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Total Records: 72 - Group: BBB / Category: PERIODICALS / Subcategory: NEWSPAPER GAZETTES
Record Name
1ACME Gazette BIG TOP SCOOBY-DOO! 2012 Animated FilmPeriodicalsNewspaper Gazettes

ACME Gazette

2The Aerilon Gazette BATTLESTAR GALACTICA 2004 TV SeriesPeriodicalsNewspaper Gazettes

The Aerilon Gazette
Former editor of The Aerilon Gazette Sekou Hamilton appears on the new TV show The Colonial Gang.

3Amity Gazette JAWS 1975 FilmPeriodicalsNewspaper Gazettes

Amity Gazette
Local newspaper on Amity Island.

4Animal GazetteSING 2016 Animated FilmPeriodicalsNewspaper Gazettes

Animal Gazette
Newspaper in Calatonia.

5Bicksler GazetteSUPER 2010 FilmPeriodicalsNewspaper Gazettes

Bicksler Gazette
Local newspaper that reports on the Crimson Bolt: "Costumed man sends two to ICU"

6Blue Cove Gazette THE PRETENDER 1996 TV SeriesPeriodicalsNewspaper Gazettes

Blue Cove Gazette
When Miss Parker arrives at St. Mary's Hospital looking for Jarod and the FBI asks her if she's a reporter, she tells them the Blue Cove Gazette.

7The Bredon Gazette THE TWILIGHT ZONE 1959 TV SeriesPeriodicalsNewspaper Gazettes

The Bredon Gazette
Reporter Philip Redfield finds a copy of The Bredon Gazette newspaper in the Horn Hotel in Peaceful Valley dated March 6, 1953 with the headline: STALIN DEAD.

8Chronicle-GazetteFLETCH 1974 LiteraturePeriodicalsNewspaper Gazettes

Newspaper Fletch claims to be with when he calls Stanwyck's secretary.

9Coast City GazetteTHE FLASHPOINT PARADOX 2013 Animated FilmPeriodicalsNewspaper Gazettes

Coast City Gazette
Local newspaper in Coast City.

10Cove City GazetteSTEVE ROPER AND MIKE NOMAD 1936 Comic StripsPeriodicalsNewspaper Gazettes

Cove City Gazette

11The Crazy Bitch Gazette TWO AND A HALF MEN 2003 TV SeriesPeriodicalsNewspaper Gazettes

The Crazy Bitch Gazette
Joke Charlie makes about Rose.

12Daily Gazette MACGRUBER 2010 FilmPeriodicalsNewspaper Gazettes

Daily Gazette
Headline: State of the Union Tonight.

13Daily GazetteRED LIGHTS 2012 FilmPeriodicalsNewspaper Gazettes

Daily Gazette

14Dansburg Gazette THE TWILIGHT ZONE 1959 TV SeriesPeriodicalsNewspaper Gazettes

Dansburg Gazette
Larger newspaper that's putting Doug Winter's Dansburg Courier out of business, where Doug's linotype operator Andy Praskins leaves to go work.

15Davanna County GazetteEXPLORERS 1985 FilmPeriodicalsNewspaper Gazettes

Davanna County Gazette
Newspaper headline: UFO Scare? Or Just Swamp Gas?

16Faire Forrest Gazette ONWARD 2020 Animated FilmPeriodicalsNewspaper Gazettes

Faire Forrest Gazette
Newspaper sold outside the Swamp Gas Grab-n-Go convenience store. Headline: "Is the Sword Mightier?"

17The Fairwater GazetteTHE FRIGHTENERS 1996 FilmPeriodicalsNewspaper Gazettes

The Fairwater Gazette

18Flatpoint Gazette STRANGERS WITH CANDY 1999 TV SeriesPeriodicalsNewspaper Gazettes

Flatpoint Gazette

19Florida Keys Gazette THE PRETENDER 1996 TV SeriesPeriodicalsNewspaper Gazettes

Florida Keys Gazette
Newspaper headline after Jarod reveals the truth about Florida Marine Officer Efram Bartlett, leaving Haitian refugees for dead in a storm: Officer Charged with Murder.

20The Gazette THE TWILIGHT ZONE 1959 TV SeriesPeriodicalsNewspaper Gazettes

The Gazette
The Dansburg Courier's rival newspaper.

21The Gazette FANTASTIC MR. FOX 2009 Animated FilmPeriodicalsNewspaper Gazettes

The Gazette
The name of the newspaper for which Mr. Fox writes a column.

22The GazetteJACK REACHER 2012 FilmPeriodicalsNewspaper Gazettes

The Gazette

23The Gazette NIGHT COURT 1984 TV SeriesPeriodicalsNewspaper Gazettes

The Gazette
Journalist Al Craven visits Night Court.

24Good Morning Gazette TWISTED METAL 2023 TV SeriesPeriodicalsNewspaper Gazettes

Good Morning Gazette
Newspaper headline in Sweet Tooth's old room at Blackfield Asylum: A Nation Mourns Billy!

25The Good Morning Gazette Co. TWISTED METAL 2023 TV SeriesPeriodicalsNewspaper Gazettes

The Good Morning Gazette Co.
Company that owns the Good Morning Gazette newspaper - clipping in Sweet Tooth's old room at Blackfield Asylum.

