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124th Street Diner13 GOING ON 30 2004 FilmDiningDiners

24th Street Diner
Diner Jenna mentions, where she and Matt will celebrate their new magazine design being chosen.

24 Star Diner MADAME WEB 2024 FilmDiningDiners

4 Star Diner
Diner where Ezekiel attacks the girls.

3The 59 RESIDENT ALIEN 2021 TV SeriesDiningDiners

The 59
Diner in Patience, Colorado - named after an event in 1884, in which 59 miners died entering a compromised mine to save one missing miner.

4Acorn DinerROBOPOCALYPSE 2011 LiteratureDiningDiners

Acorn Diner
Where Lonnie and Bud are hanging out when it gets attacked by robot controlled cars.

5The AcropolisSQUARE PEGS 1982 TV SeriesDiningDiners

The Acropolis
A Greek diner.

6Al and Susie's Place THE GRAPES OF WRATH 1939 LiteratureDiningDiners

Al and Susie's Place
Diner along Route 66.

7All American DinerSUSPECT ZERO 2004 FilmDiningDiners

All American Diner
Restaurant in Gallup, New Mexico.

8All Night Diner MODEST MOUSE 1992 MusicDiningDiners

All Night Diner
I was at an all night diner, the sign said, "Triple X" but they were talking about root beer, I'm just sitting down, thinking about nothing, looking at the thin air, breathing up the oxygen.

9All Nite Diner THE SANDMAN 1989 Comic BooksDiningDiners

All Nite Diner

10Alley Cat RestaurantTHE ART OF SELF-DEFENSE 2019 FilmDiningDiners

Alley Cat Restaurant

11Al's RICK AND MORTY 2013 Animated SeriesDiningDiners

Diner in space where Rick's Space Crusier meets a Changeformer, the Rick and Morty version of a Transformer.

12Al's Diner11/22/63 2011 LiteratureDiningDiners

Al's Diner
Restaurant where Jake finds the portal to the past.

13Al's DinerAS THE WORLD TURNS 1956 TV SeriesDiningDiners

Al's Diner

14Al's Diner11.22.63 2016 TV SeriesDiningDiners

Al's Diner

15Al's DinerDC LEAGUE OF SUPER-PETS 2022 Animated FilmDiningDiners

Al's Diner
Diner in Metropolis.

16American Luncheonette 20TH CENTURY GHOSTS 2005 LiteratureDiningDiners

American Luncheonette

17Angel's MOONFALL 2022 FilmDiningDiners

Diner where KC Houseman works.

18Angie's Roadside Diner KNOCK AT THE CABIN 2023 FilmDiningDiners

Angie's Roadside Diner
Diner where Andrew and Wen stop and watch the news.

19Arlene's DinerBLUE VELVET 1986 FilmDiningDiners

Arlene's Diner

20Avenue Road Diner FRINGE 2008 TV SeriesDiningDiners

Avenue Road Diner
Diner where data systems repairman and skelter beetle victim Jerry Bissell ate dinner before being killed in the alternate universe.

21Bacon 'N Waffles KING OF THE HILL 1997 Animated SeriesDiningDiners

Bacon 'N Waffles
Diner in Arlen where Hank has lunch with John Redcorn.

22Baillie's Motel & Diner THE JACKET 2005 FilmDiningDiners

Baillie's Motel & Diner
Diner where Jackie works.

23Ballroom DinerMASTERCARD 1966 AdvertisingDiningDiners

Ballroom Diner
From a television commercial.

24Belle's Diner BREAKDOWN 1997 FilmDiningDiners

Belle's Diner
Diner where Jeff is supposed to meet Amy after Red picks her up - but she's not there.

25Benny's Burgers STRANGER THINGS 2016 TV SeriesDiningDiners

Benny's Burgers
First place Eleven shows up after escaping from Hawkins National Laboratory.

26Ben's Diner THE TICK 1994 Animated SeriesDiningDiners

Ben's Diner

27Ben's EateryTHE INSTITUTE 2019 LiteratureDiningDiners

Ben's Eatery
Diner in DuPray, South Carolina.

28Betty's DinerCARRIE NEWCOMER 1980 MusicDiningDiners

Betty's Diner

29Big Bob and Son's Diner BOB'S BURGERS 2011 Animated SeriesDiningDiners

Big Bob and Son's Diner
Big Bob offers Bob partnership in his restaurant. Bob declines.

30Big Bob's Diner BOB'S BURGERS 2011 Animated SeriesDiningDiners

Big Bob's Diner
Bob's father's diner - framed photo in the Belchers' living room.

31Big D's THE RETURNED 2015 TV SeriesDiningDiners

Big D's
Diner in the city of Caldwell where Helen takes Henry to get something to eat.

32The Big FlipFEAR AND LOATHING IN LAS VEGAS 1971 LiteratureDiningDiners

The Big Flip
Diner in Las Vegas where Raoul Duke orders a New York steak for $1.88 and Dr. Gonzo orders the Coyote Bush Basket $2.09.

33Big Jim's Franks & FriesHEROES 2006 TV SeriesDiningDiners

Big Jim's Franks & Fries
Sylar has flashback memory of his father at this abandoned diner.

34Big Nick's Greek Diner SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE 1975 TV SeriesDiningDiners

Big Nick's Greek Diner
April 14, 2018: On this day in SNL history... a man ordered lobster in a diner - Big Nick's Greek Diner.

35Big Pat's BETTER CALL SAUL 2015 TV SeriesDiningDiners

Big Pat's
Diner in Omaha that serves breakfast all day, where Jimmy calls Francesca back in Albuquerque.

36Blue ChipFROM DUSK TILL DAWN 1996 FilmDiningDiners

Blue Chip
Diner that Texas Ranger Earl McGraw mentions: First off. Nadine over at Blue Chip got sort of sick. So she got that goddamn, Mongoloid boy of hers workin' the grill. I mean, that fuckin' idiot doesn't know rat shit from Rice Krispies. They eat breakfast about 9:00. And I'm pukin' up pigs in a blanket, like a sick, fuckin' dog by 10:30.

37Blue Diner HIDING OUT 1987 FilmDiningDiners

Blue Diner
Where the hit men find Andrew.

