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Record Name
1Adams Inn THE X-FILES 1993 TV SeriesTravelInns

Adams Inn

2All Star Inn IT'S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA 2005 TV SeriesTravelInns

All Star Inn
Motel where the gang stays down at the Jersey Shore.

3AllTucked Inn G.I. JOE: A REAL AMERICAN HERO 1982 Comic BooksTravelInns

AllTucked Inn
Motel where Zandar and Zarana conduct a get rich quick seminar.

3Altair Bay Inn HAVEN 2010 TV SeriesTravelInns

Altair Bay Inn
The Altair Bay Inn is an inn located in Haven, Maine and owned by the family of Wesley Toomey. Audrey Parker was held captive in the basement.

4American Family InnELECTION 1999 FilmTravelInns

American Family Inn

5Aphrodite Inn THE SIMPSONS 1989 Animated SeriesTravelInns

Aphrodite Inn
Hotel in Springfield.

3Atlantic Avenue InnCELL 2006 LiteratureTravelInns

Atlantic Avenue Inn
Where Clay was staying in Boston.

4Avalon Motor InnTHE MOTHMAN PROPHECIES 2002 FilmTravelInns

Avalon Motor Inn
Motel where John in Point Pleasant.

5Backwoods Inn SPACE FORCE 2020 TV SeriesTravelInns

Backwoods Inn
After agreeing to an open marriage with his wife, Mark takes his date to the restaurant at a hotel.

6Barros Inn STAR TREK: DEEP SPACE NINE 1993 TV SeriesTravelInns

Barros Inn
Jadzia and Lenara Kahn reminisnce about Curzon was kicked out of the Barros Inn, one of the wildest bars in the whole Rigel System, after sort of setting fire to it as part of a bet.

7Bethlehem Inn THE SIMPSONS 1989 Animated SeriesTravelInns

Bethlehem Inn
Hotel in the story about the first Christmas that Homer tells at church. "Welcome class of 20 B.C."

8The Bitter InnJOHNNY RODRIGUEZ 1972 MusicTravelInns

The Bitter Inn

9The Black & Gold InnOLD HAUNTS 1957 LiteratureTravelInns

The Black & Gold Inn

10Boar's Head Inn WINGS 1990 TV SeriesTravelInns

Boar's Head Inn

11Branford Inn FRASIER 1993 TV SeriesTravelInns

Branford Inn
Where Martin and Ronnie get married.

12The Bridge InnTHE CASTLE 1926 LiteratureTravelInns

The Bridge Inn
The inn where K stays in the village when he first arrives - and where Frieda started out as a stable maid.

13Brimmer Street Inn CHEERS 1982 TV SeriesTravelInns

Brimmer Street Inn
Hotel where Sam goes looking for a room when he locks himself out of Cheers.

14Budget Motor Inn TWO AND A HALF MEN 2003 TV SeriesTravelInns

Budget Motor Inn
Motel where Herb stays after Judith leaves him.

15The Cacti InnOLD NAVY 1994 AdvertisingTravelInns

The Cacti Inn
Motel from Old Navy commercial 2023.

16Chestnut Inn FRIENDS 1994 TV SeriesTravelInns

Chestnut Inn
Romantic hotel where Chandler and Ross stay in Vermont.

17Clearwater Inn THE PRETENDER 1996 TV SeriesTravelInns

Clearwater Inn
Hotel in Slade, Arizona where Jarod goes looking for the mother and daughter that were attacked on the used camcorder he buys at a pawn shop.

18Cockatoo InnJACKIE BROWN 1997 FilmTravelInns

Cockatoo Inn

19The Come InnMEGA TIME SQUAD 2018 FilmTravelInns

The Come Inn
Motel where Johnny and Kelly spend the night in the honeymoon suite.

20Comfy Nite Inn DUMB AND DUMBER TO 2014 FilmTravelInns

Comfy Nite Inn
Motel in El Paso.

3Comfy Nite Inn HALL PASS 2011 FilmTravelInns

Comfy Nite Inn
Hotel where Rick and Fred stay when they get their hall passes.

3Cottage Inn BROOKLYN NINE-NINE 2013 TV SeriesTravelInns

Cottage Inn
Hotel in Sarasota Springs where Captain Holt and his husband Kevin buy an English walnut pie.