26Gotham GazetteGOTHAM 2014 TV SeriesPeriodicalsNewspaper Gazettes

Gotham Gazette

27Gotham Gazette THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE 2017 Animated FilmPeriodicalsNewspaper Gazettes

Gotham Gazette
Local newspaper in Gotham City.

28Gotham Gazette THE BATMAN 2022 FilmPeriodicalsNewspaper Gazettes

Gotham Gazette
Gotham City newspaper.

29Greendale Gazette COMMUNITY 2009 TV SeriesPeriodicalsNewspaper Gazettes

Greendale Gazette
Newspaper at the Ass Crack Bandit press conference, apparently split from the Mirror at some point. Gwen Ridley, Greendale Gazette. Is this the return of the Ass Crack Bandit?

30Hammond City Gazette THE CAMPAIGN 2012 FilmPeriodicalsNewspaper Gazettes

Hammond City Gazette
Local newspaper in Hammond, North Carolina.

31Hollywood Gazette BACK TO THE FUTURE: THE ANIMATED SERIES 1991 Animated SeriesPeriodicalsNewspaper Gazettes

Hollywood Gazette

32The Hope Gazette BONE TOMAHAWK 2015 FilmPeriodicalsNewspaper Gazettes

The Hope Gazette
Local newspaper in Bright Hope.

33Ilium GazetteSLAUGHTERHOUSE-FIVE 1969 LiteraturePeriodicalsNewspaper Gazettes

Ilium Gazette
Billy took his seat with the others around a golden oak table, with a microphone all his own. The master of ceremonies asked him his name and what paper he was from. Billy said he was from the Ilium Gazette.

34Indianapolis Gazette STRANGER THINGS 2016 TV SeriesPeriodicalsNewspaper Gazettes

Indianapolis Gazette
Newspaper from multiple episodes.

35Jefferson High School GazetteWHAT'S HAPPENING!! 1976 TV SeriesPeriodicalsNewspaper Gazettes

Jefferson High School Gazette

36The Junior GazettePRESS GANG 1989 TV SeriesPeriodicalsNewspaper Gazettes

The Junior Gazette
Famous journalist Matt Kerr sets up a junior version of the paper, The Junior Gazette, to be produced by pupils from the local school.

37L.A. GazetteBOJACK HORSEMAN 2014 Animated SeriesPeriodicalsNewspaper Gazettes

L.A. Gazette
Newspaper from multiple episodes.

38Los Angeles Gazette BOJACK HORSEMAN 2014 Animated SeriesPeriodicalsNewspaper Gazettes

Los Angeles Gazette
BoJack calls to cancel his newspaper, but they talk him into keeping his subscription.

39The Los Angeles GazetteDECEMBER BRIDE 1954 TV SeriesPeriodicalsNewspaper Gazettes

The Los Angeles Gazette

40The Madison Gazette NEWSRADIO 1995 TV SeriesPeriodicalsNewspaper Gazettes

The Madison Gazette
The new office intern mentions a quote of Dave's from the newspaper The Madison Gazette. The quote: "Nine-tenths of good radio is preparation."

41Metro Elementary School Gazette SMALLVILLE 2001 TV SeriesPeriodicalsNewspaper Gazettes

Metro Elementary School Gazette
A young Chloe Sullivan shows her mother Moira her Metro Elementary School Gazette article titled Long Live the Loch Ness Monster.

42Metro GazetteJIGSAW 2017 FilmPeriodicalsNewspaper Gazettes

Metro Gazette

43Metro Gazette SAW IV 2007 FilmPeriodicalsNewspaper Gazettes

Metro Gazette
Newspaper headline: JIGSAW IDENTITY KNOWN!

44Morning Gazette FRIENDS 1994 TV SeriesPeriodicalsNewspaper Gazettes

Morning Gazette
Newspaper from joke Phoebe makes when she finds out Monica and Chandler named their baby boy Jack, after Monica's father: Oh, Jack Bing. I love that. Ooh, it sounds like a '40s newspaper guy, you know? Jack Bing, Morning Gazette. I'm gonna blow this story wide open!

45Mortville GazettePROBLEM CHILD 2 1991 FilmPeriodicalsNewspaper Gazettes

Mortville Gazette
Local newspaper in Mortville.

46Nations Gazette THE UMBRELLA ACADEMY 2019 TV SeriesPeriodicalsNewspaper Gazettes

Nations Gazette

47New Orleans Gazette DEXTER 2006 TV SeriesPeriodicalsNewspaper Gazettes

New Orleans Gazette
Newspaper website that Dexter searches for a missing child close to Arthur Mitchell's last cycle of kills.

48New York Gazette WATCHMEN 1986 Comic BooksPeriodicalsNewspaper Gazettes

New York Gazette

49New York Gazette WATCHMEN 2009 FilmPeriodicalsNewspaper Gazettes

New York Gazette
Various newspaper headlines. There was once a real New York Gazette, but it ceased publication in 1744.

