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Total Records: 113 - Group: BBB / Category: TRANSPORTATION / Subcategory: TRAINS
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120-T Railcrawler Conveyex Transport SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY 2018 FilmTransportationTrains

20-T Railcrawler Conveyex Transport
Heavily armored cargo train carrying the hyperfuel coaxium that Beckett and his gang attempt to steal on the planet Vandor.

2Americana RailFINAL RUN 1999 FilmTransportationTrains

Americana Rail
Passenger railroad.

3AmroadSILVER STREAK 1976 FilmTransportationTrains


4Arid Plains Rail ASTEROID CITY 2023 FilmTransportationTrains

Arid Plains Rail

5Asteroid City "Alien Special" Train ASTEROID CITY 2023 FilmTransportationTrains

Asteroid City "Alien Special" Train

6Bad News Train SMALLVILLE 2001 TV SeriesTransportationTrains

Bad News Train
Joke Chloe makes: I hate to add another box car to the bad news train, but I've seen this same symbol before during my research.

7Bad Place Express THE GOOD PLACE 2016 TV SeriesTransportationTrains

Bad Place Express
Bad Janet's train.

8The Bat-TrainTHE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE 2017 Animated FilmTransportationTrains

The Bat-Train
One of Batman's bat-vehicles.

9Black Ridge LimitedWESTWORLD 2015 TV SeriesTransportationTrains

Black Ridge Limited
The train that takes guests to Sweetwater from the Mesa.

10Black Train THE DOORS 1965 MusicTransportationTrains

Black Train
People get ready. There's a train-a-coming. You don't need a ticket. Climb on board.

11The Bone Train RICK AND MORTY 2013 Animated SeriesTransportationTrains

The Bone Train
Dr. Xenon Bloom's name for the Anatomy Park service shuttle because it's connected to the skeletal system. "Would you like to ride the Bone Train, Miss?"

12Bonetown Express ANGER MANAGEMENT 2012 TV SeriesTransportationTrains

Bonetown Express
Joke Jordan makes about what Charlie was going to say about her. Charlie: "What exactly was I going to say?" Jordan: "That I Gotta have it. That I wear Velcro clothes for easy access. That I like to get my ticket punched for the Bonetown Express. All aboard!" Charlie: "I would never say any of that. Except maybe Bonetown Express. That was kind of clever."

13Braid Train BOB'S BURGERS 2011 Animated SeriesTransportationTrains

Braid Train
Name for the Thundergirls hair braiding method. Tina: Good to see the Brain Trains are still running.

14Brown Streak Railroad GRAND THEFT AUTO: SAN ANDREAS 2004 Video GamesTransportationTrains

Brown Streak Railroad
Passenger railroad in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

15The BT Express BOB'S BURGERS 2011 Animated SeriesTransportationTrains

The BT Express
Joke Beta House fraternity brother Turd makes when Bob is onboard for their revenge against Alpha House: Yeah, B-bow. The B-T Express!Choo choo! We're coming to Awesome Town!

16C.F. and W. RailroadPETTICOAT JUNCTION 1963 TV SeriesTransportationTrains

C.F. and W. Railroad

17The Candybar Express LOVE AND MONEY 1985 MusicTransportationTrains

The Candybar Express
"Take a ride on the sugar train."

18Cheyenne Express BACK TO THE FUTURE: THE ANIMATED SERIES 1991 Animated SeriesTransportationTrains

Cheyenne Express
Train service in 1875 Hill Valley, mentioned.

19City Rapid TransitTHE TICK 1994 Animated SeriesTransportationTrains

City Rapid Transit
Bus line in the City.

20Cloverleaf Industries WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT 1988 FilmTransportationTrains

Cloverleaf Industries
Transit company owned by Judge Doom.

21The Coast Express FRASIER 1993 TV SeriesTransportationTrains

The Coast Express
Train that Frasier's loony client calls out while stoping around the courtroom and blowing his train whistle.