4Cottonwood Inn FEAR THE WALKING DEAD 2015 TV SeriesTravelInns

Cottonwood Inn

5Dark Harbor InnFLASH GORDON 1980 FilmTravelInns

Dark Harbor Inn

6Decency Inn BOB'S BURGERS 2011 Animated SeriesTravelInns

Decency Inn
Hotel where Koji - the actor that played Samurai Hawk - is staying in town. Bob and Louise follow him there from the wharf.

3Desert Inn THE GODFATHER PART II 1974 FilmTravelInns

Desert Inn
Hotel and casino that opened in 1950, financed by the Lakeville Road Group and the Mafia, and was frequented by Michael Corleone.

3Devon InnA SEPARATE PEACE 1959 LiteratureTravelInns

Devon Inn
Local hotel near the Devon School.

4Discount Inn MEMENTO 2000 FilmTravelInns

Discount Inn

3Do Doze Inn BOB'S BURGERS 2011 Animated SeriesTravelInns

Do Doze Inn
Motel across the street from the hotel where Tina is staying for the Heroine Conference.

3Dockett Cove InnMURDER 101 1991 FilmTravelInns

Dockett Cove Inn
Hotel where Francesca Lavin tricks the professor into meeting her with a forged note from Laura.

4Don't Drop InnSESAME STREET 1969 TV SeriesTravelInns

Don't Drop Inn
Grouch diner from Sesame Street presents: Follow that Bird.

5The Don't Fall Inn G.I. JOE: A REAL AMERICAN HERO 1982 Comic BooksTravelInns

The Don't Fall Inn
Daytona Beach dive where Zartan first met the original Cobra Commander.

3Dragon's Breath Inn SLIDERS 1995 TV SeriesTravelInns

Dragon's Breath Inn
Hotel on the Druid world.

4The Driftwood InnDEAD DOGS 1999 FilmTravelInns

The Driftwood Inn

5The Drink 'n' Drive Inn THE CRITIC 1994 Animated SeriesTravelInns

The Drink 'n' Drive Inn
Location of Jay's party that no one shows up to.

3The Drowsy Tiger Inn BOJACK HORSEMAN 2014 Animated SeriesTravelInns

The Drowsy Tiger Inn
Hotel where Diane stays in Vietnam.

4Easy Rest InnSUBARU 1954 AdvertisingTravelInns

Easy Rest Inn
Outback television commercial.

5Easy Rest InnCLAY PIGEONS 1998 FilmTravelInns

Easy Rest Inn

6Easy Rest InnRUBBER 2010 FilmTravelInns

Easy Rest Inn

7Edelen's Braidwood Inn PLANES, TRAINS & AUTOMOBILES 1987 FilmTravelInns

Edelen's Braidwood Inn
Motel where Neal and Del stay in Wichita, Kansas.

3The End of the Rainbow Inn CHRIS WALL 1991 MusicTravelInns

The End of the Rainbow Inn

4Eros Inn THE PRETENDER 1996 TV SeriesTravelInns

Eros Inn
Jarod pretends to be a sex therapist investigating the assault of Dr. Melissa Blass at the Eros Inn.

5Fairweather InnSOUL BLADE 1996 Video GamesTravelInns

Fairweather Inn
The Tale of the Legendary Weapon Soul Edge is told in the Soulblade instruction booklet.

6The Gentlemen's InnTHE CASTLE 1926 LiteratureTravelInns

The Gentlemen's Inn
The inn where K meets Frieda, also known as the Castle Inn.

7The Golden InnMOBY-DICK; OR, THE WHALE 1851 LiteratureTravelInns

The Golden Inn
For my humour's sake, I shall preserve the style in which I once narrated it at Lima, to a lounging circle of my Spanish friends, one saint's eve, smoking upon the thick-gilt tiled piazza of the Golden Inn.

8Grady's Inn RESIDENT EVIL: APOCALYPSE 2004 FilmTravelInns

Grady's Inn
Hotel name on matchbook Valentine tries to use to blow up the dogs at the school.

