

Jenny & Sarah
Dirty movie advertised at the Sex Shop in Las Venturas.

92Jizzy's Pleasure Domes BBBNightlifeNightclubs

Jizzy's Pleasure Domes
Largest nightclub in San Fierro.

93Juank Air BBBTransportationAirlines

Juank Air
Flying with the personal touch.

94K-DST BBBRadioRadio Stations

Classic Rock station in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

95K-Jah West BBBRadioRadio Stations

K-Jah West
Reggae/Dub station in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

96K-Rose BBBRadioRadio Stations

Country station in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

97K.A.C.C. Military Fuels BBBCorporationsFuel Companies

K.A.C.C. Military Fuels
Military aviation fuel depot in the northern part of Las Venturas, San Andreas.

98Kilimanjaro'sBBBApparelClothing Stores

Clothing store in San Andreas aimed at obese people. Their main rival is Phat.

99The King Don School of Management BBBEducationSchools

The King Don School of Management

100Kronos BBBApparelClothing Products

Watch brand.

101Larellas Bakery BBBFood StoresBakeries

Larellas Bakery
Bakery in Los Santos.

102Las Venturas Airport BBBTransportationAirports

Las Venturas Airport
International airport located in Las Venturas, right in the city centre, west of the Strip.

103Las Venturas Bandits BBBSportsBaseball Teams

Las Venturas Bandits
Professional baseball team.

104Las Venturas Gifts and Jewelry BBBApparelJewelry Stores

Las Venturas Gifts and Jewelry
Jewelry store in Las Venturas.

105Las Venturas Police Department BBBLegal AidPolice Departments

Las Venturas Police Department

106Last Drop Warehouse Services BBBServicesShipping and Storage

Last Drop Warehouse Services
Delivery company.

107Legal Cinema BBBEntertainmentMovie Theaters

Legal Cinema
Movie theater in Los Santos.

108Let's Get Ready to Bumble BBBMediaVideo Games

Let's Get Ready to Bumble
Also known as Bee Bee Gone! is a playable arcade game in bars, nightclubs, 24-7 stores, Ten Green Bottles and Madd Dogg's Crib.

109Leydi D. Cafe BBBDiningCafes and Delis

Leydi D. Cafe

110Liquor Mart BBBFood StoresLiquor Stores

Liquor Mart
Liquor store in Los Santos.

111Little Lady BBBApparelClothing Stores

Little Lady
Clothing store in Palomino Creek.

112Logger Beer BBBBeverage ProductsBeer

Logger Beer
Beer brand advertised on the radio in San Andreas.

113Lolita's Market Mexican Food BBBFood StoresGrocery Stores

Lolita's Market Mexican Food
Grocery store in Los Santos.

114Los Santos DeliveryBBBServicesShipping and Storage

Los Santos Delivery
Also known as LSD. Delivery company seen on industrial vehicles driving around the Las Venturas Airport.

115Los Santos Gym BBBBeauty CareFitness Centers

Los Santos Gym
Gym in Los Santos.

116Los Santos International Airport BBBTransportationAirports

Los Santos International Airport
Also known as LSX. Airport based on Los Angeles International Airport.

117Los Santos Observatory BBBEntertainmentMuseums

Los Santos Observatory
Observatory in Verdant Bluffs.

118Los Santos Police Department BBBLegal AidPolice Departments

Los Santos Police Department

119Los Santos Saints BBBSportsBaseball Teams

Los Santos Saints
Baseball team. "Your city's premier baseball team, until we get a better offer"

120Love Fist BBBMusicMusicians

Love Fist
Rock band - poster in the Four Dragons Casino.

121Lovin' a Loan BBBFinancial CompaniesFinancial Services

Lovin' a Loan
Loan service.

122Madd Dogg BBBMusicMusicians

Madd Dogg

123Madd Tagg BBBApparelClothing Products

Madd Tagg
Clothing line presumably owned by the rapper Madd Dogg.

124Marco's Bistro BBBDiningRestaurants

Marco's Bistro
Restaurant in Liberty City.

125Master Sounds 98.3 BBBRadioRadio Stations

Master Sounds 98.3
Rare Groove station from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

126Max Pane BBBHome FurnishingHome Furnishing Stores

Max Pane
Glass supplier that specializes in bullet-proof glass.

127Meat Stack BBBMenuMenu Items

Meat Stack
Menu item at fast food restaurant Burger Shot.

128Mercury BBBApparelClothing Products

Clothing brand available at the Sub Urban clothing store.

129Misty's BBBNightlifeNightclubs

Bar in San Fierro.

130Moo Kid's Meal BBBMenuMenu Items

Moo Kid's Meal
Menu item at fast food restaurant Burger Shot.

131Motel BBBTravelMotels

Generic motel in Los Santos.

