TV Series 1987. Created by Annabel Jankel, Rocky Morton and George Stone. Starring Matt Frewer, Amanda Pays, Chris Young, W. Morgan Shepherd, Jeffrey Tambor and George Coe.
Source Features: BBB (129) TIMELINE (1) MAP (17) OTHER (29) THEMES (4)

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Total Records: 176 - Medium: TV SERIES
Record Name
1A-7 BBBComputersA.I.

Security Systems' artificial intelligence.

2Abbot's Sage BBBBeverage ProductsBeer

Abbot's Sage
Beer that Reg orders at the bar during the Sky Clearance Festival.

3Academy of Computer Science's BBBEducationSchools-Science/Technology

Academy of Computer Science's
Abbreviated ACS. School where Bryce enrolled when he was 10 years old.

4Ad Market BBBCorporationsCommunications Companies

Ad Market
Max Headroom version of the current Stock market, dealing in TV ad time instead of financial stocks.

5Afghan Yankees BBBSportsSports Teams

Afghan Yankees
Sports team mentioned on the news, specific sport unknown... Scumball perhaps?

6Aligula's BBBNightlifeNightclubs


7Bacon and Soy Burger PakBBBMenuBurgers

Bacon and Soy Burger Pak
Also known as Burger Pax. Menu item available at Zik Zak restaurants.

8BBC 126BBBCinemaTV Stations

BBC 126

9Big-Time Television BBBCinemaTV Stations

Big-Time Television
Blank Reg and Dom's TV Network. "Welcome to Big-Time Television. All day and every day, making tomorrow seem like yesterday."

10Bimboviz BBBCinemaTV Stations

TV network.

11The Botanical View of the Sex Life of th... BBBTechnology ProductsSpy Gadgets

The Botanical View of the Sex Life of the African Tsetse
Bryce Lynch's graduation project, a mechanical fly with a camera that allows Carter to spy on the executives of Network 23.

12BPS BBBCinemaTV Stations

TV station listed on Realtime View Ratings screen.

13Breaker Ball BBBSportsSports

Breaker Ball
Max Headroom version of racquetball.

14Breakthru TV BBBTelevisionTV News

Breakthru TV
Exploitative TV news network.

15Candy Pax BBBFood ProductsCandy

Candy Pax
Candy product sold in Zik Zak vending machine.

16Career Capability Malfeasance Program BBBComputersSoftware

Career Capability Malfeasance Program
Also known as CPMP. Computer program that matches unassigned blanks with unassigned profiles. It compares the crime template to the personality template. If it matches, you're assumed guilty.

17Channel 1111BBBCinemaTV Stations

Channel 1111
TV station.

18Channel 28BBBCinemaTV Stations

Channel 28
TV station.

19Chernobyl Pops BBBFood ProductsBreakfast Cereal

Chernobyl Pops
Breakfast cereal that Max advertises: "For those cold mornings, try Chernobyl Pops. They give you that warm glow all over."

20Cidividi BBBCinemaTV Stations

TV network.

21The Cocktail Club BBBTelevisionTV Shows

The Cocktail Club
TV show that takes you to famous people's parties on Network 23.

22Containment System R-7 BBBMaintenance ServicesWaste Management

Containment System R-7
According to Edison Carter's broadcast, "Beneath you are thousands of tons of such terrifyingly lethal material that previous generations hid them and threw away the key. So dangerous were they that they were buried beneath he ground on which this city now stands."

23Crunch Fries BBBMenuFries

Crunch Fries
Menu item available at Zik-Zak restaurants.

24Deaf Aid BBBOrganizationsCharities

Deaf Aid
Charity that Reg mentions.

25Doctor Friendly BBBTelevisionTV Shows

Doctor Friendly
Educational TV show for kids that Orville shows in his secret school.

26Doggie Dance Show BBBTelevisionTV Shows

Doggie Dance Show
TV show on Network 23.

27Dr. Mason BBBHealthcareDoctors

Dr. Mason
Doctor at Nightingale's Body Bank.

28Dr. Moon BBBHealthcareDoctors

Dr. Moon
Doctor at Nightingale's Body Bank.

29Dream Vu Micro Cable BBBCinemaTV Stations

Dream Vu Micro Cable
A Micro-link cable channel, subscriber TV that broadcasts dreams.

