Places that don't exist. Cities you can't visit. Mountains you can't climb. Seas you can't sail... Well, you get the idea.
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1Agua MesaEIGHT LEGGED FREAKS 2002 FilmNatureMountains

Agua Mesa
Mesa in Prosperity Valley.

2Alpine Sudentenwaltz THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL 2014 FilmNatureMountains

Alpine Sudentenwaltz
Forest the Author mentions: A number of years ago, while suffering from a mild case of scribe''s fever, a form of neurasthenia common among the intelligentsia of that time, I decided to spend the month of August in the spa town of Nebelsbad, below the Alpine Sudetenvatz and had taken up rooms in the Grand Budapest, a picturesque, elaborate and once widely celebrated establishment. I expect some of you will know it.

3Arklay Mountains RESIDENT EVIL: APOCALYPSE 2004 FilmNatureMountains

Arklay Mountains
Mountains near Raccoon City where the helicopter crashes.

3Arklay MountainsRESIDENT EVIL: WELCOME TO RACCOON CITY 2021 FilmNatureMountains

Arklay Mountains
Mountains near Raccoon City.

4Arklay Mountains RESIDENT EVIL 1996 Video GamesNatureMountains

Arklay Mountains

3Bad MountainsHE-MAN AND THE MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE 1983 Animated SeriesNatureMountains

Bad Mountains
Mountain range visible on Man-at-Arms' map of Eternia.

4The Balcony CliffsBORNE 2017 LiteratureNatureMountains

The Balcony Cliffs
Apartment complex where Rachel and Wick - and Borne - live, but are eventually forced to leave by Mord proxies.

5Bald Eagle Mountain ROD SERLING'S THE TWILIGHT ZONE 1963 LiteratureNatureMountains

Bald Eagle Mountain
Hank Dawson visits Pleasant Farm on Bald Eagle Mountain, a few months after it burned down.

6Big Horn THE PRETENDER 1996 TV SeriesNatureMountains

Big Horn
Mountain range on Arizona map showing the town of Dry River, where Mr. Lyle lures Jarod with an email that appears to be from Sydney. There is a Big Horn mountain range in the U.S., but it is in Wyoming, not Arizona.

7The Big Woo JOE VERSUS THE VOLCANO 1990 FilmNatureMountains

The Big Woo
Volcano on the island of Waponi Woo.

3Black ChasmTADPOLE 2005 LiteratureNatureMountains

Black Chasm
The Great Dellaventura once levitated across the Black Chasm in the White Mountains.

4The Black Mountain RICK AND MORTY 2013 Animated SeriesNatureMountains

The Black Mountain
Mountain that Morty mentions when he's dying: "I'm dying, Rick. I can see the black mountain."

5Blue MountainsTHE LORD OF THE RINGS 1954 LiteratureNatureMountains

Blue Mountains
Mountain range in west Eriador. Also known as Ered Luin.

6The Blue Mountains THE MARTIAN CHRONICLES 1950 LiteratureNatureMountains

The Blue Mountains
Where Ella's husband suggests going.

7Blue Ridge HAVEN 2010 TV SeriesNatureMountains

Blue Ridge
Mountain mentioned.

8Blue Ridge Mountains THE TWILIGHT ZONE 1959 TV SeriesNatureMountains

Blue Ridge Mountains
In the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, Billy-Ben Turner proposes to Ellie Glover, the pretty daughter of a successful farmer.

9Bullshit MountainTHE DAILY SHOW 1996 TV SeriesNatureMountains

Bullshit Mountain

10Cape Beak ROD SERLING'S THE TWILIGHT ZONE 1963 LiteratureNatureMountains

Cape Beak
Cliff on Cliff Island where Commandant Lasang lit beacons in the 1700s, now known as Signal Head.

11CaradhrasTHE LORD OF THE RINGS 1954 LiteratureNatureMountains

Mountain to the northeast of Moria, in the Misty Mountains.

12Cheeseburger Mountain BROOKLYN NINE-NINE 2013 TV SeriesNatureMountains

Cheeseburger Mountain
Cheeseburger section of Jake's Freedom Feast 2017, the dinner he prepares for the precinct after being released from prison.

