Animated Series 1985. Created by Ted Tobin Wolf. Starring Larry Kenney, Earle Hyman, Earl Hammond, Lynne Lipton, Bob McFadden, Peter Newman, Doug Preis and Gerrianne Raphael.
Source Features: BBB (26) MAP (37) OTHER (33) THEMES (2)

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Total Records: 96 - Medium: ANIMATED SERIES
Record Name
1Feliner BBBVehiclesSpacecrafts

The ThunderCats' spacecraft, capable of deep space travel.

2Force Five Control BBBLegal AidPolice Departments

Force Five Control
Police force that Mandora works for.

3Hyperspace Mega-condenser BBBTechnology ProductsElectronics

Hyperspace Mega-condenser
Technology part that the ThunderCats need for the Feliner.

4Interplanetary Control Force BBBLegal AidPolice Departments

Interplanetary Control Force
Mandora is an EviI Chaser 1st Class, working for the Interplanetary ControI Force.

5The Jolly Rogers BBBVehiclesSpacecrafts

The Jolly Rogers
Famous pirate ship shaped like an ancient galleon. Years ago it plundered the planets. The captain was a renegade robot named Cracker. He was exiled into a fixed orbit and left to space rot.

6Miniaturization Gas BBBWeaponsMiscellaneous Weapons

Miniaturization Gas
Weapon used against the ThunderCats that shrinks them.

7Molecular Mutator BBBWeaponsMiscellaneous Weapons

Molecular Mutator
Mutant weapon fired that turn a pile of rocks into a rock man that fights the ThunderCats.

8The Mutank BBBVehiclesCombat Vehicles

The Mutank
Armored mutant vehicle.

9N.E.P.T.U.N.E. BBBComputersA.I.

The Navy Engineers Power Tower Nuclear Energy. The artificial intelligence that oversees the Sea of Lost Spaceships.

10Nosediver BBBVehiclesAircrafts

Slithe's flying vehicle, used to trap Lion-O by programming it and operating it by remote control.

11The Ratstar BBBVehiclesSpacecrafts

The Ratstar
Ratar-O's spaceship, used by Ratar-O and Vultureman to travel from Third Earth to New Thundera.

12Ray Pistol BBBWeaponsGuns

Ray Pistol
Weapons used by the guards on Thundera when Lion-O returns to the past.

13Samson BBBTechnology ProductsRobot Models

One of the robots that guards the Great Oceanic Plug.

14The Sands of Sleep BBBWeaponsMiscellaneous Weapons

The Sands of Sleep
Knock-out dust that Driller uses to disable Panthro and kidnap him from the Cats' Lair.

15SkyCutters BBBVehiclesAircrafts

Mutant ships that attack the Cat's Lair.

16Spaceboards BBBGoodsSporting Goods

Hoverboards that Panthro invents for the ThunderKittens.

17Tail Ball BBBSportsSports

Tail Ball
Sport. Snarf claims that Snarf Oswald still owes him 50 Thunder-dollars from their last tail-ball game.

18Thunder Tank BBBVehiclesCombat Vehicles

Thunder Tank
Multipurpose vehicle that Panthro builds.

19Thundranium Cannon BBBWeaponsMiscellaneous Weapons

Thundranium Cannon
Vultureman's weapon.

20Uncle Osbert BBBMenuMenu Items

Uncle Osbert
Joke Snarf makes - actually his real name, but he claims it's a Snarf delicacy when Panthro overhears Snarf's nephew call him that.

21Vari-cannon BBBWeaponsMiscellaneous Weapons

Mutant weapon fired at the ThunderCat.

22Vertus BBBVehiclesSpacecrafts

Space liner Vertus sends out a distress call from the Sea of Stars, six light years past Orion.

23Void Charge BBBWeaponsMiscellaneous Weapons

Void Charge
Electrical mutant weapon that blows out the ThunderTanks's main thruster.

24Vortex Shells BBBWeaponsMiscellaneous Weapons

Vortex Shells
Mutant weapon used on the Mutank.

25Warp Gas BBBWeaponsMiscellaneous Weapons

Warp Gas
Weapon Slithe uses to turn the Brute-men against the ThunderCats.

26X-4 Neutron Drive BBBTechnology ProductsPower Supplies

X-4 Neutron Drive
Older drive model that powers the Jolly Rogers pirate ship.

27The Astral World MapWorldsMiscellaneous Places

The Astral World
Realm where Jaga is imprisoned.

28The Black PyramidMapStructuresBuildings

The Black Pyramid
The home of Mumm-Ra, the Ever-Living.

29The Black Tower of Robber Baron Karnor MapStructuresTowers

The Black Tower of Robber Baron Karnor
Ominous tower where Wilykat is taken prisoner.

30Blue Plunder MapOuter SpacePlanets

Blue Plunder
Planet a thousand years away that's fueled by a common rock found by the billions under the sea, salvaged by a cold-hearted brute called Scrape.

31The Bottomless Chasm MapNatureNatural Areas

The Bottomless Chasm
After creating a clone of Panthro, Mumm-Ra plans to dispose of the real Panthro in the Bottomless Chasm.