30The Edison Carter ShowBBBTelevisionTV News

The Edison Carter Show
Edison Carter's TV show, also known as The What I Want To Know Show.

31Fatui BBBCinemaTV Stations

TV network.

32Flanel 25 BBBCinemaTV Stations

Flanel 25
TV network.

33The Fresh Start BBBDiningRestaurants

The Fresh Start
Bar where Theora's brother Shawn used to work before getting fired and turning to Raking.

34Fruit Snax BBBFood ProductsChips and Crackers

Fruit Snax
Snack product sold in Zik Zak vending machine.

35Gladhand Meadows BBBServicesFuneral Homes

Gladhand Meadows
Crematorium where Paddy's body is taken.

36Global File Database BBBMediaWebsites

Global File Database
Online database Theora uses to look up dream states.

37Green Kings BBBBeverage ProductsBeer

Green Kings
Beer that Reg orders at the bar during the Sky Clearance Festival.

38Harmony View BBBCinemaTV Stations

Harmony View
TV station listed on Realtime View Ratings screen.

39Independent Producers Clearing House BBBFinancial CompaniesFinancial Services

Independent Producers Clearing House
Financial service.

40Info Web BBBCinemaTV Stations

Info Web
TV station listed on Realtime View Ratings screen.

41Inner Metro Complex A-102 BBBRetailShopping Centers

Inner Metro Complex A-102
Shopping center in Sector N-2446-L.

42Integrity Air Leasing BBBFinancial CompaniesFinancial Services

Integrity Air Leasing
TV ad market financial service.

43Irwindale Druids BBBSportsSports Teams

Irwindale Druids
Scumball team.

44John Smith Television BBBTelevisionTV Shows

John Smith Television
Officially sanctioned telelection show.

45Knocking on Heaven's Door BBBReligionReligious Organizations

Knocking on Heaven's Door
The Temple/"Waiting room" of the Vu Age Church, where dead relatives' profiles are stored until cloning technology is available.

46Know All Pack BBBTelevisionTV Shows

Know All Pack
Educational programming available on Pay Education TV. "You can buy your child the gift of knowledge"

47Leviathan BBBVehiclesSpacecrafts

Space shuttle mentioned on a news report.

48Lifestyles of the Poor and Pitiful BBBTelevisionTV Shows

Lifestyles of the Poor and Pitiful
TV show Max advertises on Network 23.

49Lumpy's Proletariat BBBTelevisionTV Shows

Lumpy's Proletariat
When Security Systems makes Edison Carter a fugitive for credit fraud, Network 23 plays a A special encore performance of comedy show Lumpy's Proletariat.

50The Max Headroom ShowBBBTelevisionTV News

The Max Headroom Show
TV show on Network 23.

51Metropolice / MetrocopsBBBLegal AidPolice Departments

Metropolice / Metrocops
Local law enforcement.

52Minds EyeBBBCorporationsTechnology Companies

Minds Eye

53Mind's Eye Structural Analysis BBBResearch InstitutesInstitutes

Mind's Eye Structural Analysis
Company that buys peoples' dreams.

54Miss Sky Clearance BBBEventsBeauty Pageants

Miss Sky Clearance
Beauty pageant during the annual Sky Clearance Festival.

55Missile Mike BBBTelevisionTV Shows

Missile Mike
TV show on Network 23. Max is not a fan of the show, referring to it as mindless violence.

56Moscow Generators BBBSportsSports Teams

Moscow Generators
Sports team mentioned on the news, specific sport unknown... Scumball perhaps?

57NetSat 7 BBBVehiclesSpacecrafts

NetSat 7
Communications satellite. Astrology report on TV that replaces planets with with TV network satellites: "Sattilac 5 is in conjunction with NetSat 7. SkyTel 489 is in the ascendant."

58Network 144BBBCinemaTV Stations

Network 144
TV station listed on Realtime View Ratings screen in multiple episodes.

59Network 23BBBCinemaTV Stations

Network 23
Top-rated TV station. Channel switching during commercials had become a major problem because it caused a dip in Network 23's ratings.

60Network 23 Rolling Databank BBBMediaWebsites

Network 23 Rolling Databank
Data warehouse Edison and Bryce use to locate footage of Theora at her station.

61Network 52 BBBCinemaTV Stations

Network 52
TV station listed on Realtime View Ratings screen.

62Network 66 BBBCinemaTV Stations

Network 66
Network 23's main competition. The home of Porky's landing.

