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1American Paper ProductsBBBRetailOffice Supply Stores

American Paper Products
Company that Luke mentions to his parents.


Restaurant in Westfield Mall in Sarasota where Tim Jamieson had a couple of drinks before encountering a teenager with what looked like a gun.

3Bender and Bowen Fine FurnitureBBBHome FurnishingFurniture Stores

Bender and Bowen Fine Furniture
Company name on the box car where Luke hides after escaping from the Institute, which is headed for Sturbridge, Massachusetts.

4Ben's EateryBBBDiningDiners

Ben's Eatery
Diner in DuPray, South Carolina.

5Broderick School for Exceptional Childre...BBBEducationPrimary Schools

Broderick School for Exceptional Children
Luke Ellis's school in Minneapolis.

6Canadian CleanGasBBBCorporationsFuel Companies

Canadian CleanGas
Company name on one of the box cars attached to the freight train that Luke hops in Dennison River Bend after escaping from the Institute.

7Carolina ProduceBBBFood IndustriesFood Companies

Carolina Produce
Company name on one of the box cars attached to the freight train that Luke hops in Dennison River Bend after escaping from the Institute.

8Catawba FarmBBBFood IndustriesFood Companies

Catawba Farm
Wendy's parents Harry and Rita Gullickson's farm near DuPray, where Tim and Wendy live with the rescued children.

9Dennison River Bend RealtyBBBServicesRealty Services

Dennison River Bend Realty
Company name on the pen that Luke uses to write a note to Maureen.

10Doc RoperBBBHealthcareDoctors

Doc Roper
Local doctor in DuPray with a thick Dixie accent where Tim takes Luke to get fixed up.

11Downeast FreightBBBServicesShipping and Storage

Downeast Freight
Stackhouse's contact in the vicinity of Sturbridge Andy Fellowes is an inventory manager for Downeast Freight.

12Dunning Agricultural FairBBBEventsFairs and Festivals

Dunning Agricultural Fair
Event in Dunning, South Carolina that the Bilson twins were not allowed to attend by their parents due to their unacceptable report cards.

13DuPray Barber ShopBBBBeauty CareBarber Shops

DuPray Barber Shop
Local barber shop in DuPray, South Carolina.

14Dupray GroceryBBBFood StoresGrocery Stores

Dupray Grocery
Grocery store in DuPray, South Carolina.

15DuPray MercantileBBBRetailDepartment Stores

DuPray Mercantile
Department store in DuPray, South Carolina next door to the sheriff's office where Orphan Annie sometimes slept on an air mattress in the alley.

16The DuPray MotelBBBTravelMotels

The DuPray Motel
Motel in DuPray, South Carolina.

17DuPray's Storage & WarehousingBBBServicesShipping and Storage

DuPray's Storage & Warehousing
Tim Jamieson's second job in DuPray, South Carolina.

18Fairlee County Sheriff's DepartmentBBBLegal AidPolice Departments

Fairlee County Sheriff's Department
Where Tim Jamieson takes a job as night knocker in the town of DuPray, South Carolina.

19Fromie's Small Engine Sales and ServiceBBBRetailHardware Stores

Fromie's Small Engine Sales and Service
Where Tim Jamieson begins his night knocker route in DuPray, South Carolina.

20GemBBBEntertainmentMovie Theaters

Boarded up movie theater on Main Street in DuPray, South Carolina.

21Hairport 2000BBBBeauty CareBeauty Salons

Hairport 2000
Abandoned hair salon in DuPray, South Carolina.

22Hawk Security GroupBBBServicesSecurity Services

Hawk Security Group
Source of some Institute employees.

23High Boy BrowniesBBBFood ProductsBaked Goods

High Boy Brownies
Item available in the vending machine in the canteen at the Institute.

24The HighlandsBBBAmusementAmusement Parks

The Highlands
Private golf course in Florida where Tim Jamieson saved a kid from an alligator.

25The InstituteBBBResearch InstitutesInstitutes

The Institute
Mysterious organization that studies children with telepathic and telekinetic abilities. Iris nicknames it "Mrs. Sigby's Home for Wayward Psychic Children".