22Cocaine Freight Train WARRANT 1984 MusicTransportationTrains

Cocaine Freight Train
Now I'm crazy like a freight train driving me insane / Honey you're like cocaine / When I'm on you I want more and more and more and more.

23Continental Transport STAR TREK: VOYAGER 1995 TV SeriesTransportationTrains

Continental Transport
When temporal anomalies transport Janeway and Tom Paris to a destroyed civilization one day in the past, they claim to have just arrived on the Continental transport from Kalto Province.

24ContrackPLANES, TRAINS & AUTOMOBILES 1987 FilmTransportationTrains

Passenger railroad.

25Crenshaw City StationMURDER SHE WROTE 1984 TV SeriesTransportationTrains

Crenshaw City Station

26Dinosaur TrainDINOSAUR TRAIN 2009 Animated SeriesTransportationTrains

Dinosaur Train

27Dope TrainTHE VINES 1994 MusicTransportationTrains

Dope Train

28Drug Train SOCIAL DISTORTION 1978 MusicTransportationTrains

Drug Train

29Eastern and Portland RailroadIT HAPPENED TO JANE 1959 FilmTransportationTrains

Eastern and Portland Railroad

30Eastrail TrainGLASS 2019 FilmTransportationTrains

Eastrail Train
Train that derailed, killing everyone on board except for David Dunn. Kevin Wendell Crumb's father was one of the victims.

31Eastrail TrainUNBREAKABLE 2000 FilmTransportationTrains

Eastrail Train
Train that derailed, killing everyone on board except for David Dunn. Kevin Wendell Crumb's father was one of the victims.

32Eastrail TrainSPLIT 2016 FilmTransportationTrains

Eastrail Train
Train that derailed, killing everyone on board except for David Dunn. Kevin Wendell Crumb's father was one of the victims.

33The Energy Train FRIENDS 1994 TV SeriesTransportationTrains

The Energy Train
Joke Monica makes when Chandler doesn't want to work out: No, come on! We can't stop! We got three more pounds to go! I am the energy train and you are on board!

34The Ethics Express THE GOOD PLACE 2016 TV SeriesTransportationTrains

The Ethics Express
The name of the train in Chili's thought experiment.

35Euro Travel Rail CARS 2 2011 Animated FilmTransportationTrains

Euro Travel Rail

36Falcone Express THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE 2017 Animated FilmTransportationTrains

Falcone Express
Local commuter train service in Gotham City.

37The FallTOTAL RECALL 2012 FilmTransportationTrains

The Fall
The gravity elevator that factory workers from the Colony use to commute to the UFB each day.

38Firefly Railway FRINGE 2008 TV SeriesTransportationTrains

Firefly Railway
Train where Roland David Barrett encounters his first victim on his quest to reassemble organ donor Amanda Walsh. "The Northeast Connected".

39Free City SubwayFREE GUY 2020 FilmTransportationTrains

Free City Subway
Subway in Free City.

40Freedom Train LENNY KRAVITZ 1988 MusicTransportationTrains

Freedom Train

41Ghost Train COUNTING CROWS 1991 MusicTransportationTrains

Ghost Train

42Grand ContinentalUNDER SIEGE 2: DARK TERRITORY 1995 FilmTransportationTrains

Grand Continental
Passenger railroad operating the luxury train.

43The Gravy Train THE TWILIGHT ZONE 1962 Comic BooksTransportationTrains

The Gravy Train
Joke Race Corey's colleague makes.

44HamtrackCAPTAIN CARROT AND HIS AMAZING ZOO CREW 1982 Comic BooksTransportationTrains

Passenger railroad.

45Heartbreak Station CINDERELLA 1983 MusicTransportationTrains

Heartbreak Station
Train station.

46Hill Valley Train StationBACK TO THE FUTURE PART III 1990 FilmTransportationTrains

Hill Valley Train Station

47Hogwarts ExpressHARRY POTTER AND THE SORCERER'S STONE 1997 LiteratureTransportationTrains

Hogwarts Express
The train that runs between King's Cross Station Platform 9 3/4 in London, and Hogsmeade Station.

