aka The Protege
Film 2021. Written by Richard Wenk. Directed by Martin Campbell. Starring Maggie Q, Michael Keaton, Samuel L. Jackson, Patrick Malahide, David Rintoul, Ori Pfeffer, Ray Fearon, Caroline Loncq, Robert Patrick.
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1Book ShopBBBRetailBookstores

Book Shop
Anna's rare books store in England.

2Cong Ty Chuyen Phat BBBServicesShipping and Storage

Cong Ty Chuyen Phat
Vietnamese delivery company name on package to Vohl's Holdings, Ltd. Literal translation: "delivery company".

3Hai Au HoldingsBBBFinancial CompaniesFinancial Services

Hai Au Holdings
Company founded by Edward Arthur Hayes.

4Hai Dang BBBTobaccoCigarettes

Hai Dang
Vietnamese cigarette product.

3The Hayes Institute BBBResearch InstitutesInstitutes

The Hayes Institute
Medical research and development facility in Cambodia that focuses on pediatric cancer was funded through a $150 million donation from Mr. Hayes.

3Internet CafeBBBDiningCafes and Delis

Internet Cafe
Generic internet cafe where Anna researches Lucas Hayes.

4St. Quiteria Hospital BBBHealthcareHospitals

St. Quiteria Hospital
Lucas Hayes admitted to St. Quiteria Hospital one June 2, 1999.

3Vohl's Holdings, Ltd. BBBFinancial CompaniesFinancial Services

Vohl's Holdings, Ltd.
Company founded by Jossino Vohl, foirmer co-CEO of Hai Au Holdings with Edward Arthur Hayes.

3August 5, 1941 Dates20th Century: 1st HalfBirth Dates

August 5, 1941
Lucas Hayes' father Edward Hayes born.

3November 12, 1964 Dates20th Century: 60sBirth Dates

November 12, 1964
Lucas Hayes' mother Mary Hayes born.

3April 5, 1990 Dates20th Century: 90sBirth Dates

April 5, 1990
Lucas Hayes born.

3July 5, 1990 Dates20th Century: 90sEvents

July 5, 1990
According to article in The Daily Telegraph, Edward Arthur Hayes, founder of Hai Au Holdings, killed by a car bomb.

3July 6, 1990 Dates20th Century: 90sDeath Dates

July 6, 1990
Date of The Daily Telegraph newspaper headline: Businessman indicted for war crimes dies in car bomb attack.

3December 8, 1991 Dates20th Century: 90sEvents

December 8, 1991
Date of photo of Lucas Hayes' father Edward Hayes.

3December 11, 1991 Dates20th Century: 90sEvents

December 11, 1991
Date of photo of Lucas Hayes' father Edward Hayes.

3December 25, 1991 Dates20th Century: 90sEvents

December 25, 1991
Lucas Hayes' father Edward Hayes assassinated.

3June 2, 1999 Dates20th Century: 90sEvents

June 2, 1999
Lucas Hayes admitted to St. Quiteria Hospital, and, according to his records, he never left.

3October 6, 1999 Dates20th Century: 90sEvents

October 6, 1999
Date on one of Lucas Hayes' St. Quiteria Hospital documents.

3Anna OtherQuotesQuotes

Anna: You point a gun at my pussy and then invite me to bed? I like your style.


Moody: Our Past is never where we left it, we all have scars. If you stare at them long enough you will remember how you got them.


Moody: No more fucking birthdays. Shove birthdays up your ass!


Moody: You look really good for a man who's been dead thirty years, Mr. Hayes.

7Moody OtherQuotesQuotes

Moody: I'm the big bad wolf that comes to get you when someone on this earth decides your time is up.


Moody: Technology - shit's gonna fuck us all one day.


Moody: Resurrection's a bitch, ain't it?


Moody: I'm just a bad man who's looking to pay for his sins.

11Rembrandt OtherQuotesQuotes

Rembrandt: Make up your mind. Kill me, or fuck me.


Rembrandt: You can't buy back your past, Anna, can't change where you came from, but you can change where you're going.

13Rembrandt & AnnaOtherQuotesQuotes

Rembrandt & Anna
Rembrandt: Anna. You don't look so good.
Anna: Oh, I don't know. Nothing an apple martini and a liter of AB-positive won't fix, huh?

14Untitled OtherThemesBeast


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