The dates are real, but the events are not... well, except when fictional characters participate in real historical events. Then the events ARE real, you know, kinda sorta, but not really, not anymore, because now they're different.
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1990 - 34 years ago
1January 16, 1990 PROBLEM CHILD 1990 Film20th Century: 90sHeadlines

January 16, 1990
Date of Cold River Patriot newspaper headline: Bow Tie Killer Captured: "I Did It For Kicks"

2July 15, 1990 TUCKER AND DALE VS. EVIL 2010 Film20th Century: 90sHeadlines

July 15, 1990
West Virginia Journal headline: MEMORIAL DAY MURDERER FOUND.

1991 - 33 years ago
3April 16, 1991 PERSON OF INTEREST 2011 TV Series20th Century: 90sHeadlines

April 16, 1991
Date of Corpus Christi Chronicle newspaper headline: 14-Year-Old Girl Gone Missing.

4May 24, 1991 BILL & TED'S BOGUS JOURNEY 1991 Film20th Century: 90sHeadlines

May 24, 1991
Daily Bulletin headline: Chuck De Nomolos to wed Missy.

5June 3, 1991 BILL & TED'S BOGUS JOURNEY 1991 Film20th Century: 90sHeadlines

June 3, 1991
Osaka Telegraph headline: Wyld Stallyns to play Grand Canyon.

6June 8, 1991 HUDSON HAWK 1991 Film20th Century: 90sHeadlines

June 8, 1991
After being kidnapped and transported to Paris, master cat-burglar and safe-cracker Eddie "Hudson Hawk" Hawkins reads USA Today headline: LOUVRE DAMAGED IN TERRORIST ATTACK.

7December 17, 1991 IRON MAN 2008 Film20th Century: 90sHeadlines

December 17, 1991
Date of The Washington Times newspaper headline: Howard and Maria Stark Due in Car Accident on Long Island.

1992 - 32 years ago
8January 12, 1992 TAKING LIVES 2004 Film20th Century: 90sHeadlines

January 12, 1992
Date of newspaper headline: Mutilated hands uncovered near Boston Harbor.

9February 25, 1992 HEROES 2006 TV Series20th Century: 90sHeadlines

February 25, 1992
Date of Odessa Register headline: "APARTMENT FIRE KILLS 7"

10October 1, 1992 OFFSPRING 2009 Film20th Century: 90sHeadlines

October 1, 1992
Date of newspaper headline: ST. JOHN HIKER REPORTED MISSING.

11October 3, 1992 THE FIRM 1993 Film20th Century: 90sHeadlines

October 3, 1992
Date of Caymanian Compass newspaper headline: Diving Accident Claims 3 Lives.

12October 5, 1992 THE FIRM 1993 Film20th Century: 90sHeadlines

October 5, 1992
Date of Memphis Commercial Appeal newspaper headline: Services Held for Local Attorney.

13December 27, 1992 TAKING LIVES 2004 Film20th Century: 90sHeadlines

December 27, 1992
Date of newspaper headline: Decouvre Un Assassiner Asphyxie a la Garotte.

1993 - 31 years ago
14March 18, 1993 THE FUGITIVE 1993 Film20th Century: 90sHeadlines

March 18, 1993
Date of Chicago Sun-Times newspaper headline: Kimble in Chicago. Kimble confronts Dr. Nichols while he's giving a speech in front of the International Association of Cardiologists.

15May 18, 1993 NATURAL BORN KILLERS 1994 Film20th Century: 90sHeadlines

May 18, 1993
Date of Albuquerque Journal newspaper headline: Mickey and Mallory Kill Six Teens During Slumber Party.

1994 - 30 years ago
16September 21, 1994 WHAT LIES BENEATH 2000 Film20th Century: 90sHeadlines

September 21, 1994
Date of newspaper article headline that Claire finds stashed in an old photo album: Dr. Wendell James Spencer, Mathematician, Is Dead at 77.

1995 - 29 years ago
17February 7, 1995 THE PRETENDER 1996 TV Series20th Century: 90sHeadlines

February 7, 1995
Date of The Boston Post newspaper headline that Jarod finds in Dr. Arnett's office, presumable about Dr. Blass' assault: No Suspects in Sexual Assault.