132The Motion Picture Hall of Fame BBBEntertainmentMuseums

The Motion Picture Hall of Fame
Museum in Los Santos.

133Mountain BBBApparelClothing Products

Clothing brand available at the Sub Urban clothing store.

134Munky Juice BBBBeverage ProductsJuice

Munky Juice
Freshly squeezed / taste of parasites.

135Naughty Nurses BBBCinemaMovies

Naughty Nurses
Dirty movie sold at the Sex Shop in Las Venturas.

136No 1 Desert Home Furnishings BBBHome FurnishingHome Furnishing Stores

No 1 Desert Home Furnishings
Home furnishing store.

137The North Resort GroupBBBCorporationsCompanies

The North Resort Group
Company that owns The Camel's Toe Hotel/Casino.

138Olympic Market BBBFood StoresGrocery Stores

Olympic Market
Grocery store in Los Santos.

139Otto's Autos BBBVehiclesVehicle Dealerships

Otto's Autos
Car dealership in San Fierro.

140Pan Mexicano BBBFood StoresBakeries

Pan Mexicano
Bakery in Los Santos.

141Park N' Pray BBBReligionReligious Organizations

Park N' Pray
Drive-thru confessions open 24 hours.

142Pastageddon BBBDiningRestaurants

Italian restaurant in San Fierro.

143Pier 69 BBBRetailShopping Centers

Pier 69
SHopping center in San Fierro modeled after Pier 39 in San Francisco.

144The Pig Pen BBBNightlifeStrip Clubs

The Pig Pen
Strip club in East Los Santos.

145Pirates in Men's Pants BBBApparelClothing Stores

Pirates in Men's Pants
From Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

146PISHBBBFinancial CompaniesCredit Cards

Credit card company.

147PlasticBBBFinancial CompaniesCredit Cards

Credit card company.

148Playback FM BBBRadioRadio Stations

Playback FM
Radio station playing 80s Hip Hop.

149Pro Laps BBBRetailSporting Goods Stores

Pro Laps
Also known as Pro-Laps. Sportswear and sport equipment manufacturer in San Andreas. The first in sportswear.

150Quite Humorous Comedy Club BBBNightlifeNightclubs

Quite Humorous Comedy Club
Comedy club in Los Santos.

151Radio Los Santos BBBRadioRadio Stations

Radio Los Santos
Early 90s Hip Hip station from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

152Radio: X BBBRadioRadio Stations

Radio: X
Alternative Rock station from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

153Raimi Realty BBBServicesRealty Services

Raimi Realty
Realty service in Palomino Creek.

154Ranch BBBApparelClothing Products

Clothing brand available at the Sub Urban clothing store.

155Reece's Hair & Facial Studio BBBBeauty CareBeauty Salons

Reece's Hair & Facial Studio
Local barber shop in owned by Old Reece, located in Idlewood, Los Santos.

156Ring Donuts BBBFood StoresDonut Shops

Ring Donuts
Donut and coffee shop advertised on the radio in San Andreas.

157Royal Casino BBBEntertainmentCasinos

Royal Casino
Casino in Las Venturas.

158RS Haul BBBServicesShipping and Storage

RS Haul
Do you have something so vile that even the trash collector won't pick it up? Call us... we'll dump your load.

159San Andreas Police DepartmentBBBLegal AidPolice Departments

San Andreas Police Department
Also known as SAPD. State police force serving the state of San Andreas.

160San Fierro 69ers BBBSportsFootball Teams

San Fierro 69ers
Football team.

161San Fierro Fire Department BBBServicesFire and Rescue

San Fierro Fire Department
Local fire department in San Fierro.

162San Fierro Packers BBBSportsBaseball Teams

San Fierro Packers
Professional baseball team.

163San Fierro Police Department. BBBLegal AidPolice Departments

San Fierro Police Department.

164SAN News BBBTelevisionTV News

SAN News
TV news in San Fierro.

165Security Storage BBBServicesShipping and Storage

Security Storage
Storage facility in Los Santos.

166Semi BBBApparelClothing Products

Clothing brand available at the Sub Urban clothing store.

167Sex Shop XXX BBBServicesSex Services

Sex Shop XXX
Store in Las Venturas.

168SF-UR BBBRadioRadio Stations

House music station in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

169Shafted Appliances BBBRetailElectronics Stores

Shafted Appliances
Appliance store.

170Snake Farm BBBEntertainmentZoos

Snake Farm
Farm located southwest of the Verdant Meadows airstrip in Bone County.

171Solarin Industries BBBIndustrial CompaniesIndustries

Solarin Industries
Large industrial complex located just east of the freeway in the Doherty district of San Fierro, San Andreas.

172Spacey! BBBApparelClothing Stores

Women's clothing store in Los Santos.

173Sprunk BBBBeverage ProductsSoft Drinks

Carbonated lemon-lime beverage.

