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Total Records: 49 - Group: BBB / Category: MAINTENANCE SERVICES / Subcategory: PLUMBING SERVICES
Record Name
1Abramowitz Plumbing THE X-FILES 1993 TV SeriesMaintenance ServicesPlumbing Services

Abramowitz Plumbing
Company name on the van watching Mulder at scientist Dr. Terence Berube's residence - actually sound mixer Michael Williamson's sound van.

2Adam and Sons STAY TUNED 1992 FilmMaintenance ServicesPlumbing Services

Adam and Sons
Plumbing company Roy meets with at the beginning of the movie.

3Ajax Plumbing TOY STORY TOONS 2011 Animated SeriesMaintenance ServicesPlumbing Services

Ajax Plumbing
Service called after Rex floods the bathroom.

4All-City Plumbing PERSON OF INTEREST 2011 TV SeriesMaintenance ServicesPlumbing Services

All-City Plumbing
Samaritan activated civilian asset Jimmy Jager's employer.

5Al's PlumbingTHE BAREFOOT EXECUTIVE 1971 FilmMaintenance ServicesPlumbing Services

Al's Plumbing
Name on Raffles costume uniform Steve has him wear when he sneaks him into the network.

6Bob's PlumbingTOO MANY FROGS 2005 LiteratureMaintenance ServicesPlumbing Services

Bob's Plumbing

7Carbo Plumbing G.I. JOE: A REAL AMERICAN HERO 1982 Comic BooksMaintenance ServicesPlumbing Services

Carbo Plumbing
Front company van Cobra uses to track brainwashed Clutch and Rock and Roll outside the Pentagon.

8City Drain LUCKY NUMBER SLEVIN 2006 FilmMaintenance ServicesPlumbing Services

City Drain
Police front van.

9Drain Experts Inc. REAL GENIUS 1985 FilmMaintenance ServicesPlumbing Services

Drain Experts Inc.
Van the gang uses to sneak around.

10Duffy Plumbing Supply ANDY BARKER P.I. 2007 TV SeriesMaintenance ServicesPlumbing Services

Duffy Plumbing Supply
The name on the van in the parking lot when Andy and Wally review video tape footage from the "Nixon" camera. Front company for the Russians.

11East Village Plumbing ServiceA WALK AMONG THE TOMBSTONES 2014 FilmMaintenance ServicesPlumbing Services

East Village Plumbing Service
One of the fake company names on the van the kidnappers drive.

12Ever-Rite PlumbingMIDNIGHT SPECIAL 2016 FilmMaintenance ServicesPlumbing Services

Ever-Rite Plumbing

13Falkore Plumbing SUSHI GIRL 2012 FilmMaintenance ServicesPlumbing Services

Falkore Plumbing
Name on the van during the diamond heist.

14Finnell PlumbingTHE BURBS 1989 FilmMaintenance ServicesPlumbing Services

Finnell Plumbing
Business name on one of the neighbor's Chevrolet Astro Van. The Finnells are not seen until the end of the movie, but they live in the house between Walter and the Rumsfields.Reference to producer Michael Finnell.

15The Firm Plumbing DivisionWILD HOGS 2007 FilmMaintenance ServicesPlumbing Services

The Firm Plumbing Division
Plumbing company Bobby works for.

16Gonzo's Royal FlushTHE MUPPETS 2011 FilmMaintenance ServicesPlumbing Services

Gonzo's Royal Flush
Gonzo's plumbing business.

17Happy Herb's BEETLEJUICE 1988 FilmMaintenance ServicesPlumbing Services

Happy Herb's
Truck outside when the new family moves in.

18Hennigan's Plumbing Supply NIGHT COURT 1984 TV SeriesMaintenance ServicesPlumbing Services

Hennigan's Plumbing Supply
One defendant was arrested breaking into Hennigan's Plumbing Supply warehouse.

19Hercules PlumbingALL IN THE FAMILY 1971 TV SeriesMaintenance ServicesPlumbing Services

Hercules Plumbing

20Hercules Plumbing CompanyALICE 1976 TV SeriesMaintenance ServicesPlumbing Services

Hercules Plumbing Company

21J&F Plumbing TIMELESS 2016 TV SeriesMaintenance ServicesPlumbing Services

J&F Plumbing
Garcia Flynn kills a plumber and assumes his identity to gain access to Lockman Aerospace.

22Jones Plumbing Co. THE TWILIGHT ZONE 1959 TV SeriesMaintenance ServicesPlumbing Services

Jones Plumbing Co.
Plumbing service in Harmony, New York in 1961.

23Katz & Sons Plumbing UTOPIA 2020 TV SeriesMaintenance ServicesPlumbing Services

Katz & Sons Plumbing
Michael finds a memorial for Charlotte's father Dale Warwick posted to a plumbing website after he commits suicide. "Dale Warwick: A Friend Remembered"

24Knights Plumbing & HeatingKNIGHTS OF THE LUNCH TABLE 2008 LiteratureMaintenance ServicesPlumbing Services

Knights Plumbing & Heating

25Kresson PlumbingHAROLD & KUMAR GO TO WHITE CASTLE 2004 FilmMaintenance ServicesPlumbing Services

Kresson Plumbing
Van in White Castle parking lot that pulls out to reveal Harold's car at the end, which turns out to be in pretty good condition aside from a few NPH sticky stains in the backseat.

