TV Series 2006. Created by Andrew Cosby and Jaime Paglia. Starring Colin Ferguson, Salli Richardson-Whitfield, Joe Morton, Jordan Hinson, Ed Quinn, Erica Cerra, Neil Grayston, Niall Matter, Matt Frewer, Tembi Locke and Debrah Farentino.
Source Features: BBB (168) MAP (17) OTHER (19) THEMES (1)

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Total Records: 204 - Medium: TV SERIES
Record Name
11 Hour Hologram BBBRetailOffice Supply Stores

1 Hour Hologram
Eureka version of a 1 Hour Photo booth.

21990 Galaxy Camp Rocket Engine Competiti... BBBEventsContests-Science

1990 Galaxy Camp Rocket Engine Competition
Contest both Fargo and Isaac Parrish competed in when they were kids, seen in flashback.

3A.S.S. BBBTechnology ProductsElectronics

Adrenaline Suppression System. Isaac's invention that's used to control the residents of Eureka in the virtual Eureka, based on his earlier project, the R.S.S. Riot Suppression System.

4ACME Bomb BBBWeaponsExplosives

Classic style black, round ACME bomb.

5ADA BBBComputersSoftware

Advanced Disaster Actuator. The computer belonging to visiting consultant Michael Clark, the severe accident phenomenologist.

6An Adventure in Holotown BBBLiteratureChildrens Books

An Adventure in Holotown
Childrens book.

7American Science BBBPeriodicalsMagazines

American Science
Magazine featuring Dr. Marcus Blake.

8The Andre Sandrov Center for Cryogenics BBBResearch InstitutesInstitutes

The Andre Sandrov Center for Cryogenics
When Fargo's grandfather is revived from a cryogenic pod, it is revealed that the famous Eureka scientist Andre Sandrov took credit for Pierre Fargo's work, and the center that was named after him is renamed after Pierre Fargo.

9The Annual Ro-boxcar Grand Prix BBBEventsSporting Events

The Annual Ro-boxcar Grand Prix
Annual contest at the local high school in Eureka.

10The Art of War: Corporate Downsizing BBBLiteratureBooks

The Art of War: Corporate Downsizing
Book by Eva Thorne Eva Thorne.

11Astraeus BBBVehiclesSpacecrafts

Vehicle at the center of the Astraeus Project, Global Dynamics' planned mission to Saturn's moon Titan.

12ATS BBBTechnology ProductsMedical Devices

Virtual therapy device Beverly gives Zoe to confront her inner fears and confront her anger issues.

13Attica Physics Club BBBOrganizationsProfessional Organizations

Attica Physics Club
Joke Fargo makes about going to prison. Fargo: "I'm gonna spend the rest of my life President of the Attica Physics club!"

14Banana Blueberry Soy Wheatgrass Whey Pro... BBBBeverage ProductsBeverages

Banana Blueberry Soy Wheatgrass Whey Protein Smoothie
Smoothie Jo orders at Cafe Diem.

15Barlowe's Bed & BreakfastBBBTravelLodging

Barlowe's Bed & Breakfast
Beverly's bed and breakfast.

16Bavarian Espresso Hammer BBBBeverage ProductsCoffee

Bavarian Espresso Hammer
Coffee drink Jo orders at Cafe Diem.

17Beam Me Up BBBLiteraturePrinted Matter

Beam Me Up
Idea for name for Holly's paper on her experience traveling faster than light in Eureka. Holly: "That was amazing. The first direct FTL flight of a vehicle-less life-form. Oh, I can't wait to tell everyone I know. Not that I know a lot of people. I'll have to write a paper. Maybe I'll call it "Beam Me Up" or something less dated and more irreverent.

18Bioballistic Particle Delivery System BBBTechnology ProductsElectronics

Bioballistic Particle Delivery System

19Blue Lane Bus BBBTransportationBus Lines

Blue Lane Bus
Bus line that runs through Eureka.

20Blue Streak BBBVehiclesAircrafts

Blue Streak
Rocket competing in the Eureka Rocket Daze 2010 contest during Space Week.

21BMFG Liquidator BBBWeaponsGuns

BMFG Liquidator
Gun in the Sheriff's office arsenal.

22The Book Man BBBRetailBookstores

The Book Man
Bookstore on Main Street in Eureka.

