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1The Academy of Television and Justice FUTURE MAN 2017 TV SeriesEducationAcademies

The Academy of Television and Justice
The DieCathalon host Susan Saint Jackalope's alma mater.

2The Academy SERENITY 2005 FilmEducationAcademies

The Academy
Prestigious school that River Tam attended.

3American Academy of AstronauticsMARS ATTACKS! 1996 FilmEducationAcademies

American Academy of Astronautics
School where Professor Donald Kessler teaches.

4Atomic AcademyTOP OF THE FOOD CHAIN 1999 FilmEducationAcademies

Atomic Academy
Dr. Karel Lamonte's college.

5Barcliff AcademyDESPERATE HOUSEWIVES 2004 TV SeriesEducationAcademies

Barcliff Academy

6Barton Academy THE HOLDOVERS 2023 FilmEducationAcademies

Barton Academy
Setting. New England boarding school.

7Bel-Air AcademyTHE FRESH PRINCE OF BEL-AIR 1990 TV SeriesEducationAcademies

Bel-Air Academy
Private high school that Carlton and Will attend.

8Belly Flop Academy THE SIMPSONS 1989 Animated SeriesEducationAcademies

Belly Flop Academy
When the manager of the Native American casino Caesar's Pow-Wow shows Bart a vision of his future in which Lisa is President of the United States, she designates Bart as the Secretary of Keepin' It Real and sends him to Camp David to draft a report on coolness, where he meets Jimmy Carter's brother Billy Carter's ghost, who breaks the news to him that Lisa is just trying to get rid off him, same as Jimmy Carter did when he was busy making peace ion the Middle East, when he sent Billy to Belly Flop Academy.

9Bencroft AcademyBEN 10 2005 Animated SeriesEducationAcademies

Bencroft Academy

10Bloors AcademyCHILDREN OF THE RED KING SERIES 2002 LiteratureEducationAcademies

Bloors Academy

11Bronto Crane AcademyTHE FLINTSTONES 1960 Animated SeriesEducationAcademies

Bronto Crane Academy
From The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas.

12Bullworth AcademyBULLY 2006 Video GamesEducationAcademies

Bullworth Academy

13Chilton AcademyGILMORE GIRLS 2000 TV SeriesEducationAcademies

Chilton Academy

14Dorset AcademyA GOOD SCHOOL 1978 LiteratureEducationAcademies

Dorset Academy

15Easton AcademyPRIVATE SERIES BY KATE BRIAN 2006 LiteratureEducationAcademies

Easton Academy

16Eden Hall AcademyD3: THE MIGHTY DUCKS 1996 FilmEducationAcademies

Eden Hall Academy

17Eriol AcademyANGELIC LAYER 1999 Comic BooksEducationAcademies

Eriol Academy

18Evansbrook Academy ALIEN 1979 FilmEducationAcademies

Evansbrook Academy
Ripley attends Evansbrook Academy from September 15, 2111 to May 25, 2115. Shows aptitude for ethics, law, and corporate affairs. Graduates at top of her class.

19Exeter Academy BOSTON PUBLIC 2000 TV SeriesEducationAcademies

Exeter Academy

20Explorers Academy PROMETHEUS 2012 FilmEducationAcademies

Explorers Academy
Weyland's alternative grad school for underprivileged college students interested in the fields of biotech, nanotech, cybernetics and terraforming.

21Gaiten AcademyCELL 2006 LiteratureEducationAcademies

Gaiten Academy
Where Clay and his friends hide.

22Gaiten AcademyCELL 2016 FilmEducationAcademies

Gaiten Academy

23Greenwood Academy DEXTER 2006 TV SeriesEducationAcademies

Greenwood Academy
Jamie turns down a therapist position in Atlanta to stay in Miami with Quinn.

24Haven Academy HAVEN 2010 TV SeriesEducationAcademies

Haven Academy
School mentioned.

25Hillcrest Academy HALLOWEEN H20: TWENTY YEARS LATER 1998 FilmEducationAcademies

Hillcrest Academy
Laurie Strode lives under a different name, teaching at Hillcrest Academy, a "posh" private school in Summer Glen, California.

26Hillcrest Academy HALLOWEEN: RESURRECTION 2002 FilmEducationAcademies

Hillcrest Academy
Grace Anderson Sanitarium patient Harold mentions that Michael Myers, believed to be dead at the time, killed four students at Hillcrest Academy on October 31, 1998 (seen in the previous movie).

27Hillside AcademyGILMORE GIRLS 2000 TV SeriesEducationAcademies

Hillside Academy

28Immaculate Heart AcademyBRIDGET LOVES BERNIE 1972 TV SeriesEducationAcademies

Immaculate Heart Academy

29Libby Hill AcademyTHE BOX 2009 FilmEducationAcademies

Libby Hill Academy
Where Cameron Diaz's character teaches philosophy.