26Legal EagleBBBMediaWebsites

Legal Eagle
Consumer website Luke visits.

27Magic Custard CakeBBBMenuMenu Items

Magic Custard Cake
Item in the Finishers section of the canteen menu.

28Maine Paper IndustriesBBBIndustrial CompaniesIndustries

Maine Paper Industries
The Institute's shell company.

29Massachusetts RedBBBCorporationsCompanies

Massachusetts Red
Company name on one of the box cars attached to the freight train that Luke hops in Dennison River Bend after escaping from the Institute.

30Mr. GriffinBBBMediaWebsites

Mr. Griffin
Website Luke uses to get around the parental controls of the institute.

31New England Land ExpressBBBCorporationsCompanies

New England Land Express
Company name on one of the box cars attached to the freight train that Luke hops in Dennison River Bend after escaping from the Institute.

32Oberg's DrugBBBRetailDrugstores

Oberg's Drug
Drugstore in DuPray, South Carolina that Tim Jamieson checked along his night knocker route.

33Outlaw CountryBBBNightlifeNightclubs

Outlaw Country
Also known as The Cunt, bar with bands that institute caretakers Chad and Gary discuss.

34The OutsidersBBBRadioRadio Programs

The Outsiders
Late night talk radio conspiracy theory program on WMDK in DuPray, South Carolina.

35Plymouth ValiumBBBVehiclesMotor Vehicles

Plymouth Valium
Automobile model that TP child Donna Gibson blurts out when Mrs. Sigsby thinks of her first car: "It was a Valium!" the girl named Donna screamed. She leaped up, knocking her chair over. The other two children looked at her dully, one with oatmeal dripping from his chin. "A Plymouth Valium, I know that! Oh God I want to go home! Oh God stop my head!"

36Psychic Histories and HoaxesBBBLiteratureBooks

Psychic Histories and Hoaxes
Book in the Institute.

37Regal AirBBBTransportationAirlines

Regal Air
Airline. Mrs. Sigsby had a VIP entry pass from the Regal Air FBO, ensuring a smooth arrival and subsequent takeoff at the airport inAlcolu, South Carolina.

38Rocket PizzaBBBDiningPizza Parlors

Rocket Pizza
Chuck E. Cheese type pizza parlor in Minneapolis where Luke and parents eat dinner.

39Round-up Candy CigarettesBBBFood ProductsCandy

Round-up Candy Cigarettes
Kalisha's candy cigarette brand. "Smoke just like daddy"

40S.S. PokeyBBBVehiclesWatercrafts

S.S. Pokey
Following directions from Maureen, Luke Ellis finds and uses a rowboat named S.S. Pokey to escape down the Dennison River.

41Seaman's TrustBBBFinancial CompaniesFinancial Services

Seaman's Trust
Bank in Millinocket where Nicky and his friends make the automatic teller machine go haywire and shower them with thousands of dollars.

42The Shoe DepotBBBApparelShoe Stores

The Shoe Depot
Shoe store in Westfield Mall in Sarasota where Tim Jamieson was coming out of when a woman ran up and said a teenager was waving a gun around.

43Southway ExpressBBBServicesShipping and Storage

Southway Express
Company name on one of the box cars attached to the freight train that Luke hops in Dennison River Bend after escaping from the Institute.

44State of Maine ProductsBBBIndustrial CompaniesManufacturing

State of Maine Products
Company name on one of the box cars attached to the freight train that Luke hops in Dennison River Bend after escaping from the Institute.

45USN LukeBBBVehiclesWatercrafts

USN Luke
Joke that Zeke makes when dunking Luke in the immersion tank: USN Luke now submerging.

46Virginia Util-XBBBCorporationsEnergy and Power Companies

Virginia Util-X
Company name on one of the box cars attached to the freight train that Luke hops in Dennison River Bend after escaping from the Institute.

47WMDKBBBRadioRadio Stations

Local DuPray homeless resident Orphan Annie is a fan of late night talk radio.

48The Wonderful World of WeirdBBBRadioRadio Programs

The Wonderful World of Weird
Homeless Orphan Annie tunes into George Allman's radio show.