48Hogwarts Express HARRY POTTER AND THE SORCERER'S STONE 2001 FilmTransportationTrains

Hogwarts Express
Train that carries students to Hogwarts.

49The Hostage Mover HOT SHOTS! PART DEUX 1993 FilmTransportationTrains

The Hostage Mover
Train that runs through Saddam's compound.

50The Human Being Railway! COMMUNITY 2009 TV SeriesTransportationTrains

The Human Being Railway!
Dean Pelton's into trains now: "Whoo! Whoo! All aboard the Human Being Railway!"

51Huxley Station ORPHAN BLACK 2013 TV SeriesTransportationTrains

Huxley Station
Where Sarah sees Elizabeth Childs commit suicide by train.

52Hyperloop UPLOAD 2020 TV SeriesTransportationTrains

Future train service from New York to Los Angeles.

53Jeffords Victory Express BROOKLYN NINE-NINE 2013 TV SeriesTransportationTrains

Jeffords Victory Express
Terry's Train on the Model Train Track In the Room for Kids at the Precinct.

54The Johnny Johnson Express NEWSRADIO 1995 TV SeriesTransportationTrains

The Johnny Johnson Express
Joke Johnny Johnson makes: "Dave, the Johnny Johnson Express is leaving the station. And I'm offering you a seat in first class."

55Kids Club Train BOB'S BURGERS 2011 Animated SeriesTransportationTrains

Kids Club Train
Joke the childcare program teacher Miss Erica makes: Who's ready for fun? Buckle up, the Kids Club Train is about to blast off, honk-honk! To which Gene replies: Lot of mixed metaphors, but love her energy.

56KrebTrackTHE ADVENTURES OF PETE & PETE 1989 TV SeriesTransportationTrains

To solve an algebra word problem involving trains, Teddy takes a ride on KrebTrack in "X=Why?".

57The Lenny DeStefano Train BOB'S BURGERS 2011 Animated SeriesTransportationTrains

The Lenny DeStefano Train
Joke Tina makes when she and Louise are trying to figure out who "like-likes" Gene: Geez, who isn't on the Lenny DeStefano Train. It sold out even before it left the station.

58Liberty City Train GRAND THEFT AUTO III 2001 Video GamesTransportationTrains

Liberty City Train
Local train service in Liberty City.

59Lutz Metropolitan THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL 2014 FilmTransportationTrains

Lutz Metropolitan

60M-Track Monorail Service FRINGE 2008 TV SeriesTransportationTrains

M-Track Monorail Service
Olivia attempts to keep Michael safe by taking him on the train, but he steps off, walking into the hands of the Observers.

61MassTrack FRINGE 2008 TV SeriesTransportationTrains

Mass Transit train in Massachusetts where Scientist Alistair Peck returns to the past, killing everyone in the train car.

62Medicine Train THE CULT 1983 MusicTransportationTrains

Medicine Train

63MetRail DARK CITY 1998 FilmTransportationTrains

Train service in the city.

64The Metropolis FlyerSUPERMAN 1978 FilmTransportationTrains

The Metropolis Flyer
Train in Metropolis.

65Metropolis Limited BATMAN 1940 Comic BooksTransportationTrains

Metropolis Limited

66Metroville Union THE INCREDIBLES 2004 Animated FilmTransportationTrains

Metroville Union
Local train service in Metroville.

67The Millhurst Express2:22 2017 FilmTransportationTrains

The Millhurst Express
Old train line that used to run through Grand Central Station 30 years earlier.

68MRT JUDGE DREDD 1995 FilmTransportationTrains

Train service in Megacity I.

69MTA: Monstropolis Transit AuthorityMONSTERS, INC. 2001 Animated FilmTransportationTrains

MTA: Monstropolis Transit Authority

70Municiberg TransitTHE INCREDIBLES 2004 Animated FilmTransportationTrains

Municiberg Transit
Local train service in Municiberg.