23BUFFY BBBComputersA.I.

A.I. controlling Fargo's Mu-Tent. Bio-mechanical Unfolding Fully-Automated Yurt.

24Cafe DiemBBBDiningCoffeehouses

Cafe Diem
Coffee shop on Main Street in Eureka.

25Camoscope BBBTechnology ProductsSpy Gadgets

Device the Area 51 bowling team used to turn Fargo and the Eureka bowling team green.

26Chaotic Inflation Device BBBTechnology ProductsElectronics

Chaotic Inflation Device
Device at Global Dynamics built to to recreate the origin singularity, a.k.a. the Big Bang, in a observable containment field.

27Chef's Special BBBMenuMenu Items

Chef's Special
Unofficial menu item at Cafe Diem.

28Chicago River Bank BBBFinancial CompaniesBanks

Chicago River Bank
Bank Zane hacks to order stuff to his prison cell.

29Choco-Yums BBBFood ProductsBreakfast Cereal

Zoe's breakfast cereal.

30Christmas Cheer BBBGoodsMiscellaneous Products

Christmas Cheer
The spirit of Christmas - in a can.

31Chromium Kona Macchiato BBBBeverage ProductsCoffee

Chromium Kona Macchiato
Coffee beverage served at Cafe Diem.

32CircumGlobal Air BBBTransportationAirlines

CircumGlobal Air
Company on the airline ticket that Tess leaves for Sheriff Carter.

33Cold War Cappuccino BBBBeverage ProductsCoffee

Cold War Cappuccino
Coffee drink Vincent serves on Founders Day.

34The Columbus BBBVehiclesSpacecrafts

The Columbus
An unmanned prototype. Global Dynamics' early research into interstellar exploration. It was lost three years after the launch. The project was scrapped. The facility repurposed. Then it mysteriously returned to Eureka.

35The Consortium BBBOrganizationsSecret Organizations

The Consortium
Secret society created to build a time machine to prevent the Manhattan Project, and thus the atom bomb, from ever existing by deporting Einstein.

36COPA Cabana BBBHome FurnishingFurniture

COPA Cabana
COPA = Compact Portable Automatic Cabana. Allison brings it with her on her honeymoon with Jack, thinking they're going to the beach.

37Cryo-Kennel BBBPetsPet Products

Product for pets created by Eureka scientists from the shop at home TV show Made in Eureka - leave your pet in a a state of suspended animation when you're not home.

38Curie Dry Cleaners BBBMaintenance ServicesLaundry Services

Curie Dry Cleaners
Dry cleaner on Main Street in Eureka from multiple episodes.

39The Depot BBBDiningCoffeehouses

The Depot
Coffee shop where Dr. Grant meets Beverly Barlowe.

40Descartes Delivery BBBServicesShipping and Storage

Descartes Delivery
Paycheck Jo finds at the Global Dynamics chemical waste spill truck driver's house.

41Double-yolk Quail Egg Omelet BBBMenuMenu Items

Double-yolk Quail Egg Omelet
Dish Vincent serves to Carter's ex-wife, with Estonian Caviar and Basil Grafted from An Italian Monastery, with Truffle Oil.

42Draper Dipe BBBGoodsBaby Products

Draper Dipe
High tech diaper product given to Allison at her baby shower. "One Draper dipe can hold up to five times its volume in water."

43Dream Spectrometer BBBTechnology ProductsAudiovisual Devices

Dream Spectrometer
Device that maps the electrical impulse patterns of a person's dreams. If dreams were television, this would be the written transcript.

44The Einstein Bridge Device BBBTransportationTime Travel

The Einstein Bridge Device
Device that sends the Eureka 5 back to 1947.

45Equinox Home Design BBBServicesInterior Design

Equinox Home Design
Home furnishing store on Main Street in Eureka.

46Eudoxus Over Easy with Spinach and Ginse... BBBMenuMenu Items

Eudoxus Over Easy with Spinach and Ginseng Reduction
Menu Item at Cafe Diem, named after the Greek astronomer.

47Eureka Fire Department BBBServicesFire and Rescue

Eureka Fire Department
The local fire department shows up when the dry cleaners explodes.

48Eureka Modern FurnitureBBBServicesFuneral Homes

Eureka Modern Furniture
Furniture store in Eureka.

