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1A.M. GRAND THEFT AUTO III 2001 Video GamesCorporationsFuel Companies

Gas stations.

3Academy LP GasCELL 2006 LiteratureCorporationsFuel Companies

Academy LP Gas

4Aegis Oil CompanyON DEADLY GROUND 1994 FilmCorporationsFuel Companies

Aegis Oil Company

5Aladdin OilTHE PINCHCLIFFE GRAND PRIX 1975 FilmCorporationsFuel Companies

Aladdin Oil
Reodor Felgen's sponsor.

6Alt-Fuels, Inc. THE X-FILES 1993 TV SeriesCorporationsFuel Companies

Alt-Fuels, Inc.
Dr. Jeff Eckerle was the President and science officer here.

7AM Petroleum Company GRAND THEFT AUTO III 2001 Video GamesCorporationsFuel Companies

AM Petroleum Company
Oil company in Liberty City.

3Axelrod Oil CARS 2 2011 Animated FilmCorporationsFuel Companies

Axelrod Oil
Oil billionaire Miles Axelrod's oil company.

3Axxon G.I. JOE: A REAL AMERICAN HERO 1982 Comic BooksCorporationsFuel Companies

Oil refinery, G.I. Joe version of Exxon.

3Axxon OilG.I. JOE: A REAL AMERICAN HERO 1985 Animated SeriesCorporationsFuel Companies

Axxon Oil
Parody of Exxon.

4Barnes / Wentworth OilDALLAS 1978 TV SeriesCorporationsFuel Companies

Barnes / Wentworth Oil

5Benthic PetroleumTERMINATOR 2: JUDGMENT DAY 1991 FilmCorporationsFuel Companies

Benthic Petroleum
The gas station where Sarah, John and the T-800 hide out is the same company from The Abyss.

6Benthic PetroleumTWISTER 1996 FilmCorporationsFuel Companies

Benthic Petroleum

7Benthic Petroleum THE ABYSS 1989 FilmCorporationsFuel Companies

Benthic Petroleum
Company funding the deep sea drilling rig that accompanies the Navy SEAL team to the site of a down submarine. The blurb on the poster footer reads "At Benthic Petroleum we drill deeper into the unknown than anyone else in the business. Why? That's where our future lies waiting, at the bottom of the deepest trenches. In the abyss." Logo based on the now defunct Hollywood film equipment supplier Berkey Photo Inc.'s logo.

3Bio-Oceanic Fuel Inc WALL STREET: MONEY NEVER SLEEPS 2010 FilmCorporationsFuel Companies

Bio-Oceanic Fuel Inc
Company listed on Gordon Gekko's new balance sheet.

3Bowel OilTHE FIRESIGN THEATRE 1960 Comedy ActsCorporationsFuel Companies

Bowel Oil
Oil company, CEO Boyle M. Owl.

4Brinkley Oil THE PRETENDER 1996 TV SeriesCorporationsFuel Companies

Brinkley Oil
Oil company that Jarod pretends to work for, exposing their toxic waste in the bay.

5Canadian CleanGasTHE INSTITUTE 2019 LiteratureCorporationsFuel Companies

Canadian CleanGas
Company name on one of the box cars attached to the freight train that Luke hops in Dennison River Bend after escaping from the Institute.

6Capital Oil THE TWILIGHT ZONE 1959 TV SeriesCorporationsFuel Companies

Capital Oil
Oil cans visible outside the cafe.

3Capitol Oil Co. THE BIRDS 1963 FilmCorporationsFuel Companies

Capitol Oil Co.
Oil company.

3Cheery Oil THE STAND 1994 TV SeriesCorporationsFuel Companies

Cheery Oil
Trashcan Man blows up a Cheery Oil facility in Powtanville Hills, Indiana.

3Cheery Petroleum CompanyTHE STAND 1978 LiteratureCorporationsFuel Companies

Cheery Petroleum Company
Company in Powtanville, Indiana. Something seemed to whistle past him and he sobbed and held up his hands, dropping his sandwich into the dust, cringing his cheek into his neck, but there was nothing, there was no one. Beyond the cinderblock wall of the Scrubba-Dubba Car Wash there was only Indiana Highway 130, going to Gary, but first going past the huge Cheery Oil Company storage tanks. Sobbing a little, he picked up his sandwich, brushed the gray dirt off the white bread as best he could, and began to munch it again.