174Starfish Casino BBBEntertainmentCasinos

Starfish Casino
Casino on the Strip in Las Venturas.

175STD BBBCorporationsFuel Companies

Fuel company.

176Steak-out Steakhouse BBBDiningRestaurants

Steak-out Steakhouse
Take away steaks.

177The Strip Club BBBNightlifeStrip Clubs

The Strip Club
Generically named strip club in Las Venturas.

178STW Books BBBRetailBookstores

STW Books
Bookstore in San Fierro.

179Sub Urban BBBApparelClothing Stores

Sub Urban
Clothing store chain in San Andreas.

180Sunnyside Taxis BBBTransportationTaxicabs

Sunnyside Taxis
Taxi service in San Andreas, with advertisements on benches, with telephone number: 555 9669.

181Ten Green Bottles BBBNightlifeNightclubs

Ten Green Bottles
Bar in Ganton.

182That Can't Be Legal! BBBCinemaMovies

That Can't Be Legal!
Dirty movie advertised at the Sex Shop in Las Venturas.

183Tiki Theater BBBEntertainmentMovie Theaters

Tiki Theater
Adult theater in Los Santos.

184Tony's Furniture BBBHome FurnishingFurniture Stores

Tony's Furniture
Furniture store.

185Tony's Liquor BBBFood StoresLiquor Stores

Tony's Liquor
Liquor store in Los Santos.

186Top Hat Liquor BBBFood StoresLiquor Stores

Top Hat Liquor
Liquor store.

187TransFender BBBVehiclesAutomotive Services

Auto mod shop in San Fierro.

188True Crime Street Cleaners BBBServicesMaintenance Services

True Crime Street Cleaners
Street cleaning service in Los Santos.

189U Get Inn Motel BBBTravelMotels

U Get Inn Motel
Motel chain.

190Ugaladajara Jewelry Plaza BBBApparelJewelry Stores

Ugaladajara Jewelry Plaza
Jewelry store in Los Santos.

191Uni-Tel BBBTravelTravel Agencies

Travel agency in Los Santos.

192V Rock Hotel BBBTravelHotels

V Rock Hotel
Hotel based on the V-Rock radio station.

193Victim BBBApparelClothing Stores

To die for. Based on Volcom.

194Vinyl CountdownBBBMusicRecord Stores

Vinyl Countdown
Record store in Los Santos.

195Visage BBBEntertainmentCasinos

Casino in Las Venturas.

196Wanabe BBBApparelClothing Products

Clothing brand available at the Sub Urban clothing store.

197Wang Cars BBBVehiclesVehicle Dealerships

Wang Cars
Car dealership in San Fierro.

198WCTR BBBRadioRadio Stations

West Coast Talk Radio, station in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. "We talk, you listen."

199Welding & Weddings BBBServicesWedding Services

Welding & Weddings
Car bomb shop and drive-thru wedding chapel in Las Venturas.

200The Well Stacked Pizza Co. BBBDiningPizza Parlors

The Well Stacked Pizza Co.
From Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

201West Side Motors BBBVehiclesAutomotive Services

West Side Motors
Auto shop.

202Will's Snack Shop BBBRetailGas Stations

Will's Snack Shop
Convenience store in Los Santos.

203Xoomer BBBCorporationsFuel Companies

Major petroleum refining and sales company.

204Yaitaria Auto Parts BBBVehiclesAutomotive Services

Yaitaria Auto Parts
Auto shop.

205Yars Jewelry BBBApparelJewelry Stores

Yars Jewelry
Jewelry store in Los Santos.

206Yellow Bell Golf Club BBBEntertainmentPrivate Clubs

Yellow Bell Golf Club
Golf club near the Prickle Pin neighborhood.

207Yoyojo's RecordsBBBMusicRecord Stores

Yoyojo's Records
Record store in Market, Los Santos.

208Zero RC BBBToysToy Stores

Zero RC
Shop operated by RC expert Zero in San Fierro.

209Zip BBBApparelClothing Stores

Clothing store chain headquartered in San Fierro. Logo reminiscent of The Gap.

210ZomboTech BBBCorporationsTechnology Companies

Sinister zombie research company in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, parody of the Umbrella Corporation in Resident Evil.

211Auto CircleMapTransit RoutesThoroughfares

Auto Circle
Road in San Fierro.

212Babel Towers MapStructuresTowers

Babel Towers
Towers in downtown Los Santos.

213The Bahamas MapResidential CommunitiesApartment and Condos

The Bahamas
Apartment building in Los Santos.

214The Big Pointy Building MapStructuresBuildings

The Big Pointy Building
Office building in San Fierro, stand-in for the real life Transamerica Pyramid in San Francisco.

215Calton Heights MapUrban AreasNeighborhoods

Calton Heights
Exclusive neighborhood in San Fierro featuring Windy, Windy, Windy Road.