38The Blue Lake Diner ASH VS. EVIL DEAD 2015 TV SeriesDiningDiners

The Blue Lake Diner

39Blue Point Diner DIFFERENT SEASONS 1982 LiteratureDiningDiners

Blue Point Diner
Diner in Castle Rock.

40Bob's Place THE BEST OF PHILIP K. DICK 1977 LiteratureDiningDiners

Bob's Place
Lunch room in Stuartsville, Iowa.

41Boogies Diner BOOGIES DINER 1994 TV SeriesDiningDiners

Boogies Diner
Setting. Trendy chain diner that includes a fashion and music outlet. Nerdy manager Gerald tries to keep the teenage mischief from affecting the business.

42Boondocks Diner HAVEN 2010 TV SeriesDiningDiners

Boondocks Diner
Diner in Cleaves Mills, Maine where Nathan and the copy of Audrey that The Croatoan creates appear when Nathan leaves Haven.

43Bo's DinerBABY DRIVER 2017 FilmDiningDiners

Bo's Diner
Where Deborah works.

44Bridge DinerTHE EQUALIZER 2014 FilmDiningDiners

Bridge Diner
Restaurant where Robert hangs out at and meets Teri.

45Bud's Diner G.I. JOE: A REAL AMERICAN HERO 1982 Comic BooksDiningDiners

Bud's Diner
Diner where Buzzer steals the 'Love Bandit' truck.

46Busy Bee Diner THE TWILIGHT ZONE 2019 TV SeriesDiningDiners

Busy Bee Diner
Diner from various episodes.

47Buzz N' Eat Diner SMALLVILLE 2001 TV SeriesDiningDiners

Buzz N' Eat Diner
Diner in Smallville from various episodes.

48The Buzzing Sign Diner THE SIMPSONS 1989 Animated SeriesDiningDiners

The Buzzing Sign Diner
Diner where the Simpsons stop on their way to Marge's great aunt Gladys' funeral in Littleneck Falls.

49Cadillac Jack's THE BOOTH AT THE END 2010 TV SeriesDiningDiners

Cadillac Jack's
Diner where the Man works.

50Caldwell DinerDEXTER: NEW BLOOD 2021 TV SeriesDiningDiners

Caldwell Diner
Kurt Caldwell's diner in Iron Lake.

51Carl's Lunch THE GRAPES OF WRATH 1939 LiteratureDiningDiners

Carl's Lunch
Diner along Route 66.

52Carol's Diner SUPER 8 2011 FilmDiningDiners

Carol's Diner
Local diner.

53Castle Rock DinerGWENDY'S BUTTON BOX 2017 LiteratureDiningDiners

Castle Rock Diner

54The Cave 21 JUMP STREET 1987 TV SeriesDiningDiners

The Cave
Roadside diner.

55Charlie's KitchenSELF/LESS 2015 FilmDiningDiners

Charlie's Kitchen

56Chat'n ChewTHE IRON GIANT 1999 Animated FilmDiningDiners

Chat'n Chew
Diner in Rockwell.

57Conants Truck Stop and Diner NIGHT SHIFT 1978 LiteratureDiningDiners

Conants Truck Stop and Diner
Truck stop.

58Costello's THE UMBRELLA ACADEMY 2007 Comic BooksDiningDiners


59Crave Inn THE DREAM MASTER 1988 FilmDiningDiners

Crave Inn
Soda Fountain where Alice works, nod to Wes Craven.

60D.B. Cooper's House of Pancakes NEWSRADIO 1995 TV SeriesDiningDiners

D.B. Cooper's House of Pancakes
Joke Dave makes to Mr. James. "Is it like a promotional stunt for some other company you've got startin' up? Like, D.B. Cooper's House of Pancakes?"

61Darbo's Family GrillBRIGHTBURN 2019 FilmDiningDiners

Darbo's Family Grill
Iconic route 74 diner where Erika Connor worked.

62Devil's KitchenBLACK PANTHER 1977 Comic BooksDiningDiners

Devil's Kitchen
T'Challa assumes the identity of Mr. Okonkwo, an immigrant from the Congo and manager of a diner called Devil's Kitchen.

63Dex's Diner ATTACK OF THE CLONES 2002 FilmDiningDiners

Dex's Diner
Located in CoCo Town on Coruscant.

64Diner THE TICK 1994 Animated SeriesDiningDiners

Generic diner in the City.

65DinerRIDE, FLY GUY, RIDE! 2012 LiteratureDiningDiners


66DinerG.I. JOE: RENEGADES 2010 Animated SeriesDiningDiners

Generic diner serving Cobra brand pies.

67DinerSHOO, FLY GUY! 2006 LiteratureDiningDiners


68DinerFINAL GIRL 2015 FilmDiningDiners


69Diner STREETS OF FIRE 1984 FilmDiningDiners

Generic diner in Richmond where Tom's sister Reva works.

70Diner LOOPER 2012 FilmDiningDiners


71Diner THE ORVILLE 2017 TV SeriesDiningDiners

Generic diner in New York 1945 simulation.

72Diner THE SIMPSONS 1989 Animated SeriesDiningDiners

Generic diner from various episodes.

73Diner THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD 2018 Animated FilmDiningDiners

Batman tells the gang that he'll meet them at the malt shop on the corner of Spears and Ruby - which is simply called Diner.

74Diner STAY TUNED 1992 FilmDiningDiners

Generic diner in TV show.

75Diner THE SIMPSONS MOVIE 2007 Animated FilmDiningDiners

Generic diner near at the truck stop where the Simpsons stop on the road.

76Diner RICK AND MORTY 2013 Animated SeriesDiningDiners

Generic diner across the street from Taco Tambourine.

77Diner BOB'S BURGERS 2011 Animated SeriesDiningDiners

Generic diner where the Belcher family stops after their first confrontation with a candy cane truck.

78Diner REMINISCENCE 2021 FilmDiningDiners

Generic diner on the Sunken Coast.

79Diner TONY HAWK'S PRO SKATER 1+2 2020 Video GamesDiningDiners

Generic diner in San Francisco.

80Diner THE SANDMAN 2022 TV SeriesDiningDiners

Generic diner that John Dee visits, wreaking havoc with Dream's ruby.