49Eureka Recycling Center BBBMaintenance ServicesWaste Management

Eureka Recycling Center
Local recycling center run by wannabe superhero Chuck. "Why throw it when you can chuck it?"

50Eureka Restorations BBBServicesRepair Services

Eureka Restorations
Service in Eureka.

51Eureka Rocket Daze 2010 BBBEventsContests-Science

Eureka Rocket Daze 2010
Space Week contest, an annual 24-hour race to the Moon and back.

52Eureka Science Fair BBBEventsContests-Science

Eureka Science Fair
The school's annual science fair.

53Eureka Science Surplus BBBRetailElectronics Stores

Eureka Science Surplus
Store on Main Street in Eureka.

54Eureka Sheriff Department BBBLegal AidPolice Departments

Eureka Sheriff Department
Local police in Eureka.

55Eureka ToolsBBBRetailHardware Stores

Eureka Tools
Hardware store in Eureka.

56Eureka Trading Company BBBCorporationsImport Export Companies

Eureka Trading Company
Company in Eureka.

57Eureka Yoga BBBBeauty CareFitness Centers

Eureka Yoga
Yoga center Zoe mentions.

58EurekAerobics BBBBeauty CareFitness Centers

Gym / health club in Eureka where Carter makes a fool of himself.

59EurekaHaus BBBDiningRestaurants

Restaurant on Main Street in Eureka.

60Fallout Flapjacks BBBMenuMenu Items

Fallout Flapjacks
Special at Cafe Diem.

61First Church of Eureka BBBReligionChurches

First Church of Eureka
Church that Carter suspects is the cause of the apocalyptic events happening in Eureka.

62Fresh Ground Vinspresso BBBBeverage ProductsCoffee

Fresh Ground Vinspresso
Coffee Vincent serves at Cafe Diem.

63The Future of Everything BBBLiteratureBooks

The Future of Everything
Book by Dr. Markus Blake from his book signing at Cafe Diem.

64The G.P.A. BBBTechnology ProductsElectronics

The G.P.A.
Also known as The Graviscalar Particle Accelerator. Housed at Global Dynamics in Eureka.

65Galaxy Camp BBBYouth ServicesYouth Programs

Galaxy Camp
Eureka version of Space Camp, attended by both Fargo and Isaac Parrish.

66Genome Spectrometer BBBTechnology ProductsElectronics

Genome Spectrometer
One of three devices taken from Global Dynamics labs that Henry determines to have applications to experiments dealing with DNA manipulation.

67Geo land jewelry BBBApparelJewelry Stores

Geo land jewelry
Jewelry store where Fargo's grandfather Pierre Fargo bought the engagement ring he didn't get to give to Fargo's grandmother because he got locked in a cryogenic pod.

68Geodetic Coordinate Transceivers BBBTechnology ProductsTracking Devices

Geodetic Coordinate Transceivers
High tech bracelets Jo has Carter put on Zane so that they can see his location within one meter.

69Global DynamicsBBBCorporationsTechnology Companies

Global Dynamics
Advanced Research Facility.

70Graham's BBBHome FurnishingHome Furnishing Stores

Store in Eureka.

71Graham's GiftsBBBRetailGift Shops

Graham's Gifts
Gift store in Eureka.

72Grubby Guy BBBPersonal CareHygiene Products

Grubby Guy
Sheriff Carter's brand of body wash.

73Hastings Hoverboards BBBRetailSporting Goods Stores

Hastings Hoverboards
Store on Main Street in Eureka.

74Henry's Car Clinic / Henry's Garage BBBVehiclesAutomotive Services

Henry's Car Clinic / Henry's Garage
Henry's garage.

75I-Fire BBBTechnology ProductsElectronics

Isaac's advanced firefighting technology that seeks out the energy from heat sources, and then dissipates it in seconds.

76I-Mines BBBWeaponsMiscellaneous Weapons

Also known as Immobilization mines. Mines that shoot a gel webbing that hardens on contact.

77Instant Cavity Filler BBBDrugsMedicine

Instant Cavity Filler
Medication available at the pharmacy in Eureka.

