Film 2016. Written by Katie Dippold and Paul Feig. Directed by Paul Feig. Starring Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon, Leslie Jones and Chris Hemsworth.
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1Beasts of MayhemBBBMusicRock Bands

Beasts of Mayhem
Band appearing at Rock Revenge Fest.

2The Boutique Mercado Hotel BBBTravelHotels

The Boutique Mercado Hotel
Haunted hotel in New York City.

3Conductors of the Metaphysical Examinati...BBBMaintenance ServicesPest Control Services

Conductors of the Metaphysical Examination
Ghostbusters before they start callng themselves Ghostbusters.

4Council of Logic and DataBBBOrganizationsProfessional Organizations

Council of Logic and Data
Martin Heiss was the chairman of the Council of Logic and Data and a well known debunker of all things supernatural.

5Ghost ChipperBBBTechnology ProductsElectronics

Ghost Chipper
Ghostbuster device designed to draw a ghost into it, like a trap, then neutralize it.

6Ghost JumpersBBBTelevisionTV Shows

Ghost Jumpers
Paranormal TV show.

7Ghost NewsBBBMediaWebsites

Ghost News
Paranormal news website.

8GhostbustersBBBMaintenance ServicesPest Control Services

Also known as Conductors of the Metaphysical Examination. Service that studies and captures ghosts.

9Ghosts from Our Past Both Literally and ... BBBLiteratureBooks

Ghosts from Our Past Both Literally and Figuratively: The Study of The Paranormal
Book by Erin Gilbert & Abigail L. Yates.

3Kenneth P. Higgins Institute of Science BBBEducationSchools-Science/Technology

Kenneth P. Higgins Institute of Science
Erin heads to the low-rent college where Abby is investigating the paranormal after learning that Abby published their book without her permission. Filmed at Everett Community Health and Wellness Center.

3PKE MeterBBBTechnology ProductsTracking Devices

PKE Meter
Ghostbuster device designed to track ghosts and other supernatural entities.

4Proton GloveBBBTechnology ProductsElectronics

Proton Glove
Ghostbuster device that maximizes flexibility during hand-to-specter combat.

5Proton PackBBBTechnology ProductsElectronics

Proton Pack
Ghostbuster device for capturing ghosts.

6Rock Revenge FestBBBEventsConcerts

Rock Revenge Fest
Haunted concert featuring Ozzy Osbourne.

7Seward Street Subway StationBBBTransportationTrain Stations

Seward Street Subway Station
Haunted subway station in New York City.

8Zhu's Authentic Hong Kong FoodBBBDiningRestaurants

Zhu's Authentic Hong Kong Food
Restarant beneath the Ghostbusters headquarters.

9April 14, 1912 Dates20th Century: 1st HalfEvents

April 14, 1912
Sir Aldridge forces a Romanian woman and child off a Titanic lifeboat to make room for his grandfather clock. Tour Guide: Um, interesting fact- this grandfather clock was on the Titanic and was saved by Sir Aldridge. A Romanian woman and her child were forced to leave the lifeboat to make room.

3The Aldridge Mansion MapStructuresMansions

The Aldridge Mansion
A tour guide finds himself trapped in the mansion by a strange spirit and Erinbby, and Holtzmann are called in to investigate the haunting. Exterior filmed at Boston University Castle. Interior filmed at Ames Mansion.

3LangvilleMapUrban AreasCities-U.S.

Apparently, the entire town of Langville, Montana went missing.

4Max Planck AuditoriumMapStructuresEvent Venues

Max Planck Auditorium
Erin is preparing for her lecture when she is approached by Ed Mulgrave, asking for help at the Aldridge Mansion.

5Stonebrook TheatreMapStructuresEvent Venues

Stonebrook Theatre
The team heads to a metal Rock Revenge Fest concert with their new equipment and chase a ghost through the building and onto stage. Filmed at the Wang Theatre.

6Untitled OtherThemesSolo


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