81Diner Deluxe 21 JUMP STREET 1987 TV SeriesDiningDiners

Diner Deluxe
Local diner.

82Doce Passos HOMECOMING 2019 TV SeriesDiningDiners

Doce Passos
Diner where Heidi sees Walter.

83Donatello's THE PUNISHER 2017 TV SeriesDiningDiners

Diner in Michigan where Frank takes Beth and her son Rex for pancakes.

84Duzac's DinerHEROES 2006 TV SeriesDiningDiners

Duzac's Diner
The gang member that abducts Monica takes her to this abandoned diner.

85D's Diner LES CLAYPOOL 1979 MusicDiningDiners

D's Diner
There's a place just off the Gravenstein where the milkshakes flow like wine. The best damn breakfast burrito you can get anywhere anytime. When I think of them fried egg sandwishes, well, my mouth starts waterin' hard, and them sweet potato fries and onion rings taste just right 'cause they don't fry in lard.

86Eagle Crossing Restaurant THE OA 2016 TV SeriesDiningDiners

Eagle Crossing Restaurant

87Easterland Diner HUNTER 1984 TV SeriesDiningDiners

Easterland Diner
Diner in Coronado Springs, Texas.

88Easy Greasy Diner YOU 2018 TV SeriesDiningDiners

Easy Greasy Diner
Charge on Joe and Love's Madre Linda Trust Bank statement.

89Eat CHEERS 1982 TV SeriesDiningDiners

Joint on Route One that Norm mentions when they're talking about a trendy new restaurant called "The Cafe"

90ED Easy Diner THE SANDMAN 1989 Comic BooksDiningDiners

ED Easy Diner
John Constantine orders a cheeseburger and two mugs of coffee.

91Eddie's G.I. JOE: A REAL AMERICAN HERO 1982 Comic BooksDiningDiners

Diner where the Dreadnoks and Rip Cord go.

92Eddie's Cats Diner ALF: THE ANIMATED SERIES 1986 Animated SeriesDiningDiners

Eddie's Cats Diner
Restaurant on Melmac.

93Eddie's Diner THE BOB NEWHART SHOW 1972 TV SeriesDiningDiners

Eddie's Diner
Diner Howard mentions, where he goes when he's lonely.

94El Dorado Diner PELICAN CITY 1998 MusicDiningDiners

El Dorado Diner

95Elwood's RoadhouseXXX 2: STATE OF THE UNION 2005 FilmDiningDiners

Elwood's Roadhouse
Where Agent Gibbons and Shavers take Darius for a burger.

96Emerald Pines Diner BLACK MIRROR 2011 TV SeriesDiningDiners

Emerald Pines Diner
Diner - closest building to the Cedarwood Retreat where actress Mazey Day is taken.

97Emma & Pete's Gravy Train FROM DUSK TILL DAWN 1996 FilmDiningDiners

Emma & Pete's Gravy Train
Diner where the Fuller family dines.

98Emma's PlaceBAD MONKEYS: A NOVEL 2008 LiteratureDiningDiners

Emma's Place
Diner in Siesta Corta owned by Jane's friend Carlotta's parents - the Diaz family.

99Emmy's DinerRESIDENT EVIL: WELCOME TO RACCOON CITY 2021 FilmDiningDiners

Emmy's Diner
Diner in Raccoon City.

100End of the World Diner RICK AND MORTY 2013 Animated SeriesDiningDiners

End of the World Diner
Diner in the apocalypse.

101Erik's THE X-FILES 1993 TV SeriesDiningDiners

Diner where Mulder and Scully take the teens they meet sneaking out of Ellens Air Force Base in Idaho.

102Eva's Kitchen STAR TREK: DEEP SPACE NINE 1993 TV SeriesDiningDiners

Eva's Kitchen
Diner from Sisko's mid-20th century New York City hallucination where Benny's girlfriend and Kasidy Yates' counterpart Cassie works. There is also a menu in Benny's apartment.

103Evelyn's Diner THE LAST OF US 2023 TV SeriesDiningDiners

Evelyn's Diner
Diner that Joel carries his daughter Sarah through while being chased by an infected person.

104Eve's Family DinerHORNS 2013 FilmDiningDiners

Eve's Family Diner

105Extreme Junction Diner MR. ROBOT 2015 TV SeriesDiningDiners

Extreme Junction Diner
Where Elliot is shown eating his meals with Leon - actually the Paphos Diner in real life.

106Fat Lou's Roadside Diner DRIVE ANGRY 2011 FilmDiningDiners

Fat Lou's Roadside Diner
Diner where Piper works.

107Fat Nancy's CafeMAD MAX 1979 FilmDiningDiners

Fat Nancy's Cafe
Cafe and gas station on Highway 9. "IF YOU CAN'T SMELL IT... We ain't got it!"

108Fine Home Cooking Restaurant THE BOYS 2019 TV SeriesDiningDiners

Fine Home Cooking Restaurant
Diner where Mother's Milk and Starlight talk. "Blue ribbon winning donuts"

109The Flapjack House SMALLVILLE 2001 TV SeriesDiningDiners

The Flapjack House
Diner next door to the Talon on Main Street in Smallville.

110Flatbush Diner BROOKLYN NINE-NINE 2013 TV SeriesDiningDiners

Flatbush Diner
Ciner that makes really good pie.

111Flickey's THE SIMPSONS 1989 Animated SeriesDiningDiners

Highway diner advertised on billboard when the Simpsons drive to Itchy & Scratchy Land.

112The Floyd DinerCITY HALL 1996 FilmDiningDiners

The Floyd Diner

113Flo's Diner THE BOB NEWHART SHOW 1972 TV SeriesDiningDiners

Flo's Diner
Diner Bob visits.

114Fly by Night DinerHEROES 2006 TV SeriesDiningDiners

Fly by Night Diner
Where Hiro and Ando stop in Lake Mead, NV.

115Food-o-mat FUTURAMA 1999 Animated SeriesDiningDiners

Diner where Fry and Bender eat lunch.