4Chickering Oil THE TWILIGHT ZONE 1959 TV SeriesCorporationsFuel Companies

Chickering Oil
Automobile product at the gas station where Nan Adams stops.

3Chief Oil Co.MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER RANGERS 1993 TV SeriesCorporationsFuel Companies

Chief Oil Co.

4Colby EnterprisesTHE COLBYS 1985 TV SeriesCorporationsFuel Companies

Colby Enterprises
Oil company.

5Comet Natural Gas MR. ROBOT 2015 TV SeriesCorporationsFuel Companies

Comet Natural Gas
Natural gas company.

6ConnexSYRIANA 2005 FilmCorporationsFuel Companies

American petroleum corporation.

7Corepet SORCERER 1977 FilmCorporationsFuel Companies

Companie De Recursor Petroleros S.A. - American oil company in Colombia.

3Corwin Oil CompanyPRIMAL FEAR 1996 FilmCorporationsFuel Companies

Corwin Oil Company
Oil company, one of the Rushman Foundation investments.

4Creak Oil THE SIMPSONS 1989 Animated SeriesCorporationsFuel Companies

Creak Oil
Workers put "Creak Oil" on the hinges of the gate at the cemetery.

5Dent PetroleumBEVERLY HILLS COP II 1987 FilmCorporationsFuel Companies

Dent Petroleum
Alphabet Crimes mastermind Maxwell Dent's oil company.

6Denver-Carrington Oil CompanyDYNASTY 1981 TV SeriesCorporationsFuel Companies

Denver-Carrington Oil Company

7DinocoCARS 2006 Animated FilmCorporationsFuel Companies

The company that sponsors The King.

8DinocoCARS TOONS 2008 Animated SeriesCorporationsFuel Companies


9Dinoco CARS 3 2017 Animated FilmCorporationsFuel Companies


3Dragna Gasoline TIMELESS 2016 TV SeriesCorporationsFuel Companies

Dragna Gasoline
Rittenhouse sleeper agent and 50's stock car racer Ryan Millerson's sponsor in the Darlington 500.

4DubomKUNG FURY 2015 FilmCorporationsFuel Companies

Fuel truck. "Quality by the gallon"

5Essence L'Aviation G.I. JOE: A REAL AMERICAN HERO 1982 Comic BooksCorporationsFuel Companies

Essence L'Aviation
French jet fuel being transported on a train that Zartain, Bill, Destro and Chuckles steal for use in their stolen Cobra helicopter.

3Evergreen Petroleum CONTINUUM 2012 TV SeriesCorporationsFuel Companies

Evergreen Petroleum
Fuel company that owns the tanker that Liber8 stole to attack Sonmantos.

4Ewing OilDALLAS 1978 TV SeriesCorporationsFuel Companies

Ewing Oil

5Exceloil SMALLVILLE 2001 TV SeriesCorporationsFuel Companies

Oil company.

3Gallup Services Co. THE LOST ROOM 2006 TV SeriesCorporationsFuel Companies

Gallup Services Co.
Propane & natural gas services - company on Gus Jacobs' wall calendar, onto which the projects the film of the experiments in the Sunshine Motel's room 9.

3Gatwood Oil BETTER CALL SAUL 2015 TV SeriesCorporationsFuel Companies

Gatwood Oil
Kim's Mesa Verde bank clients ask her to consult with their friend that owns Gatwood Oil.

4The Great Slave Lake Oil RefineryARQ 2016 FilmCorporationsFuel Companies

The Great Slave Lake Oil Refinery
Up north, Torus security forces battle Bloc paramilitaries over the Great Slave Lake Oil Refinery. The refinery borders the Arctic Parallel neutral zone. Torus executives accuse the Arctic Parallel of providing a safe haven for Bloc leaders.

