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Total Records: 93 - Group: BBB / Category: TRANSPORTATION / Subcategory: BUS LINES
Record Name
112345 Tours Rides-R-UsLITTLE BLUE TRUCK LEADS THE WAY 2011 LiteratureTransportationBus Lines

12345 Tours Rides-R-Us
Double decker passenger bus that yells at Blue: Shove on, shorty!"

2ACME Charter Bus Line G.I. JOE: A REAL AMERICAN HERO 1982 Comic BooksTransportationBus Lines

ACME Charter Bus Line
Bus line used to transport Crimson Guards to the Arbco Bros. Circus.

3Antelope BROOKLYN NINE-NINE 2013 TV SeriesTransportationBus Lines

Bus Diaz gets on when she's planning on running, when the results of the trial doesn't look good.

4Arlen Bus Depot KING OF THE HILL 1997 Animated SeriesTransportationBus Lines

Arlen Bus Depot
Bus depot in Arlen.

5Bat VanSENSE8 2015 TV SeriesTransportationBus Lines

Bat Van

6Bikini Line GRAND THEFT AUTO: SAN ANDREAS 2004 Video GamesTransportationBus Lines

Bikini Line
Bus/coach company that operates in San Andreas.

7The Bitch Bus NEWSRADIO 1995 TV SeriesTransportationBus Lines

The Bitch Bus
Joke Max makes when Dave arrives at the office in a bad mood. Max: "Looks like someone rode in on the Bitch Bus today."

8Bludhound THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE 2017 Animated FilmTransportationBus Lines

Bus line seen in Gotham City, presumably from the nearby city of Bludhaven.

9Blue Bird Bus CompanyBUFFALO 66 1998 FilmTransportationBus Lines

Blue Bird Bus Company
When Billy gets out of prison he rides a Blue Bird bus to town.

10Blue Bus Coach Lines LOST 2004 TV SeriesTransportationBus Lines

Blue Bus Coach Lines
Bus line that Kate tries to buy a ticket for before she is apprehended by Edward Mars.

11Blue Lane Bus EUREKA 2006 TV SeriesTransportationBus Lines

Blue Lane Bus
Bus line that runs through Eureka.

12Blueline Regional Express SMALLVILLE 2001 TV SeriesTransportationBus Lines

Blueline Regional Express
Bus line.

13Boneyard Bus Lines AEROSMITH 1970 MusicTransportationBus Lines

Boneyard Bus Lines
Bus held by the giant robot on the cover.

14Bucyrus Bus LineTHE BLADE 1984 LiteratureTransportationBus Lines

Bucyrus Bus Line
Local bus line with service once every ten days between Shellville and Bucyrus. Three times faster than a tractor. More than two times as comfortable.

15Bus to Beelzebub SOUL COUGHING 1992 MusicTransportationBus Lines

Bus to Beelzebub

16Candy's Bikini Lines NIGHT COURT 1984 TV SeriesTransportationBus Lines

Candy's Bikini Lines
Dan charters a Candy's Bikini Lines luau party bus to take the guys to Bull's bachelor party at Trump Plaza in Atlantic City. But the bus explodes, and the gang ends up at a trashy motel near the Jersey Turnpike that Harry calls the Dump Plaza.

17Canny Bus Group GRAND THEFT AUTO: SAN ANDREAS 2004 Video GamesTransportationBus Lines

Canny Bus Group
Bus line operating in San Andreas.

18Cayuga Bus Company THE TWILIGHT ZONE 1959 TV SeriesTransportationBus Lines

Cayuga Bus Company
Bus stopped at the Hi-Way Cafe, where state troopers suspect something that crashed in a frozen pond nearby is hiding inside. Named for Cayuga Productions, Inc., the company that produced The Twilight Zone.

19Charter Lines G.I. JOE: A REAL AMERICAN HERO 1982 Comic BooksTransportationBus Lines

Charter Lines
The bus line that Hawk and Grunt and other new recruits take to the Strike First organization's compound, also known as Camp Victory.

20City Bus THE TICK 1994 Animated SeriesTransportationBus Lines

City Bus
Bus The Tick takes to The City.

21City Kinex CASTLE ROCK 2018 TV SeriesTransportationBus Lines

City Kinex
Local bus line in Jerusalem's Lot.