13The Cliffs of Bole STAR TREK: DEEP SPACE NINE 1993 TV SeriesNatureMountains

The Cliffs of Bole
Sisko reminisces with Verad Dax, how they first met at Pelios Station, the trip they took to the Cliffs of Bole, and about the eight helpings of Andorian Redbat that Science officer Kustanovich at e while they were serving aboard the Livingston.

14Cliffs of Huxtable BOB'S BURGERS 2011 Animated SeriesNatureMountains

Cliffs of Huxtable
Location in Aunt Gayle's board game Gayle Force Winds. The Cosby Show reference.

3Cliffs of Surak STAR TREK: DISCOVERY 2017 TV SeriesNatureMountains

Cliffs of Surak
Saru visits Michael Burnham in her new holodeck program of Ni'Var, where she looks out on the Cliffs of Surak and Lake Yuron.

4Cliffs of Undalar STAR TREK: DEEP SPACE NINE 1993 TV SeriesNatureMountains

Cliffs of Undalar
Cliffs on Bajor that Keiko wanted to rappel down to get a fungus sample.

5Columbia Mountain THE PRETENDER 1996 TV SeriesNatureMountains

Columbia Mountain
Mountain shown on map of the area around the tribal land.

3Curie's Cliff EUREKA 2006 TV SeriesNatureMountains

Curie's Cliff
Cliff in Eureka that Dr. Warren Hughes almost drives off of, thinking he's Sheriff Carter trying to save Allison after having his memories all mixed up.

4Daeleus Cliffs STAR TREK: VOYAGER 1995 TV SeriesNatureMountains

Daeleus Cliffs
Cliffs on Enara Prime.

5Dead Man's PeakSCOOBY-DOO! LEGEND OF THE PHANTOSAUR 2011 Animated FilmNatureMountains

Dead Man's Peak
There are several locations named Dead Man's something or other, including Dead Man's Peak, Dead Man's Trail, Dead Man's Curve, Dead Man's Alley and Dead Man's Avenue.

6Death Mountain THE SIMPSONS 1989 Animated SeriesNatureMountains

Death Mountain
Mountain that Chief Wiggum mentions when he releases supervillain Dr. Colossos from jail.

7Devil's Cauldron G.I. JOE: A REAL AMERICAN HERO 1985 Animated SeriesNatureMountains

Devil's Cauldron
Volcano. Location of a meteorite containing the third element required forThe M.A.S.S. Device.

8Devil's Mountain BOJACK HORSEMAN 2014 Animated SeriesNatureMountains

Devil's Mountain
Mr. Peanutbutter proposes challenges the governor to a ski race down Devil's Mountain for the top seat in the government of the state of California.

3Diet Cola Mountain WRECK-IT RALPH 2012 Animated FilmNatureMountains

Diet Cola Mountain
Mountain in the Sugar Rush arcade video game.

3Eagle Rock Mountain THE TWILIGHT ZONE 1959 TV SeriesNatureMountains

Eagle Rock Mountain
Jess-Belle asks if Billy-Ben if he remembers the night they clung together in the sweet night grass on the top of Eagle Rock Mountain, when the moonlight made them see a silver mist on the fog below.

4Eniall Mountains THE MARTIAN CHRONICLES 1950 LiteratureNatureMountains

Eniall Mountains
Mountain range the Martian Tomas meets mentions: "I'm on my way to a festival now at the canal, near the Eniall Mountains."

5Ered LuinTHE LORD OF THE RINGS 1954 LiteratureNatureMountains

Ered Luin
Mountain range in west Eriador. Also known as the Blue Mountains.

6Everett PeakKING MAX 2016 LiteratureNatureMountains

Everett Peak
Peak in the White Mountains where Grandaddy Dobie's cabin is located.

7The Fire Mountains of FrazfragaLIFE, THE UNIVERSE AND EVERYTHING 1982 LiteratureNatureMountains

The Fire Mountains of Frazfraga
The Silastic Armorfiends of Striterax were engaged in one of their regular wars with the Strenuous Garfighters of Stug, and were not enjoying it as much as usual because it involved an awful lot of trekking through the Radiation Swamps of Cwulzenda, and across the Fire Mountains of Frazfraga, neither of which terrains they felt at home in. So when the Strangulous Stilettans of Jajazikstak joined in the fray and forced them to fight another front in the Gamma Caves of Carfrax and the Ice Storms of Varlengooten, they decided that enough was enough, and they ordered Hactar to design for them an Ultimate Weapon.