3Grady's Inn RESIDENT EVIL 3: NEMESIS 1999 Video GamesTravelInns

Grady's Inn
In Resident Evil 3: Nemesis at the beginning of intro cutscene with Jill's narration featured the picture of right curving North Street in Boston, Massachusetts, one can see the sign written with "GRADY'S INN" on the building.

3Green Glen Inn SEINFELD 1989 TV SeriesTravelInns

Green Glen Inn

4The Green Man InnROB ZOMBIE 1985 MusicTravelInns

The Green Man Inn
From the Rob Zombie song "The Ballad Of Ressurection Joe And Rosa Whore" on the album Hellbilly Deluxe.

5Higby's Inn ROD SERLING'S THE TWILIGHT ZONE 1963 LiteratureTravelInns

Higby's Inn
Ghost hunters Bruce Barlow and Jeff Shelby visit the haunted hotel Black Sun Tavern, once known as Higby's Inn.

6Hog's Head InnHARRY POTTER AND THE SORCERER'S STONE 1997 LiteratureTravelInns

Hog's Head Inn
Inn and pub in Hogsmeade.

7Hold It Inn G.I. JOE: A REAL AMERICAN HERO 1982 Comic BooksTravelInns

Hold It Inn

3The Holdout InnLEGO SCOOBY-DOO! BLOWOUT BEACH BASH 2017 Animated FilmTravelInns

The Holdout Inn

4Holiday InnHOLIDAY INN 1942 FilmTravelInns

Holiday Inn
Jim turn his farm into an entertainment venue called "Holiday Inn" which will is only open on public holidays. Inspiration for Kemmons Wilson's famous hotel chain.

5Independence InnGILMORE GIRLS 2000 TV SeriesTravelInns

Independence Inn
In Stars Hollow, Connecticut. Run by Lorelai Gilmore. Sookie St. James is the cook.

6Inn THE SIMPSONS 1989 Animated SeriesTravelInns

Marge's sisters take her to a speed dating mixer called Shelbyville Single Mingle at a generic hotel named "Inn" so she can meet some new guys after she gets amnesia and forgets Homer.

7The Inn of the Last HomeDRAGONLANCE SERIES 1984 LiteratureTravelInns

The Inn of the Last Home

8The Inn of the North Star KEY & PEELE 2012 TV SeriesTravelInns

The Inn of the North Star

9Judgment Inn DEFENDING YOUR LIFE 1991 FilmTravelInns

Judgment Inn
Hotel in Judgment City.

3The Just Washed Inn WINGS 1990 TV SeriesTravelInns

The Just Washed Inn
Motel where Antonio stays when he lies about getting back together with his ex-girlfriend.

4La Grunta Inn and Resort KING OF THE HILL 1997 Animated SeriesTravelInns

La Grunta Inn and Resort
Where Dale takes Nancy for her 40th birthday.

5The Lanford InnROSEANNE 1988 TV SeriesTravelInns

The Lanford Inn
Fancy restaurant.

6The Laughing Horse InnKING MAX 2016 LiteratureTravelInns

The Laughing Horse Inn
Egon Sterling's motel in Wabamun.

7The Laughing Horse Inn PHOENIX 2010 LiteratureTravelInns

The Laughing Horse Inn
Egon's motel.

8The Laughing Horse Inn TADPOLE 2005 LiteratureTravelInns

The Laughing Horse Inn
Floyd catches Loretta cheating on him with Dr. Ian Holt at the Laughing Horse Inn in Wabamun.

9Lincoln Park Inn BOBBY BARE 1958 MusicTravelInns

Lincoln Park Inn
"I'm almost out of cigarettes and Margie is at the Lincoln Park Inn, and I know why she's there."

10The Little Inn at PeekskillTHE FACTS OF LIFE REUNION 2001 FilmTravelInns

The Little Inn at Peekskill
The gang reunites at The Little Inn at Peekskill, a hotel owned by Blair.

11The Lonely Lodger Inn THE UMBRELLA ACADEMY 2019 TV SeriesTravelInns

The Lonely Lodger Inn
Hotel in Oshkosh, Winsconsin where Five assassinates the Commission's board of directors in 1982.

12Lonepoint Inn & Saloon TREMORS 2018 TV SeriesTravelInns

Lonepoint Inn & Saloon
Hotel and saloon in Perfection.