78Intercellular Adhesion Molecule 1 Recept... BBBDrugsMedicine

Intercellular Adhesion Molecule 1 Receptor Blocker
Also known as the cure for the common cold. Apparently it was discovered years ago, but it's still too expensive for mass production. It is stored at he pharmacy in Eureka.

79Intramuscular Electrode Array BBBTechnology ProductsElectronics

Intramuscular Electrode Array
One of three devices taken from Global Dynamics labs that Henry determines to have applications to experiments dealing with DNA manipulation.

80Invis-apparel BBBApparelClothing Products

Clothing product for sale at Mary's Uniforms and Fashions, a clothing store on Main Street in Eureka.

81It BBBVehiclesMotor Vehicles

Beverly's solar powered car.

82Ithaca Lock Company BBBIndustrial CompaniesManufacturing

Ithaca Lock Company
Company that made the locks on the prison cell in the Sheriff building.

83Kezia BBBPeriodicalsMagazines

Magazine - Eureka version of Cosmo or Glamour - in Jo's desk drawer at the police station.

84Liza's Lingerie BBBApparelClothing Stores

Liza's Lingerie
Lingerie store from multiple episodes.

85Lobster Buttons BBBMenuMenu Items

Lobster Buttons
One of Vincent's specialties that Carter remembers from the alternate timeline. Well, he remembers them as balls, but Henry corrects him. They're buttons.

86Lobster De Love BBBMenuMenu Items

Lobster De Love
Dish Virtual Vincent serves to Carter and Allison on their "romantic" getaway in the enchanting Global Dynamics aqua farm. "This succulent invertebrate is one of lake Archimedes' most voracious bottom feeders and is a denizen of the aquafarms."

87Logan's Home HardwareBBBRetailHardware Stores

Logan's Home Hardware
Hardware store next door to Cafe Diem.

88M.A.C.A.A. BBBWeaponsMiscellaneous Weapons

Global Dynamic project. also known as Multi-Application-Combat-Armor-Alternative, a personal force field generator.

89Madame Cornelia Drechmeyer BBBServicesPsychic Services

Madame Cornelia Drechmeyer
Scientist Murray Drechmeyer's psychic mother, the premier medium of her day.

90Made in Eureka BBBTelevisionTV Shows

Made in Eureka
Shop at home TV show, featuring products made by Eureka scientists, including the Cryo-kennel for dogs and the Micro-Mitt for cooking.

91Martha BBBTechnology ProductsRobot Models

Military attack drone used to test Global Dynamics' new Viper Defense System.

92Mary's Uniforms and Fashions BBBApparelClothing Stores

Mary's Uniforms and Fashions
Clothing store on Main Street in Eureka.

93Match Mist by Pilar BBBApparelClothing Products

Match Mist by Pilar
The latest in meta material cloaking.

94Memory Neutralizer BBBTechnology ProductsElectronics

Memory Neutralizer
One of Henry's inventions. "The original was like a shotgun, erasing short-term memory. This one erases long-term memory, but is much more precise. It can pinpoint the neuropathways associated with specific experiences and time periods." He tells Carter he's reading their memories of the alternate timeline they experienced, but after he erases Carter's memories, he keeps his own.

95Methylation Plasma BBBTechnology ProductsElectronics

Methylation Plasma
One of three devices taken from Global Dynamics labs that Henry determines to have applications to experiments dealing with DNA manipulation.

96Micro-Mitt BBBPetsPet Products

Product for cooking created by Eureka scientists from the shop at home TV show Made in Eureka - a microwave oven in your hand.

97A Midsummer's Night Invasion BBBEntertainmentTheater Productions

A Midsummer's Night Invasion
Zoe's play at the Tesla School.

98Military Ma'am BBBPeriodicalsMagazines

Military Ma'am
Gun magazine from multiple episodes.

99Mocha Cirillium Latte BBBMenuMenu Items

Mocha Cirillium Latte
Coffee beverage served at Cafe Diem.

100Model 50 Tactical Takedown Rifle BBBWeaponsGuns

Model 50 Tactical Takedown Rifle
Gun in the Sheriff's office arsenal.

101Modern Mercenary BBBPeriodicalsMagazines

Modern Mercenary
Magazine Jo is reading in the police station.

102MPH BBBDrugsNarcotics

Speed drug developed in Section Five at Global Dynamics.