116Frank's Restaurant PARKS AND RECREATION 2009 TV SeriesDiningDiners

Frank's Restaurant
Restaurant where Ron and his ex-wife Tammy eat lunch, argue and almost have sex on their table.

117Frenchies! Diner THE 4400 2004 TV SeriesDiningDiners

Frenchies! Diner
Restaurant - 50's style Diner where Tess Doerner makes people dance all night.

118George Street Diner THE BOYS 2019 TV SeriesDiningDiners

George Street Diner
Diner where Starlight confronts Gecko, blackmailing him into stealing a sample of Compound V from the lab.

119The Gold Saucer DIMENSION 404 2017 TV SeriesDiningDiners

The Gold Saucer
Kojima's diner.

120Good Eats THE TICK 2001 TV SeriesDiningDiners

Good Eats
Diner where Friendly Fire's sidekick support group meets.

121Grandma's K&I Diner BETTER CALL SAUL 2015 TV SeriesDiningDiners

Grandma's K&I Diner
Saul orders French toast, but doesn't eat it. Filmed at a real diner in Albuquerque, but it's supposed to be in Kansas. There is no Grandma's K&I Diner in Kansas.

122Granny DinerGRIZZLY BEAR 2002 MusicDiningDiners

Granny Diner

123The Grease SQUARE PEGS 1982 TV SeriesDiningDiners

The Grease
Local diner. Larry Simpson takes Patty to lunch.

124Greasy But Sincere DinerFREELANCE POLICE 1997 Animated SeriesDiningDiners

Greasy But Sincere Diner

125The Greasy Floor COMMUNITY 2009 TV SeriesDiningDiners

The Greasy Floor
Diner where Jeff planned Abed's Pulp Fiction birthday party.

126The Greasy GrilleCARS 3 2017 Animated FilmDiningDiners

The Greasy Grille
"It's Fritter Time", "A Taste of MMMMerica"

127Greasy Joe's Diner Restaurant GRAND THEFT AUTO III 2001 Video GamesDiningDiners

Greasy Joe's Diner Restaurant
Diner in Liberty City.

128Greasy'sRAMPAGE 1986 Video GamesDiningDiners


129Greasy's Diner GRAVITY FALLS 2012 Animated SeriesDiningDiners

Greasy's Diner
Diner where Grunkle Stan takes the kids for dinner.

130Green Ridge Diner THE PRETENDER 1996 TV SeriesDiningDiners

Green Ridge Diner
Diner where Jarod leads Miss Parker, where she finds Ben, the mysterious man from her mother's past.

131The Gun & Rose HAVEN 2010 TV SeriesDiningDiners

The Gun & Rose
Diner first seen when Nathan goes undercover to try and infiltrate The Guard. Reference to Stephen King's The Dark Tower series. Roland is a gunslinger from another world protecting a rose in an abandoned lot on Earth from destruction.

132Gunga Diner WATCHMEN 1986 Comic BooksDiningDiners

Gunga Diner

133Gunga Diner WATCHMEN 2009 FilmDiningDiners

Gunga Diner
Dan Dreiberg and Laurie Jupiter have lunch.

134Gus's Galaxy Grill SPACEBALLS 1987 FilmDiningDiners

Gus's Galaxy Grill
Diner where Lone Star and Barf stop for lunch.

135Hal's DinerTHIRD ROCK FROM THE SUN 1996 TV SeriesDiningDiners

Hal's Diner

136Hank's THE OFFICE 2005 TV SeriesDiningDiners

Restaurant involved in Gabe's Valentine's day romantic treasure hunt for Erin.

137Happy Diner BACK TO THE FUTURE: THE ANIMATED SERIES 1991 Animated SeriesDiningDiners

Happy Diner
Diner in Hill Valley.

138Hap's DinerTWIN PEAKS: FIRE WALK WITH ME 1992 FilmDiningDiners

Hap's Diner

139Hastings DinerFIRESTARTER 1980 LiteratureDiningDiners

Hastings Diner
Diner in Hastings Glen, New York.

140Haven Bros. Diner DUMB AND DUMBER TO 2014 FilmDiningDiners

Haven Bros. Diner
Food truck where the Harry and Lloyd get hotdogs.

141Helen's TREMORS: THE SERIES 2003 TV SeriesDiningDiners

Diner in Toluca, New Mexico.

142Helen's Doo Wop Diner WINGS 1990 TV SeriesDiningDiners

Helen's Doo Wop Diner
Helen changes up her lunch counter to compete with the new airport lunch cart.

143Holiday Diner ROMEO IS BLEEDING 1993 FilmDiningDiners

Holiday Diner
Diner in Phoenix, Arizona where Jack ends up, as Jim.

144Holly's Diner FRINGE 2008 TV SeriesDiningDiners

Holly's Diner
Diner in Milford, Massachusetts where after being dropped off by men in a white van wearing Hazmat suits, a woman named Emily Kramer causes the other patrons' brains to boil and then explode.

145Holt's Diner BACK TO THE FUTURE 1985 FilmDiningDiners

Holt's Diner
Diner in Hill Valley in 1955.

146Holt's Diner BACK TO THE FUTURE PART II 1989 FilmDiningDiners

Holt's Diner
Diner in Hill Valley in 1955.

147Hoppers THE TICK 1986 Comic BooksDiningDiners

Diner in the city, nod to Edward Hopper's Nighthawks painting.

148Hopper's DinerTHE TICK 1994 Animated SeriesDiningDiners

Hopper's Diner
Diner from multiple episodes.

149Horseshoe Diner JUSTIFIED 2010 TV SeriesDiningDiners

Horseshoe Diner
Diner at hotel where Boyd and Ava are staying.

150House of Pancakes WORKAHOLICS 2011 TV SeriesDiningDiners

House of Pancakes
Where guys go after stealing Anders' Volvo back from Mid Valley Towing.

151Hudson Diner WANDAVISION 2020 TV SeriesDiningDiners

Hudson Diner
Diner in Westview.

152Hungry Dog Diner DEXTER 2006 TV SeriesDiningDiners

Hungry Dog Diner
Diner where Dexter stalks suspected killer Boyd Fowler.

153Ikos Diner30 DAYS OF NIGHT 2007 FilmDiningDiners

Ikos Diner
Diner in Barrow, Alaska.