22Coyote Bus Lines THE BIG BUS 1976 FilmTransportationBus Lines

Coyote Bus Lines
Scientists at Coyote Bus Lines build a state of the art nuclear powered double-decker articulated jumbo bus with 32 wheels capable of achieving non-stop service between New York City and Denver.

23Cramden Tour Line G.I. JOE: A REAL AMERICAN HERO 1982 Comic BooksTransportationBus Lines

Cramden Tour Line
Bus that brings D.O.A. agents to St. Lo's Infirmary - nod to the Honeymooners. Ralph Cramden drove a bus.

24Cross Roads Bus Station THE JOHN LARROQUETTE SHOW 1993 TV SeriesTransportationBus Lines

Cross Roads Bus Station

25Deerway THE PRETENDER 1996 TV SeriesTransportationBus Lines

Bus service - stand-in for Greyhound. Location of a bomb squad hoax call.

26Direct Bus FIGHT CLUB 1999 FilmTransportationBus Lines

Direct Bus
Bus line that appears several times during the movie, including when the Narrator sends Marla away and when the space monkeys bring her back.

27Drip Rock Shuttle BOX OF MOONLIGHT 1996 FilmTransportationBus Lines

Drip Rock Shuttle
Local shuttle service in Drip Rock.

28Eagle Lines SMALLVILLE 2001 TV SeriesTransportationBus Lines

Eagle Lines
Bus Clark takes back to Smallville, and Perry takes back to Metropolis.

29Economy Bus Lines STAR TREK 1966 TV SeriesTransportationBus Lines

Economy Bus Lines
Bus line on the gangster planet Sigma Iotia II.

30The Energy Bus [vehicle]THE ENERGY BUS 2007 LiteratureTransportationBus Lines

The Energy Bus [vehicle]

31Ensign Bus Line SLIDERS 1995 TV SeriesTransportationBus Lines

Ensign Bus Line
Bus line in the world where the Americans lost the Revolutionary War.

32First Class Bus Lines THE SIMPSONS 1989 Animated SeriesTransportationBus Lines

First Class Bus Lines
The Simpsons travel to Toronto for Bart to find his girlfriend.

33Go Bus INTO THE SPIDER-VERSE 2018 Animated FilmTransportationBus Lines

Go Bus
Bus line in New York City.

34Gotham Bus CompanyTHE HONEYMOONERS 1951 TV SeriesTransportationBus Lines

Gotham Bus Company
Company that Ralph works for, driving a bus.

35Grande CharterRAT RACE 2001 FilmTransportationBus Lines

Grande Charter
Bus that Owen steals on its way to the 3rd annual I Love Lucy Convention in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

36GreathoundCAPTAIN CARROT AND HIS AMAZING ZOO CREW 1982 Comic BooksTransportationBus Lines

Bus line - Leave the driving to Gus!

37Gulf Shore Coach LinesJUST CAUSE 1995 FilmTransportationBus Lines

Gulf Shore Coach Lines
Bus Bobby Earl's mother takes to see Paul Armstrong.

38Harris Travel UNDER THE DOME 2013 TV SeriesTransportationBus Lines

Harris Travel
Bus company that brings in civilians.

39Hudson Valley Explorer INTO THE SPIDER-VERSE 2018 Animated FilmTransportationBus Lines

Hudson Valley Explorer
Also known as HVE, bus line Miles and Peter B. Parker ride to Alchemax Labs.

40Hudson Valley Explorer ACROSS THE SPIDER-VERSE 2023 Animated FilmTransportationBus Lines

Hudson Valley Explorer
Bus Line from the first movie - bus that Miles rode. He saved the ticket stub.

41Intercity Bus THE TWILIGHT ZONE 1959 TV SeriesTransportationBus Lines

Intercity Bus
Bus line.

42Interpacific Bus Company CONTINUUM 2012 TV SeriesTransportationBus Lines

Interpacific Bus Company
Where Emily waits for her future Alec who doesn't show up because Kiera handed him over to the Freelancers.

43Intra State Bus LineTHE SECRET OF MY SUCCESS 1987 FilmTransportationBus Lines

Intra State Bus Line
Bus Brantley rides to New York City.

44Iowa Bus Lines CHAMPIONS 2023 FilmTransportationBus Lines

Iowa Bus Lines
Bus Marcus and the Friends take to their game - and get kicked off.

