TV Series 1972. Created by David Davis and Lorenzo Music. Starring Bob Newhart, Suzanne Pleshette, Marcia Wallace, Peter Bonerz and Bill Daily.
Source Features: BBB (281) TIMELINE (18) MAP (21) OTHER (78) THEMES (1)

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Total Records: 398 - Medium: TV SERIES
Record Name
1A.J. Webster PH.D BBBHealthcareTherapy
2Aberdeen Hotel BBBTravelHotels
3Advanced Sexual Therapy BBBLiteratureTextbooks
4Alfredo's BBBDiningRestaurants
5All Noisy on the Western Front BBBEntertainmentTheater Productions
6The Amazing Freedberg Brothers BBBFinancial CompaniesAccounting Services
7American Bee Keeper BBBPeriodicalsMagazines
8Armando's BBBDiningRestaurants
9Banana Fanna Foo Fanna BBBFood ProductsIce Cream
10Beef Pronto BBBFood ProductsMeat
11Big Al BBBCinemaMovies
12The Big Couch: Seventeen Psychologists o... BBBLiteratureBooks
13Billy the Kidney Bean Salad BBBMenuMenu Items
14Birdman of the Illinois State Institute ... BBBLiteratureBooks
15Blazing Brains BBBCinemaMovies
16Bob Hartley, Man of Mystery BBBAmusementMagicians
17Boys Market BBBFood StoresGrocery Stores
18Brainwave School of Psychiatry BBBEducationVocational Schools
19Breakfast Sizzler BBBMenuBurgers
20Brewmaster BBBHome FurnishingKitchen Appliances
21Bro-Freudians BBBSportsBaseball Teams
22Bruce the Hairdryer BBBLiteratureBooks
23Buffalo Bill Burger BBBMenuBurgers
24Burn-Me-Not BBBPersonal CareHygiene Products
25Camp Heidi BBBYouth ServicesYouth Camps
26Camp Minnehaha BBBYouth ServicesYouth Camps
27Camp Thundercloud BBBYouth ServicesYouth Camps
28Canned Tarantulas BBBFood ProductsMeat
29Captain Asteroid Rocket BBBToysOther Toys
30Carlin Enterprises BBBCorporationsCompanies
31Carson's BBBApparelClothing Stores
32Channel 2 BBBTelevisionTV News
33Channel 3 Happy News Team BBBTelevisionTV News
34Channel 7 BBBTelevisionTV News
35Chez Nokamura BBBDiningRestaurants
36Chicago Crunchies BBBFood ProductsBreakfast Cereal
37Chicago Loops BBBFood ProductsBreakfast Cereal
38Chicago's Best Burger Bets BBBPeriodicalsNewspaper Columns
39Chicken on a Stick BBBMusicRock Bands
40Chickenshot BBBMenuMixed Drinks
41Chuck Wagon Chicken BBBDiningChicken Joints
42Chumps Hall of Fame BBBEntertainmentMuseum Halls
43Citizens for Cement BBBOrganizationsActivist Groups
44Classics of the Links BBBTelevisionTV Shows
45Clip Master BBBPersonal CareHygiene Products
46Clokey High School BBBEducationHigh Schools
47Cockpit Capers BBBTelevisionTV Shows
48Coffee Break BBBTelevisionTV Shows
49Coffee Klatch-O-Matic BBBHome FurnishingKitchen Appliances
50Coffee Talk with Connie BBBTelevisionTV Shows
51Coffee with Phil BBBTelevisionTV Shows
52Coffee-And-Soup-To-You BBBHome FurnishingKitchen Appliances
53Coins Coins Coins BBBPeriodicalsMagazines
54Commodore Sloat BBBEducationPrimary Schools
55Coronet Real Estate BBBServicesRealty Services
56Crater Puffs BBBFood ProductsBreakfast Cereal
57Crazy Ed's Used Car City BBBVehiclesVehicle Dealerships
58Creamed Chicken in the Basket BBBMenuMenu Items
59Crinkle Jiggles BBBFood ProductsBreakfast Cereal
60Crown Beer BBBBeverage ProductsBeer
61The Crystal Room BBBDiningRestaurants
62Cut-Cost Pharmacy BBBRetailDrugstores
63Darn that Pope BBBTelevisionTV Shows
64Dave's BBBDiningRestaurants
