TV Series 2020. Created by Gillian Flynn. Starring John Cusack, Ashleigh LaThrop, Dan Byrd, Desmin Borges, Jessica Rothe, Christopher Denham, Javon Walton, Farrah Mackenzie, Cory Michael Smith, Jeanine Serralles, Rainn Wilson and Sasha Lane.
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Record Name
112 News BBBTelevisionTV News

12 News
News channel.

215 News BBBTelevisionTV News

15 News
News team outside the St. Louis quarantine zone.

37 News BBBTelevisionTV News

7 News
News team from various episodes.

4Action 9 News BBBTelevisionTV News

Action 9 News
TV station that Michael and Colleen watch, covering the flu epidemic threatening kids in Alabama. Colleen tells him to request a sample, as the T pattern resembles a strain that he previously researched.

5Antler Man BBBLiteratureComic Books

Antler Man
Comic book featured at the FringeCon comic book convention.

6BSN BBBTelevisionTV News

News station from various episodes.

7The Case of the Vanishing Red Wolf BBBLiteratureChildrens Books

The Case of the Vanishing Red Wolf
Children's book by Phillip Carvel at the scene of Darby's spree shooting, framing Grant. "Are you ready for an adventure?"

8Channel 19 BBBTelevisionTV News

Channel 19
Charlotte's press conference.

9Channel 3 BBBTelevisionTV News

Channel 3
News team outside the St. Louis quarantine zone.

10Channel 6 BBBTelevisionTV News

Channel 6
Local news team.

11Channel 8 BBBTelevisionTV News

Channel 8
News team outside the St. Louis quarantine zone.

12Chicago City College BBBEducationColleges

Chicago City College
College where Michael works as a researcher.

13Chocolate Covered Raisins BBBFood ProductsCandy

Chocolate Covered Raisins
Generic raisin box in the comic book.

14Christie Farms BBBFood IndustriesFarms

Christie Farms
Farm owned by Dr. Kevin Christie.

15ChristieBio BBBIndustrial CompaniesChemical Companies

Also known as Christie Labs, Kevin Christie's company, famed for pharmaceuticals, vaccines and now the miracle meat called Simpro.

16Comic-kaze BBBMenuMixed Drinks

Mixed drink served at the FringeCon comic book convention.

17Daniel Lee ElementaryBBBEducationElementary Schools

Daniel Lee Elementary
A bsn news report on the TV in Phil Carson's room discusses a new lethal and fast-moving flu that has shockingly killed 18 children at Daniel Lee Elementary in Moody, Alabama and infected children at Grace Hawkins Elementary in Collins, Mississippi.

18Dystopia BBBLiteratureComic Books

Comic book that predicted weaponization of several viruses.

19Dystopia Chat Room BBBMediaWebsites

Dystopia Chat Room
Online forum for discussing Dystopia.

20FringeCon BBBEventsConventions and Seminars

Comic book convention.

21Grace Hawkins ElementaryBBBEducationElementary Schools

Grace Hawkins Elementary
A bsn news report on the TV in Phil Carson's room discusses a new lethal and fast-moving flu that has shockingly killed 18 children at Daniel Lee Elementary in Moody, Alabama and infected children at Grace Hawkins Elementary in Collins, Mississippi.

22The Green Team BBBMaintenance ServicesHome Maintenance Services

The Green Team
Lawn maintenance company for whom Samantha works. No water? No problem.

23The Harvest BBBOrganizationsSecret Organizations

The Harvest
Dr. Kevin Christie's secret organization of agents made up of children that he kidnapped and raised to follow his will.

24Horoscopes: Signs & Portents BBBLiteratureBooks

Horoscopes: Signs & Portents
Book that Ian holds up in front of Becky.

25Katz & Sons Plumbing BBBMaintenance ServicesPlumbing Services

Katz & Sons Plumbing
Michael finds a memorial for Charlotte's father Dale Warwick posted to a plumbing website after he commits suicide. "Dale Warwick: A Friend Remembered"

26Kropp's Paint Thinner BBBGoodsHardware

Kropp's Paint Thinner
Product Jessica uses to burn down the house before they leave.

27Medical Journal of the Americas BBBPeriodicalsJournals

Medical Journal of the Americas
Website based on the American Journal of Medicine, featuring an article titled, "New Flu Strain: Current Outbreak Hot Zones".

28NACN National News BBBTelevisionTV News

NACN National News
National news netowrk.

29Nature Kind RaisinsBBBFood ProductsFruits and Vegetables

Nature Kind Raisins
Arby's favorite brand of raisins, from various episodes.

30News 13 BBBTelevisionTV News

News 13
News team at Charlotte's press conference.

31News 28 Live BBBTelevisionTV News

News 28 Live
TV news program.

32Orchard Grove Behavioral Health Center BBBHealthcareHospitals-Mental Health

Orchard Grove Behavioral Health Center
Asylum in River Park that burned to the ground, killing 58 patients, including Jessica Hyde's father, the creator of Utopia.