45J.J. Charter UNDER THE DOME 2013 TV SeriesTransportationBus Lines

J.J. Charter
Bus company that brings in civilians.

46Jackson Park Express WEIRD AL YANKOVIC 1976 MusicTransportationBus Lines

Jackson Park Express
Weird Al Yankovic: Tuesday morning, 8:15, I was riding to work on the Jackson Park Express / Seemed like any other day, then my whole world changed in a way I never could have guessed / 'Cause she walked in, took the seat right across the aisle / I knew we had a special connection the second I saw her smile.

47Kyrian TourVALERIAN AND THE CITY OF A THOUSAND PLANETS 2017 FilmTransportationBus Lines

Kyrian Tour

48LTADOWNSIZING 2017 FilmTransportationBus Lines

Leisureland Transit Authority.

49LuxwayTHE TRUMAN SHOW 1998 FilmTransportationBus Lines

Bus that breaks down when Truman attempts to go to Chicago.

50Magic Bus THE WHO 1964 MusicTransportationBus Lines

Magic Bus
"I want it, i want it, I want it, I want it..."

51Manhatan City Coach FRINGE 2008 TV SeriesTransportationBus Lines

Manhatan City Coach
Bus service in the alternate universe.

52Metcalf Transit LinesSTRANGERS ON A TRAIN 1951 FilmTransportationBus Lines

Metcalf Transit Lines

53Metro Bus SCARY MOVIE 3 2003 FilmTransportationBus Lines

Metro Bus
Bus that George Logan takes to the city for his rap battle at Club 23 with Fat Joe, parodying Eminem's movie 8 Mile.

54Metro Trans BEVERLY HILLS COP III 1994 FilmTransportationBus Lines

Metro Trans
Bus line from the Alien Attack ride at Wonder World.

55Metropolis Airporter SMALLVILLE 2001 TV SeriesTransportationBus Lines

Metropolis Airporter
Bus service at Metropolis International Airport.

56Metropolis Bus Station SMALLVILLE 2001 TV SeriesTransportationBus Lines

Metropolis Bus Station
Bus station in Metropolis.

57Minneabus TONY HAWK'S PRO SKATER 1+2 2020 Video GamesTransportationBus Lines

Bus line.

58Mountain Sky Express RESIDENT ALIEN 2021 TV SeriesTransportationBus Lines

Mountain Sky Express
Bus that Dr. Vanderspeigle's daughter takes when she leaves town.

59Municipal Bus LinesWAYNE'S WORLD 2 1993 FilmTransportationBus Lines

Municipal Bus Lines
After interrupting her wedding to Bobby, Wayne and Cassandra ride the bus back to Waynestock.

60Municipal Bus Lines STAR TREK: DEEP SPACE NINE 1993 TV SeriesTransportationBus Lines

Municipal Bus Lines
Bus line in Sisko's mid-20th century New York City hallucination.

61National 21 JUMP STREET 1987 TV SeriesTransportationBus Lines

Bus that Penhall and Hoffs use to transport Cory.

62National Bus Lines HUNTER 1984 TV SeriesTransportationBus Lines

National Bus Lines
Bus that witness Sally Lupone rides from New York City to Los Angeles.

63National Trailways THE SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION 1994 FilmTransportationBus Lines

National Trailways
Bus Red rides.

64OmnibusTHE TIME MACHINE 2002 FilmTransportationBus Lines


65Patriot Bus Lines THE PRETENDER 1996 TV SeriesTransportationBus Lines

Patriot Bus Lines
Bus station in Washington, D.C. where Jarod saves Rachel - a women being blackmailed into committing an assassination to get her children back.

66PHLE Public TONY HAWK'S PRO SKATER 1+2 2020 Video GamesTransportationBus Lines

PHLE Public
Bus line.

67Rainbow Bus LinesBUSYTOWN 1968 LiteratureTransportationBus Lines

Rainbow Bus Lines

68Rancho Cucamonga Transit Lines WORKAHOLICS 2011 TV SeriesTransportationBus Lines

Rancho Cucamonga Transit Lines
Bus line. Fun fact: the bus driver is the same guy that played the bus driver in the movie Speed. Adam references the movie when he says there's a bomb on the bus.