5Gulf and Bradley PetroleumBUBBLEGUM CRISIS 1987 Animated SeriesCorporationsFuel Companies

Gulf and Bradley Petroleum

6H. Gorenstein Gasoline and FuelRESIDENT EVIL: RETRIBUTION 2012 FilmCorporationsFuel Companies

H. Gorenstein Gasoline and Fuel
Fuel truck seen in New York simulation.

7Hexagon Oil CompanyTHE NAKED GUN 2 1/2: THE SMELL OF FEAR 1991 FilmCorporationsFuel Companies

Hexagon Oil Company
Jane's new boyfriend's company.

8Hg's Fuel FUTURAMA 1999 Animated SeriesCorporationsFuel Companies

Hg's Fuel
Gas station on Mercury. Last fuel til you circle the planet and come back here.

3Houghton OilTHE FAR ARENA 1979 LiteratureCorporationsFuel Companies

Houghton Oil

4Houston Electric Utilities THE NET 1995 FilmCorporationsFuel Companies

Houston Electric Utilities

3J&G Oil Co.THE TERMINATOR 1984 FilmCorporationsFuel Companies

J&G Oil Co.
Big rig that the Terminator commandeers while chasing Sarah Connor and Kyle Reese.

4K.A.C.C. Military Fuels GRAND THEFT AUTO: SAN ANDREAS 2004 Video GamesCorporationsFuel Companies

K.A.C.C. Military Fuels
Military aviation fuel depot in the northern part of Las Venturas, San Andreas.

3Keller OilBIG DATA 2012 MusicCorporationsFuel Companies

Keller Oil
From music video for Dangerous Oliver Remix.

4Kincaid Petro SLIDERS 1995 TV SeriesCorporationsFuel Companies

Kincaid Petro
On the world where internal combustion engines have been outlawed, Kincaid Petro is one of the last oil refineries.

5Klaxon Oil CorporationNOTHING LASTS FOREVER 1979 LiteratureCorporationsFuel Companies

Klaxon Oil Corporation

6Levron JOHN WICK 2014 FilmCorporationsFuel Companies

John Wick version of gasoline brand Chevron.

3Lex-Oil ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN 1986 Comic BooksCorporationsFuel Companies

Brand owned by Lex Luthor.

3Mabarak Hydroelectric Plant INSURGENCY 2014 Video GamesCorporationsFuel Companies

Mabarak Hydroelectric Plant
Nod to TV show Lost's Swan Dharma base.

3Magnum Gasoline THE TWILIGHT ZONE 1959 TV SeriesCorporationsFuel Companies

Magnum Gasoline
Gasoline brand at the gas station where Nan Adams stops.

4Majestic Oil Company 21 JUMP STREET 1987 TV SeriesCorporationsFuel Companies

Majestic Oil Company
Ioki's gas credit card.

3Mars Gas Corporation GRAND THEFT AUTO III 2001 Video GamesCorporationsFuel Companies

Mars Gas Corporation
Gas supplying company who supply gas to residents in Liberty City.

3Masrani Oil JURASSIC WORLD 2015 FilmCorporationsFuel Companies

Masrani Oil

3Middle States OilTIMECOP 1994 FilmCorporationsFuel Companies

Middle States Oil
TEC Agent Max Walker's former partner Lyle Atwood checks stock prices for Middle States Oil - in newspapers for 1929 and 1994.

4Mobil Dick Whale Oil FUTURAMA 1999 Animated SeriesCorporationsFuel Companies

Mobil Dick Whale Oil
Cars of the future don't use gasoline, they use whale oil.

5Mohave Oil THE WALT DISNEY COMPANY 1923 OtherCorporationsFuel Companies

Mohave Oil
Oil company, visible in the Catastrophe Canyon segment.

6Mohave Oil Co.MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER RANGERS 1993 TV SeriesCorporationsFuel Companies

Mohave Oil Co.

7Mom's Old Fashioned Robot Oil FUTURAMA 1999 Animated SeriesCorporationsFuel Companies

Mom's Old Fashioned Robot Oil
Leading oil brand, made with 10% more love than the next leading brand, made by MomCorp.