103MPS Auto Assault 12 Shotgun BBBWeaponsGuns

MPS Auto Assault 12 Shotgun
Gun in the Sheriff's office arsenal.

104The Mu-tent BBBGoodsSporting Goods

The Mu-tent
Hi tech tent Fargo takes camping. Patent pending.

105Multi-velocity XK Exterminator BBBWeaponsGuns

Multi-velocity XK Exterminator
Gun in the Sheriff's office arsenal.

106My Friend Space BBBComputersMobile Apps

My Friend Space
Social media site Zoe uses - user name EurekaGrrl. Eureka version of Facebook or MySpace.

107My Life as a Fraud BBBLiteratureBooks

My Life as a Fraud
Dr. Pierre Fargo's suggestion for Andre Sandrov's new book, since Sandrov took credit for Fargo's work.

108Neutrons BBBSportsBaseball Teams

Baseball team in Eureka.

109Objekts BBBRetailGift Shops

Store in Eureka.

110Omniversal Remote BBBTechnology ProductsAudiovisual Devices

Omniversal Remote
Henry's remote control for, well, everything.

111Paglia Propulsion Products BBBRetailSporting Goods Stores

Paglia Propulsion Products
Store on Main Street in Eureka, name after show creator Jaime Paglia.

112PALs BBBTechnology ProductsElectronics

P.A.L. = Predictive Algorithm Lenses. Zane's high tech contact lenses invention, like a weather forecast for trouble - they scan and analyze potential security and safety risks. Then they play the outcomes in live action, giving you a variable time frame for them to become reality.

113PanOp BBBComputersSoftware

New security system at Global Dynamics.

114Permanent Sun Block BBBDrugsMedicine

Permanent Sun Block
Medication available at the pharmacy in Eureka.

115Peruvian Slow Roast BBBBeverage ProductsCoffee

Peruvian Slow Roast
Coffee beverage served at Cafe Diem.

116Photovoltaic Capacitor BBBTechnology ProductsElectronics

Photovoltaic Capacitor
Dr. Ward's missing invention, found rammed up the backside of the Astraeus.

117The Pierre Fargo Center for Cryogenics BBBResearch InstitutesInstitutes

The Pierre Fargo Center for Cryogenics
When Fargo's grandfather is revived from a cryogenic pod, it is revealed that the famous Eureka scientist Andre Sandrov took credit for Pierre Fargo's work, and the center that was named after him is renamed after Pierre Fargo.

118Portable Magnetic Resonance Imager BBBTechnology ProductsAudiovisual Devices

Portable Magnetic Resonance Imager
Henry's device that he uses to snap a 3D picture of the body in the woods.

119Preternatural BBBMedia CompaniesFilm Production Companies

Production company logo seen before the new movie Spencer and his friends watch.

120Protons BBBSportsBaseball Teams

Baseball team in Eureka.

121R.S.S. BBBTechnology ProductsElectronics

Riot Suppression System. Isaac's device that neurochemically induces feelings Of serenity and trust. A crowd beamed with the R.S.S. will peacefully disperse.

122Random Wormhole Generator BBBTransportationTransportation Technology

Random Wormhole Generator
Joke Zane makes. Sheriff Carter: "We have wormholes popping up randomly all over town. You have any project that could be causing it?" Zane: "Like my random wormhole generator?" Sheriff Carter: "You have one of those?" Zane: "No. But it's possible that something got jostled and reactivated when we were packing."

123Royal Hotel BBBTravelHotels

Royal Hotel
Hotel in Eureka.

124The Sandrov Foundation BBBOrganizationsCharities

The Sandrov Foundation
Foundation created by Eureka scientist Andre Sandrov.


A.I. controlling Sheriff Carter's Smart House.

126The Second Coming of Holley Marten BBBLiteraturePrinted Matter

The Second Coming of Holley Marten
Holley's idea for the title for her theoretical paper about her resurrection, but she writes it off as pretentious.

127Sentex BBBCorporationsTechnology Companies

Henry mentions that Walter's tachyon accelerator has to be a stolen Sentex prototype.

128The Shangri-la Spa BBBBeauty CareSpas

The Shangri-la Spa
Spa in Eureka that Zoe and Grace visit.

129Sharp & Sons Export BBBVehiclesWatercrafts

Sharp & Sons Export
Container ship, location of the virtual Eureka mobile lab.