3Low Quality Inn THE SIMPSONS 1989 Animated SeriesTravelInns

Low Quality Inn
Hotel where the Simpsons stay in Barnacle Bay.

4The Lynnwood Inn SUPERNATURAL 2005 TV SeriesTravelInns

The Lynnwood Inn

5The Lynwood Inn THE X-FILES 1993 TV SeriesTravelInns

The Lynwood Inn

6Majestic Arms Inn BACK TO THE FUTURE: THE GAME 2010 Video GamesTravelInns

Majestic Arms Inn
Hotel in Hill Valley 1931.

3Maple Drop Inn BROOKLYN NINE-NINE 2013 TV SeriesTravelInns

Maple Drop Inn
Bed and breakfast where Jake and Amy stay.

4McDougal Inn SMALLVILLE 2001 TV SeriesTravelInns

McDougal Inn
Haunted Scottish countryside bed and breakfast where Clark and Lois - and Chloe and Oliver - on separate getaways - encounter a murderous ghost.

3The Mermaid Inn THE GREATEST AMERICAN HERO 1981 TV SeriesTravelInns

The Mermaid Inn
Hotel where Ralph is supposed to take Pam but its sidetracked with Bill as usual.

4Moe's Inn THE SIMPSONS 1989 Animated SeriesTravelInns

Moe's Inn
Middle Ages version of Moe's Tavern from 1649 A.D.

5Montcrest Inn MEMENTO 2000 FilmTravelInns

Montcrest Inn
Natalie writes down the name of the motel where Dodd is staying as Monterest Inn, but when Leonard mentions it in his narration, he calls it Montcrest Inn.

3Muscoot InnANALYZE THIS 1999 FilmTravelInns

Muscoot Inn

4New Darwin Inn JOHNNY MNEMONIC 1995 FilmTravelInns

New Darwin Inn
Hotel where Johnny stays.

3Nonheagan InnFLETCH 1974 LiteratureTravelInns

Nonheagan Inn
Where Stanwyck stays when he visits his parents in Nonheagan.

4Norwood InnALPHA DOG 2006 FilmTravelInns

Norwood Inn
Where Johnny calls Jake from.

5The OBerge InnHART TO HART 1979 TV SeriesTravelInns

The OBerge Inn

6Ocean Spray InnTRUE ADOLESCENTS 2009 FilmTravelInns

Ocean Spray Inn

7Old Cadwallader Inn THE TWILIGHT ZONE 2019 TV SeriesTravelInns

Old Cadwallader Inn
Hotel where Nina and Dorian spend the night. Reference to the devil's name in episode Escape Clause.

8Olde English InnCANNONBALL RUN 1981 FilmTravelInns

Olde English Inn

9Ollidy Inn IT'S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA 2005 TV SeriesTravelInns

Ollidy Inn
Hotel, parody of Holiday Inn. The gang loses their tickets to game 5 of the World Series and tries to sneak into the game via a rumored underground tunnel from the Ollidy Inn across the street.

10Oxwood Inn PARKS AND RECREATION 2009 TV SeriesTravelInns

Oxwood Inn
Hotel, bar.

11The Paradise InnSTAR TREK V: THE FINAL FRONTIER 1989 FilmTravelInns

The Paradise Inn
Hotel in Paradise City. Advertisement: "Your dream can become a reality. We at the Paradise Inn attempt to create the closest thing to paradise in Paradise... City, that is."

12Pinnacle Ski ResortHOT TUB TIME MACHINE 2010 FilmTravelInns

Pinnacle Ski Resort

13Pleasant Dreams Inn CASTLE ROCK 2018 TV SeriesTravelInns

Pleasant Dreams Inn
Boarded up hotel in Castle Rock, behind Henry M. Deaver when he gets off the bus.

14Radish Inn THE OFFICE 2005 TV SeriesTravelInns

Radish Inn
Jim and Pam stay the night at Dwight's beet farm bed and breakfast, joking about the name on their way there.