18March 12, 1995 SLIDERS 1995 TV Series20th Century: 90sHeadlines

March 12, 1995
Date of The Rumour newspaper headline in the world where the Americans lost the Revolutionary War: "Prince Harold: Poor at Home with their Poverty"

19October 16, 1995 SMALLVILLE 2001 TV Series20th Century: 90sHeadlines

October 16, 1995
Date of Lowell County newspaper headline that Clark finds while looking for information on new student Jordan Cross: SIX YEAR OLD SEER Foretells Coaster Crash. An awkward scene transpired outside of the Smallville Town Fair's rollercoaster. Jordan Cross, while celebrating his birthday, went ballistic outside the rollercoaster, screaming someone was going to be killed. His dad pulled him back, but when they finally restarted the ride, one of the cars broke loose, killing the woman who had been in line with him.

1996 - 28 years ago
20April 12, 1996 THE PRETENDER 1996 TV Series20th Century: 90sHeadlines

April 12, 1996
Date of The New York Ledger newspaper headline: Bailey Settlement in Millions, which Jarod facilitated by giving surgery victim Kevin Bailey proof of the hospital's misconduct.

21August 3, 1996 THE PRETENDER 1996 TV Series20th Century: 90sHeadlines

August 3, 1996
Date of San Diego Chronicle newspaper headline: Drowning revealed as murder.

22December 12, 1996 TWELVE MONKEYS 1995 Film20th Century: 90sHeadlines

December 12, 1996
Date of The Philadelphia Inquirer newspaper headline: Scientist Found Locked in Gorilla Cage.

1997 - 27 years ago
23April 11, 1997 TOMORROW NEVER DIES 1997 Film20th Century: 90sHeadlines

April 11, 1997
Tomorrow newspaper headline: BRITISH SAILORS MURDERED. M sends Bond to investigate media baron Elliot Carver in Hamburg. Bond seduces Carver's wife Paris.

24October 17, 1997 HEROES 2006 TV Series20th Century: 90sHeadlines

October 17, 1997
Date of newspaper clipping in Jacob Danko's file, headline: "Civilain Deaths Reported in Angola Coup" Civilian misspelled in headline.

1998 - 26 years ago
25May 11, 1998 IDENTITY 2003 Film20th Century: 90sHeadlines

May 11, 1998
Newspapers report on murders at the Lakeworth Apartment complex. Headline: Blood Bath / Police Search for Suspects in Lakeworth Massacre. Headline: Mountain Nightmare / Brutal Slayings in Lakeworth Apartments.

26May 14, 1998 SEINFELD 1989 TV Series20th Century: 90sHeadlines

May 14, 1998
Date of The Latham Ledger newspaper headline: Jackie Chiles Set to Defend N.Y. Four in Samaritan Trial.

27July 16, 1998 PRISON BREAK 2005 TV Series20th Century: 90sHeadlines

July 16, 1998
Date of The Toledo Gazette newspaper headline: Local Youth Found Dead.

28November 5, 1998 THE ADJUSTMENT BUREAU 2011 Film20th Century: 90sHeadlines

November 5, 1998

29November 28, 1998 A SIMPLE PLAN 1998 Film20th Century: 90sHeadlines

November 28, 1998
Date of Newspaper headline: Deadly Duo Kills Six, Kidnaps Heiress.

30December 8, 1998 A SIMPLE PLAN 1998 Film20th Century: 90sHeadlines

December 8, 1998
Date of Newspaper headline: Heiress' Body ID'd by Feds. Three days after a body was discovered in Bay City, Michigan, it is identified as kidnapped heiress Lizzie McMartin.

31December 14, 1998 A SIMPLE PLAN 1998 Film20th Century: 90sHeadlines

December 14, 1998
Date of newspaper headline: FBI ID's McMartin Kidnappers in Flint, Michigan.

32December 20, 1998 JUPITER'S LEGACY 2021 TV Series20th Century: 90sHeadlines

December 20, 1998
The New York Times headline, framed on Jack's cell wall: CRIMINAL GENIUS JACK HOBBS LOCKED UP IN SUPERMAX.

1999 - 25 years ago
33March 22, 1999 MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE II 2000 Film20th Century: 90sHeadlines

March 22, 1999
Date of The Times newspaper headline: Earthquake Kills Over 200 People.

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