130Show Me the Mummy! BBBLiteratureBooks

Show Me the Mummy!
New book by Sebastian Marx.

131Skywalker 2000s BBBApparelFootwear

Skywalker 2000s
Prototype flying boots that Chuck the recycling guy wears trying to be a real life superhero.

132Solar Powered Ultra High Resolution Gamm... BBBTechnology ProductsMedical Devices

Solar Powered Ultra High Resolution Gamma Pulse Tomography
Eureka science fair project presented by The Heathers: "The next phase in medical imaging."

133Space Week BBBEventsFairs and Festivals

Space Week
Space-themed festival week in Eureka.

134Spadaro Foundation BBBOrganizationsCharities

Spadaro Foundation
Foundation that gave Zane an award for string theory while he was at Cornell.

135Spencer-Plex BBBEntertainmentMovie Theaters

Name Spencer gives his new movie watching set-up in his trailer.

136Spot BBBTechnology ProductsElectronics

Nickname for Big Ed's bioengineered prototype for a microorganism that ingests gamma radiation for nuclear waste cleanups.

137Story Catcher BBBTechnology ProductsAudiovisual Devices

Story Catcher
Electronic device designed to record memories that inadvertently spreads amnesia across Eureka. "It creates a wireless neural connection through the optic nerve to see memories as you recall them."

138Strong Force Amplifier BBBTechnology ProductsElectronics

Strong Force Amplifier
Device Fargo uses during his protest against the closing of Global Dynamics.

139Super-photon Generator BBBTechnology ProductsElectronics

Super-photon Generator
Power source for Allison's daughter Jenna Stark's Christmas present, the childrens book An Adventure in Holotown, created by Douglas Fargo and Henry Deacon.

140TABITHA BBBComputersA.I.

A.I. controlling Fargo's Smart Car.

141Tachyon Accelerator BBBTechnology ProductsElectronics

Tachyon Accelerator
Walter's project.

142TAP BBBTechnology ProductsElectronics

Also known as Terraforming Atmospheric Processing fluid. A radiation-activated compound that creates oxygen.

143Taylor's Organic Poultry Farm BBBFood IndustriesFarms

Taylor's Organic Poultry Farm
Farm in Eureka that grows cloned chicken meat.

144Tesla School BBBEducationHigh Schools

Tesla School
High school in Eureka from various episodes. "Advanced Learning"

145Tesla School Biotech Dive BBBEventsContests

Tesla School Biotech Dive
Diving contest in which novice divers controlled by neural-muscle remote.

146Theoretical Physics BBBLiteratureTextbooks

Theoretical Physics
Generic textbook.

147They Came to Conquer BBBCinemaMovies

They Came to Conquer
New movie Spencer and his friends watch.

148Tiny BBBVehiclesSpacecrafts

Titan rover.

149TIRD Meter BBBTechnology ProductsElectronics

TIRD Meter
Global Dynamics scientist Murray Drechmeyer's device that monitors Thermal Imaging Reactive Displacement.

150Titan-tinis BBBMenuMixed Drinks

Joke the general makes about what Zane was drinking before crashing his rocket during the Eureka Rocket Daze 2010 contest during Space Week.

151Totally Tech Cosmetics and Fashion Enhan... BBBPersonal CareCosmetics

Totally Tech Cosmetics and Fashion Enhancements
Zoe's friend Pilar's new cosmetic line.

152Triple Campucinne Double Foam Latte BBBBeverage ProductsCoffee

Triple Campucinne Double Foam Latte
Coffee drink Zane orders at Cafe Diem.

153Ultra Infrared Vision Goggles BBBTechnology ProductsSpy Gadgets

Ultra Infrared Vision Goggles
Taggart's latest invention.

154Vin-spresso BBBBeverage ProductsCoffee

Coffee served at Cafe Diem.

155Vincent's Famous Five Alarm Chili BBBMenuMenu Items

Vincent's Famous Five Alarm Chili
Not quite hot enough to cause people to spontaneously combust.

156Vincent's Veggie Blend BBBBeverage ProductsJuice

Vincent's Veggie Blend
Vincent's healthy smoothie drink that Allison keeps in her fridge and offers Jack after their jog through the neighborhood.