154Irma's DinerGARFIELD 1978 Comic StripsDiningDiners

Irma's Diner

155Irv's DinerTHE LAST STAND 2013 FilmDiningDiners

Irv's Diner
Diner in Sommerton Junction.

156Isaac's LIMITLESS 2015 TV SeriesDiningDiners

Restaurant that Agent Harris mentions to Brian - where he likes to get egg creams.

157Isabel's DinerTHOR 2011 FilmDiningDiners

Isabel's Diner
Local diner in Puente Antiguo, New Mexico owned by Isabel Alvarez.

158Isabel's Diner WHAT IF...? 2021 Animated SeriesDiningDiners

Isabel's Diner
Where Nick Fury attempts to figure out who the killer is.

159Itty Bitty's Diner KID RADD 2002 Comic StripsDiningDiners

Itty Bitty's Diner
Diner that serves power ups.

160Jack's Diner THE SIMPSONS 1989 Animated SeriesDiningDiners

Jack's Diner
Diner in Springfield, visible during riot/looting sequence.

161Jack's Diner ZERO EFFECT 1998 FilmDiningDiners

Jack's Diner
Diner where Darryl Zero takes Gloria Sullivan.

162Jack's Diner HULK 1999 Comic BooksDiningDiners

Jack's Diner
Diner in Estill County, Kentucky.

163Jack's Step-Inn Lounge ARMY OF THE DEAD 2021 FilmDiningDiners

Jack's Step-Inn Lounge
Diner visible in Zombie War montage.

164Jenny's Pancake House FAST & FURIOUS PRESENTS: HOBBS & SHAW 2019 FilmDiningDiners

Jenny's Pancake House
Hobbs takes his daughter out to breakfast.

165JJ's Diner PARKS AND RECREATION 2009 TV SeriesDiningDiners

JJ's Diner
The unofficial meeting place of Pawnee's political elite from various episodes.

166Joe and Minnie's THE GRAPES OF WRATH 1939 LiteratureDiningDiners

Joe and Minnie's
Diner along Route 66.

167Joe Roma's Cajun Sushi HOWARD THE DUCK 1986 FilmDiningDiners

Joe Roma's Cajun Sushi
Diner where Howard almost gets eaten.

168Joey B'sJASON GOES TO HELL 1993 Comic BooksDiningDiners

Joey B's
Local diner.

169Joey B's JASON GOES TO HELL 1993 FilmDiningDiners

Joey B's
Diner in Crystal Lake.

170Joe's Diner THE SIMPSONS 1989 Animated SeriesDiningDiners

Joe's Diner
Diner that Homer and Bart visit while on their truck driving adventure. "Now aware of camp value"

171Joe's Diner RESIDENT ALIEN 2021 TV SeriesDiningDiners

Joe's Diner
Asta's father's diner in Patience, Colorado.

172Joe's Good Eats SKELETON CREW 1985 LiteratureDiningDiners

Joe's Good Eats
Diner where narrator meets Nona, and almost kills a trucker.

173Johnie's DinerVERY BAD THINGS 1998 FilmDiningDiners

Johnie's Diner
Diner where the guys eat after Michael kills Adam.

174Jolly Roger's Rockin' 50s Highway Diner FROG PERSPECTIVES 2014 LiteratureDiningDiners

Jolly Roger's Rockin' 50s Highway Diner
New Mexico diner where Annie finds clothes.

175Kacandes Diner THE WOLF OF WALL STREET 2013 FilmDiningDiners

Kacandes Diner
Jordan meets Donnie at the Kacandes Diner, a nod executive producer Georgia Kacandes.

176Keith's Diner LOST 2004 TV SeriesDiningDiners

Keith's Diner
Diner where Kate's mother Diane works as a waitress.

177Kirchick's Diner SEARCHING 2018 FilmDiningDiners

Kirchick's Diner
According to Vick, the diner where Hannah works as a waitress.

178Lakeside Diner MYSTERY MEN 1999 FilmDiningDiners

Lakeside Diner
Where the superhero gang hangs out.

179The Lakeview Diner THE UMBRELLA ACADEMY 2019 TV SeriesDiningDiners

The Lakeview Diner
Allison and Viktor visit the Lakeview Diner on West Street.

180Larry's Chili Dog THE OFFICE 2005 TV SeriesDiningDiners

Larry's Chili Dog
Diner where Michael attempts to buy a hot dog after Jim leaves him at the gas station. Sign: "Chili dog and much more / Char-broiled / Hamburgers ' Chicken ' Steak ' Kebobs.

181Lila Mae'sHEROES 2006 TV SeriesDiningDiners

Lila Mae's
The diner outside of Coyote Sands where Charles, Bob, Linderman and Angela go.

182Lil' Joe's Grill SUPER 2010 FilmDiningDiners

Lil' Joe's Grill
Diner where Frank works.

183Lindenwood Diner LIVING WITH YOURSELF 2019 TV SeriesDiningDiners

Lindenwood Diner
Diner where Miles and New Miles discuss their situation.

184Lindy's DinerTHE LOST ROOM 2006 TV SeriesDiningDiners

Lindy's Diner
Diner where Wally tells Joe about the objects.

185Little Red Cabin FRASIER 1993 TV SeriesDiningDiners

Little Red Cabin
Chain of diners where the Crane family used to eat when the boys were growing up. "Home of the Log Roller: a flank steak wrapped around a combination of eggs, cheese and onions."

186The Live Free Or Diner THE SIMPSONS 1989 Animated SeriesDiningDiners

The Live Free Or Diner
Dan Rather is covering the presidential primary in New Hampshire interviewing locals at a diner when he finds out that Springfield moved up their primary and are now the first in the country.

187Lost in the 50s Drive-In SLIDERS 1995 TV SeriesDiningDiners

Lost in the 50s Drive-In
Diner on the lawyer world. Be prepared to show some picture ID, your salmonella insurance, your carbonated beverage release forms and a doctor's note verifying that your cholesterol count is below 200.

188Lou Mitchell's PHILIP K. DICK'S ELECTRIC DREAMS 2017 TV SeriesDiningDiners

Lou Mitchell's
Diner, frequented by Sarah and Mario, and George and Chris.