8Foggy Mountain THE EAGLES 1971 MusicNatureMountains

Foggy Mountain

9Foggy Mountain THE TREASURE OF FOGGY MOUNTAIN 2023 FilmNatureMountains

Foggy Mountain
Mountain where three childhood friends decide to go looking for a mysterious treasure.

3Freecloud Mountain DAVID BOWIE 1962 MusicNatureMountains

Freecloud Mountain

4Gabelmeister's Peak THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL 2014 FilmNatureMountains

Gabelmeister's Peak
Ivan found the butler hiding out in the remote foothills near Gabelmeister's Peak.

3Gasak Mountains THE EXPENDABLES 2 2012 FilmNatureMountains

Gasak Mountains
Church sends the Expendables to retrieve a blueprint from a downed airplane in the Gasak Mountains of Albania.

3Godo Mountain Range STAR TREK: VOYAGER 1995 TV SeriesNatureMountains

Godo Mountain Range
Mountain range on Neelix and Dexa's home planet that they reminisce about.

4Gragasian Mountains THUNDERCATS 1985 Animated SeriesNatureMountains

Gragasian Mountains
Mountain range on Third Earth.

5Grand Sentinels TREMORS 1990 FilmNatureMountains

Grand Sentinels
Mountains on map of Perfection.

3G'Quan Mountain BABYLON 5 1993 TV SeriesNatureMountains

G'Quan Mountain
The final ceremony of the Narn religious holiday the Holy Days of G'Quan involves followers of G'Quan burning the flower G'Quan Eth as incense as first rays of sunlight pass over the G'Quan Mountain on the Narn Homeworld.

4Half PeakICE AGE 2002 Animated FilmNatureMountains

Half Peak
Mountain peak which, in keeping with it's name, had lost a significant chunk of it's mass under unknown circumstances.

5Hamar MountainsSTAR TREK: DEEP SPACE NINE 1993 TV SeriesNatureMountains

Hamar Mountains
Worf: Are those real var'Hama candles?
Jadzia Dax: Yes, Worf, I traveled to Kronos. I captured three tags in the Hamar mountains, made the ritual sacrifice at dawn, came back to the station, asked Quark to boil their shoulders into tallow. Then I spent two days modeling them into candles with my own hands.
Worf: I was just asking.
Jadzia Dax: You were criticizing. Again.

6Hawthorne Mountains COMMUNITY 2009 TV SeriesNatureMountains

Hawthorne Mountains
Abed: You're still traveling north along the narrow cliff edges of the hawthorne mountains.

7High Ridge ROD SERLING'S THE TWILIGHT ZONE 1963 LiteratureNatureMountains

High Ridge
The best way to reach the top of the towering cliff known as Round Hill was to go around by a back road called Spruce Lane that led up from White Brook Hollow, then take an old trail that led past some circular pits called the Granite Bowls, and on up beside the brook to High Ridge, directly in back of Round Hill.

8Holy Loly MountainMOTHER 1989 Video GamesNatureMountains

Holy Loly Mountain

9The Holy MountainTHE HOLY MOUNTAIN 1973 FilmNatureMountains

The Holy Mountain

10Hondo MountainsMOSTLY HARMLESS 1992 LiteratureNatureMountains

Hondo Mountains
Mountain range on the planet Lamuella. "Arthur, regarding perfectly normal beasts of the planet Lamuella: They come from a point just slightly to the east of the Hondo Mountains. They're the big ones behind us here, you must have seen them as you came in, and then they sweep in their thousands across the great Anhondo plains and, er, well that's it really. That's where they come from. That's where they go."

11Hook Mountain THUNDERCATS 1985 Animated SeriesNatureMountains

Hook Mountain
Mountain from various episodes.

12Hootin Holler MountainBARNEY GOOGLE & SNUFFY SMITH 1919 Comic StripsNatureMountains

Hootin Holler Mountain

13Hypodermic Ridge FUTURAMA 1999 Animated SeriesNatureMountains

Hypodermic Ridge
Mountain on the big ball of garbage headed for Earth.