65Delgado Dental Chair BBBHome FurnishingFurniture
66Dental Association BBBOrganizationsProfessional Organizations
67Doc Hollandaise Sauce BBBMenuMenu Items
68Dr. Arnold BBBHealthcareDoctors
69Dr. Benton BBBHealthcareDoctors
70Dr. Bernie TuppermanBBBHealthcareDoctors
71Dr. Bickwell BBBHealthcareDoctors
72Dr. Dorfman BBBHealthcareDoctors
73Dr. Ellis BBBHealthcareTherapy
74Dr. Frank Walburn BBBHealthcareDentists
75Dr. Holtz BBBPetsPet Services
76Dr. James Wyler BBBHealthcareTherapy
77Dr. Jerry RobinsonBBBHealthcareDentists
78Dr. Klein BBBHealthcareDoctors
79Dr. Malcolm BBBHealthcareTherapy
80Dr. Morgan BBBHealthcareTherapy
81Dr. Phil Newman BBBHealthcarePlastic Surgery
82Dr. Rimmer BBBHealthcareTherapy
83Dr. Rudell BBBHealthcareDoctors
84Dr. Sarah HarrisBBBHealthcareDoctors
85Dr. Scott Rivers BBBHealthcareDoctors
86Dr. Stan Whelan BBBHealthcareObstetrics
87Dr. Torch BBBHealthcareTherapy
88Dr. Wing BBBHealthcareDoctors
89Dr. Yamaharo BBBHealthcareTherapy
90Duck and Decoy BBBPeriodicalsMagazines
91Dugout Dope BBBTelevisionTV Shows-Sports
92Dynamic Billing BBBFinancial CompaniesFinancial Services
93Earl Stanley Plumber BBBLegal AidLawyers
94Earp Burger BBBMenuBurgers
95Eddie the Electric Razor BBBLiteratureBooks
96Eddie's Diner BBBDiningDiners
97El Morocco BBBTravelLodging
98European Delivery Service BBBTransportationAirlines
99Fireplace Room BBBDiningRestaurants
100Fires of the Mind BBBLiteratureBooks
101Flounder Pizza BBBMenuMenu Items
102Flo's Diner BBBDiningDiners
103Fredie's Shop BBBFood StoresDonut Shops
104Freedman Fill-ins BBBServicesJob Services
105Fruit Flakes BBBFood ProductsBreakfast Cereal
106Fulminated Mercury Tuna BBBFood ProductsFish Products
107Fun on the Farm BBBRadioRadio Programs
108Gestalt 9 BBBSportsBaseball Teams
109Gloria's Swedish Massage BBBBeauty CareMassage Parlors
110The Glutton's Delight BBBMenuIce Cream Flavors
111Golf Land BBBAmusementMiniature Golf
112Gorman Elementary SchoolBBBEducationElementary Schools
113Gorman School BBBEducationPrimary Schools
114Gravy Quick BBBFood ProductsCondiments
115Great White Whale BBBFood ProductsIce Cream
116Grub Stake Burger BBBMenuBurgers
117Guido's BBBDiningPizza Parlors
118Hammerlock Brothers BBBFinancial CompaniesFinancial Services
119Happy Hazelnut Hoo-ha BBBFood ProductsIce Cream
120Harry Truman High School BBBEducationHigh Schools
121Hart, Schaffner and Wing BBBMaintenance ServicesLaundry Services
122Hash 'N' Dash BBBDiningRestaurants
123Hellfire Sunburn Cream BBBPersonal CareHygiene Products
124The Herald BBBPeriodicalsNewspaper Heralds
125Hey, Fat BBBLiteratureBooks
126Hickock Burger BBBMenuBurgers
127Hodiak Zodiac BBBPeriodicalsNewspaper Columns
128Honey-Coated Sugar TreatsBBBFood ProductsBreakfast Cereal
129Honolulu Junior College BBBEducationColleges
130Hot and Heavy Fudge Fandango BBBFood ProductsIce Cream
131The Hotel Smith BBBTravelHotels
132House of Tacky BBBApparelClothing Stores
133How My Parents Met BBBLiteraturePrinted Matter
134Howard Wallbanger BBBMenuMixed Drinks
135Ickets Day Parade BBBEventsMarches and Parades
136The Ink Blots BBBMusicMusicians
137Instant Breakfast BBBFood ProductsPrepackaged Meals
138Instant Cocoa BBBBeverage ProductsBeverages
139Instant Pudding BBBFood ProductsCandy