15The Raven Inn BLACK MIRROR 2011 TV SeriesTravelInns

The Raven Inn

16The Raven's InnTHE CITY OF THE DEAD 1960 FilmTravelInns

The Raven's Inn

17The Real Inn VERONICA MARS 2004 TV SeriesTravelInns

The Real Inn
Veronica and Duncan pulled over by police on the PCH for outstanding tickets, a mile from the Real Inn.

18Red Lobster InnPINOCCHIO 1940 Animated FilmTravelInns

Red Lobster Inn

19Red Rash Inn THE SIMPSONS MOVIE 2007 Animated FilmTravelInns

Red Rash Inn
Motel where the Simpsons stay after the town burns down their house.

3Red Wolf InnFOLKS AT RED WOLF INN 1972 FilmTravelInns

Red Wolf Inn
Rural resort run by an elderly couple who serve meals of human flesh.

4Rio Days-Inn-Ero THE SIMPSONS 1989 Animated SeriesTravelInns

Rio Days-Inn-Ero
Hotel where the Simpsons stay in Brazil.

5Rise & Shine InnRALPH BREAKS THE INTERNET 2018 Animated FilmTravelInns

Rise & Shine Inn
Motel at Disney online.

6Roadside Inn THE SHIELD 2002 TV SeriesTravelInns

Roadside Inn
Motel. Mentioned. Where the sister of the ex-gangmember that Lem shot is staying.

7The Royal Fart Inn THE SIMPSONS 1989 Animated SeriesTravelInns

The Royal Fart Inn
The Simpsons' hotel in Florida during spring break. Some hooligans rearrange the letters to speak out, "The Royal Frat Inn".

8Royal Motor Inn BROOKLYN NINE-NINE 2013 TV SeriesTravelInns

Royal Motor Inn
Motel where Jake and Boyle track down a tip from the police commissioner's HotClues app.

9Safari Inn TRUE ROMANCE 1993 FilmTravelInns

Safari Inn

3Safari Inn THE MORNING SHOW 2019 TV SeriesTravelInns

Safari Inn
Motel where the crew of The Morning Show stays while reporting on the California wildfires.

4Salem InnDAYS OF OUR LIVES 1965 TV SeriesTravelInns

Salem Inn
Hotel where Derrick worked as a bellhop.

5Saracen InnTHE GORGON 1964 FilmTravelInns

Saracen Inn
Sascha's father Janus Cass is the landlord of the Saracen Inn in Vandorf.

6Save-A-Bit Motor Inn UPLOAD 2020 TV SeriesTravelInns

Save-A-Bit Motor Inn
Nora and her father prepare to go off the grid.

7Sconset Inn WINGS 1990 TV SeriesTravelInns

Sconset Inn
Hotel where Joe and Helen are considering having their wedding, so they crash somebody else's wedding to check it out.

8Sea Shadows Inn CHEERS 1982 TV SeriesTravelInns

Sea Shadows Inn
Hotel on Cape Cod where Sam takes his date and Diane follows.

9Seacliff InnTHE HAUNTING OF SEACLIFF INN 1994 FilmTravelInns

Seacliff Inn

10Shelter Mountain Inn THE RING 2002 FilmTravelInns

Shelter Mountain Inn
Rachel goes to Shelter Mountain Inn, the mountain retreat where Katie and her friends watched the tape. She rents the same cabin and watches the tape.

4The Shuffle InnTHE COLORADO KID 2005 LiteratureTravelInns

The Shuffle Inn
"I showed everyone at the shop Cogan's picture, including the sweep-up boy. I was convinced he must have bought that pack there, unless he got it out of a vendin machine at a place like the Red Roof or the Shuffle Inn or maybe Sonny's Sunoco. The way I figured, he must have finished his smokes while wanderin around Moosie, after gettin off the ferry, then bought a fresh supply. And Ialso figured that if he got em at the News, he must have gotten em shortly before eleven, which is when the News closes. That would explain why he just smoked one, and only used one of his new matches, before he died."

5Sierra InnPLAYING GOD 1997 FilmTravelInns

Sierra Inn
Where David saves Angelina's life after she's been shot.

6Sleep Inn RICK AND MORTY 2013 Animated SeriesTravelInns

Sleep Inn
Motel visible in the background when Night Summer and her proxy drones catch up with the Day Family.