14Ilium RangeALIENS 1986 FilmNatureMountains

Ilium Range
Mountain range on the Acheron moon, located near the abandoned alien vessel containing xenomorph eggs.

15The Ismaloya MountainsJURASSIC PARK 1990 LiteratureNatureMountains

The Ismaloya Mountains
Mountains where a group of dinosaurs, that were escaped from the Park, appeared.

16Jake's MountainPAW PATROL: PUP, PUP AND AWAY! 2015 LiteratureNatureMountains

Jake's Mountain

17Janitza Mountains STAR TREK: DEEP SPACE NINE 1993 TV SeriesNatureMountains

Janitza Mountains
Miles introduces Keiko to a botany opportunity - a six month agrobiology expedition on Bajor.

18K-12 BETTER OFF DEAD 1985 FilmNatureMountains

The name of the mountain Lane wants to ski down.

3Kang's Summit STAR TREK: DEEP SPACE NINE 1993 TV SeriesNatureMountains

Kang's Summit
Martok was hunting saber bear on Kang's Summit when he was abducted and replaced by a changeling.

4King George Mountain THE MARTIAN CHRONICLES 1950 LiteratureNatureMountains

King George Mountain
One of the new names that soldier Spender suggests future Earth men will give a mountain on Mars: "We Earth Men have a talent for ruining big, beautiful things. The only reason we didn't set up hot-dog stands in the midst of the Egyptian temple of Karnak is because it was out of the way and served no large commercial purpose. And Egypt is a small part of Earth. But here, this whole thing is ancient and different, and we have to set down somewhere and start fouling it up. We'll call the canal the Rockefeller Canal and the mountain King George Mountain and the sea the Dupont sea, and there'll be Roosevelt and Lincoln and Coolidge cities and it won't ever be right, when there are the proper names for these places."

5Kola Mountain STAR TREK: DEEP SPACE NINE 1993 TV SeriesNatureMountains

Kola Mountain
Location on Bajor that Kira and her friends discuss when planning their escape.

6Ktarian Glaciers STAR TREK: VOYAGER 1995 TV SeriesNatureMountains

Ktarian Glaciers
Chakotay mentions going skiing on the holodeck on the Ktarian glaciers.

7Lava MountainSPY KIDS 3-D: GAME OVER 2003 FilmNatureMountains

Lava Mountain
Mountain in the video game Game Over.

8Lenny FOR ALL MANKIND 2019 TV SeriesNatureMountains

Apollo 37 named two glorious twin peaks on the moon after Laverne and Shirley characters Lenny and Squiggy.

9The Lonely MountainTHE LORD OF THE RINGS 1954 LiteratureNatureMountains

The Lonely Mountain
Dwarven stronghold in northern Rhovanion. For a time occupied by the dragon Smaug. Also known as Erebor.

10MagramalLIFE, THE UNIVERSE AND EVERYTHING 1982 LiteratureNatureMountains

Mountain that the magician Effrafax once attempted to make disappear. "The ultra-famous sciento-magician Effrafax of Wug once bet his life that, given a year, he could render the great megamountain Magramal entirely invisible. Having spent most of the year jiggling around with immense Lux- O-Valves and Refracto-Nullifiers and Spectrum-Bypass-O-Matics, he realized, with nine hours to go, that he wasn't going to make it."

11Mainframe MountainESCAPE FROM VIRTUAL ISLAND 2020 LiteratureNatureMountains

Mainframe Mountain
Mountain that Faith built in the virtual world that represents the computer mainframe.

12Marshmallow Mountains DIRK GENTLY'S HOLISTIC DETECTIVE AGENCY 2016 TV SeriesNatureMountains

Marshmallow Mountains
Location the Mage mentions when he's recounting his various victories in Wendimoor. Site of an ambush.

13Messick Mountain SCOOB! 2020 Animated FilmNatureMountains

Messick Mountain
The Falcon Fury flies to Messick Mountain to stop Dick Dastardly, a reference to Don Messick, the original voice actor for Scooby-Doo.

3Mille SeseauTHE LEGEND OF DRAGOON 1999 Video GamesNatureMountains

Mille Seseau
Forested mountain.

4Mistletoe Mountain THE SIMPSONS 1989 Animated SeriesNatureMountains

Mistletoe Mountain
Location mentioned during Krusty's Kristmas on Ice, Krusty the Clown's Christmas themed ice skating show.