63Neurotism BraceletBBBApparelJewelry Products

Neurotism Bracelet

64Nightingale's Body Bank BBBServicesFuneral Homes

Nightingale's Body Bank
Body bank where Theora finds Edison after he barely escapes alive from the Network 23 building. "Open 24 hours"

65Nu-Vu Purchasing BBBTelevisionTV Shows

Nu-Vu Purchasing
Home Shopping TV station.

66Orville's Secret School BBBEducationPrimary Schools

Orville's Secret School
Unauthorized school for children that gets busted by the censor during the Sky Clearance Festival.

67Otxis Net 62 BBBCinemaTV Stations

Otxis Net 62
TV station listed on Realtime View Ratings screen.

68Ouzo Bar BBBNightlifeBars

Ouzo Bar
Bar where Edison has a drink with his old friend Paddy Ashton.

69Ouzq Bar BBBNightlifeBars

Ouzq Bar

70Overview TV BBBCinemaTV Stations

Overview TV
TV station listed on Realtime View Ratings screen.

71Ovu-Vat BBBHealthcareObstetrics

Welcome to Ovu-Vat, and the new, safe, trouble-free and painless way to have babies. For the age of the new woman, the new childbirth. We make beautiful babies for the busy woman about Metropolis. There is lo longer any need to suffer the inconvenience of childbearing. Let Ovu-Vat grow your babies. We do it perfectly, no mistakes, no diseases. We come to terms with coming to term for you. Grow-bag your baby with Ovu-Vat. Special terms for twins.

72Pay Education TV BBBCinemaTV Stations

Pay Education TV
Also known as PETV, TV station that offers subscribers the "Know All Pack"

73Pepper Nine Triple Redondi BBBMenuMixed Drinks

Pepper Nine Triple Redondi
Mixed drink that Reg orders at the bar during the Sky Clearance Festival.

74Planet WideBBBCinemaTV Stations

Planet Wide
TV station.

75Porky's Landing BBBTelevisionTV Shows

Porky's Landing
Popular TV show on Network 66.

76PornoVision BBBTelevisionTV Shows

TV network.

77Prodigies BBBTelevisionTV Shows-Game Shows

TV game show for young children on Network 66 in the same timeslot as The Cocktail Club.

78Pulsart TV BBBCinemaTV Stations

Pulsart TV
TV network.

79Q Station 7 BBBCinemaTV Stations

Q Station 7
TV station listed on Realtime View Ratings screen.

80Queen of the Fringes BBBEventsBeauty Pageants

Queen of the Fringes
Beauty pageant during the annual Sky Clearance Festival.

81Raking BBBSportsSports

Potential big money sport.

82Raybeamer BBBApparelClothing Products

Sunglasses that Edison buys when obsessing over his Neurostim experience, Max Headroom version of RayBans+BMW.

83RDD BBBCorporationsCommunications Companies

The Real-time Data Display Corporation, specializing in viewer ratings.

84The Reagangrad Clinic BBBResearch InstitutesInstitutes

The Reagangrad Clinic
Research establishment that donated research on dream state maladies. Specialist trauma research has discovered evidence of neuroses, deep psychological damage as a result of night terrors.

85Realtime View Ratings BBBServicesPublic Relations

Realtime View Ratings
TV Ratings company.

86Rocco's Video Vu Show BBBEntertainmentVideo Rental

Rocco's Video Vu Show
Downtown video vendor that charges by the minute.

87Rubbish TVBBBTelevisionTV Shows

Rubbish TV

88Runaway ProductionsBBBMedia CompaniesFilm Production Companies

Runaway Productions
Company that developed the TV show Whacketts.

89San Menudo Aztecs BBBSportsSports Teams

San Menudo Aztecs
Scum ball team.

90Sat Cam 17 BBBVehiclesSpacecrafts

Sat Cam 17
Network 23 TV satellite.

91Sat Hat BBBApparelHats

Sat Hat
Hat Reg wears during the Sky Clearance festival, a big metal dome to protect him from satellite parts that rain down.

92Satellite 1b SkyCounsel BBBVehiclesSpacecrafts

Satellite 1b SkyCounsel
Communications satellite Network 23 executives use to contact the Zik-Zak Corporation in New Tokyo.

93SatLink 87-R BBBVehiclesSpacecrafts

SatLink 87-R
TV satellite.

