Film 2019. Written by Todd Phillips and Scott Silver. Directed by Todd Phillips. Starring Joaquin Phoenix, Robert De Niro, Zazie Beetz, Frances Conroy, Marc Maron, Bill Camp, Glenn Fleshler, Shea Whigham, Brett Cullen, Douglas Hodge and Josh Pais.
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11080 GCRBBBRadioRadio Stations

1080 GCR
News radio station in Gotham City. "You get all the news you need, all day long"

2Ace in the HoleBBBCinemaAdult Films

Ace in the Hole
Pornographic movie playing in Gotham City.

3American Playboy BBBCinemaMovies

American Playboy
New movie featuring actor Ethan Chase, guest on the Murray Franklin Show.

4Amusement MileBBBAmusementAmusement Parks

Amusement Mile
Gotham City version of Coney Island.

5Arkham Asylum BBBHealthcareHospitals-Mental Health

Arkham Asylum
Mental asylum mentioned in Penny Fleck's Psychiatric History and Evaluation form.

6Arkham State Hospital BBBHealthcareHospitals-Mental Health

Arkham State Hospital
Mental hospital in Gotham City.

7Ballinger Department Store BBBRetailDepartment Stores

Ballinger Department Store
Department store in Gotham City.

8DeluxeBBBEntertainmentMovie Theaters

Movie theater playing pornographic movies in Gotham City.

9Dr. Benjamin StonerBBBHealthcareTherapy

Dr. Benjamin Stoner
Doctor that diagnosed Arthur's mother Penny at Arkham State Hospital.

10The Elk Hotel BBBTravelHotels

The Elk Hotel
Hotel in Gotham City.

11Farnally Food DistributorsBBBServicesShipping and Storage

Farnally Food Distributors
Company operating in Gotham City.

12Gotham City Police BBBLegal AidPolice Departments

Gotham City Police
Local police department in Gotham City.

13Gotham Examiner BBBPeriodicalsNewspapers

Gotham Examiner
Newspaper headline: Killer Clown on the Loose.

14Gotham General BBBHealthcareHospitals

Gotham General
Local hospital where Arthur's mother is taken after being questioned by the police detectives.

15Gotham Journal BBBPeriodicalsNewspapers

Gotham Journal
Gotham City newspaper. Headline: VIGILANTE CLOWN STILL AT LARGE.

16Haha'sBBBServicesAdvertising and Marketing

Company where Arthur used to work, clown advertisement.

17Helms Pharmacy BBBRetailDrugstores

Helms Pharmacy
Drug store in Gotham City.

18IBNBBBTelevisionTV-News Networks

TV news network in Gotham City that reports on the death of Murray Franklin.

19Kenny's Music Shop BBBMusicMusic Stores

Kenny's Music Shop
Music shop that's going out of business, where Arthur Fleck works dressed up as a clown spinning a sign.

20Live with Murray Franklin BBBTelevisionTV-Talk Shows

Live with Murray Franklin
TV talk show.

21NCBBBBCinemaTV Stations

TV Station in Gotham City.

22Newart BBBEntertainmentMovie Theaters

Movie theater playing Strip Search movie.

23Pogo's BBBNightlifeComedy Clubs

Comedy club where Arthur performs. Named after serial killer John Wayne Gacy, who entertained children as "Pogo the Clown".

24Shine Beauty Hair Extensions and Wigs BBBRetailBeauty Supply Stores

Shine Beauty Hair Extensions and Wigs
Store in Gotham City.

25Strip Search BBBCinemaAdult Films

Strip Search
Pornographic movie playing in Gotham City.

26Stripe n' Stick BBBFood ProductsCandy

Stripe n' Stick
What appears to be a chewing gum product, advertised on the subway.

27Tommy's WigBBBRetailBeauty Supply Stores

Tommy's Wig
Store in Gotham City visible during riot scene.

28Typewriter Repair Shop BBBServicesRepair Services

Typewriter Repair Shop
Store in Gotham City.

29WBC BBBCinemaTV Stations

TV station in Gotham City.

30WGC 2BBBTelevisionTV-News

Local news team in Gotham City that reports on the death of Murray Franklin.

31Wig & Jewelry BBBApparelJewelry Stores

Wig & Jewelry
Store in Gotham City.

32November 2, 1952 Dates20th Century: 50sEvents

November 2, 1952
Arthur Fleck's mother Penny, age 25 years old, admitted to Arkham State Hospital.

33October 15, 1981 Dates20th Century: 80sEvents

October 15, 1981
Joker begins on Thursday, October 15, with Arthur Fleck having his retail sign stolen, and then being beat up after chasing the guys that stole it.

349th AvenueMapTransit RoutesStreets-Avenues

9th Avenue
Street in Gotham City.

35Chuckle TownMapUrban AreasCities-Joke

Chuckle Town
Joke Randall makes coming into work: Another day in Chuckle town.

36Gotham City MapUrban AreasCities-U.S.

Gotham City

37Market StreetMapTransit RoutesStreets

Market Street
Street in Gotham City.

38Wayne Hall MapStructuresHalls

Wayne Hall
Gotham City residents stage a protest outside of Wayne Hall on the night of a charity benefit.

39Wayne Manor MapStructuresMansions

Wayne Manor
Arthur visits Wayne Manor, encountering a young Bruce Wayne.

40Williams StreetMapTransit RoutesStreets

Williams Street
Street in Gotham City.

41Arthur FleckOtherQuotesQuotes

Arthur Fleck
Arthur Fleck: Is it just me, or is getting crazier out there?

42Arthur FleckOtherQuotesQuotes

Arthur Fleck
Arthur Fleck: I fucked up and did some bad shit.

43Untitled OtherThemes3-D


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