5Misty Volcanoes COMMUNITY 2009 TV SeriesNatureMountains

Misty Volcanoes
Volcanoes visible on Abed's map of Galindor.

3Mount AvalonTHE X-FILES 1993 TV SeriesNatureMountains

Mount Avalon

4Mount Bashenga WHAT IF...? 2021 Animated SeriesNatureMountains

Mount Bashenga
Mountain in Wakanda that Killmonger mentions, that his father told him about.

5Mount Bloodkill THE SIMPSONS 1989 Animated SeriesNatureMountains

Mount Bloodkill
Bart plays with his action figures: "Sergeant Activity, your mission is to scale the icy walls of Mount Bloodkill."

3Mount Bullshit THE MENU 2022 FilmNatureMountains

Mount Bullshit
Margot: We have reached the basecamp of Mount Bullshit. This is insane.

3Mount Carlmore THE SIMPSONS 1989 Animated SeriesNatureMountains

Mount Carlmore
Big rock in the desert that Lenny carved his best buddy Carl's face into in West Springfield.

4Mount Claymore THE BRADY BUNCH 1969 TV SeriesNatureMountains

Mount Claymore
Recreation area where the Bradys often picnic and hike.

5Mount Crane FRASIER 1993 TV SeriesNatureMountains

Mount Crane
Joke Frasier makes: "I allowed her to climb to the first base camp on Mount Crane and I believe she's feeling the effects of the altitude."

6Mount Ego FRASIER 1993 TV SeriesNatureMountains

Mount Ego
Joke Niles makes at Frasier's expense.
Female fan to Frasier: I just think you're like the smartest guy on the face of the earth.
Frasier: Well, one does hear tales of a certain wise man in Tibet, but why split hairs? (to Niles) Where was I?
Niles: You were last seen hiking up Mount Ego!

7Mount Embolism THE SIMPSONS 1989 Animated SeriesNatureMountains

Mount Embolism
When Homer rediscovers the snow skis he bought after the Nagano Olympics, the Simpsons go skiing on Mount Embolism.

8Mount Hammond / Mount SiboJURASSIC WORLD: FALLEN KINGDOM 2018 FilmNatureMountains

Mount Hammond / Mount Sibo
Mountain/Volcano on Isla Nublar mentioned on the promotional Dinosaur Protection Group website: Mount Sibo or as some of the InGen employees like to call it, "Mount Hammond" is located toward the north end of the island and is building towards an inevitable eruption. With the impending event being the focus of most media coverage, many tend to overlook the devastating effects volcanic activity will have on the island in the days prior to the eruption.

9Mount Inostranka THE EVENT 2010 TV SeriesNatureMountains

Mount Inostranka
Mountain in Alaska.

10Mount JollyMARVEL SUPER HERO ADVENTURES: FROST FIGHT! 2015 Animated FilmNatureMountains

Mount Jolly
Mountain, location of Santa's toy store.

11Mount Olympus SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE 1975 TV SeriesNatureMountains

Mount Olympus
Home of the Greek gods.

12Mount Purgatorium THE SIMPSONS 1989 Animated SeriesNatureMountains

Mount Purgatorium
Location in Lisa's fantasy book Angelica Button and the Dragon King's Trundle Bed.

13Mount Sadmore RICK AND MORTY 2013 Animated SeriesNatureMountains

Mount Sadmore
Birdperson: Rick, have you teamed up with a memory of yourself? I ask, because that would be deeply sad.
Rick Sanchez: You don't get to tell anyone what's sad, man. You're like a on-man Mount Sadmore. So I guess like a Lincoln Sadmorial.

14Mount SeleyaSTAR TREK III: THE SEARCH FOR SPOCK 1984 FilmNatureMountains

Mount Seleya
Mountain on the planet Vulcan.

15Mount Sibo JURASSIC WORLD 2015 FilmNatureMountains

Mount Sibo
An estimated 35% of the power on Isla Nublar is solar-powered, with the other 65% being powered by geo-thermal energy produced from the activity of Mount Sibo in the north of the island. Jurassic World ensures that clean sources of energy are used with low emissions.

3Mount Sky Mall COMMUNITY 2009 TV SeriesNatureMountains

Mount Sky Mall
Joke Jeff makes.