3Moniloil ROYAL BLOOD 2011 MusicCorporationsFuel Companies

Oil company. Stand in for Mobil Oil.

3Nawzad Oil THE SHIELD 2002 TV SeriesCorporationsFuel Companies

Nawzad Oil
Oil company scheduled to make a delivery to the gas station Shane visits.

3O.K. Oil Company THE BEVERLY HILLBILLIES 1962 TV SeriesCorporationsFuel Companies

O.K. Oil Company
Jed Clampett sells his swamp full of oil to the O.K. Oil Company for $25 million and moves to Beverly Hills to live in a mansion.

4Oceanic International Oil CorporationKOLCHAK: THE NIGHT STALKER 1974 TV SeriesCorporationsFuel Companies

Oceanic International Oil Corporation

5OrincoPET SEMATARY 2019 FilmCorporationsFuel Companies

Fuel trucks that plow through the small town of Ludlow.

6Pan Global Oil SLIDERS 1995 TV SeriesCorporationsFuel Companies

Pan Global Oil
Main corporation on the oil company world.

3Pantroil WAR, INC. 2008 FilmCorporationsFuel Companies

Oil company.

3Pattrick Fuel Company THE WALKING DEAD 2010 TV SeriesCorporationsFuel Companies

Pattrick Fuel Company
Fuel trucks.

4Petro Maya S.A. TREMORS 2: AFTERSHOCKS 1996 FilmCorporationsFuel Companies

Petro Maya S.A.
Gas company that hires Earl and Grady to get rid of their Graboid problem.

3Petroleo SenalFAST & FURIOUS 2009 FilmCorporationsFuel Companies

Petroleo Senal
Name on the tankers Dom and gang hit at the beginning of the movie.

4PetroState OilDALLAS 1978 TV SeriesCorporationsFuel Companies

PetroState Oil

5Petrox Oil CompanyKING KONG 1976 FilmCorporationsFuel Companies

Petrox Oil Company

6Poseidon OilFALLOUT 2 1998 Video GamesCorporationsFuel Companies

Poseidon Oil
Fossil fuel based energy conglomerate.

7Rayton Gasoline THE TWILIGHT ZONE 1959 TV SeriesCorporationsFuel Companies

Rayton Gasoline
Gas tank at Frisby's general store.

3Rink Petroleum and Gas SALT 2010 FilmCorporationsFuel Companies

Rink Petroleum and Gas
Evelyn Salt's cover - Vice President of Products & Development.

3RoxxonMARVEL COMICS 1939 Comic BooksCorporationsFuel Companies

Oil company.

4Roxxon Oil CorporationIRON MAN 3 2013 FilmCorporationsFuel Companies

Roxxon Oil Corporation

5Royal Purple Synthetic OilTHE LAST STAND 2013 FilmCorporationsFuel Companies

Royal Purple Synthetic Oil

6Seven Sisters Petroleum MAD MAX 2: THE ROAD WARRIOR 1981 FilmCorporationsFuel Companies

Seven Sisters Petroleum
Painted on the side of the tanker, reference to the biggest oil companies at the time: Shell, Exxon, Mobil, Chevron, Texaco, Gulf and BP.

3Sierra Fuel Co.THE PLEDGE 2001 FilmCorporationsFuel Companies

Sierra Fuel Co.

4Snake OilTHE PINCHCLIFFE GRAND PRIX 1975 FilmCorporationsFuel Companies

Snake Oil
Rudolf Blodstrupmoen's sponsor.

5Solum Oil Corporation FRINGE 2008 TV SeriesCorporationsFuel Companies

Solum Oil Corporation
The Fringe team finds a virus sample in Vandencamp's Altius rental car in the Vitas Petrol parking garage. The sample was stolen from Solum Oil Corporation as part of something called Project: Pioneer Valley. It was taken 10 miles below the earth, and may be 75,000 years old and responsible for wiping out the Ice Age mammals.

3Southern Oil Company THE WAGES OF FEAR 1953 FilmCorporationsFuel Companies

Southern Oil Company
American corporation that dominates the isolated town of Las Piedras, where Frenchmen Mario and Jo, German Bimba and Italian Luigi are stuck. SOC exploits local workers and takes the law into its own hands, but the townspeople depend on it and suffer in silence.

