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1100 Aker WoodWINNIE THE POOH 1926 LiteratureNatureForests

100 Aker Wood
The woods inhabited by Winnie-the-Pooh and his friends. Based on the real-life Five Hundred Acre Wood in Ashdown Forest.

2AmazoniaTWISTED METAL 2 1996 Video GamesNatureForests

Level: Amazonia.

3The Andean Cloud ForestTHE EXPANSE BOOK 2: CALIBAN'S WAR 2012 LiteratureNatureForests

The Andean Cloud Forest
While Avasarala was building herself from the treasurer of the Workers Provident Fund to the district governor of the Maharshta-Karnataka-Goa Communal Interest Zone, Secretary-general Errinwright was a political prisoner at a minimum-security facility in the Andean Cloud Forest.

4Backwoods RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS 1983 MusicNatureForests

Wooded area: Backwoods down in the holler, out in the backwoods, workin' hard for a dollar in theBackwoods, yeah we get it done right, work hard, play hard, hold my baby tight, Lordy have mercy it's a real good life in the backwoods, yes sir.

5Bad Neighborhood Forest COMMUNITY 2009 TV SeriesNatureForests

Bad Neighborhood Forest
Forest from Troy and Abed's puppet show. Abed: Presenting the real-life fairy tale of how Princess Annie was saved from Bad Neighborhood Forest by Woodsman Troy. And Bebad, his emotionally unavailable unicorn.

6Bindbole WoodTHE LORD OF THE RINGS 1954 LiteratureNatureForests

Bindbole Wood
Woods in the North Farthing of the Shire.

7The Black ForestTHE HOUSE WITH A CLOCK IN ITS WALLS 2018 FilmNatureForests

The Black Forest
A very old place with very old magic where Isaac was lost.

8Black Hills ForestBOOK OF SHADOWS: BLAIR WITCH 2 2000 FilmNatureForests

Black Hills Forest
Forest in the real Burkittsville, Maryland, where the Blair Witch resides.

9The Black Pine ForestSOUTHERN REACH TRILOGY: ANNIHILATION 2014 LiteratureNatureForests

The Black Pine Forest
Forest in Area X: "The tower, which was not supposed to be there, plunges into the earth in a place just before the black pine forest begins to give way to swamp and then the reeds and wind-gnarled trees of the marsh flats."

10Black Ridge Woods UNDER THE DOME 2013 TV SeriesNatureForests

Black Ridge Woods
Where Big Jim and Barbie go looking for Paul Randolph after he escapes from jail because that's where he likes to go hunting.

11Blair Woods SCARY MOVIE 2 2001 FilmNatureForests

Blair Woods
Location on Cindy's map to Kane Manor - reference to horror movie the Blair Witch Project.

12Blue Cove Woods THE PRETENDER 1996 TV SeriesNatureForests

Blue Cove Woods
Jarod learns from the TV news program Washington DC Report that FBI Agent Todd Baxter Jumped to his death from the Riverglen Hotel. A flashback reveals that Baxter was the guy that picked Jarod up the night he escaped from the Centre, as he emerged from the Blue Cove Woods.

13The Brambles HAVEN 2010 TV SeriesNatureForests

The Brambles
The woods where police search for the missing children.

14The Brave Wilderness ONWARD 2020 Animated FilmNatureForests

The Brave Wilderness
Forest on Barley's map.

15Candy Cane Forest ELF 2003 FilmNatureForests

Candy Cane Forest
Buddy: "And then, I traveled through the seven levels of the candy cane forest, past the sea of swirly-twirly gumdrops, and then, I walked through the Lincoln tunnel."

16Castle Woods CASTLE ROCK 2018 TV SeriesNatureForests

Castle Woods
Woods out behind Henry's house where his father believed he could hear the voice of God, where Henry went missing as a child, where Henry killed his father.

17Coffin RockBOOK OF SHADOWS: BLAIR WITCH 2 2000 FilmNatureForests

Coffin Rock
Also known as Coffin Hill. A large flat rock located in the Black Hills Forest in Maryland about twenty minutes from Burkittsville.

18Collum National Forest THE X-FILES 1993 TV SeriesNatureForests

Collum National Forest
Mulder and Scully investigate suspected alien abductions in Collum National Forest outside the town of Bellefleur in Northwest Oregon.

19Combe WoodTHE TIME MACHINE 1895 LiteratureNatureForests

Combe Wood
Future forest where the time traveler first ventures into the underworld.