4Mount Space Everest RICK AND MORTY 2013 Animated SeriesNatureMountains

Mount Space Everest
Space version of Mount Everest, where Tony dies crashing into a tree while space-skiing.

3Mount Springfield THE SIMPSONS 1989 Animated SeriesNatureMountains

Mount Springfield
Local mountain in Springfield.

3Mount Tantiss STAR WARS: THE BAD BATCH 2021 Animated SeriesNatureMountains

Mount Tantiss
Imperial cloning operation the Weyland Facility is located on Mount Tantiss on the planet Weyland.

4Mount Wang BOB'S BURGERS 2011 Animated SeriesNatureMountains

Mount Wang
Named after Chinese diplomat William Archibald Wang, the first to summit the mountain.

3Mount Windy Gap BOB'S BURGERS 2011 Animated SeriesNatureMountains

Mount Windy Gap
Mountain near the Outdoor Education Center youth camp.

4Mount ZhatmireJUMANJI: THE NEXT LEVEL 2019 FilmNatureMountains

Mount Zhatmire
Vicious Jumanjian conqueror Jurgen the Brutal has returned with his savage horde. They descended from their fortress atop Mount Zhatmire and made their way south to the Avian Province, home of the sacred Falcon Jewel, worn around the neck of the village elder. The Falcon is the fertility jewel of Jumanji, and it has been guarded by the people of the Avian Province for hundreds of years. So long as the jewel can see the sun, the waters will flow and the land will flourish.

5Mount ZornHAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! 1959 LiteratureNatureMountains

Mount Zorn

6Mountain of Strength BOOM CRASH OPERA 1985 MusicNatureMountains

Mountain of Strength
"I could reach new heights for the damnation, and though I kick and scream, she's dragging me to Heaven".

7The Mountain Without a Name CITIZEN IN SPACE 1955 LiteratureNatureMountains

The Mountain Without a Name

8Mountains of Darkness CAPTAIN FUTURE 1940 MagazinesNatureMountains

Mountains of Darkness
Mountain range on the cold side of Mercury.

3The MountainsTHE PRISONER 1967 TV SeriesNatureMountains

The Mountains
Generically named mountain range bordering The Village.

4Mt. BelzoniDONALD FAGEN 1965 MusicNatureMountains

Mt. Belzoni

5Mt. Calvin CALVIN AND HOBBES 1985 Comic StripsNatureMountains

Mt. Calvin
Live volcano.

3Mt. Hill RICK AND MORTY 2013 Animated SeriesNatureMountains

Mt. Hill
Morty wears a "Mt. Hill" T-shirt at the cabin, apparently located on Mt. Hill.

4Mt. Hoppy ALF 1986 TV SeriesNatureMountains

Mt. Hoppy
Flat mountain ALF says he walked/climbed on the planet Griphard.

5Mt. Kilima-Negro KEY & PEELE 2012 TV SeriesNatureMountains

Mt. Kilima-Negro
Mountain in Africa.

6Mt. Krustmore THE SIMPSONS RIDE 2008 OtherNatureMountains

Mt. Krustmore
Mountain in the Krustyland amusement park.

3Mt. Louise-ius BOB'S BURGERS 2011 Animated SeriesNatureMountains

Mt. Louise-ius
Name that Louise gives her science project volcano: Mr. Dinkler, you're new here, so please don't be offended if I disregard everything you say and turn in Mt. Louise-ius here.

3Mt. MastodonDINO-BOARDING 2014 LiteratureNatureMountains

Mt. Mastodon

4Mt. Sibo JURASSIC WORLD: DOMINION 2022 FilmNatureMountains

Mt. Sibo
Isla Nublar's long dormant volcano, shown erupting in historical news footage.

3Mt. Useful THE SIMPSONS 1989 Animated SeriesNatureMountains

Mt. Useful
Strategic granite reserve, location of the Mr. Burns' power plant teamwork retreat.

4The Murderhorn THE SIMPSONS 1989 Animated SeriesNatureMountains

The Murderhorn
Highest mountain in Springfield.

5Mystery Mountain JOURNEY 1973 MusicNatureMountains

Mystery Mountain

6The North MountainFROZEN 2013 Animated FilmNatureMountains

The North Mountain

7Panda Mountain BLACK MIRROR 2011 TV SeriesNatureMountains

Panda Mountain
Location in the original Striking Vipers video game.