140Introduction to Heist BBBEducationClasses
141The Ironwood Institute BBBResearch InstitutesInstitutes
142Jack the Chopper BBBHome FurnishingKitchen Appliances
143Jackson Elementary BBBEducationElementary Schools
144The Jameson House BBBDiningRestaurants
145Jawhawk Mortuary BBBServicesFuneral Homes
146Jeffers Crematorium BBBServicesFuneral Homes
147Jelly Jump-up BBBFood ProductsMiscellaneous Food Products
148Jesse James Burger BBBMenuBurgers
149Jolly Jumper Jelly Jamboree BBBFood ProductsIce Cream
150Just Friends BBBPersonal CarePerfumes
151Kalua Palona BBBTravelLodging
152Ken and Mitzi's of the Woods BBBTravelLodging
153Kiddie Klassics BBBLiteratureBooks
154Klaus Protzman BBBHome FurnishingClocks
155Lady in the Barracks BBBCinemaAdult Films
156Landover Chemical Company BBBIndustrial CompaniesChemical Companies
157Larry the Lawnmower BBBLiteratureBooks
158Larry the Lawnmower Meets the Crabgrass ... BBBLiteratureBooks
159Larry's Travel Agency BBBTravelTravel Agencies
160The Lawrence Bondurant Travel Agency Inc... BBBTravelTravel Agencies
161Let's Visit the Dairy BBBLiteratureBooks
162Liberty Flush Valves BBBIndustrial CompaniesManufacturing
163Loggers Casualty BBBFinancial CompaniesInsurance Services
164Loggers Casualty InsuranceBBBFinancial CompaniesInsurance Services
165The Long Legged Vixen BBBLiteratureBooks
166Love in the Afternoon BBBPersonal CarePerfumes
167Madison BBBDiningRestaurants
168Mama Catuzzi's Pizzeria BBBDiningPizza Parlors
169Manflower BBBPersonal CarePerfumes
170The Marquis De Suede BBBDiningRestaurants
171McClusky's BBBDiningFast Food
172The Merry Mandarin BBBDiningRestaurants
173The Metric System Is Your Friend [book] BBBLiteratureBooks
174The Metric System Is Your Friend [movie]... BBBCinemaMovies
175Mickey Melnick's School of Comedy BBBEducationPerforming Arts Schools
176Minute Rice BBBFood ProductsPasta
177Miss Dry Ice BBBEventsBeauty Pageants
178Miss Fiscal Responsibility BBBEventsBeauty Pageants
179Miss Pre-stress Concrete BBBEventsBeauty Pageants
180Modern Economics, Philosophy and Politic... BBBLiteratureBooks
181Mother Goose Magazine BBBPeriodicalsMagazines
182Mr. Bulk BBBDiningRestaurants
183Mr. Hairpiece BBBRetailBeauty Supply Stores
184Murdock High School BBBEducationHigh Schools
185The Museum of Archeology BBBEntertainmentMuseums
186Musical Munchables BBBFood ProductsChips and Crackers
187Name that Tree BBBTelevisionTV Shows-Game Shows
188The Nazi Hour BBBTelevisionTV Shows
189Nights of Passion BBBPersonal CarePerfumes
190Nokamura's Delicatessen BBBDiningCafes and Delis
191Northshore Trophy Company BBBRetailSporting Goods Stores
192O.K. Burger Corral BBBDiningBurger Joints
193Oasis Bar BBBNightlifeBars
194Oasis Cocktail Lounge BBBDiningRestaurants
195Old Lime BBBPersonal CareCosmetics
196Omm-Pah-Pahs BBBMusicMusicians
197Orthodontists BBBSportsSports Teams
198Outrigger Hotel BBBTravelHotels
199Pathfinder BBBTransportationAirlines
200Pearl LaTour and Her Trained Doves BBBAmusementAnimal Acts
201Pharmaceuticals Illustrated BBBPeriodicalsMagazines
202Phi Beta Nu BBBEducationFraternities
203Phil's BBBBeverage ProductsWine
204Pie Incorporated BBBServicesMiscellaneous Services
205Pierre Jordeaux BBBApparelTimepieces