20Cupcake Forest PARKS AND RECREATION 2009 TV SeriesNatureForests

Cupcake Forest
Ron's stepchildren make him a crown, and dub him King Sparkle of Cupcake Forest.

21The Dark Forest HARRY POTTER AND THE SORCERER'S STONE 2001 FilmNatureForests

The Dark Forest
Mysterious forest located outside Hogwarts that is strictly off limits to students.

22Deep Dark Woods THE SIMPSONS 1989 Animated SeriesNatureForests

Deep Dark Woods
Forest where Bart and Lisa get kidnapped by a witch like Hansel and Gretel in Grimm's Fairy Tales.

23Driscoll Forest THE MARTIAN CHRONICLES 1950 LiteratureNatureForests

Driscoll Forest
Forest on Mars: "They came to the strange blue lands and put their names upon the lands. Here was Hinkston Creek and Lustig Corners and Black River and Driscoll Forest and Peregrine Mountain and Wilder Town, all the names of people and the things that the people did."

24Enchanted Forest DISENCHANTMENT 2018 Animated SeriesNatureForests

Enchanted Forest
"Beware of racist antelope"

25The Forest of ArdenAS YOU LIKE IT 1623 TheaterNatureForests

The Forest of Arden
Probably based on either the Ardennes, a forest in Belgium/Luxembourg/France, or Arden, a village near Shakespeare's home town.

26Forest of Forever STAR TREK: VOYAGER 1995 TV SeriesNatureForests

Forest of Forever
Forest in Naomi Wildman's holodeck program The Adventures of Flotter.

27Forest of Frustrations COMMUNITY 2009 TV SeriesNatureForests

Forest of Frustrations
Forest visible on Abed's map of Galindor.

28The Forest of Ingold COMMUNITY 2009 TV SeriesNatureForests

The Forest of Ingold
Forest in the Dungeons and Dragons game.

29Forest of Righteous Truth FRIENDS 1994 TV SeriesNatureForests

Forest of Righteous Truth
Phrase from Be Your Own Wind Keeper, the book that Phoebe shares with Monica and Rachel, a euphemism for vagina.

30The Forest of Silence THUNDERCATS 1985 Animated SeriesNatureForests

The Forest of Silence
Where the Unicorn Keeper's wife tells Snarf the unicorns have gone, after the mutants drove them from the safety of their homes. A forest where warnings are unheard and the silence is oppressive.

31The Forest of VampiresBLOOD: A TALE 1987 Comic BooksNatureForests

The Forest of Vampires

32French Fry Forest INSIDE OUT 2015 Animated FilmNatureForests

French Fry Forest
Forest in Riley's mind.

33The Ganzer Rain ForestMINDSWAP 1965 LiteratureNatureForests

The Ganzer Rain Forest
Rain forest where Marvin goes hunting for Ganzer eggs on the planet Meld.

34Great ForestSHEENA 1984 FilmNatureForests

Great Forest

35The Great Forest STAR TREK: VOYAGER 1995 TV SeriesNatureForests

The Great Forest
Neelix's people believe that when they die, they go to the Great Forest and be reunited with their relatives by the Guiding Tree.

36The Hundred Acre WoodCHRISTOPHER ROBIN 2018 FilmNatureForests

The Hundred Acre Wood
Poo and friends' secret forest.

37The Indian WoodsPET SEMATARY 1983 LiteratureNatureForests

The Indian Woods
The woods beyond the Pet Sematary.

38Ithian Forests STAR TREK: PICARD 2019 TV SeriesNatureForests

Ithian Forests
Forest on Cardassia where General Picard Sarek kills Gun Dukat in Q's alternate timeline.

39Kryptgarden ForestHONOR AMONG THIEVES 2023 FilmNatureForests

Kryptgarden Forest
Forest east of the Sword Mountains that contains an entrance to the Underdark, a mysterious cave system containing the ruins of the Hanging City of Dolblunde.

40Lakeview Forest UPLOAD 2020 TV SeriesNatureForests

Lakeview Forest
Forest on a map of Lakeview.

41Marcoon Woods HAVEN 2010 TV SeriesNatureForests

Marcoon Woods
Mentioned as search location on police radio when Nathan chains Mara up in the cabin.

42Meza Leon National Forest RICK AND MORTY 2013 Animated SeriesNatureForests

Meza Leon National Forest
Tony Galopagus from 58 RCBH News reports on the Meza Leon National Forest fire, the biggest wildfire of the year.

43Midnight Woods THUNDERCATS 1985 Animated SeriesNatureForests

Midnight Woods
Grygory Grygion asks for Lion-O's protection when riding through the Midnight Woods where the Shadow Robber lives.