157Vinspresso Ice Cream BBBFood ProductsIce Cream

Vinspresso Ice Cream
Dessert served at Cafe Diem.

158Viper Defense System BBBHome FurnishingSecurity Products

Viper Defense System
Anti missile array being tested by Global Dynamics.

159Virtual Eureka BBBMediaVirtual Reality

Virtual Eureka
Also known as The Matrix Eureka, virtual reality simulation where Beverly imprisons the crew of the Astraeus.

160Virtual Vincent BBBComputersA.I.

Virtual Vincent
Cutting edge A.I. employed at Cafe Diem.

161Walk Through Wal-Mart BBBRetailDepartment Stores

Walk Through Wal-Mart
Store from joke Sheriff Carter makes: "Well, he didn't buy his walk through walls machine at walk-through Wal-Mart."

162Wellington Emporium BBBHome FurnishingFurniture Stores

Wellington Emporium
Furniture store on Main Street in Eureka.

163XJ-55 Assault Cannon BBBWeaponsGuns

XJ-55 Assault Cannon
Gun in the Sheriff's office.

164XL44 BBBTechnology ProductsAudiovisual Devices

Radio Carter got when he was a rookie.

165Z-Bomb BBBWeaponsExplosives

Z-wave bomb that Zane develops to knock out all the Virtual Eureka NPCs all at once.

166Zephyr Rover BBBVehiclesSpacecrafts

Zephyr Rover
Rover in space destroyed by the Titan Project.

167Zombie Test Pilot BBBMediaVideo Games

Zombie Test Pilot
Kevin's video game.

168ZY-21 Chip BBBComputersComputer Peripherals

ZY-21 Chip
Computer chip.

1694th MapTransit RoutesThoroughfares

Street in Eureka. Young kid Jack and Zoe meet on Main Street: "I'm an Oppenheimer. The Einsteins live on 4th."

170Archimedes MapTransit RoutesThoroughfares

Street in Eureka getting a new stoplight at intersection with Main Street.

171Archimedes Lake MapWaterLakes

Archimedes Lake
Carter and Stark go to talk to Dr. Todd while he is fishing.

172The Archimedes Trench MapNatureNatural Areas

The Archimedes Trench
Trench more than a mile deep at the bottom of the enchanting Global Dynamics aquafarm.

173Camp Eureka MapStructuresMilitary Bases

Camp Eureka
Eureka started off as a military base.

174Copernicus Park MapNatureParks

Copernicus Park
Skateboarding park in Eureka.

175Coriolis Loop MapTransit RoutesThoroughfares

Coriolis Loop
In the scene where Jo is polishing her mailbox, the name of the street is Coriolis Loop, referencing the French scientist Gustave-Gaspard Coriolis, who discovered that an apparent force that as a result of the earth's rotation deflects moving objects - as projectiles or air currents - to the right in the northern hemisphere and to the left in the southern hemisphere. The Coriolis force is also important in ballistics which correlates with Jo's chosen occupation.

176Curie's Cliff MapNatureMountains

Curie's Cliff
Cliff in Eureka that Dr. Warren Hughes almost drives off of, thinking he's Sheriff Carter trying to save Allison after having his memories all mixed up.

177Da Vinci Bridge MapTransit RoutesBridges

Da Vinci Bridge
Bridge in Eureka from multiple episodes.

178Eureka, OregonMapUrban AreasCities

Eureka, Oregon
A remote Oregon town populated by geniuses and scientists whose inventions have a habit of going array and threatening everything nearby.

179Euripedes Drive MapTransit RoutesDrives

Euripedes Drive
Street in Eureka.

180Lake Carter MapWaterLakes

Lake Carter
Joke Carter makes to Jo after she comes on to him while delirious. Carter: "I mean, maybe you just got tired of staring at Lake Carter, and you had to take a dip."

181Main StreetMapTransit RoutesStreets

Main Street
Actually Wellington Avenue in Chilliwack, BC, Canada.

182Nathan Stark Memorial Hallway MapStructuresHalls

Nathan Stark Memorial Hallway
A hallway in the Global Dynamics facility is named in honor of Nathan, following his previous sacrifice.