216Chinatown MapUrban AreasNeighborhoods

Neighborhood in San Fierro.

217Dirtring Racing MapStructuresStadiums

Dirtring Racing
Motorbike racing in Las Venturas.

218Dix RoadMapTransit RoutesRoads

Dix Road
Road in Los Santos.

219Doherty. MapUrban AreasNeighborhoods

Industrial district in San Fierro.

220Esplanade North MapUrban AreasNeighborhoods

Esplanade North
District in San Fierro near San Fierro Bay.

221Gant Bridge MapTransit RoutesBridges

Gant Bridge
Suspension bridge, part of the Las Venturas Highway connecting San Fierro with Las Venturas.

222Harry Gold Parkway MapTransit RoutesThoroughfares

Harry Gold Parkway
Road in Las Venturas.

223Hashbury MapUrban AreasNeighborhoods

District in San Fierro, modeled after Haight-Ashbury in San Francisco.

224The Julius Thru Way East MapTransit RoutesThoroughfares

The Julius Thru Way East
Orbital freeway system encircling Las Venturas, San Andreas.

225Las Venturas MapUrban AreasCities-U.S.

Las Venturas
Second largest city in the state San Andreas, known for its gambling culture. Las Venturas based on Las Vegas. San Andreas based on California.

226Las Venturas Boulevard MapTransit RoutesBoulevards

Las Venturas Boulevard

227Liberty City MapUrban AreasCities-U.S.

Liberty City
Airport in Liberty City. Veteran Los Santos-based Grove Street Families street gang member returns to San Andreas after five years in Liberty City.

228Los Santos Forum MapStructuresStadiums

Los Santos Forum
Stadium in Los Santos.

229Los Santos, San Andreas MapUrban AreasCities

Los Santos, San Andreas
City based on Los Angeles, California.

230Manchap Building MapStructuresBuildings

Manchap Building
Building in Los Santos.

231Mulholland MapUrban AreasNeighborhoods

Exclusive neighborhood in Los Santos. Named for Mulholland Drive in L.A.

232Ocean Flats MapUrban AreasNeighborhoods

Ocean Flats
Middle class neighborhood near the waterfront.

233Prickle Pine MapUrban AreasNeighborhoods

Prickle Pine
Upper to middle class neighborhood close to the Yellow Bell Golf Club.

234Redsands West MapUrban AreasNeighborhoods

Redsands West
Medium income neighborhood in Las Venturas.

235Richman MapUrban AreasNeighborhoods

Exclusive neighborhood in Los Santos.

236Rollin Heights MapUrban AreasNeighborhoods

Rollin Heights
Neighborhood in Los Santos. Balla country.

237San Andreas MapGeographic AreasTerritories

San Andreas
U.S. state based primarily on California and Nevada.

238San Fierro MapUrban AreasCities-U.S.

San Fierro
Large city in the state of San Andreas, based on San Francisco, California.

239San Fierro Bay MapWaterBays

San Fierro Bay
Bay to the north of San Fierro, San Andreas, that separates San Fierro from the town of Bayside.

240Santa Maria MapWaterBeaches

Santa Maria
Beaches in Los Santos include Santa Maria and Verona, modeled after L.A.'s Santa Monica and Venice beaches.

241Sherman Dam MapStructuresLandmarks

Sherman Dam
Dam located between the Bone County and Tierra Robada regions of San Andreas.

242Verbatim RdMapTransit RoutesThoroughfares

Verbatim Rd
Road in Las Venturas.

243Verdant Bluffs MapNatureNatural Areas

Verdant Bluffs
Largest municipal park in San Andreas.

244Verona MapWaterBeaches

Beaches in Los Santos include Santa Maria and Verona, modeled after L.A.'s Santa Monica and Venice beaches.

245Vinewood MapUrban AreasNeighborhoods

District in Los Santos, modeled after Hollywood.

246Whitewood Estates MapUrban AreasNeighborhoods

Whitewood Estates
Working class neighborhood.

247Windy, Windy, Windy Road MapTransit RoutesRoads

Windy, Windy, Windy Road
Road in Calton Heights, an exclusive neighborhood in San Fierro.

248The World's Biggest Cock MapStructuresLandmarks

The World's Biggest Cock
Very large chicken.

249Ballas OtherCriminalsGangs

Gang in Los Santos.

250Da Nang Boys OtherCriminalsGangs

Da Nang Boys
Chinatown gang.

251Grove Street FamiliesOtherCriminalsGangs

Grove Street Families
Gang in San Andreas. Veteran Los Santos-based Grove Street Families street gang member returns to San Andreas after five years in Liberty City.

252Triad OtherCriminalsGangs

Chinatown gang.

253Untitled OtherThemesDiff|rent Strokes


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