3Southford Oil Co. TALES OF THE WALKING DEAD 2022 TV SeriesCorporationsFuel Companies

Southford Oil Co.
Gas truck that Gina hijacks.

3Stamper OilARMAGEDDON 1998 FilmCorporationsFuel Companies

Stamper Oil

4Standard Heating Oil CoA MOST VIOLENT YEAR 2014 FilmCorporationsFuel Companies

Standard Heating Oil Co

5Standard Oil THE SIMPSONS 1989 Animated SeriesCorporationsFuel Companies

Standard Oil
Oil company that Mr. Burns mentions that was once owned by a half-eaten breakfast.

6STD GRAND THEFT AUTO: SAN ANDREAS 2004 Video GamesCorporationsFuel Companies

Fuel company.

3Strickland PropaneKING OF THE HILL 1997 Animated SeriesCorporationsFuel Companies

Strickland Propane
Buck Strickland's propane and propane accessories supplier in Arlen where Hank works.

4T-VirusRESIDENT EVIL: DEATH ISLAND 2023 Animated FilmCorporationsFuel Companies

Virus manufactured by the Umbrella Corporation.

5Texaco Oil/Water SKELETON CREW 1985 LiteratureCorporationsFuel Companies

Texaco Oil/Water
Following the introduction of Jaunt technology in 1988, by 1998, the price of oil was selling for six dollars a barrel and the oil companies had begun to change their names.

6Texcon OilDON'T LOOK UP 2021 FilmCorporationsFuel Companies

Texcon Oil
The rich and powerful escape on a spaceship before the comet hits. Some of the cry-pods read, "Inter-Bank", "Texcon Oil", "Vendel Lobbying" and "GTW Equity".

7Thatherton FuelsKING OF THE HILL 1997 Animated SeriesCorporationsFuel Companies

Thatherton Fuels
Rival of Strickland Propane.

8TransoilUPSIDE DOWN 2012 FilmCorporationsFuel Companies


9Tri-State Oil HAPPY DAYS 1974 TV SeriesCorporationsFuel Companies

Tri-State Oil
When Potsie's father wins Tri-State Oil's cleanest restroom award and a free weekend in Atlantic City, Potsie stays with the Cunninghams.

10UgiGas WAR, INC. 2008 FilmCorporationsFuel Companies

Company featuring CEO Omar Sharif.

3Ultra Gas CONTINUUM 2012 TV SeriesCorporationsFuel Companies

Ultra Gas
Big oil company that is targeted by Liber8.

4Universal Gas and Oil CompanyLEAVE IT TO BEAVER 1957 TV SeriesCorporationsFuel Companies

Universal Gas and Oil Company

5Vitas Petrol FRINGE 2008 TV SeriesCorporationsFuel Companies

Vitas Petrol
The Fringe team investigates a mysterious death at the corporate headquarters of Vitas Petrol, what turns out to be a contagious virus.

6Vought Petroleum THE BOYS 2019 TV SeriesCorporationsFuel Companies

Vought Petroleum
Vought owned gas station.

3Weststar OilDALLAS 1978 TV SeriesCorporationsFuel Companies

Weststar Oil

4Wilde OilRUNNING WILDE 2010 TV SeriesCorporationsFuel Companies

Wilde Oil

5Wilde Oil COMMUNITY 2009 TV SeriesCorporationsFuel Companies

Wilde Oil
Annie and Britta's diorama during their gulf spill awareness campaign features barrels from Wilde Oil, a reference to Mitch Hurwitz and Will Arnett's short-lived Fox sitcom which was airing at the time. Hurwitz and Dan Harmon became friends, trading appearances on each other's shows a little later, and now they're working on a mysterious project together.

6Wometco PetroleumBREWSTER'S MILLIONS 1985 FilmCorporationsFuel Companies

Wometco Petroleum

7Xoomer GRAND THEFT AUTO: SAN ANDREAS 2004 Video GamesCorporationsFuel Companies

Major petroleum refining and sales company.

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