206Piggly Wiggly Giggly Glop BBBFood ProductsIce Cream
207Ping BBBBeverage ProductsWine
208Pizzatorium BBBDiningPizza Parlors
209Police Barber BBBTelevisionTV Shows
210The Power of Persuasion BBBEventsConventions and Seminars
211Psychologists BBBSportsSports Teams
212Psychology in Action BBBTelevisionTV Shows
213Psychology Is a Four Letter Word BBBLiteratureBooks
214The Pump Room BBBDiningRestaurants
215Rack of Beef BBBDiningRestaurants
216The Rat Race BBBTelevisionTV Shows-Game Shows
217Redberry BBBFood ProductsBreakfast Cereal
218The Remarkable Podbillion Process BBBLiteratureBooks
219Reverend Biff and His Better Times-a-Com... BBBReligionReligious Organizations
220Robert Hartley PH.DBBBHealthcareTherapy
221Royal Lantern BBBTravelLodging
222Runyan's Beanery BBBDiningFast Food
223S.S. Oversight BBBVehiclesWatercrafts
224Schwegler's BBBNightlifeNightclubs
225Scorch-No BBBPersonal CareHygiene Products
226Sensible Shoes BBBMusicRock Bands
227Shanghai Musk BBBPersonal CarePerfumes
228Shelton Hotel BBBTravelHotels
229Sick Man Well Man BBBTelevisionTV Shows
230Sky World BBBPeriodicalsMagazines
231Skyline Management Corporation BBBCorporationsCompanies
232Smitty's Drapery Nook BBBHome FurnishingHome Furnishing Stores
233The Sociological Implications and Ramifi... BBBLiteratureTextbooks
234Sofa City BBBHome FurnishingFurniture Stores
235South Side Creamery BBBFood IndustriesFarms
236Speedy Plumbing and Heating BBBMaintenance ServicesPlumbing Services
237St. Matthews Hospital BBBHealthcareHospitals
238State UniversityBBBEducationState Colleges
239Suction King Vacuum Cleaner BBBHome FurnishingVacuum Cleaners
240Sugar Craters BBBFood ProductsBreakfast Cereal
241Sunset Burger BBBDiningBurger Joints
242Sunspots BBBSportsBasketball Teams
243Sunward BBBVehiclesWatercrafts
244The Sure Thing BBBNightlifeStrip Clubs
245Teflon BBBEntertainmentTheater Productions
246Theresa' Coffee Shop BBBDiningCoffeehouses
247Tigers BBBSportsSchool Mascots
248Time Out for Coffee BBBTelevisionTV Shows
249Tina and Her Amazing Frog BBBEntertainmentTheater Productions
250Tomorrow's Health BBBPeriodicalsMagazines
251Tooth Or Consequences BBBLiteratureBooks
252Tracy Grammar School BBBEducationPrimary Schools
253Trips with Larry BBBTravelTravel Agencies
254Tug O' War U.S.A. BBBTelevisionTV Shows-Game Shows
255Tukohoshi Raiders BBBSportsBaseball Teams
256Turkey Quarterly BBBPeriodicalsMagazines
257Uncle Yummy's Ice Cream Parlor BBBDiningIce Cream Parlors
258Uptown Federal SavingsBBBFinancial CompaniesBanks
259The Urology Research Clinic Annual Mixed... BBBEventsSporting Events
260The Urology Research Clinic BBBHealthcareHospitals
261The Venus Adult Theater BBBEntertainmentMovie Theaters
262Vermin Kingdom BBBTelevisionTV Shows
263Vickers & Sons Inc BBBCorporationsCompanies
264Von Kruegers BBBFood StoresGrocery Stores
265Von Kruegers Cereal BBBFood ProductsBreakfast Cereal
266Von Kruegers Scotch BBBBeverage ProductsAlcohol
267WCOKR BBBOrganizationsActivist Groups
268What Chicago Means to Me BBBLiteraturePrinted Matter
269Whitman's Jewelers BBBApparelJewelry Stores
270Why Rats Turn Left BBBEventsConventions and Seminars
271Wigwam City BBBTravelLodging
272Willy Wylerman's Golf Clinic BBBEducationClasses
