Places that don't exist. Cities you can't visit. Mountains you can't climb. Seas you can't sail... Well, you get the idea.
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1The Aldridge Mansion GHOSTBUSTERS 2016 FilmStructuresMansions

The Aldridge Mansion
A tour guide finds himself trapped in the mansion by a strange spirit and Erinbby, and Holtzmann are called in to investigate the haunting. Exterior filmed at Boston University Castle. Interior filmed at Ames Mansion.

2Austerlitz SUCCESSION 2018 TV SeriesStructuresMansions

Logan attempts to repair his public image by holding a weekend family therapy session at Austerlitz, Connor's ranch in New Mexico with corporate therapist Dr. Alon Parfit.

3Avengers Mansion MARVEL TEAM-UP 1972 Comic BooksStructuresMansions

Avengers Mansion
Spider-Man tracks Dr. Paulson's goons to the Avengers Mansion, where they are in the process of stealing the Windstone from Captain Marvel. When they transport away, Spider-Man and Captain Marvel track them down in a Quinjet.

4Babe Manor IT'S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA 2005 TV SeriesStructuresMansions

Babe Manor
Ski shop guy Drisko and his roommates Roach and Turkey's pathetic apartment, as well as the capital of Party Mountain.

5Barbie's Dream House BARBIE 2023 FilmStructuresMansions

Barbie's Dream House
House where Barbie lives in Barbie Land.

6Bart's Moon Mansion THE SIMPSONS 1989 Animated SeriesStructuresMansions

Bart's Moon Mansion
Bart daydreams about having a party on the moon when he finds Mr. Burns' lost $1000 bill. "It's Bart's moon party from outer space, with R2-D2 playing the bass."

7Boxingham Palace THE SIMPSONS 1989 Animated SeriesStructuresMansions

Boxingham Palace
Box fort that Bart and Lisa build.

8Burns Manor THE SIMPSONS 1989 Animated SeriesStructuresMansions

Burns Manor
Mr. Burns' mansion, site of annual company picnic.

9Celestial Palace THE TWILIGHT ZONE 1959 TV SeriesStructuresMansions

Celestial Palace
Following the death of him and his coon dog Rip, Hyder Simpson walks along Eternity Road, where he encounters a man at a gate who gives him directions to the Celestial Palace - cross the pasture up ahead called the Elysian Fields to come to the Golden Street, which will take him to the Celestial Palace.

10Choak Manor UPLOAD 2020 TV SeriesStructuresMansions

Choak Manor
Billionaire David Choak's mansion in the real world, seen in flashback.

11Cliff Walk Manor WINGS 1990 TV SeriesStructuresMansions

Cliff Walk Manor
Property Helen wants to sell to new resident Mimsy.

12Cotson ManorMEN 2022 FilmStructuresMansions

Cotson Manor
After the death of her husband, Harper Marlowe decides to spend a holiday alone in Cotson Manor in the village of Cotson, Herefordshire, where she is tormented by the strange men in the village.

13Croft ManorTOMB RAIDER CHRONICLES 2000 Video GamesStructuresMansions

Croft Manor
Lara's family's estate.

14Croft ManorTOMB RAIDER: UNDERWORLD 2008 Video GamesStructuresMansions

Croft Manor
Lara's family's estate.

15Croft ManorRISE OF THE TOMB RAIDER 2015 Video GamesStructuresMansions

Croft Manor
Lara's family's estate.

16Croft ManorTOMB RAIDER 1996 Video GamesStructuresMansions

Croft Manor
Lara's family's estate.

17Croft ManorLARA CROFT: TOMB RAIDER 2001 FilmStructuresMansions

Croft Manor
Croft family estate.

18Croft ManorTHE CRADLE OF LIFE 2003 FilmStructuresMansions

Croft Manor
Croft family estate.

19Croft Manor TOMB RAIDER 2018 FilmStructuresMansions

Croft Manor
Croft family estate.

20The Dutch Hill MansionTHE DARK TOWER 2017 FilmStructuresMansions

The Dutch Hill Mansion
House Jake sees in his dreams that serves as a portal to Mid-World.

21Fawney Rig THE SANDMAN 2022 TV SeriesStructuresMansions

Fawney Rig
Manor in Wych Cross, England. Home of British aristocrat Roderick Burgess, who inadvertently captures Dream while attempting to capture Death in an occult ritual to resurrect his eldest son, Randall.

22Frosted PalaceMILTON BRADLEY COMPANY 1860 OtherStructuresMansions

Frosted Palace
Palace in the Candy Land board game.