189Lou's FRASIER 1993 TV SeriesDiningDiners

Diner where Frasier eats his Christmas dinner.

190The Luck of the Irish Bar and Grill DODGEBALL: A TRUE UNDERDOG STORY 2004 FilmDiningDiners

The Luck of the Irish Bar and Grill

191Lucky Boy ARMY OF THE DEAD 2021 FilmDiningDiners

Lucky Boy
Diner where Ward works. "Chinese Food, Hamburgers, Malts"

192Luftwaffle BREAKING BAD 2008 TV SeriesDiningDiners

Restaurant in Madrigal's fast food division.

193Luke's DinerGILMORE GIRLS 2000 TV SeriesDiningDiners

Luke's Diner

194Lynette's Country Diner BARRY 2018 TV SeriesDiningDiners

Lynette's Country Diner
Diner where Sally works as a waitress following the eight year time jump.

195Mabel's DinerTHE MAJESTIC 2001 FilmDiningDiners

Mabel's Diner
Diner in Lawson.

196Maggie's Main Street DinerWILD HOGS 2007 FilmDiningDiners

Maggie's Main Street Diner
Diner in Main Street in Madrid. Diner was built for the movie, but it is still there.

197The Majestic DinerFEAR AND LOATHING IN LAS VEGAS 1971 LiteratureDiningDiners

The Majestic Diner
Diner the highway patrol cop recommends.

198Malt Shop SCOOBY-DOO, WHERE ARE YOU! 1969 Animated SeriesDiningDiners

Malt Shop
Generic Malt shop.

199Mama Sugarback's Soul Food Shack KEY & PEELE 2012 TV SeriesDiningDiners

Mama Sugarback's Soul Food Shack

200MantecaMACHETE KILLS 2013 FilmDiningDiners


201The Maple Leaf Diner FRINGE 2008 TV SeriesDiningDiners

The Maple Leaf Diner
Diner where Walter orders rhubarb pie in Westfield, Vermont.

202Margo's Diner TONY HAWK'S PRO SKATER 1+2 2020 Video GamesDiningDiners

Margo's Diner
Diner in San Francisco.

203Mary'sJUST FRIENDS 2005 FilmDiningDiners

Diner where Chris and Jamie go for their lunch date.

204Max's Diner BLACK MIRROR 2011 TV SeriesDiningDiners

Max's Diner

205May Diner THE STAND 1994 TV SeriesDiningDiners

May Diner
Diner in May, Oklahoma. The May, Oklahoma Main Street scenes were filmed in Lehi, Utah.

206McLachlan's RestaurantRECURSION 2019 LiteratureDiningDiners

McLachlan's Restaurant
The all night diner that Joe Behrman mentions is located near the secret hotel. "Restaurant Breakfast Lunch Dinner Open 7 Days 24 Hours".

207Mel'sTHE FINAL GIRLS 2015 FilmDiningDiners

Diner Max and her mom are headed to when they get into the car accident.

208Mel's DinerALICE 1976 TV SeriesDiningDiners

Mel's Diner

209Mel's DinerNOW YOU SEE ME 2013 FilmDiningDiners

Mel's Diner
Brooklyn diner Jack mentions on the ferry doing his bending the spoon trick.

210Mel's Diner SLIDERS 1995 TV SeriesDiningDiners

Mel's Diner
Diner on the mandatory organ donor world.

211Mickey's Dining Car JINGLE ALL THE WAY 1996 FilmDiningDiners

Mickey's Dining Car
Diner where Howard and Myron sit down and talk - and hear about the Turbo Man doll contest on the radio station.

212Mick's Diner SPIDER-MAN: MILES MORALES 2020 Video GamesDiningDiners

Mick's Diner

213Mill Pond DinerTED 2 2015 FilmDiningDiners

Mill Pond Diner
Where Sam Jackson throws a Cookie Crisp into the blind guy's asscrack.

214Mom's G.I. JOE: A REAL AMERICAN HERO 1982 Comic BooksDiningDiners

Diner that Zartan and his Drednoks pass on their motorcycles on their way out of town to look for the Joes.

215Mom's Malt Shop BLAST FROM THE PAST 1999 FilmDiningDiners

Mom's Malt Shop
Diner that opens above the Webber family's bomb shelter.

216Monk's DinerSEINFELD 1989 TV SeriesDiningDiners

Monk's Diner
The name of the restaurant where Jerry and his friends hang out.

217Nate's Diner ANGER MANAGEMENT 2012 TV SeriesDiningDiners

Nate's Diner
Diner in Beloit where Charlie met his slump buster.

218Nelson's Family Restaurant11.22.63 2016 TV SeriesDiningDiners

Nelson's Family Restaurant
Diner in Lisbon, Maine.

219Nora's JUMANJI: THE NEXT LEVEL 2019 FilmDiningDiners

24 hour diner in Brantford, New Hampshire where Spencer's friends meet for brunch.

220North Star DinerCITY HALL 1996 FilmDiningDiners

North Star Diner

221Olympia Diner41 2012 FilmDiningDiners

Olympia Diner
Local diner.

222The Organic Diner DESIGNATED SURVIVOR 2017 TV SeriesDiningDiners

The Organic Diner
Diner where FBI Special Agent Hannah Wells meets with her contact and finds out the truth about Congressman MacLeish's Bronze Star.

223Overpass Diner THE SIMPSONS 1989 Animated SeriesDiningDiners

Overpass Diner
Homer, Bart and Homer's fugitive mother Mona visit the Overpass Diner. "A burger and squalor for under a dollar"

224O'Leary's BOX OF MOONLIGHT 1996 FilmDiningDiners

Diner where Al's wife Deb works.

225Palm Desert Diner TRANSCENDENCE 2014 FilmDiningDiners

Palm Desert Diner
Diner where Max meets with Agent Buchanan.

226Pancake Palace BROOKLYN NINE-NINE 2013 TV SeriesDiningDiners

Pancake Palace
Breakfast themed restaurant Jake mentions: Remember that time when Pancake Palace had that all-you-can-eat deal, but they didn't set a time limit? I ate pancakes for a week for $3.99. All I had to do was sleep there and never shower.