26Laying the Pipe Plumbing PEACEMAKER 2022 TV SeriesMaintenance ServicesPlumbing Services

Laying the Pipe Plumbing
Project Butterfly undercover van.

27Leo's Sludge and Septic WINGS 1990 TV SeriesMaintenance ServicesPlumbing Services

Leo's Sludge and Septic
The sponsor of Phantom of the Oprah play.

28Liberty PlumbingDISNEY'S THE KID 2000 FilmMaintenance ServicesPlumbing Services

Liberty Plumbing
Rusty's dad's company.

29Mad Jack's Plumbing THE GOONIES 1985 FilmMaintenance ServicesPlumbing Services

Mad Jack's Plumbing
Mouth's father's plumbing business.

30Oh-Kay Plumbing HOME ALONE 1990 FilmMaintenance ServicesPlumbing Services

Oh-Kay Plumbing
Company van that Harry and Marv transport themselves around in.

31Pablo's PlumbingHALF BAKED 1998 FilmMaintenance ServicesPlumbing Services

Pablo's Plumbing

32Pacifica Plumbing and HeatingHOLLYWOOD HOMICIDE 2003 FilmMaintenance ServicesPlumbing Services

Pacifica Plumbing and Heating
Police front van watching Gavilan's place.

33Packer Plumbing ProfessionalsRIDE ALONG 2 2016 FilmMaintenance ServicesPlumbing Services

Packer Plumbing Professionals
Police front van.

34Perennial Plumbing OUT OF SIGHT 1998 FilmMaintenance ServicesPlumbing Services

Perennial Plumbing

35Pete's Plumbing & Piping THE TICK 2001 TV SeriesMaintenance ServicesPlumbing Services

Pete's Plumbing & Piping
Business name on van in the background on the same street at the pet store.

36Pete's Plumbing and PipingMADE 2001 FilmMaintenance ServicesPlumbing Services

Pete's Plumbing and Piping

37Pinkus Plumbing CompanyANNIE HALL 1977 FilmMaintenance ServicesPlumbing Services

Pinkus Plumbing Company
One of Alvy's former classmates will one day become the president of the Pinkus Plumbing Company.

38Plumbing Supplies 24 2001 TV SeriesMaintenance ServicesPlumbing Services

Plumbing Supplies
Generic company name on plumbing supply van in the compound where Jack's daughter Kim and wife Teri are held.

39Pulaski Plumbing NIGHT GALLERY 1970 TV SeriesMaintenance ServicesPlumbing Services

Pulaski Plumbing

40R. Holden & Sons CHILDREN OF MEN 2006 FilmMaintenance ServicesPlumbing Services

R. Holden & Sons
Julian's team's van. Plumbing & Heating Engineers.

41Robo-Rooter FUTURAMA 1999 Animated SeriesMaintenance ServicesPlumbing Services

Plumbing service TV commercial. "Call Robo-Rooter if you flush a towel. We can also help with that impacted bowel."

42Rocco & Family Plumbing THE UMBRELLA ACADEMY 2019 TV SeriesMaintenance ServicesPlumbing Services

Rocco & Family Plumbing
Items on The Handler's table include a container of Bear Sandpaper Refill Rolls, a can of gold Nu-Shol Spra Paint and a bag with a part from Rocco & Family Plumbing.

43Rockne's Plumbing and RooterSMOKIN' ACES 2006 FilmMaintenance ServicesPlumbing Services

Rockne's Plumbing and Rooter
Van Lazlo Soot jumps on after killing a target.

44Rod + Barry's Plumbing COMMUNITY 2009 TV SeriesMaintenance ServicesPlumbing Services

Rod + Barry's Plumbing
Plumbing company uniforms Troy and Abed wear when they break into the school to rescue Dean Pelton.

45Speedy Plumbing and Heating THE BOB NEWHART SHOW 1972 TV SeriesMaintenance ServicesPlumbing Services

Speedy Plumbing and Heating
Company Bob mentions talking to Emily long distance.

46Stern Lecture Plumping THE SIMPSONS 1989 Animated SeriesMaintenance ServicesPlumbing Services

Stern Lecture Plumping
Plumbing company the Simpsons call when their basement floods. "I told you not the flush that"

47Super Mario Bros. Plumbing THE SUPER MARIO BROS. MOVIE 2023 Animated FilmMaintenance ServicesPlumbing Services

Super Mario Bros. Plumbing
Mario and Luigi's plumbing company.

48Wanda Mendelsohn CHEERS 1982 TV SeriesMaintenance ServicesPlumbing Services

Wanda Mendelsohn
"All night plumber" in Sam's little black book. Wink, wink. The only plumber in Boston you have to go to her house.

49Wrecking Crew THE SUPER MARIO BROS. MOVIE 2023 Animated FilmMaintenance ServicesPlumbing Services

Wrecking Crew
Plumbing company where Mario and Luigi used to work, but quit to start their own company.

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