183Nemesis MapOuter SpaceStars

Neutron star. "Nemesis is neutron star that's been theorized to be in binary orbit with our sun. It crosses earth's orbit every 65 million years, causing an extinction-level event."

184Quantum Field MapStructuresSports Fields

Quantum Field
New baseball field in Eureka.

185Strawberry Knoll MapNatureNatural Areas

Strawberry Knoll
Natural area in Eureka, where the dog that was barking at nothing was located.

186The Artifact OtherArtifactsArchaeological Artifacts

The Artifact
The Artifact is the last remaining object from the universe that existed before the Big Bang. It gives off massive amounts of radiation that make it dangerous for anyone to approach it and there isn't advanced enough technology to be able to track the radiation. The Artifact itself exists outside of space-time. It serves as an antenna for the Akashic Field, a zero-point subspace nexus for all the knowledge of the universe.

187Element X OtherMatterElements

Element X
The first atomic bomb wasn't actually detonated in Los Alamos, it was detonated in Eureka using a rare element found only in certain meteorites known as Element X, which created a certain unique by-product in the blast chamber. Los Alamos learned from Eureka's mistakes and went with plutonium.

188Gigantonithecus Americanus OtherLiving ThingsAnimals

Gigantonithecus Americanus
Creature on the loose in Eureka.

189Globidium OtherMatterElements

Element used in power cells at Global Dynamics.

190Instantanium OtherMatterSubstances

A nano-polymer syntactic foam.

191Lorena Bobbitt Virus OtherMedical ConditionsViruses

Lorena Bobbitt Virus
Joke Global Dynamics support staff member Larry makes before disappearing: "It turns your hard drive into a three and a half inch floppy."

192Operation Ho Ho Ho OtherPlansOperations

Operation Ho Ho Ho
Jack's Christmas morning surprise for the kids of Eureka.

193Petro-tech OtherMatterSubstances

High tech material used to insulate buildings in Eureka. "It's a reactive thermal barrier. Best cold weather insulation in the world. All of G.D. is insulated with it, along with every building in town."

194Project Habeas Corpus OtherPlansProjects

Project Habeas Corpus
Henry and Zane's biological fabrication project to build a living, breathing body for Holly from the cellular ground up.

195PX-319 Project OtherPlansProjects

PX-319 Project
Weapon under development at Global Dynamics that transmits a low frequency signal that delivers a subconscious message of fear and paranoia to the amygdala, deep in the brain, causing the enemy to turn against one another.

196Roasted Jalapeno Maize Kernels with Demi... OtherRecipesFood Recipes

Roasted Jalapeno Maize Kernels with Demiglace
Dish Vincent makes at Spencer's movie watching party.

197S.C.A.T. OtherMiscellaneousEvaluations

Student Career Assessment Test, designed to point students in the right direction.

198Sheriff Carter & Douglas Fargo OtherQuotesQuotes

Sheriff Carter & Douglas Fargo
Sheriff Carter: Do you know anyone who'd be working on a really intense, unknown, theoretical scientific discovery?
Douglas Fargo: You mean, like a Class Eight project?
Sheriff Carter: Yes. Let's talk about those.
Douglas Fargo: Sorry, all Class Eight research is classified.
Sheriff Carter: Mmm-hmm. Oh, you know what else should be classified? A certain assistant's American Idol audition.

199Sheriff Carter & General Mansfield OtherQuotesQuotes

Sheriff Carter & General Mansfield
Sheriff Carter: Do you have a picture or something, so I know what I'm looking for?
General Mansfield: Unfortunately, no. With the computers offline, the only thing that I can tell you is that it's a Category Red.
Sheriff Carter: I assume red is bad?
General Mansfield: Red is catastrophic. Handled incorrectly, a Category Red device could take out this entire facility.

200Spadaro Foundation Award OtherRecognitionAwards

Spadaro Foundation Award
Award Zane won for string theory while at Cornell before he got expelled.

201Taggart OtherQuotesQuotes

Taggart: When the firebird appears, solar flares emit high energy exotic meson particles. Under the right atmospheric conditions, you can get spontaneous combustion.

202Titan Project OtherPlansProjects

Titan Project
Global Dynamics project.

203Ultra IndigoOtherMatterColors

Ultra Indigo
A color possessing the power to decelerate other photons and distort time.

204Untitled OtherThemesGray Eagle


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