227Paradise Diner ROMEO IS BLEEDING 1993 FilmDiningDiners

Paradise Diner
Diner that Martie mentions, reading the transcript from his stakeout.

228Pearl DinerSTAY 2005 FilmDiningDiners

Pearl Diner
Diner where Sam goes looking for Athena for Henry.

229Peggy's Malt Shop FRINGE 2008 TV SeriesDiningDiners

Peggy's Malt Shop
Peter takes Walter out for a strawberry milkshake after a long day.

230Penny's Place DAREDEVIL 2015 TV SeriesDiningDiners

Penny's Place
Karen's family's diner.

231Pete's DinerTHE MUPPETS TAKE MANHATTAN 1984 FilmDiningDiners

Pete's Diner

232Pete's Diner and Grill THE PUNISHER 2017 TV SeriesDiningDiners

Pete's Diner and Grill
Diner in Sunnyside where Micro contacts Frank. "The Place to Eat".

233Phil's Diner THE X-FILES 1993 TV SeriesDiningDiners

Phil's Diner

234Phil's Diner SUPERNATURAL 2005 TV SeriesDiningDiners

Phil's Diner

235The Pickle Diner ONLY MURDERS IN THE BUILDING 2021 TV SeriesDiningDiners

The Pickle Diner
Diner that Bunny frequented from various episodes.

236The Pit BOB'S BURGERS 2011 Animated SeriesDiningDiners

The Pit
Joke Tina makes when Louise tells her to get out of that jumpsuit, get your water bottle and get back in the pit: I'm never going back to the pit unless the Pit is a cool diner where teens hang out. Reference to TV show Beverly Hills 90210.

237Podunk's Diner LIQUID TELEVISION 1991 Animated SeriesDiningDiners

Podunk's Diner
Diner where Dog-Boy works.

238Pop Ernst'sEAST OF EDEN 1952 LiteratureDiningDiners

Pop Ernst's
Where Joe eats a monster breakfast before going out looking for Ethel the whore.

239Poppy's Diner KINGSMAN: THE GOLDEN CIRCLE 2017 FilmDiningDiners

Poppy's Diner
Diner in Poppy Land.

240Pop's DinerJOHNNY BRAVO 1997 Animated SeriesDiningDiners

Pop's Diner

241Power Sliders STAR WARS: THE CLONE WARS 2008 Animated SeriesDiningDiners

Power Sliders
Borkus' diner in the settlement Pons Ora on the Outer Rim planet Abafar, where Colonel Gascon and D-Squad meet former clone with amnesia Gregor.

242Quick Scarf LIQUID TELEVISION 1991 Animated SeriesDiningDiners

Quick Scarf

243Quint'sCTRL Z 2017 FilmDiningDiners

Diner. "We do our business in your mouth"

244Rattlesnakes Diner BOJACK HORSEMAN 2014 Animated SeriesDiningDiners

Rattlesnakes Diner
Diner on Route 64 where Paige and Maximillian confront Penny.

245A Real Dog's DinerDOGS IN SPACE 2021 Animated SeriesDiningDiners

A Real Dog's Diner
Diner for space dogs.

246Red's Desert OasisAMERICAN STRAYS 1996 FilmDiningDiners

Red's Desert Oasis

247Roadhouse Diner SYMPATHY FOR THE DEVIL 2023 FilmDiningDiners

Roadhouse Diner
Diner that the Driver and the Passenger visit.

248The Roadhouse POKER FACE 2023 TV SeriesDiningDiners

The Roadhouse
Diner that Charlie and Marge dine.

249Roadview Diner TRANSCENDENCE 2014 FilmDiningDiners

Roadview Diner
Diner in Brightwood.

250Road's End Diner WESTWORLD 2015 TV SeriesDiningDiners

Road's End Diner
Diner that Bernard Lowe and Ashley Stubbs visit, featuring the world's best pastrami melt and a mean tuna melt.

251The Rock and Roll Restaurant PARKS AND RECREATION 2009 TV SeriesDiningDiners

The Rock and Roll Restaurant
Ron's favorite restaurant in Pawnee, located inside Ricky's Rock And Roll Bowling.

252Roxy's Diner SWEET GIRL 2021 FilmDiningDiners

Roxy's Diner
Diner that Ray and Rachel visit.

253Ruthie's SkilletMARVEL'S AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D. 2013 TV SeriesDiningDiners

Ruthie's Skillet
Skye locates Michael Peterson, the Hooded Hero she filmed rescuing a woman, and follows him to Ruthie's Skillet, a diner in Los Angeles.

254S. 3rd Diner SECRET INVASION 2023 TV SeriesDiningDiners

S. 3rd Diner
New York diner from 1998 flashback in which Nick Fury discovers Varra's new face.

255Saint Nick's Stop N' Eat ARMADILLO 2021 LiteratureDiningDiners

Saint Nick's Stop N' Eat
Bar/gas station/diner where Tony stops on his way back to Phoenix following a job interview.

256Sam's DinerA BREAD FACTORY 2018 FilmDiningDiners

Sam's Diner
Local diner where residents of Checkford, New York gossip about the goings on at the school board, the town council, and the Bread Factory, the community arts center that is the soul of the town.

257Seaside Diner THE SIMPSONS 1989 Animated SeriesDiningDiners

Seaside Diner
Homer's fugitive mother Mona escapes from the prison bus before it went off the cliff and hitched a ride with a couple that took her to the Seaside Diner.

258The Seething Sisters THE SIMPSONS 1989 Animated SeriesDiningDiners

The Seething Sisters
Cafe/gas station where Ruth Powers almost drops Marge off after losing the cops on the highway.

259Serene DinerJESUS' SON 1999 FilmDiningDiners

Serene Diner

260Shining Star Diner ONLY MURDERS IN THE BUILDING 2021 TV SeriesDiningDiners

Shining Star Diner
Diner that Oliver mentions.

261The Silver ArrowPARADOX BOUND 2017 LiteratureDiningDiners

The Silver Arrow
Diner in Sanders, Maine.

262Silver Skillet RestaurantTAKEN 3 2014 FilmDiningDiners

Silver Skillet Restaurant
Where Brian has breakfast with his daughter.