23Grimsley MansionHAUNTED HOLLYWOOD 2016 Animated FilmStructuresMansions

Grimsley Mansion
Mansion from the first Lego Scooby-Doo short film Knight Time Terror.

24Hammer Time THE SIMPSONS 1989 Animated SeriesStructuresMansions

Hammer Time
The Simpsons buy MC Hammer's mansion, called "Hammer Time", which Homer renames "Homer Time".

25Hapsburg Imperial Palace THE SIMPSONS 1989 Animated SeriesStructuresMansions

Hapsburg Imperial Palace
Home of the The World Series of Bumper Cars, TV program that Bart and Homer watch when the women travel to Baby Seal Beach to help clean up the oil spill.

26Hive Manor THE HIVES 1989 MusicStructuresMansions

Hive Manor

27Homer Time THE SIMPSONS 1989 Animated SeriesStructuresMansions

Homer Time
The Simpsons buy MC Hammer's mansion, called "Hammer Time", which Homer renames "Homer Time".

28The House that Caffery Built for Gwendol... BOB'S BURGERS 2011 Animated SeriesStructuresMansions

The House that Caffery Built for Gwendolyn
Name for the house that Mr. Caffrey (of Caffrey's Taffy) built for his Scottish wife Gwendolyn on How-Boutcha-Love-Me Island, the island he bought for her.

29Hutt Castle STAR WARS EPISODE VI: RETURN OF THE JEDI 1983 FilmStructuresMansions

Hutt Castle
Jabba's palace.

30Kane Manor SCARY MOVIE 2 2001 FilmStructuresMansions

Kane Manor
Professor Oldman and his assistant Dwight Hartman plan to study the paranormal activity at Kane Manor, the haunted mansion known as Hell House, as part of their Hell House Project, selecting Cindy and her friends as test subjects due to their experience in the Steveston County Massacre.

31Ken's Mojo Dojo Casa House [Barbie Land] BARBIE 2023 FilmStructuresMansions

Ken's Mojo Dojo Casa House [Barbie Land]
Name Ken gives Barbie's Dream House after turning Barbie Land into a patriarchy.

32Larboard Oaks Mansion I THINK YOU SHOULD LEAVE 2019 TV SeriesStructuresMansions

Larboard Oaks Mansion
Historic haunted mansion featuring a ghost tour.

33Lockwood ManorJURASSIC WORLD: FALLEN KINGDOM 2018 FilmStructuresMansions

Lockwood Manor
John Hammond's business partner Benjamin Lockwood's estate.

34Lollipop PalaceMILTON BRADLEY COMPANY 1860 OtherStructuresMansions

Lollipop Palace
Palace in the Candy Land board game.

35Lougle Mansion HOT TUB TIME MACHINE 2 2015 FilmStructuresMansions

Lougle Mansion

36Luthor MansionSMALLVILLE 2001 TV SeriesStructuresMansions

Luthor Mansion
Lex's residence on Sayour Road in Smallville.

37Morgan Mansion THE TWILIGHT ZONE 1959 TV SeriesStructuresMansions

Morgan Mansion
Mansion on Sutton Place that Cavender suggests for Agnes' new residence.

38The Palace of Exile THE DOORS 1965 MusicStructuresMansions

The Palace of Exile

39The Palace of Green PorcelainTHE TIME MACHINE 1895 LiteratureStructuresMansions

The Palace of Green Porcelain
Building in the future.

40The Palace of Justice1984 1949 LiteratureStructuresMansions

The Palace of Justice
Building that Winston mentions that's near the ruins of the oval building with rectangular windows depicted in a steel engraving.

41Palace of the World CouncilANTHEM 1938 LiteratureStructuresMansions

Palace of the World Council
These words were cut long ago. There is green mould in the grooves of the letters and yellow streaks on the marble, which come from more years than men could count. And these words are the truth, for they are written on the Palace of the World Council, and the World Council is the body of all truth. Thus has it been ever since the Great Rebirth, and farther back than that no memory can reach.

42The Palace13 GOING ON 30 2004 FilmStructuresMansions

The Palace
Building at 27 Wall Street, location of the Poise magazine Girls Night Out party where Jenna starts the Thriller dance.

43Parkfield Manor THE SIMPSONS 1989 Animated SeriesStructuresMansions

Parkfield Manor
Lisa's future husband Hugh Parkfield's family residence.

44The Pink House BARBIE 2023 FilmStructuresMansions

The Pink House
Barbie version of the White House Barbie Land, where the President lives.

