TV Series 2007. Created by Conan O|Brien and Jonathan Groff. Starring Andy Richter, Tony Hale, Marshall Manesh, Harve Presnell and Clea Lewis.
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Record Name
11080 Skate Shop BBBRetailSporting Goods Stores

1080 Skate Shop
Tenant near Andy's office.

2Andy Barker, Certified Public AccountantBBBFinancial CompaniesAccounting Services

Andy Barker, Certified Public Accountant
Andy first opens an accounting office before being pulled into the life of a private investigator.

3Andy Barker, P.I.BBBServicesPrivate Investigation

Andy Barker, P.I.
Certified public accountant Andy Barker reluctantly becomes a private investigator after he is mistaken for the former office tenant, a private eye, now retired.

4Beznik BBBDrugsDrug Dealers

Drug dealer.

5The Blue Key BBBNightlifeNightclubs

The Blue Key
Company watering hole as Lew calls for his credit card company employee client.

6Books AlmightyBBBRetailBookstores

Books Almighty
Christian bookstore in same shopping center as Andy's office.

7The Brown Derby BBBDiningRestaurants

The Brown Derby

8The Brunswick House BBBNightlifeNightclubs

The Brunswick House
A bar downtown where Loretta Crispin went.

9Bryson & White BBBFinancial CompaniesAccounting Services

Bryson & White
Accounting firm where Andy and his wife used to work together before Andy went out on his own.

10CEY Neuromuscular Clinic BBBHealthcareMedical Services

CEY Neuromuscular Clinic
Dr. Cey's clinic.

11Chargex BBBFinancial CompaniesCredit Cards

Credit card company.

12Chicken Little BBBVehiclesWatercrafts

Chicken Little
The name of the chicken inspector's boat.

13Data Save BBBServicesSecurity Services

Data Save
Data security company for credit cards.

14Death Blimp BBBCinemaMovies

Death Blimp
Aliens steal a blimp and try to destroy Earth starring Loretta Crispin as the topless rock climber... it's not what you think - she gets in a fight with a puma and the nudity is organic to the story.

15Double Meat Enterprises BBBCorporationsCompanies

Double Meat Enterprises
Guy's company.

16Dr. Jeremy Cey BBBHealthcareDoctors

Dr. Jeremy Cey
Doctor played by Nestor Carbonell.

17Duffy Plumbing Supply BBBMaintenance ServicesPlumbing Services

Duffy Plumbing Supply
The name on the van in the parking lot when Andy and Wally review video tape footage from the "Nixon" camera. Front company for the Russians.

18Eiderdex Toys BBBToysToy Stores

Eiderdex Toys
Online toy store Jenny looks for Snowball the Elephant.

19Fair Oaks PlazaBBBRetailShopping Centers

Fair Oaks Plaza
Shopping center where Andy's office is located.

20Far Valley Real EstateBBBServicesRealty Services

Far Valley Real Estate
Andy's wife Jenny works for the Far Valley Real Estate company.

21Favorite Sun Tanning SalonBBBBeauty CareTanning Salons

Favorite Sun Tanning Salon
Tenant in Andy's office building.

22Forest Acres Golf Course BBBEntertainmentPrivate Clubs

Forest Acres Golf Course
Golf course where Guy plays golf.

23Jon Leibowitz BBBServicesPhotography Services

Jon Leibowitz
Photographer that photographed Gene Kelly's 50th Birthday party at the Brown Derby on August 23rd, 1962.

24The La Jolla Tribune BBBPeriodicalsNewspaper Tribunes

The La Jolla Tribune
Local newspaper.

25Lady Gabrielle BBBVehiclesMotor Vehicles

Lady Gabrielle
The name of the chicken inspector's Bentley.

26Laguna Beach Observer BBBPeriodicalsNewspapers

Laguna Beach Observer
Local newspaper.

27Lew Staziak, Private Investigator BBBServicesPrivate Investigation

Lew Staziak, Private Investigator
Lew is the private investigator that rented Andy's office before Andy.

28The Long Beach Star BBBPeriodicalsNewspapers

The Long Beach Star

29Los Feliz Herald BBBPeriodicalsNewspaper Heralds

Los Feliz Herald
Local newspaper.

30Mattress Bin BBBHome FurnishingFurniture Stores

Mattress Bin
Tenant near Andy's office.

31Miss Congeniality 2 Barbie DollBBBToysDolls

Miss Congeniality 2 Barbie Doll
Simon's homemade Barbie doll, featuring Sandra Bullock quotes from the movie.

32Rivkin OpticalBBBHealthcareOptometry

Rivkin Optical
Optometry clinic. Tenant in Andy's office building.

33Ronald Reagan with Side of Tabouli Combo... BBBMenuMeals

Ronald Reagan with Side of Tabouli Combo and Extra Hummus
Andy's meal at Wally's Afghan Kebabs. BBBMediaWebsites
Website that comes up in Andy's Google search results, article titled "15th century Russian warlord eaten by a bear"

35Sea Cat BBBCinemaMovies

Sea Cat
Andy and Simon's cover story - they're movie producers and this is the movie they're making. It's an underwater action drama about a mutated lion that lives in the ocean and attacks shipping lanes.

36Smith's Grocery BBBFood StoresGrocery Stores

Smith's Grocery
Grocery store where Eve's credit cards are declined.