263Silver Spoon DinerBOJACK HORSEMAN 2014 Animated SeriesDiningDiners

Silver Spoon Diner
Diner from multiple episodes.

264Skip's Diner THE SIMPSONS 1989 Animated SeriesDiningDiners

Skip's Diner
Diner in Springfield next door to the Android's Dungeon from various episodes.

265The Skyway DinerDISNEY'S THE KID 2000 FilmDiningDiners

The Skyway Diner

266Sloppy Joe's THE SIMPSONS 1989 Animated SeriesDiningDiners

Sloppy Joe's
Diner in the McBain movie playing at the VHS Village video rental store.

267The Smokey Oak Diner REVOLUTION 2014 TV SeriesDiningDiners

The Smokey Oak Diner
Diner where Miles and the gang hide after escaping from the power plant.

268Springfield Diner THE SIMPSONS 1989 Animated SeriesDiningDiners

Springfield Diner
Diner Marge passes up looking for a place to tinkle after filling her bladder with science water, because their restroom is only for customers.

269Stadtler's Restaurant THE UMBRELLA ACADEMY 2019 TV SeriesDiningDiners

Stadtler's Restaurant
Diner on Commerce Street in early '60s Dallas, Texas.

270Stanley's Diner THE HAPPYTIME MURDERS 2018 FilmDiningDiners

Stanley's Diner
Diner where Phil meets up with his brother Larry - Officer Shenanigans from The Happytime Gang TV show.

271Starburst Diner ARMADILLO 2021 LiteratureDiningDiners

Starburst Diner
Laverne's diner.

272Sue's Diner BACK TO THE FUTURE: THE ANIMATED SERIES 1991 Animated SeriesDiningDiners

Sue's Diner
Diner in modern day Hill Valley.

273Suzy's 50s Diner BOJACK HORSEMAN 2014 Animated SeriesDiningDiners

Suzy's 50s Diner
Diner where BoJack and Wanda the owl girl go.

274Sweet Peaches DinerDIRTY GRANDPA 2016 FilmDiningDiners

Sweet Peaches Diner

275Sweetbriar Rose UNDER THE DOME 2013 TV SeriesDiningDiners

Sweetbriar Rose
Diner in Chester's Mill.

276Sweetbriar RoseUNDER THE DOME 2009 LiteratureDiningDiners

Sweetbriar Rose
Restaurant in Chester's Mill.

277Tackle Box DinerSTEVE ROPER AND MIKE NOMAD 1936 Comic StripsDiningDiners

Tackle Box Diner

278Teaton's Diner KEY & PEELE 2012 TV SeriesDiningDiners

Teaton's Diner
Location of human centipede victim reunion.

279Tick Tock Diner THE TICK 2001 TV SeriesDiningDiners

Tick Tock Diner
The Tick and Arthur meet Fiery Blaze and Friendly Fire at the Tick Tock Diner.

280Times Diner JASON TAKES MANHATTAN 1989 FilmDiningDiners

Times Diner
Diner in Times Square that Rennie and Sean enter running from Jason in New York City.

281Tommy's Diners TWISTED METAL 2023 TV SeriesDiningDiners

Tommy's Diners
John visits Tommy's place for a map to New Chicago - what used to be a diner franchise, now a map store.

282Tom's DinerSUZANNE VEGA 1982 MusicDiningDiners

Tom's Diner

283Tom's Diner G.I. JOE: A REAL AMERICAN HERO 1982 Comic BooksDiningDiners

Tom's Diner
Diner in Springfield.

284Tom's Diner BACK TO THE FUTURE: THE ANIMATED SERIES 1991 Animated SeriesDiningDiners

Tom's Diner
Diner in 1897 Boston.

285Tom's Diner 21 JUMP STREET 1987 TV SeriesDiningDiners

Tom's Diner
Diner where drug dealer Charles Greening takes Hoffs for dinner that his old friend Tom owns.

286Tony's Feed BagTHE STAND 1978 LiteratureDiningDiners

Tony's Feed Bag
Cafe on Encino where Larry Underwood used to work.

287Tosters Diner THE POSTMAN 1997 FilmDiningDiners

Tosters Diner
Old diner in Pineview, Oregon where the residents congregate.

288Triple Oak Diner POLAR 2019 FilmDiningDiners

Triple Oak Diner
Diner in Triple Oak.

289Two Daughters BROOKLYN NINE-NINE 2013 TV SeriesDiningDiners

Two Daughters
Local restaurant from multiple episodes.

290Two Daughters Diner BROOKLYN NINE-NINE 2013 TV SeriesDiningDiners

Two Daughters Diner
Diner where Hitchcock and Scully search for Hitchcock's toothless Cinderella.

291Village DinerR.I.P.D. 2013 FilmDiningDiners

Village Diner

292Waffle WorldBOLT 2008 Animated FilmDiningDiners

Waffle World
Restaurant where Mittens digs the United States map out of the dumpster.

293WarioWare DinerWARIOWARE, INC.: MEGA PARTY GAME$! 2003 Video GamesDiningDiners

WarioWare Diner
Only sells root beer.

294The White Dragon BLADE RUNNER 1982 FilmDiningDiners

The White Dragon
Noodle bar.

295Whitey's EVERLAST 1989 MusicDiningDiners


296Will's Eats THE GRAPES OF WRATH 1939 LiteratureDiningDiners

Will's Eats
Diner along Route 66.

297Winkie's MULHOLLAND DRIVE 2001 FilmDiningDiners

Diner on Sunset Boulevard. Filmed at an old Denny's restaurant, now called Caesar's, located about 20 miles south of Los Angeles, at: 1016 W. El Segundo Blvd., Gardena, CA.

298Wooley's Diner DAWN OF THE DEAD 2004 FilmDiningDiners

Wooley's Diner
Diner in the Cross Roads Mall, named after the SWAT team leader in the original film.

299Zacharias Diner BORED TO DEATH 2009 TV SeriesDiningDiners

Zacharias Diner
Diner where Jonathan confronts his new client's husband, Vikram, learning that he isn't cheating on her, he lost his job. Later, when Jonathan and George go looking for him, Vikram robs the diner.

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