273The Windjammer Club BBBEntertainmentPrivate Clubs
274Wooden Teeth World BBBHealthcareMedical Services
275The World of Cliff Murdock BBBEntertainmentTheater Productions
276Yamamoto's BBBDiningRestaurants
277Yellow Belly Burger BBBMenuBurgers
278Yogurt City BBBDiningFrozen Yogurt Shops
279You Are Responsible for Your Own Social ... BBBEducationClasses
280Zemeltrickselfeen BBBPersonal CareHygiene Products
281The Zephyrs BBBMusicMusicians
282June 14, 1908 Dates20th Century: 1st HalfEvents
283April 12, 1943 Dates20th Century: 1st HalfEvents
284August 17, 1970 Dates20th Century: 70sEvents
285December 24, 1973 Dates20th Century: 70sEvents
286December 24, 1974 Dates20th Century: 70sEvents
287July 20, 1975 Dates20th Century: 70sEvents
288August 20, 1975 Dates20th Century: 70sEvents
289December 23, 1975 Dates20th Century: 70sEvents
290December 24, 1975 Dates20th Century: 70sEvents
291December 25, 1975 Dates20th Century: 70sEvents
292January 2, 1976 Dates20th Century: 70sEvents
293April 1, 1976 Dates20th Century: 70sEvents
294July 4, 1976 Dates20th Century: 70sEvents
295January 1, 1977 Dates20th Century: 70sEvents
296December 25, 1977 Dates20th Century: 70sEvents
297December 24, 1993 Dates20th Century: 90sEvents
298June 7 DatesNo YearEvents
299September 15 DatesNo YearEvents
300Carlinside Heights MapUrban AreasNeighborhoods
301Collinsville MapUrban AreasCities-U.S.
302Contemplation Pond MapNatureNatural Areas
303Crab Grass Gulch MapWaterBodies of Water
304Craigloggen MapGeographic AreasTerritories
305Easy Street MapTransit RoutesStreets
306Galoo Galaxy MapOuter SpaceRegions of Space
307Illinois State Institute of Correction MapDetention CentersCorrectional Facilities
308Jerry Land MapWorldsFantasy Lands
309Lake Veronica MapWaterLakes
310Loggers Towers MapStructuresTowers
311Loser City MapUrban AreasCities-Joke
312Lothar MapOuter SpacePlanets
313Marvella District MapUrban AreasDistricts
314Pleasant Acres MapUrban AreasNeighborhoods
315Rimpau Medical Arts BuildingMapStructuresBuildings
316Robinson Castle MapStructuresCastles
317Shuffleboard City MapUrban AreasCities-Joke
318Sunset Haven MapResidential CommunitiesRetirement Communities
319Sunshine Road MapTransit RoutesRoads
320Tukohoshi MapUrban AreasCities
321Best Coffee OtherRecognitionAwards
322Billy & Elliot Carlin OtherQuotesQuotes
323Bob and Emily celebrate which wedding an... OtherTriviaQuestions
324Bob and Emily's mechanic's name that pun... OtherTriviaName Game
325Bob Hartley OtherQuotesQuotes
326Bob Hartley OtherQuotesQuotes
327Bob Hartley OtherQuotesQuotes
328Bob Hartley OtherQuotesQuotes
329Bob Hartley OtherQuotesQuotes
330Bob Hartley OtherQuotesQuotes
331Bob Hartley & Dr. Ned Podbillion OtherQuotesQuotes
332Bob Hartley & Emily Hartley OtherQuotesQuotes
333Bob's dog's name that ran away. OtherTriviaName Game-Animals
334Bob's dog's name when he was 9 years old... OtherTriviaName Game-Animals
335Bob's middle name, according to Bob. OtherTriviaName Game
336Bob's middle name, according to Howard. OtherTriviaName Game
337Bob's mother's dog's name. OtherTriviaName Game-Animals
338Bob's old friend the Peeper's real name. OtherTriviaName Game
339Bob's patient Mr. Billings' dog's name. OtherTriviaName Game-Animals