33Phil Carson Acquisitions BBBRetailBookstores

Phil Carson Acquisitions
Gentleman who purchases the Utopia comic book from Ethan and Olivia for $20,000. Fine Art & Fun Collectibles.

34Revival BBBLiteratureComic Books

Comic book featured at the FringeCon comic book convention.

35Simpro BBBFood ProductsMeat Alternatives

Also known as Simple Protein. The future of food, a lab grown protein that provides people with more iron and vitamins than meat without the need for precious land, sun or water.

36St. Louis Austen Academy BBBEducationPrimary Schools

St. Louis Austen Academy
The lab grown protein Simpro is test on kids at St. Louis Austen Academy.

37Tiger Chomps BBBFood ProductsBreakfast Cereal

Tiger Chomps
Breakfast cereal that Wilson eats, the box of which he uses to create an eye patch.

38TruVivid Blush & Shine BBBPersonal CareHygiene Products

TruVivid Blush & Shine
Charlotte dances around to a makeup commercial. "With invisible blending for superior finish".

39Umi the Umicorn BBBLiteratureComic Books

Umi the Umicorn
Comic book featured at the FringeCon comic book convention.

40Uncle Pat's Petting Farm BBBEntertainmentZoos

Uncle Pat's Petting Farm
Michael figures out that there's link between a traveling petting zoo franchise and the virus hot spots. "Nature helps kid nurture"

41Utopia BBBLiteratureComic Books

Comic book that Ethan finds in Olivia's grandfather's house - and sells at the FringeCon comic book convention. The conclusion to Dystopia.

42Whooping Crane Lodge BBBTravelLodging

Whooping Crane Lodge
Host of the FringeCon comic book convention.

43April 14, 1821 Dates19th Century and earlierDeath Dates

April 14, 1821
Date of Death on William Harrison Taylor's headstone in the graveyard where Samantha works for the Green Team. May he Rest In Peace.

44January 23, 1847 Dates19th Century and earlierBirth Dates

January 23, 1847
Date of Birth on William Harrison Taylor's headstone in the graveyard where Samantha works for the Green Team. May he Rest In Peace.

45Clay Hill Glen MapNatureParks

Clay Hill Glen
Park, location of the quarantine zone in St. Louis.

46Dayton Grove Park MapNatureParks

Dayton Grove Park
Park considered for spree shooting as part of Christie Labs' plan to frame Grant.


Compound where Dr. Kevin Christie raised the children he kidnapped and molds them into agents.

48Oak Ridge Way MapTransit RoutesThoroughfares

Oak Ridge Way
Address of Michael Stearns' house.

49Winger Park MapNatureParks

Winger Park
Park considered for spree shooting as part of Christie Labs' plan to frame Grant.

502013 Midwestern Veterinary Virologist of... OtherRecognitionAwards

2013 Midwestern Veterinary Virologist of the Year Award
Award that Michael won in the past for his research work.

51Chicago TribuneOtherQuotesQuotes

Chicago Tribune
Chicago Tribune: Asylum Fire Kills 58. Fire Destroys Orchard Grove Behavioral Health Center.

52Colleen Stearns OtherQuotesQuotes

Colleen Stearns
Colleen Stearns: This is Colleen checking in. Operation Fun has been deployed. I repeat: Operation Fun has been deployed.

53Diels Disease OtherMedical ConditionsConditions

Diels Disease
Degenerative illness that Becky suffers from, giving her seizures and restricting her breathing.

54Dr. Kevin ChristieOtherQuotesQuotes

Dr. Kevin Christie
Dr. Kevin Christie: What have you done today to earn your place in this crowded world?

55Ethan OtherQuotesQuotes

Ethan: Utopia, the conclusion to Dystopia... So there's more of this shit out there! This could be worth something. Some guy last year found an old Batman comic in his attic. Sold it for, like, a million bucks. We sell this for a fraction of that, we can pay off your student loans, I start my podcast, a little nest egg for a family. Fan boys are gonna go nuts over this.

56Jessica Hyde OtherQuotesQuotes

Jessica Hyde
Jessica Hyde: You're in a new world now. Mine.

57Jessica Hyde OtherQuotesQuotes

Jessica Hyde
Jessica Hyde: Becky's very nice. I'll kill her if you leave.

58Jessica Hyde OtherQuotesQuotes

Jessica Hyde
Jessica Hyde: Wait for me in here. Ignore the screams.

59Operation Fun OtherPlansOperations

Operation Fun
Initiative that Colleen activates, planting snuff porn on Michael's computer in order to keep him quiet.

60The Stearns Flu OtherMedical ConditionsViruses

The Stearns Flu
Flu strain that Michael Stearns discovered in bat in Peru, which has now been weaponized and spread through a traveling petting zoo.

61Untitled OtherThemesMouth of Madness


62Wilson Wilson OtherQuotesQuotes

Wilson Wilson
Wilson Wilson: Any freethinker who opposes authority is a candidate for black ops torture. I not only believe that, I am prepared for it. I can hold my breath for 180 seconds to combat waterboarding. I can live off my own urine for an entire week should they withhold water and I can dislocate both of my thumbs and my shoulder should I ever need to escape handcuffs and/or binding.

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