37Speed Demon Movers BBBServicesShipping and Storage

Speed Demon Movers
The company moving Guy's stuff out of his house on Morris Road when Andy arrives.

38St. Constantine Rectory BBBReligionChurches

St. Constantine Rectory
Russian orthodox church where Andy finds the Russian.

39Transcor Chicken BBBFood IndustriesMeat Companies

Transcor Chicken
Wally's chicken supplier.

40Trash Bags BBBMaintenance ProductsCleaning Products

Trash Bags
Generic named product.

41Video RiotBBBEntertainmentVideo Rental

Video Riot
Simon's video store.

42Wally's Afghan Kebabs BBBDiningRestaurants

Wally's Afghan Kebabs
Restaurant in same shopping center as Andy's office. Wally went a little overboard with the patriotic stuff after 9/11.

43August 23, 1962 Dates20th Century: 60sEvents

August 23, 1962
Rita Spaulding attends Gene Kelly's 50th birthday party at the Brown Derby, a legendary night. Barbara Stanwyck wore a strapless taffeta Edith Head with an Oleg Cassini clutch, and Buddy Hackett took off his pants and sat down on the cake.

44March 17, 1963 Dates20th Century: 60sEvents

March 17, 1963
Postmark date of the letter that Andy finds stuffed in the mail slot in Lew's old office.

45February 17, 2001 Dates21st Century: 00sEvents

February 17, 2001
Date on the Mohandra Salim file that Lew shows Andy, "the smack dealer and bad apple that'll gut you like a fish just for the hoo-hahs."

46June 10, 2006 Dates21st Century: 00sEvents

June 10, 2006
Date of giant check in newspaper article photo featuring Dr. Jeremy Cey.

47April 16, 2007 Dates21st Century: 00sEvents

April 16, 2007
Andy finishes his father-in-law George's tax return, with 29 hours until the deadline. He plans to proof read it one last time in the morning before filing electronically. Unfortunately, he gets mixed up in one of Lew's cases, and his laptop is stolen before he can file it.

48April 17, 2007 Dates21st Century: 00sEvents

April 17, 2007
Andy successfully submits his father-in-law George's tax return with one second left to spare - the email is sent as his laptop falls off a building, from the fire escape where he fights off a credit card thief.

4931st Street MapTransit RoutesStreets

31st Street
There's a house listed on Jenny's real estate website located at 10254 31st St.

5044th Street MapTransit RoutesStreets

44th Street
There's a house listed on Jenny's real estate website located at 33 E. 44th St.

51California Women's Correctional Facility MapDetention CentersCorrectional Facilities

California Women's Correctional Facility
Where Rita went to prison.

52Heathwood MapTransit RoutesThoroughfares

Street in Fair Oaks, California, residence address of smack dealer and bad apple Mohandra Salim.

53Intera Avenue MapTransit RoutesAvenues

Intera Avenue
Street in Fair Oaks, California, business address of smack dealer and bad apple Mohandra Salim.

54Morris Road MapTransit RoutesRoads

Morris Road
Address for Guy's house that just went on the market the week before that Jenny finds on her real estate web site is 1525 Morris Road. Owned by Guy's company Double Meat Enterprises.

55Via Fuego MapTransit RoutesThoroughfares

Via Fuego
The name of the street Jenny mentions there's a house when she's looking at her real estate website.

56Andy's daughter's plush elephant's name. OtherTriviaName Game-Animals

Andy's daughter's plush elephant's name.

57Guy HelversonOtherQuotesQuotes

Guy Helverson
Guy Helverson: I like to think that I'm 66% not bodyfat.

58Lew OtherQuotesQuotes

Lew: Hey, what's the matter kid? You look lower than the nipples on a wet nurse at the orphanage.

59Lew OtherQuotesQuotes

Lew: It's symbolic, like when a Cuban sleeps with your wife and leaves his pants on the mailbox.

60Lew OtherQuotesQuotes

Lew: Everybody eats chicken. Some, like me, for revenge.

61Lew OtherQuotesQuotes

Lew: Somewhere in hell somebody's putting the wood to a quality broad.

62Lew OtherQuotesQuotes

Lew: No disrespect to your wife, but it's amazing you ever got that oven jockey to uncross her honey sticks for you.

63Lew OtherQuotesQuotes

Lew: I didn't sleep for a whole month once. Got slipped some bad mescaline, drove around Cerritos talking to a cat named Vida Blue.

64Lew OtherThemesFlatliners 2


65Lew Staziak OtherQuotesQuotes

Lew Staziak
Lew Staziak: Somewhere in Hell, someone's putting the wood to a quality broad.

66Lew StaziakOtherQuotesQuotes

Lew Staziak
Lew Staziak: Hey, what's the matter kid? You look lower than the nipples on a wet nurse at the orphanage.

67Rita, Andy & Lew OtherQuotesQuotes

Rita, Andy & Lew
Rita: I was at the Brown Derby at the time.
Andy: So no one saw you going in?
Rita: No, I was with a married guy. We went in the back door.
Lew (walking in): We did that a few times, didn't we, doll?
Rita: Actually, I was talking about going in the back door of the Brown Derby.
Lew: So was I.
Rita: No, I mean the back door of the restaurant.
Lew: Oh, we didn't go there.

68Untitled OtherThemesWall v1, The


69Untitled OtherThemesGray Eagle


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