44Mirkwood STRANGER THINGS 2016 TV SeriesNatureForests

The boys' nickname for the area in Hawkins where Cornwallis Road and Kerley Road meet. A reference to the great forest where the giant spiders live in J.R.R. Tolkien's The Hobbit.

45The North Ludlow WoodsPET SEMATARY 1983 LiteratureNatureForests

The North Ludlow Woods
Woods where the Pet Sematary is located.

46Old ForestTHE LORD OF THE RINGS 1954 LiteratureNatureForests

Old Forest
Strange forest to the east of Buckland.

47Pac-Forest PAC-MAN 1982 Animated SeriesNatureForests

Forest in Pac-Land.

48Peppermint ForestMILTON BRADLEY COMPANY 1860 OtherNatureForests

Peppermint Forest
Forest in the Candy Land board game.

49Power Pellet Forest PAC-MAN 1982 Animated SeriesNatureForests

Power Pellet Forest

50Raccoon Forest RESIDENT EVIL 1996 Video GamesNatureForests

Raccoon Forest
Alpha Team locates Bravo Team's crashed helicopter in Raccoon Forest, where they are suddenly attacked by a pack of monstrous dogs.

51The Red Forest12 MONKEYS 2015 TV SeriesNatureForests

The Red Forest
A temporal hell on Earth.

52Santa Cruz Forest SEARCHING 2018 FilmNatureForests

Santa Cruz Forest
Forest where the Barbosa Lake is located.

53Sheepshanks Forest FANTASTIC MR. FOX 2009 Animated FilmNatureForests

Sheepshanks Forest
Forest on Mr. Fox's map when's he's explaining his master plan to Badger.

54Springfield Forest THE SIMPSONS 1989 Animated SeriesNatureForests

Springfield Forest
The Springfield Police search for Homer after he disappears. "Witch-Free since 1998"

55Springfield National Forest THE SIMPSONS 1989 Animated SeriesNatureForests

Springfield National Forest
Lisa goes on a bike ride looking for inspiration for her fiercely pro-American essay.

56This ForestHE-MAN AND THE MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE 1983 Animated SeriesNatureForests

This Forest
Forest visible on Man-at-Arms' map of Eternia.

57Toluca National Forest THE PRETENDER 1996 TV SeriesNatureForests

Toluca National Forest
Jarod pretends to be a former Army Ranger searching for missing hiker Victor Simpkins.

58Tucaro Rain Forest G.I. JOE: A REAL AMERICAN HERO 1982 Comic BooksNatureForests

Tucaro Rain Forest
Rain forest.

59Tuli Forests STAR TREK: DISCOVERY 2017 TV SeriesNatureForests

Tuli Forests
Book mentions the Kwei'tholum'Kwei a healing ritual practiced by the Kwejian, involving forming a mandala out of sand from the bed of the Mameckx'sha River, which was wiped away after it was completed. The ritual also includes asking the Tuli Forests for their blessings, and the Great Storms of Naillem'kwai to make something. The Kwejian believe it is their planet that heals them.

60The Uncharted ForestANTHEM 1938 LiteratureNatureForests

The Uncharted Forest
So on that day of the spring before last, Union 5-3992 were stricken with convulsions on the edge of the City, near the City Theatre. We left them to lie in the shade of the Theatre tent and we went with International 4-8818 to finish our work. We came together to the great ravine behind the Theatre. It is empty save for trees and weeds. Beyond the ravine there is a plain, and beyond the plain there lies the Uncharted Forest, about which men must not think.

61Unicorn Forest THUNDERCATS 1985 Animated SeriesNatureForests

Unicorn Forest
Forest where the unicorns live.

62Village Forest COMMUNITY 2009 TV SeriesNatureForests

Village Forest
A forest in the video game Journey to the Center of Hawkthorne.

63Wamapoke County Forest PARKS AND RECREATION 2009 TV SeriesNatureForests

Wamapoke County Forest
Leslie takes the department on a camping trip to the Pawnee Campground in the Wamapoke County Forest.

64Wingly ForestTHE LEGEND OF DRAGOON 1999 Video GamesNatureForests

Wingly Forest

65Wonderland WoodsAMERICAN MCGEE'S ALICE 2000 Video GamesNatureForests

Wonderland Woods
The fourth area that Alice Liddell visits on her journey to defeat the Queen of Hearts.

66Wormwood ForestSEASON OF THE WITCH 2011 FilmNatureForests

Wormwood Forest

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