Literature 2011. Written by Ernest Cline.
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Record Name
1Abound Sound Audio SystemBBBTechnology ProductsAudiovisual Devices

Abound Sound Audio System
Ultra thin speakers on Wade's haptic chair.

2Advanced OASIS StudiesBBBEducationClasses

Advanced OASIS Studies
Class Wade attends at his school in the OASIS.

3The Aech-FeedBBBCinemaTV Stations

The Aech-Feed
Aech's personal OASIS vidfeed.

4Aladdin's CastleBBBAmusementVideo Game Arcades

Aladdin's Castle
Arcade on the planet Archaide, virtual simulation of an real arcade that once existed.

5Anorak's AlmanacBBBLiteratureBiographies

Anorak's Almanac
A collection of hundreds of Halliday's undated journal entries.

6Anorak's QuestBBBMediaVideo Games

Anorak's Quest
Video game Halliday programmed in BASIC on a TRS-80 set in the fantasy world Chthonia.

7Anorak's Quest IIBBBMediaVideo Games

Anorak's Quest II
Sequel to Halliday's first video game.

8Antigrav BootsBBBApparelFootwear

Antigrav Boots
Boots Wade wears to the planet Archaide.

9Antimatter Friction-induction BombBBBWeaponsExplosives

Antimatter Friction-induction Bomb
Bomb Wade programs Supply Droid SD-03 to detonate, bringing down The Sixers' dome over Castle Anorak.

10Art3MissBBBApparelClothing Products

Art3mis' wildly successful clothing line for full-figured female avatars.

11Art3mivisionBBBCinemaTV Stations

Art3mis' personal OASIS vidfeed.

12Arty's MissivesBBBMediaWebsites

Arty's Missives
Blog written by female gunter Art3mis detailed her quest for Halliday's egg.

13Backpack of HoldingBBBApparelLuggage

Backpack of Holding
Gear Wade wears when visiting the planet Archaide, what he calls his Sunday best.

14Black Chuck Taylor All Stars of Speed an...BBBApparelClothing Products

Black Chuck Taylor All Stars of Speed and Flight
Magical items Art3mis was wearing when she was killed by The Sixers detonating the Cataclyst.

15Boots of SpeedBBBApparelFootwear

Boots of Speed
Magic boots that Shoto wears.

16Caravan of SuckBBBCinemaMovies

Caravan of Suck
Joke Wade makes to Aech about the Star War film Caravan Of Courage: An Ewok Adventure - "They should have called it Caravan of Suck"

17Clan DestinyBBBSportsSports Teams

Clan Destiny
Gunter Clan - group of gunters working together to find Halliday's easter egg.

18The ContestBBBEventsContests

The Contest
The hunt for Halliday's easter egg.

19Daisho Energy DrinkBBBBeverage ProductsEnergy Drinks

Daisho Energy Drink
Daito and Shoto's energy drink.

20The DaishowBBBCinemaTV Stations

The Daishow
Daito and Shoto's personal OASIS vidfeed.

21Dinatro RLR-7800 WreckSpexBBBComputersComputer Peripherals

Dinatro RLR-7800 WreckSpex
Haptic visor Wade uses to interact with the OASIS. "The Visor drew the OASIS directly onto my retinas at the highest frame rate and resolution perceptible to the human eye"

22The Distracted GlobeBBBNightlifeNightclubs

The Distracted Globe
Venue where Open Morrow'a birthday party takes place, a zero gravity dance club on the planet Neonoir in Sector Sixteen.

23Ecto-88BBBVehiclesMotor Vehicles

Wade's car, a DeLorean outfitted with a nonfunctioning flux capacitor. Wade installed an artificially intelligent onboard computer named KITT with a matching red Knight Rider scanner just above the DeLorean's grill. Then he outfitted the car with an oscillation overthruster, a device that allowed it to travel through solid matter. Finally, to complete his '80s super-vehicle theme, he slapped a Ghostbusters logo on each of the DeLorean's gull-wing doors and personalized plates that read ECTO-88.

24The Egg ManBBBLiteratureBiographies

The Egg Man
Halliday biography.

25FlicksyncBBBMediaVideo Games

Immersive interactive video games patented by GSS that allowed people to play a lead role in one of their favorite old movies or tv series, inspired by Halliday's War Games simulation quest beyond the first gate.

26Gauntlets of Giant StrengthBBBApparelBody Armor

Gauntlets of Giant Strength
Gloves Wade wears when visiting the planet Archaide.

27The Grail DiaryBBBLiteratureBiographies

The Grail Diary
Wade's journal.

28Gregarious GamesBBBCorporationsSoftware Companies

Gregarious Games
Halliday and Morrow's first video game Company.

29GSSBBBCorporationsTechnology Companies

Gregarious Simulation Systems, Halliday's company.

30GSS MuseumBBBEntertainmentMuseums

GSS Museum
The real GSS Museum is in Columbus, but there is a virtual simulation of it on the planet Archaide.