8The Peak of Umate STAR WARS: THE MANDALORIAN 2019 TV SeriesNatureMountains

The Peak of Umate
The highest mountain on Coruscant.

3Peregrine Mountain THE MARTIAN CHRONICLES 1950 LiteratureNatureMountains

Peregrine Mountain
Mountain on Mars: "They came to the strange blue lands and put their names upon the lands. Here was Hinkston Creek and Lustig Corners and Black River and Driscoll Forest and Peregrine Mountain and Wilder Town, all the names of people and the things that the people did."

4Powder Mountain JOEY 2004 TV SeriesNatureMountains

Powder Mountain
Ski resort mountain from Joey's new TV show Deep Powder.

5The Prism MountainsLIFE, THE UNIVERSE AND EVERYTHING 1982 LiteratureNatureMountains

The Prism Mountains
Mountains on the planet Allosimanius Syneca. "The trek from the snow plains of Liska to the summit of the Ice Crystal Pyramids of Sastantua is long and gruelling, even with jet skis and a team of Syneca Snowhounds, but the view from the top, a view which takes in the Stin Glacier Fields, the shimmering Prism Mountains and the far ethereal dancing icelights, is one which first freezes the mind and then slowly releases it to hitherto unexperienced horizons of beauty."

6Quentulus Quazgar MountainsSO LONG, AND THANKS FOR ALL THE FISH 1984 LiteratureNatureMountains

Quentulus Quazgar Mountains
Mountain range in the land of Sevorbeupstry on the planet Preliumtarn, Galactic Sector QQ7 Active J Gamma, location of God's Final Message to His Creation.

7The Quentulus Quazgar MountainsLIFE, THE UNIVERSE AND EVERYTHING 1982 LiteratureNatureMountains

The Quentulus Quazgar Mountains
Mountain range. God's last message to his creation is written in thirty-foot-high letters of fire on top of the Quentulus Quazgar Mountains in the land of Sevorbeupstry on the planet Preliumtarn, third out from the sun Zarss in Galactic Sector QQ7 Active J Gamma.

8Rage Mountain COMMUNITY 2009 TV SeriesNatureMountains

Rage Mountain
Abed: Let's begin. A blood-orange sunrise crests the peaks of Rage Mountain, as the eight of you arrive at the troubled realm of Galindor. Ahead to the north, a bridged ravine. Beyond that, a mysterious black tower where, rumor has it, an evil necromancer dwells. Your goal: Reach to the top of the tower and destroy the necromancer, freeing the realm from his evil magic.

9Rattlesnake Ridge FRASIER 1993 TV SeriesNatureMountains

Rattlesnake Ridge
Where Martin plans to meet his old war buddies.

10Raven's Point ONWARD 2020 Animated FilmNatureMountains

Raven's Point
Location of the Phoenix Gem, according to Kayla's Kid's Menu from the Manticore's Tavern.

3The Red Line ONE PIECE 1997 Comic BooksNatureMountains

The Red Line
Mountain range.

3Reverse MountainONE PIECE 1997 Comic BooksNatureMountains

Reverse Mountain
A mountain at the first intersection of the Grand Line and the Red Line.

4Sage MountainsUPSIDE DOWN 2012 FilmNatureMountains

Sage Mountains

5Signal Head ROD SERLING'S THE TWILIGHT ZONE 1963 LiteratureNatureMountains

Signal Head
Cliff on Cliff Island where Commandant Lasang lit beacons in the 1700s, then known as Cape Beak.

6Skyland Mountain THE X-FILES 1993 TV SeriesNatureMountains

Skyland Mountain
Where Duane Barry took Scully to be abducted.

7Sparkle Pony MountainINSIDE OUT 2015 Animated FilmNatureMountains

Sparkle Pony Mountain
Mountain in Riley's mind.

8Speckled Bird Mountain SKELETON CREW 1985 LiteratureNatureMountains

Speckled Bird Mountain
Mountain that Mrs. Todd mentions to Homer when telling him about her shortcuts.