94Sattilac 5 BBBVehiclesSpacecrafts

Sattilac 5
Communications satellite. Astrology report on TV that replaces planets with with TV network satellites: "Sattilac 5 is in conjunction with NetSat 7. SkyTel 489 is in the ascendant."

95Save yourself BBBTelevisionTV Shows

Save yourself
Weekly broadcast of the Vu Age Church.

96Scumball BBBSportsSports

Sport from various episodes.

97Scumball 11 BBBTelevisionTV Shows-Sports

Scumball 11
Sports news TV show. Brought to you exclusively by Zik-Zak.

98Scumball Classics BBBTelevisionTV Shows

Scumball Classics
Coverage of scum ball, brought to you by Zik-Zak, broadcast from New Tokyo.

99Search & Seizure BBBComputersSoftware

Search & Seizure
Bryce obtains a a global government program from highly placed sources, designed to locate illegal video substances.

100Security Systems Incorporated BBBCorporationsCompanies

Security Systems Incorporated
In today's world, your inalienable rights are consumer credit, unlimited telecom and personal security. In your home, in your place of work, you can count of Security Systems. Security Systems - Wherever you go, there we are.

101Shoppin' Spree BBBTelevisionTV Shows

Shoppin' Spree
Home shopping TV show that Dom watches.

102The Sky Clearance Festival BBBEventsFairs and Festivals

The Sky Clearance Festival
Annual event when the Zik Zak corporation shoots down its old satellites, turning the sky into a carnival of color.

103SkyTel 489 BBBVehiclesSpacecrafts

SkyTel 489
Communications satellite. Astrology report on TV that replaces planets with with TV network satellites: "Sattilac 5 is in conjunction with NetSat 7. SkyTel 489 is in the ascendant."

104Snow White: The Baby Years BBBTelevisionTV Shows

Snow White: The Baby Years
Old show on Network 23, no longer on the air, apparently failed spectacularly in the ratings.

105Tawney Cobble BBBMenuMixed Drinks

Tawney Cobble
Mixed drink that Reg orders at the bar during the Sky Clearance Festival.

106The Top Table Restaurant BBBDiningRestaurants

The Top Table Restaurant
Restaurant where Grossberg orders reservations.

107Traumavision BBBCinemaTV Stations

TV network.

108The Video Church of the Vu AgeBBBReligionChurches

The Video Church of the Vu Age

109VidicamBBBTechnology ProductsAudiovisual Devices

Type of camera Edison and other reports use to film the news.

110Vidident Vers 2.01 Rev A BBBComputersSoftware

Vidident Vers 2.01 Rev A
Identification software Theora uses to track down the body thieves.

111ViewDoze Device BBBTechnology ProductsAudiovisual Devices

ViewDoze Device
Device Grossberg comes up with for Network 66 that allows people to watch TV when they're sleeping, or at least claims to.

112The Vu Age Church BBBReligionChurches

The Vu Age Church
Church behind popular TV show Save Yourself on Network 23. "Modern religion for the video age."

113Vu Age Laboratories BBBResearch InstitutesLaboratories

Vu Age Laboratories
Research lab owned by the Vu Age Church working on cloning technology.

114Whacketts BBBTelevisionTV Shows

Also spelled Whackets. The show that makes winners losers.

115World 1 BBBCinemaTV Stations

World 1
TV network where Theora worked before Network 23.

116You the Jury BBBTelevisionTV Shows-Game Shows

You the Jury
Award winning legal game show on Network 23.

117Zak Cola BBBMenuMenu Items

Zak Cola
Menu item available at Zik-Zak restaurants.

118Zgvnhy BBBCinemaTV Stations

TV network.

119Zik Zak's 1000-volt Christian Converter BBBTechnology ProductsElectronics

Zik Zak's 1000-volt Christian Converter
Joke Max makes: Just plug yourself in and your friends will see a very large flash of light.

120The Zik-Zak Automatic Bacon Straightener... BBBHome FurnishingKitchen Appliances

The Zik-Zak Automatic Bacon Straightener
Product Max advertises for the Zik-Zak Corporation: "No longer will the curly pieces take longer to fry in the pan. Be rasher with your rasher!"

121Zik-Zak Breakfast PakBBBMenuMenu Items

Zik-Zak Breakfast Pak
Also known as Breakfast Pax. Menu item available at Zik-Zak restaurants.