71Night Train GUNS N' ROSES 1985 MusicTransportationTrains

Night Train
I'm on the night train, bottoms up, I'm on the night train, fill my cup, I'm on the night train, ready to crash and burn, I never learn.

72Nighttrain PUBLIC ENEMY 1982 MusicTransportationTrains


73Octan Transit THE LEGO MOVIE 2014 Animated FilmTransportationTrains

Octan Transit
Local commuter train, owned by the Octan Corporation.

74Pacific Electric WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT 1988 FilmTransportationTrains

Pacific Electric
The world's finest public transportation system. Noe a Cloverleaf Industry.

75The Pain Train ANGER MANAGEMENT 2012 TV SeriesTransportationTrains

The Pain Train
Joke Ed makes when Charlie's father shows up at Charlie's family counseling session. Ed: "Welcome aboard the pain train Charlie Whoo! Whoo!"

76Phoenix-DurangoATLAS SHRUGGED 1957 LiteratureTransportationTrains

Old, small railroad located in the Southwest run by Dan Conway.

77Piston Peak Railway PLANES: FIRE & RESCUE 2014 Animated FilmTransportationTrains

Piston Peak Railway

78Rail CellDEPARTURE 2016 LiteratureTransportationTrains

Rail Cell
Original company brand name that becomes Podway.

79Rail-Ties THE PRETENDER 1996 TV SeriesTransportationTrains

Train service offering low one-way fares - newspaper clipping in Dylan Hale's backpack.

80RAILINK POLICE ACADEMY 6: CITY UNDER SIEGE 1989 FilmTransportationTrains

Passenger train.

81Randy Stevenot No. 3 MUPPETS MOST WANTED 2014 FilmTransportationTrains

Randy Stevenot No. 3
Old circus train used by the Muppets for their world tour.

82Red Car Trolley LineWHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT 1988 FilmTransportationTrains

Red Car Trolley Line
Transit line in Los Angeles.

83Ronnie Miller Express CAN'T BUY ME LOVE 1987 FilmTransportationTrains

Ronnie Miller Express
Joke that Ronald makes.

84Ryme Cityrail POKEMON DETECTIVE PIKACHU 2019 FilmTransportationTrains

Ryme Cityrail
Local train service in Ryme City.

85The Silver StreakSILVER STREAK 1976 FilmTransportationTrains

The Silver Streak
Passenger train.

86Silver Train THE ROLLING STONES 1962 MusicTransportationTrains

Silver Train

87SkyTrain SMALLVILLE 2001 TV SeriesTransportationTrains

Train service in Metropolis.

88The Sleepy Train THE SIMPSONS 1989 Animated SeriesTransportationTrains

The Sleepy Train
Train from the song Marge sings to Bart during Tuck-in Time: "All aboard the sleepy train to visit Mother Goose. Barty's stop is Snoozy Lane to rest his sweet caboose."

89SnowpiercerLE TRANSPERCENEIGE 1982 Comic BooksTransportationTrains


90SnowpiercerSNOWPIERCER 2013 FilmTransportationTrains


91The Spirit of Pawnee [train] PARKS AND RECREATION 2009 TV SeriesTransportationTrains

The Spirit of Pawnee [train]
The Spirit of Pawnee is the name of a mural that gets defaced on a regular basis, featuring a train also called The Spirit of Pawnee. Eventually, the name is changed to The Diversity Express.

92Springfield & Western THE SIMPSONS 1989 Animated SeriesTransportationTrains

Springfield & Western

93The Springfield Monorail THE SIMPSONS 1989 Animated SeriesTransportationTrains

The Springfield Monorail
Lyle Lanley tricks the residents of Springfield into building a monorail instead of fixing up Main Street.

94Springfield Rail Yards G.I. JOE: A REAL AMERICAN HERO 1982 Comic BooksTransportationTrains

Springfield Rail Yards
Railroad yard in Springfield.