9Springfield Mountains THE SIMPSONS 1989 Animated SeriesNatureMountains

Springfield Mountains
The piece of Heaven where Springfield's only 2 star health spa, Rancho Relaxo, is located.

3Squiggy FOR ALL MANKIND 2019 TV SeriesNatureMountains

Apollo 37 named two glorious twin peaks on the moon after Laverne and Shirley characters Lenny and Squiggy.

4Stone Mountain THE PRETENDER 1996 TV SeriesNatureMountains

Stone Mountain
Jarod's parents used to stay at the Oakview Lodge, near Stone Mountain.

5Stork MountainSTORKS 2016 Animated FilmNatureMountains

Stork Mountain

6Suck Balls Mountain BARRY 2018 TV SeriesNatureMountains

Suck Balls Mountain
Hank: My guys suck balls and you know it, especially this motherfucker right here.
Akhmal: If I suck balls, you are king of suck balls mountain.
Hank: Shut the fuck up.

7Sugar Candy MountainANIMAL FARM 1945 LiteratureNatureMountains

Sugar Candy Mountain
Where all animals go when they die - according to Moses the tame raven.

8The Suicide CliffTHE LAST TOWN 2014 LiteratureNatureMountains

The Suicide Cliff
Where Hassler runs into Kate, both planning to jump to their respective deaths.

9Sword MountainsHONOR AMONG THIEVES 2023 FilmNatureMountains

Sword Mountains
Mountains west of the Kryptgarden Forest.

10Tenaran Ice Cliffs STAR TREK: DEEP SPACE NINE 1993 TV SeriesNatureMountains

Tenaran Ice Cliffs
Cliffs on Trill that Jadzia mentions.

11Teschmacher Peaks SUPERMAN 1978 FilmNatureMountains

Teschmacher Peaks
After buying up hundreds of acres of worthless desert land, Lex Luthor reprograms a missile to detonate in the San Andreas Fault, hoping to cause everything west of the fault to sink into the ocean, leaving his land as the new West Coast of the United States, with locations that he will name after himself. There are even a couple of mountains named after his girlfriend, Eve Teschmacher.

3Tomahawk Mountains ASTEROID CITY 2023 FilmNatureMountains

Tomahawk Mountains
Mountain Range near Asteroid City.

3Tortoise Shell Mountain THE PRETENDER 1996 TV SeriesNatureMountains

Tortoise Shell Mountain
Mountain shown on map of the area around the tribal land.

3The Trans-Carpathian Alps G.I. JOE: A REAL AMERICAN HERO 1982 Comic BooksNatureMountains

The Trans-Carpathian Alps
Mountains from where the G.I. Joe Ninja Force observes Destro's castle.

3Turner's Ridge, Idaho THE PRETENDER 1996 TV SeriesNatureMountains

Turner's Ridge, Idaho
Jarod goes hiking with a troubled youth to help him get over the car accident in which his friend died.

4The Wall of Mountains MAD MAX: FURY ROAD 2015 FilmNatureMountains

The Wall of Mountains

3Weathertop STRANGER THINGS 2016 TV SeriesNatureMountains

Really big hill in Hawkins where Dustin assembles his HAM radio nicknamed Cerebro.

4Whale's Mountain THE TWILIGHT ZONE 1959 TV SeriesNatureMountains

Whale's Mountain
Mountain where Hyder Simpson lives with his wife Rachel and his coon dog Rip.

5White MountainROADSIDE PICNIC 1971 LiteratureNatureMountains

White Mountain

6Widow's Peak THE SIMPSONS 1989 Animated SeriesNatureMountains

Widow's Peak
Mountain Kent Brockman mentions. Hardest hit by the blizzard. Homer tricks Barney into plowing the road up, and Barney gets stuck in an avalanche.

7Wundagore MountainDOCTOR STRANGE IN THE MULTIVERSE OF MADNESS 2022 FilmNatureMountains

Wundagore Mountain
Where Wong takes Wanda to get the Darkhold.

8The Zubrowkan Alps THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL 2014 FilmNatureMountains

The Zubrowkan Alps
"With a plethora of spa locations extending far beyond the offerings of the Grand Budapest and environs, all manner of royalty and celebrity flocked to the country, from the top of the Zubrowkan Alps to the valleys of Augenzburg and Zilchbruck." - from the Grand Budapest Hotel movie website.

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