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12Gig Library UPLOAD 2020 TV SeriesEntertainmentLibraries

2Gig Library
The poor excuse for a library in the "2Gig" section of Lakeview, where residents live on a limited data plan.

2The Abbey LibraryTHE NAME OF THE ROSE BY UMBERTO ECO 1980 LiteratureEntertainmentLibraries

The Abbey Library
Labyrinth of a library located in a Benedictine monastery in Northern Italy, situated on the top floor of a fortified tower, only allowed to be entered by the librarian.

3Ann Arbor Regional Library JUMPER 2008 FilmEntertainmentLibraries

Ann Arbor Regional Library
Library where David teleports to for the first time - from beneath the frozen lake near his school. The public libraries in Ann Arbor are called District Libraries, not Regional Libraries.

4Atherton Library THE SIMPSONS 1989 Animated SeriesEntertainmentLibraries

Atherton Library
Library on the Springfield University campus that Poet Laureate Robert Pinsky mentions at the Cafe Kafka.

5Benjamin Hill Center for Film Studies 22 JUMP STREET 2014 FilmEntertainmentLibraries

Benjamin Hill Center for Film Studies
Library at MC State. This is a nod to Benny Hill.

6Bookman Memorial Library22 JUMP STREET 2014 FilmEntertainmentLibraries

Bookman Memorial Library
Library on MC State campus.

7Brockenhurst LibraryOTHERWORLD 2017 LiteratureEntertainmentLibraries

Brockenhurst Library
Local library in Brockenhurst.

8Brooks Hatlen Memorial Library THE SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION 1994 FilmEntertainmentLibraries

Brooks Hatlen Memorial Library

9Central LibraryFULLMETAL ALCHEMIST 2001 Comic BooksEntertainmentLibraries

Central Library

10Citizen Reading Room BACK TO THE FUTURE: THE GAME 2010 Video GamesEntertainmentLibraries

Citizen Reading Room
Government sanctioned library in Citizen Brown's 1985 Hill Valley.

11City Public Library MURDERVILLE 2022 TV SeriesEntertainmentLibraries

City Public Library
Public library in the Big City.

12Culpeper Library REVOLUTION 2014 TV SeriesEntertainmentLibraries

Culpeper Library
Miles tracks down Jim Hudson, finding him taking care of the Culpeper Library, living under the name Henry Bemis, a Twilight Zone reference.

13Euclid Heights Memorial LibraryA SHORTCUT IN TIME 2003 LiteratureEntertainmentLibraries

Euclid Heights Memorial Library
Library in Euclid Heights.

14Federal LibraryLAWNMOWER MAN 2: BEYOND CYBERSPACE 1996 FilmEntertainmentLibraries

Federal Library
Library that Peter and his friends visit to track down Jobe.

15Fictional Wisconsin LibraryTHE BYE-BYE MAN 2017 FilmEntertainmentLibraries

Fictional Wisconsin Library
University library where Elliot researches the Bye-Bye Man.

16Garneau Public Library CASTLE ROCK 2018 TV SeriesEntertainmentLibraries

Garneau Public Library
Library where Annie Wilkes and Joy attend Paul Sheldon's author reading and book signing.

17Gotham LibraryBATMAN: THE KILLING JOKE 2016 Animated FilmEntertainmentLibraries

Gotham Library

18Hudson LibraryBLACK MASK 1996 FilmEntertainmentLibraries

Hudson Library

19Inoffensive Library for the Childish Adu... UPLOAD 2020 TV SeriesEntertainmentLibraries

Inoffensive Library for the Childish Adults
Library visible on the map when Aleesha is tasked with getting Lakeview's A.I. guy - now downloaded into a clone body - from Manhattan Re-Gen to Sean Carter General Hospital.

20Ipswich Memorial LibrarySUMMER OF 84 2018 FilmEntertainmentLibraries

Ipswich Memorial Library
Local library.

21Island Library THE BOBIVERSE 2016 LiteratureEntertainmentLibraries

Island Library
Library in Cedar Rapids, a prosperous Quinlan town with a rather large fleet of ships.

22Jerusalem's Lot Public Library CASTLE ROCK 2018 TV SeriesEntertainmentLibraries

Jerusalem's Lot Public Library
Local library.

23Kyle Clayton Memorial LibraryWORLD'S GREATEST DAD 2009 FilmEntertainmentLibraries

Kyle Clayton Memorial Library
The high school principal renames the school library after Kyle.

24Leslie Knope Library PARKS AND RECREATION 2009 TV SeriesEntertainmentLibraries

Leslie Knope Library
New library at Indiana University, named after the two time state governor.

25Library FUTURE MAN 2017 TV SeriesEntertainmentLibraries

Building in Haven where the residents keep their old journals.

26The Library of BabelTHE LIBRARY OF BABEL 1941 LiteratureEntertainmentLibraries

The Library of Babel
A library that is the entire universe.