31Gun TorrentBBBMediaWebsites

Gun Torrent
A file sharing program used by gunters around the world.


Gunter website.

33Habashaw OIR 9400BBBComputersComputer Peripherals

Habashaw OIR 9400
Morrow's top of the line OASIS immersion bays.

34Halcydonia InteractiveBBBCorporationsSoftware Companies

Halcydonia Interactive
Ogden and Kira's nonprofit educational software company that created free interactive adventure games for kids.

35Hale Mail Powered ArmorBBBWeaponsMiscellaneous Weapons

Hale Mail Powered Armor
Gear Wade wears when visiting the planet Archaide, what he calls his Sunday best.

36Happy Time Pizza [restaurant]BBBDiningPizza Parlors

Happy Time Pizza [restaurant]
Pizza parlor from Halliday's hometown.

37Happy Time Pizza [virtual version]BBBDiningPizza Parlors

Happy Time Pizza [virtual version]
Pizza parlor from Halliday's hometown, recreated as a virtual simulation on the planet Archaide.

38The HatcheryBBBMediaWebsites

The Hatchery
Gunter website.

39Helpful Helpdesk Inc.BBBCorporationsCommunications Companies

Helpful Helpdesk Inc.
One of the contract firms GSS uses to handle OASIS customer service and support, where Wade gets a job to pay the rent.

40The High FiveBBBSportsSports Teams

The High Five
Gunter Clan - group of gunters working together to find Halliday's easter egg.

41Innovative Online IndustriesBBBIndustrial CompaniesIndustries

Innovative Online Industries
Also known as IOI, the global communications conglomerate and the world's largest internet service provider.

42IOI-NBBBTelevisionTV News

The company's twenty-four-hour news network that provides a nonstop stream of company-related news and propaganda.

43The Iron GiantBBBTechnology ProductsRobot Models

The Iron Giant
A fifty-foot, metal-eating robot, one of the giant robot reward options available when Wade beats the Black Tiger video game, originally from The Iron Giant animated film.

44Jet BootsBBBApparelFootwear

Jet Boots
Wade's flying boots.

45Jet JaguarBBBTechnology ProductsRobot Models

Jet Jaguar
A humanoid robot, one of the giant robot reward options available when Wade beats the Black Tiger video game, originally from the film Godzilla vs. Megalon.

46Joe's GarageBBBServicesRepair Services

Joe's Garage
Orbital starship repair shop in Sector Ten.

47The John Hughes BluesBBBMediaWebsites

The John Hughes Blues
Blog post posted on Arty's Missives blog.

48Johnny Five Supply DroidsBBBTechnology ProductsRobot Models

Johnny Five Supply Droids
Short Circuit droids The Sixers use as gofers, to run errands.

49The KayleeBBBVehiclesSpacecrafts

The Kaylee
The name of Wade's Firefly class starship before he changes it to The Vonnegut.

50The Key MastersBBBSportsSports Teams

The Key Masters
Gunter Clan - group of gunters working together to find Halliday's easter egg.

51The KurosawaBBBVehiclesSpacecrafts

The Kurosawa
Dario and Shoto's starship, a large interplanetary trawler modeled after the Bebop in Cowboy Bebop.

52L33t Hax0rz WarezhausBBBMediaWebsites

L33t Hax0rz Warezhaus
Highly exclusive illegal data auction site.

53Lightsaber BBBWeaponsBlade Weapons

The Jedi laser sword weapons from Star Wars are a dime a dozen in the OASIS. Wade has more than 40.

54The MailboxBBBServicesRental Services

The Mailbox
Post office box rental outlet where Wade rents a mailbox as part of his IOI escape plan.

55Mandarax SoftwareBBBComputersSoftware

Mandarax Software
Translation software Wade uses to translate a Japanese newsfeed article about Daito's "suicide"

56The MarvellerBBBVehiclesSpacecrafts

The Marveller
Wade's new starship, a transformed version of the giant robot Leopardon from Supaidaman.

57Max Headroom V3.4.1BBBComputersSoftware

Max Headroom V3.4.1
Highly customized system agent software.

58Meta-detectorBBBTechnology ProductsTracking Devices

Device used at IOI checkpoint to scan indents to make sure they weren't hiding any electronic devices on or in their persons.

59Middletown Lanes [Middletown]BBBAmusementBowling Alleys

Middletown Lanes [Middletown]
Bowling alley from Halliday's hometown.

60Middletown Lanes [OASIS]BBBAmusementBowling Alleys

Middletown Lanes [OASIS]
Bowling alley hidden in Tyrell buildings from Blade Runner all over the OASIS, based on a real bowling alley from Halliday's hometown.

61OASIS OSBBBComputersSoftware

Operating system used for the OASIS.

62OASIS Public School #1172BBBEducationHigh Schools

OASIS Public School #1172
Aech's high school in the OASIS.

63OASIS Public School #1873BBBEducationHigh Schools

OASIS Public School #1873
Wade's high school in the OASIS.