32The Bridge of LightMapTransit RoutesBridges

The Bridge of Light
Bridge that crosses over the River of Despair.

33The Bridge of Slime MapTransit RoutesBridges

The Bridge of Slime
Bridge near the Netherwitch.

34Castle Plun-Darr MapStructuresCastles

Castle Plun-Darr
New building the mutants plan to build on Third earth.

35The Cave of Time MapNatureCaverns

The Cave of Time
After wandering into the Cave of Time, Tygra ages prematurely, getting years older every minute he's there.

36Cliffs of Vertigo MapNatureNatural Areas

Cliffs of Vertigo
In order to save Ro-Bear-Belle from Mumm-Ra, Lino-O orders Cheetara to cross the burning sands of the phosphorous desert, while he takes the Cliffs of Vertigo. That way, they'll hit them from both sides.

37The Crystal Kingdom MapGeographic AreasTerritories

The Crystal Kingdom
Land beyond the Gragasian Mountains, ruled by Queen Tartara, the Crystal Queen.

38Desert of Sinking Sands MapNatureNatural Areas

Desert of Sinking Sands
Using the Enchanted Golden Helmet of Pharnoor to control his mind, Mumm-Ra commands Lion-O to discard the Sword of Omens in the Desert of Sinking Sands.

39First Earth MapOuter SpacePlanets

First Earth
Original name of Third Earth, the new home of the ThunderCats.

40The Forest of Silence MapNatureForests

The Forest of Silence
Where the Unicorn Keeper's wife tells Snarf the unicorns have gone, after the mutants drove them from the safety of their homes. A forest where warnings are unheard and the silence is oppressive.

41The Four Day Drop MapNatureNatural Areas

The Four Day Drop
Really deep pit. If you fall in, it takes four days to hit the bottom.

42The Garden of Delights MapNatureGardens

The Garden of Delights
Garden where Mumm-Ra attempts to trick Tygra into stealing the Sword of Omens for him by getting him addicted to hallucinogenic fruit.

43The Geyser of Life MapWaterBodies of Water

The Geyser of Life
Tygra must bathe in its waters to restore his youth after aging prematurely in the Cave of Time, guarded by winged water snakes.

44Gragasian Mountains MapNatureMountains

Gragasian Mountains
Mountain range on Third Earth.

45Great Oceanic Plug MapStructuresBuildings

Great Oceanic Plug
Dr. Dometone is the guardian of the plug in the fissure that opened in the sea floor that prevents the oceans of Third Earth from emptying into the planet's core and putting out its fires.

46Grey Prison Planet MapDetention CentersPrisons

Grey Prison Planet
Once captured, Scrape is turned over to Mandora for transportation to the Grey Prison Planet.

47Hook Mountain MapNatureMountains

Hook Mountain
Mountain from various episodes.

48The Kingdom of Web MapWorldsMiscellaneous Places

The Kingdom of Web
Home of the giant spider.

49The Living Ooze MapWaterSwamps

The Living Ooze
A living swamp where Plutar seeks to hide from Mandora.

50Midnight Woods MapNatureForests

Midnight Woods
Grygory Grygion asks for Lion-O's protection when riding through the Midnight Woods where the Shadow Robber lives.

51The Mines of the Molemen MapNatureNatural Areas

The Mines of the Molemen
Underground tunnels where Tygra searches for the ThunderCats time capsule that was lost in the crash when they first arrived on Third Earth.

52Onyx MapOuter SpacePlanets

Plutar, one of the universe's most-wanted evildoers, is from the dark planet Onyx.

53The Phosphorous Desert MapNatureNatural Areas

The Phosphorous Desert
In order to save Ro-Bear-Belle from Mumm-Ra, Lino-O orders Cheetara to cross the burning sands of the phosphorous desert, while he takes the Cliffs of Vertigo. That way, they'll hit them from both sides.

54Plun-Darr MapOuter SpacePlanets

Mutant homeworld.

55River of Despair MapWaterRivers

River of Despair
River from various episodes.

56Ro-bear MapOuter SpacePlanets

Berbil homeward.

57The Sea of Lost Spaceships MapOuter SpaceRegions of Space

The Sea of Lost Spaceships
Legendary astral junkyard full of dead spaceships and old satellites inside a gigantic force field, caused by a super power station built by Venusian Public Works to clear the space ways of derelicts, burned-out satellites and other dangerous space hazards and overseen by the artificial intelligence known as N.E.P.T.U.N.E., the Navy Engineers Power Tower Nuclear Energy.

58The Sea of Stars MapOuter SpaceStar Clusters

The Sea of Stars
Space liner Vertus sends out a distress call from the Sea of Stars, six light years past Orion.

59The Seventh Dimension MapWorldsDimensions

The Seventh Dimension
Wizz-Ra, a powerful wizard from the ancient days, and possessor of the Enchanted Golden Helmet of Pharnoor, was sent forever into the Seventh Dimension following his titanic battle with Mumm-Ra, only allowed to return from his dimensional prison for one day every 7000 years.