27Library of Dreams THE SANDMAN 1989 Comic BooksEntertainmentLibraries

Library of Dreams
Also known as the Library of Books Never Written. A library in dreams that contains every book imagined but never written.

28The Library of MetropolisBATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE 2016 FilmEntertainmentLibraries

The Library of Metropolis
At the gala, Lex Luthor is introduced as, "Philanthropist. Bibliophile. True friend of the Library of Metropolis."

29The Library of St. John the BeheadedDOCTOR WHO: VIRGIN MISSING ADVENTURES 1994 LiteratureEntertainmentLibraries

The Library of St. John the Beheaded
Contains the only copies of books banned by the Catholic Church. Later part of the Braxiatel Collection.

30Library of the CitadelTHE BOOK OF THE NEW SUN SERIES 1980 LiteratureEntertainmentLibraries

Library of the Citadel
Contains the fabled Book of Gold.

31Library of the Miskatonic UniversityCTHULHU MYTHOS 1928 LiteratureEntertainmentLibraries

Library of the Miskatonic University
Contains the Necronomicon.

32Library of Unseen UniversityDISCWORLD SERIES 1983 LiteratureEntertainmentLibraries

Library of Unseen University
Contains the Octavo.

33The Library THE LIBRARIANS 2014 TV SeriesEntertainmentLibraries

The Library
Magical building existing in its own pocket dimension that houses mythical artifacts, and books.

34Little Pwagmattasquarmsettport Public Li... THE SIMPSONS 1989 Animated SeriesEntertainmentLibraries

Little Pwagmattasquarmsettport Public Library
Library that Lisa is tempted to visit, and imagines the character Pippi talking to her.

35Los Perditus Public LibraryTHE FRAME 2014 FilmEntertainmentLibraries

Los Perditus Public Library

36Lowes Law Library THE LAST OF US 2023 TV SeriesEntertainmentLibraries

Lowes Law Library
Building on the University of Eastern Colorado campus.

37Machen Library HELLBOY 2004 FilmEntertainmentLibraries

Machen Library
LIbrary featuring an exhibit called "Magick: The Ancient Power", where Hellboy, Abe Sapien and Myers are sent for the Code red alert, where they encounter the demon Sammael. Actually The Ministry of Transport in Prague.

38Madre Linda Library YOU 2018 TV SeriesEntertainmentLibraries

Madre Linda Library
Library in Madre Linda.

39Marshington Public LibraryHOWARD THE DUCK 1986 FilmEntertainmentLibraries

Marshington Public Library
Library on Duckworld.

40Meathook Library THE BOBIVERSE 2016 LiteratureEntertainmentLibraries

Meathook Library
Library in Cedar Rapids, a prosperous Quinlan town with a rather large fleet of ships.

41Melmackian National Library ALF 1986 TV SeriesEntertainmentLibraries

Melmackian National Library
Joke ALF makes - Did you hear about the Melmackian National Library burned down? They lost both books.

42Metropolitan Public Library THE LIBRARIANS 2014 TV SeriesEntertainmentLibraries

Metropolitan Public Library
Library in New York City serving as the entrance to the Library.

43New New York Public Library FUTURAMA 1999 Animated SeriesEntertainmentLibraries

New New York Public Library
When Brain Slugs make everybody on Earth stupid but Fry, Fry tracks down the biggest Brain Slug there is at the New New York Public Library because a big brain is basically just a big nerd.

44Nudibranch LibraryTHE OCTONAUTS AND THE GREAT GHOST REEF 2009 LiteratureEntertainmentLibraries

Nudibranch Library
Library in Great Reef City.

45Old Springfield Library THE SIMPSONS 1989 Animated SeriesEntertainmentLibraries

Old Springfield Library
Library in Springfield.

46Pawnee Public LibraryPARKS AND RECREATION 2009 TV SeriesEntertainmentLibraries

Pawnee Public Library
Local library in Pawnee.

47Port Clarion Library ROD SERLING'S THE TWILIGHT ZONE 1963 LiteratureEntertainmentLibraries

Port Clarion Library
Library in Port Clarion where Irene researches the history of Cliff Island.

48Public Library THE TWILIGHT ZONE 1959 TV SeriesEntertainmentLibraries

Public Library
Generic library where Henry Bemis finds books to read after the apocalypse.

49Public Library FUTURAMA 1999 Animated SeriesEntertainmentLibraries

Public Library
Library from the TV show the Scary Door, parodying the Twilight Zone episode Time Enough at Last.

50Public Library BOB'S BURGERS 2011 Animated SeriesEntertainmentLibraries

Public Library
Local library where Linda goes head-to-head with the Wizard of Books in a read-off as Punky Bookster, the headbanging queen of story time using her punk rock to take on the man. Like The Wiggles.

51Public Library SOMETHING WICKED THIS WAY COMES 1983 FilmEntertainmentLibraries

Public Library
Local library in Green Town.