49Zoney JuiceBBBGoodsHardware

Zoney Juice
Off brand gasoline sold at Zoney's Go-Mart, a convenience store in DuPray, South Carolina.

50Zoney's Go-MartBBBRetailGas Stations

Zoney's Go-Mart
Convenience store in DuPray, South Carolina.

51July 14DatesNo YearEvents

July 14
Luke views New York Times article: Presidential hopeful Mark Berkowitz injured in car accident.

52July 15DatesNo YearEvents

July 15
Luke views New York Times article: Representative Berkowitz succumbs to injuries.

53September 9DatesNo YearEvents

September 9
Dr. Hallis' birthday, which Mrs. Sigby thinks makes him a Libra, which he claims makes him an Aquarius. It actually makes him a Virgo.

54BeantownMapUrban AreasCities-Joke

For no apparent reason, other than a TP child fucking with his head, Stackhouse says, "There are tons of beans in Beantown."

55Deep Meadow RoadMapTransit RoutesRoads

Deep Meadow Road
Where the Zoney's G-Mart robbery suspect ditches car.

56Dennison RiverMapWaterRivers

Dennison River
Following directions from Maureen, Luke Ellis finds and uses a rowboat named S.S. Pokey to escape down the Dennison River.

57Dennison River BendMapUrban AreasCities-U.S.

Dennison River Bend
Town in Maine where the institute is located.

58DunningMapUrban AreasCities-U.S.

Town in South Carolina, near DuPray.

59DuPrayMapUrban AreasCities-U.S.

Town in South Carolina where former Florida police officer Tim Jamieson takes a job as night knocker working for the Fairlee County Sheriff's Department.

60Fairly CountyMapGeographic AreasCounties

Fairly County
Home of DuPray, South Carolina.

61Glory Hole, MontanaMapUrban AreasCities-Joke

Glory Hole, Montana
Where Nicky claims George is from, though he's actually from Billings.

62Jerusalem's LotMapUrban AreasCities-U.S.

Jerusalem's Lot
Maine town that homeless conspiracy theorist Annie mentions - home of mysterious men in black cars.

63Main StreetMapTransit RoutesStreets

Main Street
Road in DuPray, South Carolina, stretch of highway SR 92.

64Pine StreetMapTransit RoutesStreets

Pine Street
Homeless Orphan Annie sees the Institute vehicles turn down Pine Street on their way to find Luke Ellis.

65Wildersnoot DriveMapTransit RoutesDrives

Wildersnoot Drive
Luke's family's address in Minneapolis, which Luke and his friend Rolf call Wildersmooch.

66Corbett DentonOtherQuotesQuotes

Corbett Denton
Corbett Denton: You know, Jameson, this life we think we're living isn't real. It's just a shadow play. And I for one will be glad when the lights go out on it. In the dark, all the shadows disappear.

67George Iris OtherQuotesQuotes

George Iris
George Iris: Where's Superman when you need him?

68Homeless Paranoid SyndromeOtherMedical ConditionsSyndromes

Homeless Paranoid Syndrome
Term that Tim Jamieson recalls one of his fellow Sarasota police officers mentioning, a condition that he sees no sign of in local DuPray homeless resident Orphan Annie.

69Kalisha Benson OtherQuotesQuotes

Kalisha Benson
Kalisha Benson: It's the incredible bulk!

70Kalisha Benson OtherQuotesQuotes

Kalisha Benson
Kalisha Benson: You're right, it's not a big deal. That's what's so fucked up about it. We're not the Justice League, or the X-Men.

71Luke EllisOtherQuotesQuotes

Luke Ellis
Luke Ellis: Someone came into my room in the middle of the night and pushed me down the rabbit hole.

72Luke Ellis & Nicholas WilholmOtherQuotesQuotes

Luke Ellis & Nicholas Wilholm
Luke Ellis: Start from the beginning.
Nicholas Wilholm: This is the beginning, chum. Unfortunately, it's also probably the end.

73Narrator OtherQuotesQuotes

Narrator: The screamer was a little boy in Star Wars pajamas. Hammering on doors with small fists that went up and down like pistons.

74Narrator OtherQuotesQuotes

Narrator: Helen tossed Luke the clothes. He wasn't expecting it, and dropped the underpants, which were imprinted with pictures of Spider-Man in various dynamic poses.