3The Smallville Inn SMALLVILLE 2001 TV SeriesTravelInns

The Smallville Inn
Hotel in Smallville where Jason's mother stays when she comes to visit.

4The Spouter-InnMOBY-DICK; OR, THE WHALE 1851 LiteratureTravelInns

The Spouter-Inn
Moving on, I at last came to a dim sort of light not far from the docks, and heard a forlorn creaking in the air, and looking up, saw a swinging sign over the door with a white painting upon it, faintly representing a tall straight jet of misty spray, and these words underneath" "The Spouter-Inn: Peter Coffin."

5Stay 'n Save Motor Inn THE X-FILES 1993 TV SeriesTravelInns

Stay 'n Save Motor Inn
Motel where Mulder and Scully stay in Sioux City, Iowa while investigating missing teenage girl Ruby Morris.

3The Stewart InnTHE CELESTINE PROPHECY 1993 LiteratureTravelInns

The Stewart Inn
Hotel where Julia and the narrator stay on the way to Iquitos, a small Inn and hunting camp. The owner is English and supports the Manuscript.

4Stock Pot InnTHE LEGEND OF ZELDA: MAJORA'S MASK 2000 Video GamesTravelInns

Stock Pot Inn
This is an inn located in East Clock Town. Owned by Anju and her mother, it serves as a resting place for weary travelers.

5Stone Valley Inn THE FLINTSTONES 1960 Animated SeriesTravelInns

Stone Valley Inn
Fred must take two physicals: one to take out a life insurance policy, and one for a new job as assistant to Conrad Hailstone at Stone Valley Inn.

6Stratford InnNEWHART 1982 TV SeriesTravelInns

Stratford Inn
Dick Loudon, a 'how-to' book writer from New York who decided to practice what he preached by moving into and renovating a Vermont inn built in 1774.

7The Sword-Fish InnMOBY-DICK; OR, THE WHALE 1851 LiteratureTravelInns

The Sword-Fish Inn
With halting steps I paced the streets, and passed the sign of 'The Crossed Harpoons ' but it looked too expensive and jolly there. Further on, from the bright red windows of the ' Sword-Fish Inn,' there came such fervent rays, that it seemed to have melted the packed snow and ice from before the house, for everywhere else the congealed frost lay ten inches thick in a hard, asphaltic pavement, rather weary for me, when I struck my foot against the flinty projections, because from hard, remorseless service the soles of my boots were in a most miserable plight. Too expensive and jolly, again thought I, pausing one moment to watch the broad glare in the street, and hear the sounds of the tinkling glasses within.

8Three Loaves Public House & InnARCANUM 1984 OtherTravelInns

Three Loaves Public House & Inn

9The Tides Motor Inn THE PUNISHER 2017 TV SeriesTravelInns

The Tides Motor Inn
Motel where Frank and Amy stay in Larkville, Ohio.

10Toledo Express Inn TIMELESS 2016 TV SeriesTravelInns

Toledo Express Inn
Hotel where Wyatt's wife's killer's mother stays.

11The Tumbler Inn FOR ALL MANKIND 2019 TV SeriesTravelInns

The Tumbler Inn
Hotel Gordo mentions.

12Victorian InnOUTBREAK 1995 FilmTravelInns

Victorian Inn
Hotel in Cedar Creek, California.

13Village Inn NIGHT GALLERY 1970 TV SeriesTravelInns

Village Inn

14The Weeping Beech Inn 1408 2007 FilmTravelInns

The Weeping Beech Inn
Bed and breakfast in Fairfield County Mike visits at beginning of movie.

3The Whole Year InnLEAVING LAS VEGAS 1995 FilmTravelInns

The Whole Year Inn

4Woodford Inn FRIENDS 1994 TV SeriesTravelInns

Woodford Inn
Hotel in Vermont where Monica and Chandler have reservations.

5World's End InnTHE SANDMAN 1989 Comic BooksTravelInns

World's End Inn

6Ye Left Turn Inn CARS 2 2011 Animated FilmTravelInns

Ye Left Turn Inn

3Ye Olde Off Ramp Inn THE SIMPSONS 1989 Animated SeriesTravelInns

Ye Olde Off Ramp Inn
Local hotel in Springfield, from various episodes.

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