52The Public Library THE UMBRELLA ACADEMY 2019 TV SeriesEntertainmentLibraries

The Public Library
Five is believed to be at the Argyle Street branch of the Public Library.

53R. Hadley Public Library TERMINATOR: THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES 2008 TV SeriesEntertainmentLibraries

R. Hadley Public Library
Library in Sarah's dream, outside of which a terminator shoots and kills John.

54San Francisco Central Library SLIDERS 1995 TV SeriesEntertainmentLibraries

San Francisco Central Library
Library on the Eggheads world.

55San Francisco Library Newsom Branch UPLOAD 2020 TV SeriesEntertainmentLibraries

San Francisco Library Newsom Branch
Library branch in San Francisco, presumably named for Gavin Newsom.

56Sanitized Library for the Weak-Minded UPLOAD 2020 TV SeriesEntertainmentLibraries

Sanitized Library for the Weak-Minded
Library visible on the map when Aleesha is tasked with getting Lakeview's A.I. guy - now downloaded into a clone body - from Manhattan Re-Gen to Sean Carter General Hospital.

57Santo Donato Library DIFFERENT SEASONS 1982 LiteratureEntertainmentLibraries

Santo Donato Library
Local library.

58Sarah B. Cooper Public Library FOUL PLAY 1978 FilmEntertainmentLibraries

Sarah B. Cooper Public Library
Where Gloria works.

59The Schwarzenegger Presidential Library DEMOLITION MAN 1993 FilmEntertainmentLibraries

The Schwarzenegger Presidential Library
Even though he wasn't a native, his popularity caused the 61st Amendment, which allowed him to be president.

60Science Library of New YorkSPIDER-MAN 2 2004 FilmEntertainmentLibraries

Science Library of New York
Sponsor of the benefit gala where John Jameson proposes to MJ.

61Sebastian St. Claire Library BOJACK HORSEMAN 2014 Animated SeriesEntertainmentLibraries

Sebastian St. Claire Library
Library Sebastian builds in Cordovia.

62Sidewinder GazetteTHE SHINING 1977 LiteratureEntertainmentLibraries

Sidewinder Gazette
Newspaper Jack uses to researchthe history of the Overlook Hotel at the Sidewinder public library.

63Sidewinder Public LibraryTHE SHINING 1977 LiteratureEntertainmentLibraries

Sidewinder Public Library
Where Jack continues researching the history of the Overlook Hotel.

64Sir Peter Weyland Memorial Library PROMETHEUS 2012 FilmEntertainmentLibraries

Sir Peter Weyland Memorial Library
Library in Washington, D.C.

65Sloan Library SKELETON CREW 1985 LiteratureEntertainmentLibraries

Sloan Library
Library that Mrs. Todd worked to raise money for in Castle Rock.

66Springfield Medical Library THE SIMPSONS 1989 Animated SeriesEntertainmentLibraries

Springfield Medical Library
Library where Dr. Nick researches Homer's operation.

67Springfield Public Library THE SIMPSONS 1989 Animated SeriesEntertainmentLibraries

Springfield Public Library
Local library in Springfield, from various episodes.

68Springwood Library FREDDY VS. JASON 2003 FilmEntertainmentLibraries

Springwood Library

69Starling City Archive ARROW 2012 TV SeriesEntertainmentLibraries

Starling City Archive
Where Arrow and Laurel go looking for information about Sebastian Blood's past.

70Subwayary COMMUNITY 2009 TV SeriesEntertainmentLibraries

New name of the Greendale library after Subway buys the school.

71Tompkins Public Library ANIMAL CONTROL 2023 TV SeriesEntertainmentLibraries

Tompkins Public Library
Location of Frank and Rick's loose spider call.

72University of Miami Rare Books LibraryEMPTY NEST 1988 TV SeriesEntertainmentLibraries

University of Miami Rare Books Library

73Walter Parks Thatcher Memorial LibraryCITIZEN KANE 1941 FilmEntertainmentLibraries

Walter Parks Thatcher Memorial Library
The first flashback sequence is the one framed by Thompson's visit to the Walter Parks Thatcher Memorial Library, there to peruse the unpublished memoirs of Kane's guardian.

74West Ham Town Library THE SOCIETY 2019 TV SeriesEntertainmentLibraries

West Ham Town Library
Lexie, Harry and the Guard trot out their prisoners for the crowd in front of the library as Grizz returns from the expedition.

75Westchester LibraryFOREVER MINE 1999 FilmEntertainmentLibraries

Westchester Library

76Westview Public Library WANDAVISION 2020 TV SeriesEntertainmentLibraries

Westview Public Library
Local library in the town of Westview.

77Winden Municipal Library DARK 2017 TV SeriesEntertainmentLibraries

Winden Municipal Library
Claudia researches the town's history.

78Wong Library FUTURAMA 1999 Animated SeriesEntertainmentLibraries

Wong Library
Mars University library with the largest collection of literature in the western universe, on two discs.

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