75Narrator OtherQuotesQuotes

Narrator: A soft computer voice said, "I'm sorry, Dave, I'm afraid I can't do that." For a moment Luke thought it was another slip-up - first Donna, then Dave - before realizing it was the voice of HAL 9000 from 2001: A Space Odyssey.


Narrator: He left, once more feeling like a boy in a dream, or Alice down the rabbit hole.

77Narrator OtherQuotesQuotes

Narrator: "I'm sorry Dave, I can't do that," Avery said in a surprisingly good imitation of HAL 9000's softly sinister voice, and began to giggle.


Narrator: If the five of them were able to create that united mental force, a kind of Vulcan mind meld, shouldn't that be enough to mutiny and take Back Half over?

79Narrator OtherQuotesQuotes

Narrator: Kalisha was watching the Ward A kids and thinking about the Ohio State marching band. Her dad loved Buckeyes football, and she had always watched with him for the closeness. But the only part she really cared about was halftime show, when the band, the pride of the Buckeyes, the announcer always proclaimed, would take the field, simultaneously playing their instruments and making shapes that were only discernible from above - everything from the S on Superman's chest to a fantastic Jurassic Park dinosaur that walked around nodding its saurian head.

80Narrator OtherQuotesQuotes

Narrator: He turned to regard the misguided hero. He was broad shouldered as an authentic hero should be, but he was wearing glasses, and that didn't fit the stereotype. Of course there was always Clark Kent, Stackhouse thought.

81New number for the freight train that Lu...OtherTriviaQuestions

New number for the freight train that Luke hops after leaving Sturbridge, running south to Richmond, Wilmington, DuPray, Brunswick, Tampa, and finally Miami.

82Nicholas Wilholm & Kalisha Benson OtherQuotesQuotes

Nicholas Wilholm & Kalisha Benson
Nicholas Wilholm: Will they wait for him, Sha? Or just turn on the gas? What's your thinking?
Kalisha Benson: Who made me Professor Xavier?

83Number of the train that Luke hops in De...OtherTriviaQuestions

Number of the train that Luke hops in Dennison River Bend after escaping from the Institute.

84Orphan AnnieOtherQuotesQuotes

Orphan Annie
Orphan Annie: You're in the south now.

85Sheriff JohnOtherQuotesQuotes

Sheriff John
Sheriff John: I shoot from the lip.


Stackhouse: There are tons of beans in Beantown.

87Tim JamiesonOtherQuotesQuotes

Tim Jamieson
Tim Jamieson: Sane people don't sacrifice children on the altar of probability.


Primary medium of exchange in the Institute.

89Untitled OtherThemesShield, The


90What is NOT one of caretaker Corrine's n...OtherTriviaName Game

What is NOT one of caretaker Corrine's nicknames?
Corrine the Boring
Corrine the Wicked Bitch of the East
Corrine the Slapper

91What is the population of Dupray, South ...OtherTriviaQuestions

What is the population of Dupray, South Carolina?

92What was the name of the presidential ho...OtherTriviaName Game

What was the name of the presidential hopeful assassinated by the special children of the Institute?
Greg Stillson
Mark Berkowitz
David Palmer

93Where is the Reverend Paul Weston from?OtherTriviaQuestions

Where is the Reverend Paul Weston from?
Antelope Valley, California
Bear Lake, Michigan
Deerfield, Indiana

94Which of the following is a caretaker in...OtherTriviaQuestions

Which of the following is a caretaker in the Institute?
Mark the Narc
Zeke the Greek
Brian the Lion

95Which of the following is NOT one of the...OtherTriviaQuestions

Which of the following is NOT one of the caretakers in the Institute?
Phil The Pill
Jake the Snake
Jon Thunder Gun

96Which of the following was NOT a child i...OtherTriviaQuestions

Which of the following was NOT a child in the Institute?
Hope George
Iris Stanhope
George iris

97Which of the following was one of the ca...OtherTriviaQuestions

Which of the following was one of the caretakers in Back Half?
Corrine the Slapper
Corrine the Soldier
Corrine the Sinner

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