122Zik-Zak Burgers BBBDiningBurger Joints

Zik-Zak Burgers
Food Cart vendor version of Zik Zak restaurants.

123Zik-Zak CorporationBBBCorporationsCompanies

Zik-Zak Corporation
Primary sponsor of Network 23 programming.

124The Zik-Zak Hold-All BBBApparelClothing Products

The Zik-Zak Hold-All
Product Max advertises for the Zik-Zak Corporation: "The bag that makes you look as if you have at least something in the world, plus a bag to carry it"

125Zik-Zak Juice BBBBeverage ProductsSoft Drinks

Zik-Zak Juice
Beverage product sold in Zik-Zak vending machine.

126Zik-Zak Muffin BBBMenuMenu Items

Zik-Zak Muffin
Soy muffin menu item available at Zik-Zak restaurants. "Are you tire about complaints about sagging buns or flat and naughty little muffins? Then this next product is just for you."

127Zik-Zak Neurostim Fantasy Bracelet BBBApparelJewelry Products

Zik-Zak Neurostim Fantasy Bracelet
It's new. It's exciting. It puts you in the picture. Get one free with every purchase at your local Zak-Zak outlet. Utilizing direct neural stimulation of the brain to relay message.

128Zik-Zak RestaurantsBBBDiningFast Food

Zik-Zak Restaurants
Fast food, from multiple episodes.

129Zik-Zak's Burger Pak BBBMenuBurgers

Zik-Zak's Burger Pak
Also known as Burger Pax. Menu item available at Zik Zak restaurants. Max also advertises on Network 23: "Have you ever wondered why Zik-Zak burgers come in plastic packs? Easy - some of the plastic rubs off on the burger and doubles the nutritional value."

130October 7, 1988 Dates20th Century: 80sBirth Dates

October 7, 1988
Child prodigy and computer hacker Bryce Lynch born - Network 23's one-man technology research department.

13118th MapTransit RoutesThoroughfares

Street in the Fringes where Francis' printing press is located.

13274th MapTransit RoutesThoroughfares

Street in the Fringes where Francis' printing press is located.

133The All Clear Patch MapUrban AreasNeighborhoods

The All Clear Patch
Area of the city where the Raking sport takes place.

134Apartment Complex 142 Zeta MapResidential CommunitiesApartment and Condos

Apartment Complex 142 Zeta
Apartment building where the guy blew up watching Zik Zak's latest ad campaign, commercials called blipverts.

135The Barclays Apartments MapResidential CommunitiesApartment and Condos

The Barclays Apartments
Apartment building.

136Block 555/A MapTransit RoutesThoroughfares

Block 555/A
Address of Theora's apartment building - Metro Projects.

137The Fringes MapUrban AreasNeighborhoods

The Fringes
According to Edison Carter's broadcast, an area of the city that "has become home to the thousands who have drifted here to make a precarious living pr to build a permanent shelter."

138Hall of Records MapStructuresHalls

Hall of Records
Government building.

139Locomotive Row MapTransit RoutesThoroughfares

Locomotive Row

140Metal Road MapTransit RoutesRoads

Metal Road
Street where Paddy tells Edison he lives, in cardboard condominiums.

141Metro Jail 42 MapDetention CentersCorrectional Facilities

Metro Jail 42
Where Blank Reg is taken when he is accused of zipper-hacking Network 23's signal.

142Metro Projects MapResidential CommunitiesApartment and Condos

Metro Projects
Apartment building where Theora lives.

143New Tokyo MapUrban AreasCities

New Tokyo
Location of the Zik Zak Corporation's headquarters.

144Paradise Island MapGeographic AreasIslands

Paradise Island
Island man mentions when he's going into sell his dreams to Mind's Eye, says he's going to dream about "Exotic travel to paradise island with matching suitcases."

145Sector 11 MapUrban AreasNeighborhoods

Sector 11
Where Edison goes undercover as a Zak Zak consumer relations agent.

146Sector 7 MapUrban AreasNeighborhoods

Sector 7
Mostly abandoned area of the city, once used for heavy manufacturing.

147Sybaris Residential Complex MapResidential CommunitiesApartment and Condos

Sybaris Residential Complex
Apartment building from multiple episodes.

148Ben CheviotOtherQuotesQuotes

Ben Cheviot
Ben Cheviot: Override Censor? Good God, Murray! I'm the Chairman, not the Creator!