45Scarn Manor THE OFFICE 2005 TV SeriesStructuresMansions

Scarn Manor
Secret Agent Michael Scarn's mansion, from Michael's movie Threat Level Midnight.

46Shadowcrest SMALLVILLE 2001 TV SeriesStructuresMansions

The ancestral home of the Zatara family, which Zatanna mentions inheriting to Oliver.

47Spencer MansionRESIDENT EVIL: WELCOME TO RACCOON CITY 2021 FilmStructuresMansions

Spencer Mansion
At the police station, the STARS Alpha team meet with Chief Brian Irons, Jill Valentine explains that the Bravo team went missing while investigating a body report at the remote Spencer Mansion.

48The Spring/Webb Mansion DIRK GENTLY'S HOLISTIC DETECTIVE AGENCY 2016 TV SeriesStructuresMansions

The Spring/Webb Mansion
The mansion that served as the Spring residence was built in the 1880s for inventor Zackariah Webb, then named the Webb Mansion.

49Stinkpuddle Manor BROOKLYN NINE-NINE 2013 TV SeriesStructuresMansions

Stinkpuddle Manor
Shack where Jake, Boyle and Terry stay when they go camping.

50Thugz Mansion TUPAC SHAKUR 1989 MusicStructuresMansions

Thugz Mansion
Where do niggas go when we die? Ain't no heaven for a thug nigga, that's why we go to Thug Mansion. That's the only place where thugs get in free and you gotta be a G.

51Turnbill Mansion PARKS AND RECREATION 2009 TV SeriesStructuresMansions

Turnbill Mansion
Leslie: "Turnbill Mansion is one of the most beloved historical sites in Pawnee. In 1867, the progressive Reverend Turnbill officiated a wedding between a white woman and a Wamapoke Indian chief. The secret ceremony was beautiful and romantic. But then word got out, and the reception was a bloodbath. Fortunately, there were two survivors. Unfortunately, they were both horses."

52Valdor's Palace FUTURE MAN 2017 TV SeriesStructuresMansions

Valdor's Palace
Palace that Tiger mentions when trying to convince Wolf that they will find Kronish the lower down they go down in the Kronish Laboratories building, because that's always where the bad guys are. Example 1: Valdor's Palace - Valdor was in the underground catacombs. Example 2: Temple of Gooliga - Gooliga was in the Gooligorium, by the earth's core.

53Wayne ManorBATMAN 1966 TV SeriesStructuresMansions

Wayne Manor
Bruce Wayne's family manor, just outside Gotham City limits.

54Wayne ManorBATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE 2016 FilmStructuresMansions

Wayne Manor
Wayne family mansion where Bruce and Alfred live in Gotham City.

55Wayne Manor JOKER 2019 FilmStructuresMansions

Wayne Manor
Arthur visits Wayne Manor, encountering a young Bruce Wayne.

56Wayne Manor THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE 2017 Animated FilmStructuresMansions

Wayne Manor

57Wayne ManorBATMAN 1989 FilmStructuresMansions

Wayne Manor

58Wayne Manor THE FLASHPOINT PARADOX 2013 Animated FilmStructuresMansions

Wayne Manor
Thomas Wayne's mansion in the alternate reality where Bruce was killed that night instead of him.

59Wayne Manor BATMAN: HUSH 2019 Animated FilmStructuresMansions

Wayne Manor
Bruce's family's mansion in Gotham City.

60Wayne Manor BATMAN BEGINS 2005 FilmStructuresMansions

Wayne Manor
Bruce poses publicly as a shallow playboy, even to Rachel for a moment, while setting up a base in the caves beneath Wayne Manor and taking up the vigilante identity of "Batman."

61Wayne ManorTHE BATMAN 2022 FilmStructuresMansions

Wayne Manor
Bruce Wayne's residence.

62Wayne ManorBATMAN BEYOND 1999 Animated SeriesStructuresMansions

Wayne Manor
Bruce Wayne's family estate.

63Wayne Manor THE FLASH 2023 FilmStructuresMansions

Wayne Manor
Barry visits Bruce Wayne in Wayne Manor in Gotham City, as well as the Batcave when Bruce refuses to help him.

64Wayne Manor THE DARK KNIGHT RISES 2012 FilmStructuresMansions

Wayne Manor
Bruce Wayne's residence.

65The Wentworth Mansion SLEDGE HAMMER! 1986 TV SeriesStructuresMansions

The Wentworth Mansion
Mansion Sledge Hammer's supposed long lost brother attempts to rob.

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