50New York Gazette BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY'S 1961 FilmPeriodicalsNewspaper Gazettes

New York Gazette
Newspaper featuring headline about Holly's affair.

51Oregon Gazette THE PRETENDER 1996 TV SeriesPeriodicalsNewspaper Gazettes

Oregon Gazette
Newspaper headline after Jarod finds missing hiker Victor Simpkins: PARK RANGER ARRESTED.

52Paget's Gazette RICK AND MORTY 2013 Animated SeriesPeriodicalsNewspaper Gazettes

Paget's Gazette

53The Pale Green Gamma GazetteBRAVE NEW WORLD 1931 LiteraturePeriodicalsNewspaper Gazettes

The Pale Green Gamma Gazette
Newspaper, bureau of propaganda.

54The Picayune-Gazette THE GOOD PLACE 2016 TV SeriesPeriodicalsNewspaper Gazettes

The Picayune-Gazette
Local newspaper in Neighborhood 12358W. Headline: CHIDI ANAGONYE TO ASSUME POSITION OF EDITOR-IN-CHIEF.

55Police Gazette BACK TO THE FUTURE: THE ANIMATED SERIES 1991 Animated SeriesPeriodicalsNewspaper Gazettes

Police Gazette
Newspaper in 1897 Boston.

56Redbud Gazette FUNNY FARM 1988 FilmPeriodicalsNewspaper Gazettes

Redbud Gazette
After deciding to stay, Andy becomes a sports writer for the Redbud Gazette.

57SADefense GazetteCHAPPIE 2015 FilmPeriodicalsNewspaper Gazettes

SADefense Gazette
Online newspaper.

58San Dimas Gazette BILL & TED'S BOGUS JOURNEY 1991 FilmPeriodicalsNewspaper Gazettes

San Dimas Gazette
Headline: World watches Wyld Stallyns win.

59San Francisco GazetteTHE ADVENTURES OF BRISCO COUNTY, JR. 1993 TV SeriesPeriodicalsNewspaper Gazettes

San Francisco Gazette

60South Florida Gazette FARSCAPE 1999 TV SeriesPeriodicalsNewspaper Gazettes

South Florida Gazette
Newspaper that John shows the rest of the crew when they travel through a wormhole to Earth, with the date - October 30, 1986.

61Squaw Lake Bible Camp Gazette A SIMPLE FAVOR 2018 FilmPeriodicalsNewspaper Gazettes

Squaw Lake Bible Camp Gazette
Newspaper that Stephanie mentions when she calls Emily's mother.

62St. Croix GazetteBEVERLY HILLS COP II 1987 FilmPeriodicalsNewspaper Gazettes

St. Croix Gazette
Newspaper Axel mentions while claiming to be a psychic consultant from St. Croix helping the police.

63Stanhope GazetteMINDSWAP 1965 LiteraturePeriodicalsNewspaper Gazettes

Stanhope Gazette
Newspaper in Marvin's hometown.

64State GazetteWE 1924 LiteraturePeriodicalsNewspaper Gazettes

State Gazette
Official One State newspaper.

65Sweetwater GazetteWESTWORLD 2015 TV SeriesPeriodicalsNewspaper Gazettes

Sweetwater Gazette
Newspaper in Sweetwater.

66Tampa Gazette ACE VENTURA: PET DETECTIVE 1994 FilmPeriodicalsNewspaper Gazettes

Tampa Gazette
Ace finds a Tampa Gazette article in Ray Finkle's belongings about the search for missing Tampa State Park hiker Lois Einhorn being called off.

67Taylorsville Gazette BARB AND STAR GO TO VISTA DEL MAR 2021 FilmPeriodicalsNewspaper Gazettes

Taylorsville Gazette

68The Toluca Gazette TREMORS: THE SERIES 2003 TV SeriesPeriodicalsNewspaper Gazettes

The Toluca Gazette
Newspaper in Toluca, New Mexico.

69The Walnut Grove GazetteLITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE 1974 TV SeriesPeriodicalsNewspaper Gazettes

The Walnut Grove Gazette
Local newspaper in Walnut Grove.

70Warren County Gazette HALLOWEEN 2018 FilmPeriodicalsNewspaper Gazettes

Warren County Gazette
Newspaper headline: 6 Year Old Kills Teen Sister in Halloween Tragedy.

71Warren County Gazette HALLOWEEN 6: THE CURSE OF MICHAEL MYERS 1995 FilmPeriodicalsNewspaper Gazettes

Warren County Gazette
Newspaper clippings on Tommy Doyle's wall. Headline from November 1, 1978: Tommy Doyle Survives Babysitter Bloodbath. Headline from November 3, 1989: Jamie Lloyd Feared Dead in Police Station Massacre.

72Westview Gazette WANDAVISION 2020 TV SeriesPeriodicalsNewspaper Gazettes

Westview Gazette
Nexulpromocide. A unique anti-depressant that works to anchor you back to reality. Or the reality of your choice. Side effects include feeling your feelings, confronting your truth, seizing your destiny, and possibly, more depression. You should not take Nexus unless your doctor has cleared you to move on with your life. Nexus, because the world doesn't revolve around you. Or does it? See our ad in the Westview Gazette.

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