60Third Earth MapOuter SpacePlanets

Third Earth
The new home of the ThunderCats, originally known as First earth.

61Thundera MapOuter SpacePlanets

ThunderCat homeworld that explodes.

62Treetop Kingdom MapUrban AreasCities

Treetop Kingdom
Home of the Warrior Maidens.

63Unicorn Forest MapNatureForests

Unicorn Forest
Forest where the unicorns live.

64Arrietta Bird OtherLiving ThingsBirds

Arrietta Bird
Wonderful bird that the Berbils believe is a harbinger of a good harvest.

65Black Widow Shark OtherLiving ThingsAnimals

Black Widow Shark
Dangerous hybrid shark/spider creature that lies in wait for people trying to cross the River of Despair.

66Bread Fruit OtherLiving ThingsPlants

Bread Fruit
Fruit grown on Berbil land.

67Brute-men OtherLiving ThingsAnimals

Creatures enslaved by the mutants to build Castle Plun-darr.

68Candy Fruit OtherLiving ThingsPlants

Candy Fruit
Fruit grown on Berbil land.

69Claw Shield OtherArtifactsAncient Weapons

Claw Shield
Lion-O's gauntlet, scabbard for the Sword of Omens.

70Diamondfly OtherLiving ThingsAnimals

Mumm-Ra impersonates a small creature, a cross between a diamond and a butterfly, to fool the ThunderCats.

71The Enchanted Golden Helmet of Pharnoor OtherArtifactsArchaeological Artifacts

The Enchanted Golden Helmet of Pharnoor
Mumm-Ra steals Wizz-Ra's helmet that bestows on its wearer the greatest power in the universe - the power to control minds.

72The Evil Harp of Charr-nin OtherArtifactsArchaeological Artifacts

The Evil Harp of Charr-nin
Magical harp that the ThunderKittens discover that releases Charr-Nin, a genie who has been imprisoned inside.

73The Eye of Thundera OtherArtifactsAncient Weapons

The Eye of Thundera
Red orb embedded in Lion-O's Sword of Omens with the ability to summon other ThunderCats, as well as "sight beyond sight".

74Feathered Lizard OtherLiving ThingsAnimals

Feathered Lizard
Creature that the Unicorn Keeper's wife mentions - a creature of the forest that saw what happened to the ThunderCats.

75Firebat OtherLiving ThingsAnimals

Creature that lives in the great volcano where Lion-O seeks to regain his sword's powers.

76Giant Treetop Spider OtherLiving ThingsAnimals

Giant Treetop Spider
Pet spiders that live in the Treetop Kingdom with the Warrior Maidens.

77Krawberry Bush OtherLiving ThingsPlants

Krawberry Bush
Trollogs don't eat anything but the leaves of the krawberry bush.

78Lizathon OtherLiving ThingsAnimals

T. Rex looking creature that attacks Lion-O and the Warrior Maidens.

79Meat Fruit OtherLiving ThingsPlants

Meat Fruit
Fruit grown on Berbil land.

80Nuclear Optocrystal OtherMatterCrystals

Nuclear Optocrystal
The ThunderCats time capsule was made from an optocrystal that contained the history of our planet right up to the time of its destruction.

81Panthro OtherQuotesQuotes

Panthro: Trying isn't doing.

82The Pip OtherMedical ConditionsConditions

The Pip
Medical condition one of the ThunderCats mentions.

83Rat's Eye OtherArtifactsArchaeological Artifacts

Rat's Eye
Ratar-O claims that the Eye of Thunderra is no match for the Rat's Eye, but Lion-O proves him wrong.

84Sea-Quines OtherLiving ThingsAnimals

Sea creatures that help Panthro and Lion-O retrieve the Thunder Tank.

85Snake Bird OtherLiving ThingsBirds

Snake Bird
In an attempt to escape from the genie Charr-Nin, the ThunderKittens pretend to doubt his powers and dare him to bring them a creature called a Snake Bird.

86Snarf OtherQuotesQuotes

Snarf: You never know what you can do until you try.

87Sword of Omens OtherArtifactsAncient Weapons

Sword of Omens
Lion-O's sword.

88Thunder Dollars OtherMoneyCurrency

Thunder Dollars
Currency. Snarf claims that Snarf Oswald still owes him 50 Thunder-dollars from their last tail-ball game.

89Thunder-Cutter OtherArtifactsAncient Weapons

Samarai sword.

90Thundranium OtherMatterSubstances

Substance Grune searches for - what Third Earthlings call fire rocks.

91Thundrillium OtherMatterSubstances

Substance from various episodes.

92Trollogs OtherLiving ThingsAnimals

Creatures that the Gigantors send to Berbil land to steal fruit.

93Unicorn OtherLiving ThingsAnimals

The ThunderCats encounter a herd of unicorns on the new planet.

94Untitled OtherThemes3-D


95Untitled OtherThemesFlatliners 2


96Veggie Fruit OtherLiving ThingsPlants

Veggie Fruit
Fruit grown on Berbil land.

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