30Martha Graham AcademyORYX AND CRAKE 2003 LiteratureEducationAcademies

Martha Graham Academy

31The Martian Academy THE MARTIAN CHRONICLES 1950 LiteratureEducationAcademies

The Martian Academy
College on Mars. Martian psychiatrist: "I'll write this into my greatest monograph! I'll speak of it at the Martian Academy next month! Look at you! Why, you've even changed your eye color from yellow to blue, your skin to pink from brown. And those clothes, and your hands having five fingers instead of six! Biological metamorphosis through psychological imbalance!"

32Massachusetts Academy WOLVERINE AND THE X-MEN 2009 Animated SeriesEducationAcademies

Massachusetts Academy
Mentioned by Emma Frost.

33Medical Academy SERENITY 2005 FilmEducationAcademies

Medical Academy
Academy that Simon Tam attended.

34Milford Academy ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT 2003 TV SeriesEducationAcademies

Milford Academy
School Michael wants to enroll George Michael.

35Morningwood AcademyFAMILY GUY 1999 Animated SeriesEducationAcademies

Morningwood Academy
Carter Pewterschmidt's Alma Mater.

36Motton AcademyCARRIE 1974 LiteratureEducationAcademies

Motton Academy
There was a somber graduation ceremony the following week at neighboring Motton Academy, but there were only fifty-two Seniors left to graduate. The valedictorian, Henry Stampel, broke into tears halfway through his speech and could not continue. There were no Graduation Night parties following the ceremony, the Seniors merely took their diplomas and went home.

37National Academy PLANET OF THE APES 1968 FilmEducationAcademies

National Academy
This ad hoc tribunal of the National Academy is now in session. The president of the Academy presiding. On my right, Dr Maximus, commissioner for animal affairs. And on my left, Dr Zaius, minister of science and chief defender of the faith.

38Nimitz AcademyTEEN WOLF TOO 1987 FilmEducationAcademies

Nimitz Academy
Hamilton University rival.

39Oats Military AcademyBILL & TED'S EXCELLENT ADVENTURE 1989 FilmEducationAcademies

Oats Military Academy
If Ted flunks out of school, his father will send him to military school in Alaska.

40Ohtori AcademyREVOLUTIONARY GIRL UTENA 1996 Comic BooksEducationAcademies

Ohtori Academy

41Ouran Private AcademyOURAN HIGH SCHOOL HOST CLUB 2002 Comic BooksEducationAcademies

Ouran Private Academy

42The Oxbridge AcademyBATMAN AND ROBIN 1997 FilmEducationAcademies

The Oxbridge Academy
University Barbara attends in England, a combination of the University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge.

43Point Blanc AcademyALEX RIDER SERIES 2000 LiteratureEducationAcademies

Point Blanc Academy

44Prescott Academy for the GiftedJUSTICE SQUAD 1999 LiteratureEducationAcademies

Prescott Academy for the Gifted

45Raccoon Ridge AcademyRESIDENT EVIL: APOCALYPSE 2004 FilmEducationAcademies

Raccoon Ridge Academy
Local school mentioned in The Raccoon City Times newspaper article. Headline: City Schools in Real Estate Rush.

46Raymando Bruno Academy PERSON OF INTEREST 2011 TV SeriesEducationAcademies

Raymando Bruno Academy
School mentioned in one of the obituaries for the people that died of heart failure taking Sylocet.

47Rollington AcademyTHE GRIM ADVENTURES OF BILLY & MANDY 2003 Animated SeriesEducationAcademies

Rollington Academy

48Seisou AcademyLA CORDA D'ORO 2003 Video GamesEducationAcademies

Seisou Academy
Divided into General Education and specialized Music Education.

49St. Lobelia AcademyOURAN HIGH SCHOOL HOST CLUB 2002 Comic BooksEducationAcademies

St. Lobelia Academy

50St. Luke's AcademyDAYS OF OUR LIVES 1965 TV SeriesEducationAcademies

St. Luke's Academy
Chase Jennings and Ciara Brady's school.

51Stonybrook AcademyTHE BABY-SITTERS CLUB SERIES 1986 LiteratureEducationAcademies

Stonybrook Academy

52Torrington AcademyMARTIN MYSTERY 2003 Animated SeriesEducationAcademies

Torrington Academy

53Vienna Academy NIGHT GALLERY 1970 TV SeriesEducationAcademies

Vienna Academy

54Vulcan Science Academy STAR TREK: PICARD 2019 TV SeriesEducationAcademies

Vulcan Science Academy
General Picard decapitates Sarek on the steps of the Vulcan Science Academy in Q's alternate timeline.

55Walnut Grove AcademyTHE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS 1973 TV SeriesEducationAcademies

Walnut Grove Academy

56Wayward Pines Academy WAYWARD PINES 2015 TV SeriesEducationAcademies

Wayward Pines Academy
Local school in Wayward Pines. Ben receives a letter welcoming him, as he will be attending the following day.

57Wellington AcademyHIGH SCHOOL HIGH 1996 FilmEducationAcademies

Wellington Academy

58Wellington Academy ALIENS 1986 FilmEducationAcademies

Wellington Academy
Gilbert Ward Kane earned a Masters of Engineering degree from Wellington Academy in Suffolk.

59Worcestershire AcademySHREK THE THIRD 2007 Animated FilmEducationAcademies

Worcestershire Academy
Where Arthur is a student.

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