149Blipvert Project OtherPlansProjects

Blipvert Project
Also known as project: X-LN247. Bryce's project to create commercials for the Zik Zak corporation that prevent viewers from changing channels when commercials come on LJ2FI.


Breugel: The loudest sound in the universe is the last heartbeat.

151Bryce LynchOtherQuotesQuotes

Bryce Lynch
Bryce Lynch: There are no experimental failures. There's only more data!

152Bryce LynchOtherQuotesQuotes

Bryce Lynch
Bryce Lynch: Well, I've discovered a new color and I'm working on a magnet that attracts wood.

153The Bureau Burner OtherCriminalsSerial Killers

The Bureau Burner
Serial arsonist that bombs The Metro Tax Bureau building to protest new TV taxes.


Currency in the world of Max Headroom.

155The Diogenes Program OtherPlansPrograms

The Diogenes Program
Network 23 project Theora calls Bryce about.

156Ferrolignin OtherMatterSubstances

Some sort of building substance that Edison Carter mentions during a broadcast: "These are the walls of the city: stone, brick, wood and ferrolignin. But there are other walls in the city: electronic ones..."


Grossberg: The show has surprise, shock, pace... and huge cash stakes. I've accomplished the impossible... I've replaced mindless action with fascination.

158Max HeadroomOtherQuotesQuotes

Max Headroom
Max Headroom: Freedom. You know, writers have no freedom on TV. One rude suggestion, and the censors are straight on their back. Not on their back in a rude way.

159Max HeadroomOtherQuotesQuotes

Max Headroom
Max Headroom: Now, I'm no librarian, in fact, I don't know what star sign I am. But, as a famous person once said, "You can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can't fool all of the people all of the time." And as I - another more famous person - once said, "If you don't teach them to read, you can fool them whenever you like."

160Max HeadroomOtherQuotesQuotes

Max Headroom
Max Headroom: Have you any idea how successful censorship is on TV? Don't know the answer? Hmm. Successful, isn't it?

161Max HeadroomOtherQuotesQuotes

Max Headroom
Max Headroom: How can you tell a network executive is lying? His lips move!

162Max HeadroomOtherQuotesQuotes

Max Headroom
Max Headroom: Well, most people would agree that censors are a silly breed. In fact, it surprises me how they ever manage to breed at all.

163Max HeadroomOtherQuotesQuotes

Max Headroom
Max Headroom: As, 'tis Max Headroom here, and I quote from the bard, Shakespeare, a writer: "The quality of TV is not strained, it dropeth as the gentle ratings dropeth to a very tiny percentage share and, lo, 'tis gone." Of course, Shakespeare would have loved your rating system. Twelfth Night would have been lucky to have lasted one!

164Max HeadroomOtherQuotesQuotes

Max Headroom
Max Headroom: Y'know... I get the feeling there's a lot of faces out there... watching... me! And I can tell you it brings a lump to my ratings. Yes, this is Network 23. The net-net-net-net-network that puts it right... where they want you to be!

165Max HeadroomOtherQuotesQuotes

Max Headroom
Max Headroom: Ah - love - the walks over soft grass, the smiles over candlelight, the fights over just about everything else...

166Max HeadroomOtherQuotesQuotes

Max Headroom
Max Headroom: Say, would someone mind checking the ratings? I seem to have an audience of two.

167Max HeadroomOtherQuotesQuotes

Max Headroom
Max Headroom: Converts are the worst bigots.

168The Most Pointless and Extravagant Telev... OtherRecognitionAwards

The Most Pointless and Extravagant Television Award
Award fo the piece of television which in the opinion of the judges is the most expensive and wasteful use of television time this year.


Murray: Those that can, do. Those that can't, censor it.

170Operation Serendipity OtherPlansOperations

Operation Serendipity
Project mentioned by Zik-Zak executive.

171Untitled OtherThemesGray Eagle


172Untitled OtherThemesPleasantville


173Untitled OtherThemesGray Eagle


174Untitled OtherThemes3-D


175The Vidi Award OtherRecognitionAwards

The Vidi Award
Award Murray mentions that Edison won, the aware that got him his job.

176Zik Zak Corporation chairman's name.OtherTriviaName Game

Zik Zak Corporation chairman's name.
For TZone
FWay Closed
Ped Xing

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