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1Camp GalileeBBBYouth ServicesYouth Camps

Camp Galilee
Religious youth camp Ig, Lee and Merrin worked at every summer.

2The Camper's CookbookBBBLiteratureCookbooks

The Camper's Cookbook
Book of his that Ig finds in Merrin's attic.


Porn magazine Lee tells Ig about - girls who are supposed to be eighteen year old virgins.

4Christian Patriots Food BankBBBOrganizationsCharities

Christian Patriots Food Bank
Religious organization Lee was selling magazines to raise money for.

5Derrick PerrishBBBMusicMusicians

Derrick Perrish
Ig's father, musician.

6Dr. RenaldBBBHealthcareDoctors

Dr. Renald
Doctor at The Modern Medical Practice Clinic.

7Eve's ApplesBBBToysFireworks

Eve's Apples
What Lee said Eve's Cherries cherry bombs should have been called.

8Eve's CherriesBBBToysFireworks

Eve's Cherries
Brand of firecrackers.

9Exeter HospitalBBBHealthcareHospitals

Exeter Hospital
Where Lee's mother works.

10Fishin' with PogoBBBMusicSongs

Fishin' with Pogo
Ig's father's dreamy cool-cat instrumental Blue Tone song.

11Gideon LedgerBBBPeriodicalsNewspapers

Gideon Ledger
Local newspaper.

12Gideon SaintsBBBSportsSports Teams

Gideon Saints
Local sports team.

13HothouseBBBTelevisionTV Shows

Ig's older brother Terence's music and comedy late night show.

14Lucifer MatchesBBBGoodsMiscellaneous Products

Lucifer Matches
Matchbook Ig finds in his pocket at the old foundry.

15Masters AutoBBBVehiclesAutomotive Services

Masters Auto
Where Ig's father took the Jag for an inspection - and where Merrin's father worked.

16Modern American MilitiaBBBPeriodicalsMagazines

Modern American Militia
Guns magazine Lee was selling to raise money for the Christian Patriots Food Bank.

17The Modern Medical Practice ClinicBBBHealthcareMedical Services

The Modern Medical Practice Clinic
Where Ig goes the morning he wakes up with horns.

18Mr. PaperbackBBBRetailBookstores

Mr. Paperback
Bookstore Lee stole magazines from.

19Paradise Drive-inBBBEntertainmentMovie Theaters

Paradise Drive-in
Where Ig and Lee would drink beer like madmen in hockey masks and chase half naked teenagers.

20Perrish the ThoughtBBBMusicMusicians

Perrish the Thought
Ig's brother Terry's band.

21The PitBBBDiningRestaurants

The Pit
Restaurant where Ig and Merrin had their last supper.

22Reptiles of New EnglandBBBLiteratureBooks

Reptiles of New England
Book of his that Ig finds in Merrin's attic.

23Sacred Heart of MaryBBBReligionReligious Organizations

Sacred Heart of Mary
Local church where Ig met Merrin.

24St. Jude'sBBBEducationReligious Schools

St. Jude's
School where Sister Bennett taught an ethics class.

25The Station House TavernBBBNightlifeTaverns

The Station House Tavern
Bar where Ig and Glenna went the night before the horns.

26Still HornyBBBOrganizationsCharities

Still Horny
Porn magazine Lee tells Ig about - chicks over sixty fingering themselves.

27Tax Reform NowBBBPeriodicalsMagazines

Tax Reform Now
Economics magazine Lee was selling to raise money for the Christian Patriots Food Bank.

28Tennessee ValleyBBBDrugsMarijuana

Tennessee Valley
Marijuana strain Lee and Terry smoke.

29Terence PerrishBBBMusicMusicians

Terence Perrish
Ig's brother, musician.

30The Truth!BBBPeriodicalsMagazines

The Truth!
Science fiction magazine Lee was selling to raise money for the Christian Patriots Food Bank.

31Wild Ass WarehouseBBBRetailSporting Goods Stores

Wild Ass Warehouse
When Lee and Ig are talking about what it do with the cherry bomb, Lee suggests using it to blow the B off of the Wild Bass Warehouse billboard so it reads Wild Ass Warehouse.

32Wild Bass WarehouseBBBRetailSporting Goods Stores

Wild Bass Warehouse
When Lee and Ig are talking about what it do with the cherry bomb, Lee suggests using it to blow the B off of the Wild Bass Warehouse billboard so it reads Wild Ass Warehouse.

33The WinterhausBBBNightlifeNightclubs

The Winterhaus
The bar in Bucksport where Lee's father stopped for a drink on his way home.

34WSNKBBBRadioRadio Stations

The horns were transmitting a signal, just like the fuck-melody of the locusts. They were broadcasting a continuous call on WSNK, Radio Snake: This next tune is for all you skin-shedding lovers out there. Cue "Tube Snake Boogie".

35BumpkinvilleMapUrban AreasCities

Terry's nickname for Gideon.

36Clapham StreetMapTransit RoutesStreets

Clapham Street
Where Merrin's family lived.

37Coffin RockMapNatureNatural Areas

Coffin Rock
Where a couple of college girls were sunning themselves beside Knowles River when Ig rode the shopping care into the Knowles River.

38DerryMapUrban AreasCities-U.S.

Town in Maine where Glenna says her uncle has a bunch of old junkers when Ig asks her about a car to blow up.

39The Evel Knievel TrailMapTransit RoutesThoroughfares

The Evel Knievel Trail
The slope Ig rides the grocery cart naked, crashing into the Knowles river, breaking his nose and almost drowning.

40Fair RoadMapTransit RoutesRoads

Fair Road

41GideonMapUrban AreasCities-U.S.

New Hampshire city where Ig lives.

42Harmon GatesMapUrban AreasNeighborhoods

Harmon Gates
Neighborhood where Lee lives.

43Harper StreetMapTransit RoutesStreets

Harper Street
Location of the McDonald's where a cherry bomb erupted in a toilet.

44Knowles RiverMapWaterRivers

Knowles River
Where Ig almost drowned when he was 15.

45Old Fair Road BridgeMapTransit RoutesBridges

Old Fair Road Bridge
Where Ig goes after leaving the clinic the morning he wakes up with the horns.

46Old Foundry RoadMapTransit RoutesRoads

Old Foundry Road

47Pickpocket LaneMapTransit RoutesLanes

Pickpocket Lane
Street Lee's family lived on in Bucksport.

48Pool PondMapWaterPonds

Pool Pond
Where Sean Philips woke at one in the morning to a steely, eardrum-stunning detonation.

49Queen's FaceMapNatureNatural Areas

Queen's Face
A high shelf of rock that hang gliders leaped from.

50Route 17MapTransit RoutesThoroughfares

Route 17
Location of the old foundry.

51Sulle Scale MapUrban AreasCities

Sulle Scale

52The Tree House of the MindMapStructuresBuildings

The Tree House of the Mind
Mysterious tree house that Ig and Merrin find - have sex in - and then can never find again.

53Tree of Good and EvilMapStructuresBuildings

Tree of Good and Evil

54Untitled OtherThemesGray Eagle


55Untitled OtherThemesPleasantville


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