69Rapid Charter BALLS OF FURY 2007 FilmTransportationBus Lines

Rapid Charter
Busline that Randy and team ride not the first leg of the trip to Feng's secret ping-pong tournament.

70Ride Along Bus Lines WORKAHOLICS 2011 TV SeriesTransportationBus Lines

Ride Along Bus Lines
Bus line that Karl rides.

71Roadway Bus CompanyGOOD TIMES 1974 TV SeriesTransportationBus Lines

Roadway Bus Company

72Rose Trail PERSON OF INTEREST 2011 TV SeriesTransportationBus Lines

Rose Trail
Bus line Joey and this girlfriend get on.

73Sierra Nevada BuslinesTHE WIZARD 1989 FilmTransportationBus Lines

Sierra Nevada Buslines

74Sightline Coachways BETTER CALL SAUL 2015 TV SeriesTransportationBus Lines

Sightline Coachways
Bus Jimmy takes to Coushatta, Louisiana.

75SIT THE TRUMAN SHOW 1998 FilmTransportationBus Lines

Busline. Seahaven Island Transit.

76Sit-N-Stare Bus Lines THE SIMPSONS 1989 Animated SeriesTransportationBus Lines

Sit-N-Stare Bus Lines
Bus the Simpsons take to New York City.

77Southern Trails KISS KISS BANG BANG 2005 FilmTransportationBus Lines

Southern Trails
Bus line that Harmony takes to L.A. when she's sixteen years old.

78Stateline Bus Lines THE PRETENDER 1996 TV SeriesTransportationBus Lines

Stateline Bus Lines
Bus that Dr. Raines' wife Edna boards.

79Stress Free Shuttle PRANK ENCOUNTERS 2019 TV SeriesTransportationBus Lines

Stress Free Shuttle
Shuttle service that picks up and drops off government VIPs, including an astronaut just out of quarantine that turns out to be infected with an alien.

80Suck-U-Bus Line THE SIMPSONS 1989 Animated SeriesTransportationBus Lines

Suck-U-Bus Line
Homer leaves Marge after seeing her kissing her ex-boyfriend Artie Ziff. He and Lenny ride the Suck-U-Bus Line to West Springfield, which Lisa observes is three times the size of Texas. The pair go to work in the West Springfield oil patch. Homer's family finds him when he gets a library card in and checks out ten books on oil rigging and one book called Dying for Dummies.

81Swiftline Bus ServicesTHE SWEET HEREAFTER 1997 FilmTransportationBus Lines

Swiftline Bus Services

82Terrace Bus Lines ONLY MURDERS IN THE BUILDING 2021 TV SeriesTransportationBus Lines

Terrace Bus Lines
Bus young Loretta takes to New York in flashback.

83Tet Transit DOCTOR SLEEP 2019 FilmTransportationBus Lines

Tet Transit
Bus both Danny and Abra take - reference to the Tet Corporation from The Dark Tower.

84Texas State LinesPEE-WEE'S BIG ADVENTURE 1985 FilmTransportationBus Lines

Texas State Lines
Bus line that Simone takes.

85Trail South THE PRETENDER 1996 TV SeriesTransportationBus Lines

Trail South
Bus line.

86TrailwaysALPHA DOG 2006 FilmTransportationBus Lines


87Transway Bus Lines INSIDE OUT 2015 Animated FilmTransportationBus Lines

Transway Bus Lines
Bus line Riley takes when she runs away.

88Universal Shuttle ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT 2003 TV SeriesTransportationBus Lines

Universal Shuttle
Shuttle service where Tobias meets Carl Weathers.

89Urban Transit Authority POLICE ACADEMY 6: CITY UNDER SIEGE 1989 FilmTransportationBus Lines

Urban Transit Authority
Metropolitan City's bus system.

90Van DamnSENSE8 2015 TV SeriesTransportationBus Lines

Van Damn

91Victory Town LineDON'T WORRY DARLING 2022 FilmTransportationBus Lines

Victory Town Line
Local bus service in Victory.

92Whippet Express Coach GRAND THEFT AUTO III 2001 Video GamesTransportationBus Lines

Whippet Express Coach
Local coach service in Liberty City.

93White Arrow Bus LinesTHE WALTONS 1971 TV SeriesTransportationBus Lines

White Arrow Bus Lines
Located in Charlottesville, which was the nearest major city.

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