Film 1987. Written by John Hughes. Directed by John Hughes. Starring Steve Martin, John Candy. Special appearance by Kevin Bacon.
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1American Light & FixtureBBBIndustrial CompaniesManufacturing

American Light & Fixture
Company where Del works as Director of Sales.

2The Canadian Mounted BBBLiteratureNovels

The Canadian Mounted
Romance novel Del reads. Same book that appears 31 years later in Deadpool 2.

3Chalmer's Big and Tall Men's ShopBBBApparelClothing Stores

Chalmer's Big and Tall Men's Shop
Del's store credit card, a seven outlet chain in the Pacific Northwest. "Great stuff."


Passenger railroad.

5Doobby's Taxiola BBBTransportationTaxicabs

Doobby's Taxiola
Cab Neal and Del take from the Wichita airport to the Braidwood Inn.

6Edelen's Braidwood Inn BBBTravelInns

Edelen's Braidwood Inn
Motel where Neal and Del stay in Wichita, Kansas.

7Ibis BBBPersonal CarePerfumes

Perfume product reviewed at Neal's meeting in New York.

8Marathon Car Rental BBBVehiclesVehicle Rental

Marathon Car Rental
Car rental company where Neal goes off on the clerk.

9Mid-Central Airways BBBTransportationAirlines

Mid-Central Airways
Neal and Del's flight from New York to Chicago that gets diverted to Wichita, Kansas.

10Oshkonoggin Cheese BBBFood ProductsCheese

Oshkonoggin Cheese
Cheese in the truck that Neal and Del ride in back to Chicago.

11Overnighter's Discount Club BBBFinancial CompaniesCredit Cards

Overnighter's Discount Club
Del's credit card.

12November 24, 1987 Dates20th Century: 80sEvents

November 24, 1987
Two days before Thanksgiving. Del and Neal's flight from New York to Chicago gets diverted to Wichita, Kansas. They share a room at the Braidwood Inn.

13November 25, 1987 Dates20th Century: 80sEvents

November 25, 1987
One day before Thanksgiving. Del gets him and Neal a ride to Stubbville, where they board a train, which breaks down and they are forced to ride a bus to St. Louis where they split up. Neal has trouble getting a rental and ends up back with Del in his rental car. After driving the wrong way on the highway, they wreck the car and spend the night in a motel.

14November 26, 1987 Dates20th Century: 80sEvents

November 26, 1987
Thanksgiving. Neal and Del make it to Chicago, riding in the back of a truck hauling cheese. When Neal realizes Del doesn't have family to go home to, he takes him home to his house.

15StubbvilleMapUrban AreasCities-U.S.

Kansas town where people trains run out of.

16Car Rental Agent & NealOtherQuotesQuotes

Car Rental Agent & Neal
Car Rental Agent: Welcome to Marathon, may I help you?
Neal: Yes.
Car Rental Agent: How may I help you?
Neal: You can start by wiping that fucking dumbass smile off your rosy fucking cheeks. Then you can give me a fucking automobile. A fucking Datsun, a fucking Toyota, a fucking Mustang, a fucking Buick. Four fucking wheels and a seat!
Car Rental Agent: I really don't care for the way you're speaking to me.
Neal: And I really don't care for the way your company left me in the middle of fucking nowhere with fucking keys to a fucking car that isn't fucking there. And I really didn't care to fucking walk down a fucking highway and across a fucking runway to get back here to have you smile at my fucking face. I want a fucking car right fucking now!

17Car Rental Agent & NealOtherQuotesQuotes

Car Rental Agent & Neal
Car Rental Agent: May I see your rental agreement?
Neal: I threw it away.
Car Rental Agent: Oh boy.
Neal: Oh boy what?
Car Rental Agent: You're fucked.


Del: Six bucks and my right nut says we're not landing in Chicago.

19Name on Doobby's Taxiola license plate.OtherTriviaName Game

Name on Doobby's Taxiola license plate.

20Untitled OtherThemesDark Shadows


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