340Bob's pet snapping turtle's name when he... OtherTriviaName Game-Animals
341Carol OtherQuotesQuotes
342Carol OtherQuotesQuotes
343Carol's fake dog's name. OtherTriviaName Game-Animals
344Carol's last name. OtherTriviaName Game
345Chocolate Cow OtherLiving ThingsAnimals
346Cranberry Pilgrims and Pecan-walnut Indi... OtherRecipesFood Recipes
347Don asks Bob, Why is life like a merry g... OtherTriviaQuestions
348Dr. Phil Newman OtherQuotesQuotes
349Edgar T. Vickers Jr. OtherQuotesQuotes
350Eggs Howard OtherRecipesBreakfast Recipes
351Elliot Carlin OtherQuotesQuotes
352Elliot Carlin OtherQuotesQuotes
353Elliot Carlin & Carol OtherQuotesQuotes
354Emil Peterson OtherQuotesQuotes
355Emily Hartley OtherQuotesQuotes
356Emily's maiden name. OtherTriviaName Game
357Emily's school's duck's name that she br... OtherTriviaName Game
358Escargot Cookies OtherRecipesFood Recipes
359Fried Hamburger Patties OtherRecipesBurger Recipes
360How long have Bob and Emily been married... OtherTriviaNumbers Game
361Howard Borden OtherQuotesQuotes
362Howard, Emily Hartley & Bob Hartley OtherQuotesQuotes
363Howard's 22 year old sister's name. OtherTriviaName Game
364Howard's brother Gordon is a warden. The... OtherTriviaName Game
365Howard's new mechanical bird, a bird for... OtherTriviaQuestions
366Howard's son's name. OtherTriviaName Game
367Jerry's middle name. OtherTriviaName Game
368The Juiciest Bit of Gossip OtherRecognitionAwards
369Longest Time Without a Raise OtherRecognitionAwards
370Marshmallow Tree OtherLiving ThingsTrees
371Martha Hartley OtherQuotesQuotes
372Menial Awards OtherRecognitionAwards Ceremonies
373Midnight Marauders OtherCriminalsGangs
374Name Bob insults his mechanic. OtherTriviaName Game
375The Notorious Car Antenna Pantyhose Gang... OtherCriminalsGangs
376On what other TV show did Bob Newhart ma...OtherTriviaQuestions
377On what other TV show did Bob's cynical,...OtherTriviaQuestions
378On what other TV show did Bob's cynical,...OtherTriviaQuestions
379The Peeper OtherQuotesQuotes
380Pizza Puffs OtherRecipesFood Recipes
381The Podbillion Process OtherMiscellaneousTechniques-Psychology
382Principal at Emily's school. OtherTriviaQuestions
383Untitled OtherThemesFlatliners
384The Urology Trophy OtherRecognitionAwards
385Veronica Kidd & Jerry Robinson OtherQuotesQuotes
386What 1963 book does Bob find in the couc... OtherTriviaQuestions
387What are the names of the hamsters in Em... OtherTriviaName Game-Animals
388What Howard calls the Peeper, the first ... OtherTriviaName Game
389What Howard calls the Peeper, the second... OtherTriviaName Game
390What Howard calls the Peeper. OtherTriviaQuestions
391What is Bob's college friend from Vermon...OtherTriviaName Game
392What is Mr. Arbogast's cat's name? OtherTriviaName Game-Animals
393When the Children in Emily's Class Ask B...OtherTriviaQuestions
394Where do Bob and Emily live?OtherTriviaQuestions
395Who does Bob's new patient think robbed ... OtherTriviaQuestions
396Who's been sleeping on the couch in Bob'... OtherTriviaQuestions
397Who's in charge at Jerry's health club? OtherTriviaQuestions
398Why does Carol go in for minor personal ... OtherTriviaQuestions

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