95Spruce Caboose & Co. THE SIMPSONS 1989 Animated SeriesTransportationTrains

Spruce Caboose & Co.
Once the most beautiful, most expensive train ever built. Now a restaurant. Location of power plant employee Mr. Jack Marley's retirement party.

96Starling City RailARROW 2012 TV SeriesTransportationTrains

Starling City Rail
Train service in Starling City.

97Subway to Venus RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS 1983 MusicTransportationTrains

Subway to Venus
Let my band step inside and take you on a cosmic ride. With honest sounds I'll paint your brain, for in this song I do proclaim that once aboard this moving train, I'll do my best to ease your pain. Slinky as my speech may be, on this trip you'll ride for free, this axis bold as love you see comes and goes so easily. Space is king or so I sing, Subway to Venus.

98The Terryliner BROOKLYN NINE-NINE 2013 TV SeriesTransportationTrains

The Terryliner
Terry's train on the model train track in the room for kids at the precinct.

99The Tommy Town Express PARKS AND RECREATION 2009 TV SeriesTransportationTrains

The Tommy Town Express
Joke Jean-Ralphio makes about how Tom's got the best investment ideas. "Listen, you got to jump on the Tommy Town Express."

100Toonerville TrolleyPET SEMATARY 1989 FilmTransportationTrains

Toonerville Trolley
Joke Louis' first med School roommate used to make, which he called "Tuinals Tooners": Hop up on the Toonerville Trolley, Louis, and I'll put on some Creedence.

101Toonzoomer No. 1 WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT 1988 FilmTransportationTrains

Toonzoomer No. 1
Train service in Toowntown that comes flying by after Judge Doom gets melted in his own dip.

102Train of Consequences MEGADETH 1983 MusicTransportationTrains

Train of Consequences
Set the ball a-rollin', I'll be clicking off the miles on the Train of Consequences. My boxcar life o' style, my thinking is derailed, I'm tied up to the tracks, the Train of Consequences, there ain't no turning back.

103Train of Thought INSIDE OUT 2015 Animated FilmTransportationTrains

Train of Thought
Train in Riley's mind that moves memories around.

104Trans Bay Tube 2 STAR TREK: DEEP SPACE NINE 1993 TV SeriesTransportationTrains

Trans Bay Tube 2
Public transportation in San Franciscom, circa 2024.

105Trans Francisco STAR TREK: VOYAGER 1995 TV SeriesTransportationTrains

Trans Francisco
Train service in San Francisco in the alternate timeline in which Harry never joined the crew of Voyager.

106Trans-Eternal railwayTHE GOOD PLACE 2016 TV SeriesTransportationTrains

Trans-Eternal railway
Train service in the Good Place.

107Transylvania StationYOUNG FRANKENSTEIN 1974 FilmTransportationTrains

Transylvania Station

108Trick-or-Treat Train BOB'S BURGERS 2011 Animated SeriesTransportationTrains

Trick-or-Treat Train
Joke Gene makes: Sorry, Mother, you must be this young to ride the Trick or Treat Train.

109Truth Train POKER FACE 2023 TV SeriesTransportationTrains

Truth Train
Joke the host of the Deep State Dispatch radio program mentions, the radio station that Charlie finds on the road.

110The Truth Train THE SIMPSONS 1989 Animated SeriesTransportationTrains

The Truth Train
Marge Simpson (while watching TV reality show Promiscuous Idiots Island): Get ready skanks - here comes the truth train!

111The Underalls Express CHEERS 1982 TV SeriesTransportationTrains

The Underalls Express
Train from joke Norm makes about watching the secretaries go up the escalator in the lobby of the corporation where Sam gets a job.

112Union Pathetic RailroadTHE ROCKY AND BULLWINKLE SHOW 1959 Animated SeriesTransportationTrains

Union Pathetic Railroad
Frostbite Falls was serviced by this railroad.

113Zion Train BOB MARLEY 1962 MusicTransportationTrains

Zion Train
The Zion train is coming our way / Oh, people, get on board!

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