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Total Records: 31 - Group: MAP / Category: WATER / Subcategory: CREEKS
Record Name
1Anders Creek A SIMPLE PLAN 1998 FilmWaterCreeks

Anders Creek
Creek in Wright County where Hank and Jacob make it look like farmer Dwight Stevenson died in a snowmobile accident.

2Beaver Creek KEY & PEELE 2012 TV SeriesWaterCreeks

Beaver Creek
Creek mentioned in the Power Falcons skit.

3Big Stream CreekTHE BLADE 1984 LiteratureWaterCreeks

Big Stream Creek
Local stream near Shellville and Bucyrus, where Hippo's Seafood Restaurant get their food.

4Birch Creek WHERE I'M CALLING FROM 1988 LiteratureWaterCreeks

Birch Creek
Where R goes trout fishing.

5Bitter Creek THE EAGLES 1971 MusicWaterCreeks

Bitter Creek

6Calvins Creek CALVIN AND HOBBES 1985 Comic StripsWaterCreeks

Calvins Creek
Both Calvin and Hobbes attempt to claim a creek for themselves.

7Chapman CreekFIRST BLOOD 1982 FilmWaterCreeks

Chapman Creek

8Danford Creek STRANGER THINGS 2016 TV SeriesWaterCreeks

Danford Creek
Creek that Bob mentions when constructing the map of Hawkins from Will's drawings.

9Davis Creek TREMORS: THE SERIES 2003 TV SeriesWaterCreeks

Davis Creek
Creek near Clover Park, where the Pioneer Days festival is held in Juniper, Arizona, where Burt and Tyler go shrieker hunting for Twitchell.

10Dry CreekRANGO 2011 Animated FilmWaterCreeks

Dry Creek

11Goose Creek FANTASTIC MR. FOX 2009 Animated FilmWaterCreeks

Goose Creek
Creek on Mr. Fox's map when's he's explaining his master plan to Badger.

12Gordon Creek DAYBREAKERS 2009 FilmWaterCreeks

Gordon Creek
Creek on the map that Audrey gives Dalton.

13Hawthorne Creek RESIDENT ALIEN 2021 TV SeriesWaterCreeks

Hawthorne Creek
Creek in Patience, Colorado. Fishing spot. The Galvan/Powell Group covered up poisoning the water with heavy metals.

14Hinkston Creek THE MARTIAN CHRONICLES 1950 LiteratureWaterCreeks

Hinkston Creek
Creek on Mars: "They came to the strange blue lands and put their names upon the lands. Here was Hinkston Creek and Lustig Corners and Black River and Driscoll Forest and Peregrine Mountain and Wilder Town, all the names of people and the things that the people did."

15Indian CreekSURFSIDE 6 1960 TV SeriesWaterCreeks

Indian Creek
The location of the houseboat.

16Koomer Creek THE PRETENDER 1996 TV SeriesWaterCreeks

Koomer Creek
Jarod buys a used camcorder from a pawn shop, discovering evidence of a crime on the film inside - a mother and daughter attacked while exploring Koomer Falls / Koomer Creek near Slade, Arizona.

17Make-out Creek THE SIMPSONS 1989 Animated SeriesWaterCreeks

Make-out Creek
When Milhouse gets hit by a car, he tells Bart to bury him at make-out creek.

18Marshall Creek THE SIMPSONS 1989 Animated SeriesWaterCreeks

Marshall Creek
Highway road sign visible when the Simpsons head out of town in their new RV: "Marshall creek 20 miles"

19Mill Creek HALLOWEEN 4: THE RETURN OF MICHAEL MYERS 1988 FilmWaterCreeks

Mill Creek
Location of the ambulance accident from which Michael Myers escapes.

20Miller's Creek DEAD MILKMEN 1983 MusicWaterCreeks

Miller's Creek
"Now St. Smithen's Medical Facility and Pork Sausage Distillery has been known to dump their stuff into Miller's Creek - All sorts of heinous stuff, big barrels floatin' in the creek with little things on them that say 'St. Smithen's Medical Facility and Pork Sausage Distillery'... Anyway Earl was fishing and he caught a wall-eyed bass which had twenty-seven eyes on it. It was a twenty-seven-eyed wall-eyed bass. Earl looked at it, and decided, "Umm, wouldn't this be good to eat".

21Otter Creek LIVE 1988 MusicWaterCreeks

Otter Creek

22Owl Creek THE TWILIGHT ZONE 1959 TV SeriesWaterCreeks

Owl Creek
Union troops hang civilian prisoner Peyton Farquhar from the rural Owl Creek railroad bridge.

23Sand Creek THE LONE RANGER 1949 TV SeriesWaterCreeks

Sand Creek

24Schmidts CreekSCOOBY-DOO! CAMP SCARE 2010 Animated FilmWaterCreeks

Schmidts Creek
Fred tells the gang the story of the time he went canoeing up Schmidts Creek without a paddle.

25Skull Creek FROG PERSPECTIVES 2014 LiteratureWaterCreeks

Skull Creek
Creek in Waterloo. Stand-in for Shoal Creek in Austin.

26Skull CreekTADPOLE 2005 LiteratureWaterCreeks

Skull Creek
Creek that runs along Violet Crown Boulevard.

27Sugar CreekDEADEYE DICK 1982 LiteratureWaterCreeks

Sugar Creek
Creek in Midland City.

28Sugar CreekBREAKFAST OF CHAMPIONS 1973 LiteratureWaterCreeks

Sugar Creek
Creek only two inches deep and fifty yards wide at the bend, where little Dwayne thought the park should be. Now they had put the Mildred Barry Memorial Center for the Arts there instead. It was beautiful.

29Vinton Creek MR. MONK'S LAST CASE 2023 FilmWaterCreeks

Vinton Creek
Molly's fiance Griffin dies while bungee jumping off Vinton Creek Bridge.

30Willow CreekGOTHIKA 2003 FilmWaterCreeks

Willow Creek
Location of Douglas and Sheriff Ryan's cabin.

31Yellow Jacket Creek THE WALKING DEAD 2010 TV SeriesWaterCreeks

Yellow Jacket Creek
Creek in Georgia where Daryl and Merle Dixon cross a highway bridge and help a Mexican family fight off the walkers surrounding them.

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