64OASIS Public School #571BBBEducationHigh Schools

OASIS Public School #571
High school in the OASIS near the Tomb of Horrors.

65OASIS Reality EngineBBBComputersSupercomputers

OASIS Reality Engine

66The OASISBBBMediaVideo Games

OASIS = Ontologically Anthropocentric Sensory Immersive Simulation. A massively multiplayer online game that has gradually evolved into the globally networked virtual reality most of humanity now used on a daily basis.

67Oculance VisorBBBComputersComputer Peripherals

Oculance Visor
Brand of visor in Morrow's immersion bays.

68Okagami IdleHands Haptic DataglovesBBBComputersComputer Peripherals

Okagami IdleHands Haptic Datagloves
State-of-the-art haptic gloves Wade wears to interact with the OASIS. Special tactile feedback pads covered both palms, allowing the gloves to create the illusion that I was touching objects and surfaces that didn't actually exist.

69Okagami Runaround Omni-directional Tread...BBBComputersComputer Peripherals

Okagami Runaround Omni-directional Treadmill
Moving base for Wade's haptic chair. Slogan: "No matter where you go, there you are"

70The Olfatrix Smell TowerBBBHome FurnishingFurniture

The Olfatrix Smell Tower
Hardware for Wade's haptic chair. "The Oflatrix Smell Tower in the corner was capable of generating over two thousand discernible odors."

71Oscillation OverthrusterBBBComputersComputer Peripherals

Oscillation Overthruster
Device that allows Wade's flying DeLorean, the Ecto-88, it to travel through solid matter.

72The OviraptorsBBBSportsSports Teams

The Oviraptors
Gunter Clan - group of gunters working together to find Halliday's easter egg.

73Pan Galactic Gargle BlasterBBBMenuMixed Drinks

Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster
Drink served at Ogden Morrow's nightclub The Distracted Globe, inspired by The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

74Parzival-TVBBBCinemaTV Stations

Wade's personal OASIS vidfeed, broadcasting obscure eclectic crap, 24-7-365.

75The PleasuredomeBBBServicesSex Services

The Pleasuredome
Brothel simulation.

76RX-78 Gundam MechBBBTechnology ProductsRobot Models

RX-78 Gundam Mech
The giant robot that Aech selects after clearing the second gate, from the Mobile Suit Gundam anime series.


The titanium alloy Wade used to reinforce his apartment's walls, floor, and ceiling.

78Sector ElevenBBBMediaVirtual Reality

Sector Eleven
One of the twenty-seven sectors of the OASIS, location of the Whedonverse, where Wade obtains his Firefly class starship.

79Sector FourteenBBBMediaVirtual Reality

Sector Fourteen
One of the twenty-seven sectors of the OASIS, location of Wade's asteroid Falco.

80Sector OneBBBMediaVirtual Reality

Sector One
One of the twenty-seven sectors of the OASIS, location where new avatars are spawned at the time of their creation.

81Sector SevenBBBMediaVirtual Reality

Sector Seven
One of the twenty-seven sectors of the OASIS, location of the planet Middletown, a recreation of Halliday's hometown.

82Sector SixteenBBBMediaVirtual Reality

Sector Sixteen
One of the twenty-seven sectors of the OASIS, location of planet Neonoir and Morrow's nightclub The Distracted Globe.

83Sector TenBBBMediaVirtual Reality

Sector Ten
One of the twenty-seven sectors of the OASIS, location of Joe's Garage, an orbital starship repair shop.

84Sector Twenty-oneBBBMediaVirtual Reality

Sector Twenty-one
One of the twenty-seven sectors of the OASIS, location of the Rush-themed planet Syrinx.

85Sector Twenty-twoBBBMediaVirtual Reality

Sector Twenty-two
One of the twenty-seven sectors of the OASIS, location of the hidden high-level quest called Shodai Urutoraman on the planet Tokusatsu.

86Sector TwoBBBMediaVirtual Reality

Sector Two
One of the twenty-seven sectors of the OASIS, location of the planet Gygax.

87Shaptic Technologies HC5000 Fully Adjust...BBBComputersComputer Peripherals

Shaptic Technologies HC5000 Fully Adjustable Haptic Chair
Haptic hardware Wade uses to interact with the OASIS.

88Shaptic UberBettyBBBTechnology ProductsRobot Models

Shaptic UberBetty
Anatomically correct haptic doll, or ACHD, for more intimate encounters within the OASIS.

89Sinatro OASIS ConsoleBBBComputersComputer Peripherals

Sinatro OASIS Console
A top-of-the-line miniature OASIS console one of Wade's fellow IOI indents was caught concealing inside a prosthetic testicle. "Talk about balls."

90SludgeBBBBeverage ProductsBeverages

High protein vitamin d infused breakfast drink.

91Specium RayBBBWeaponsMiscellaneous Weapons

Specium Ray
Weapon Wade uses as Ultraman in the battle against Sorrento, a pulsing beam of white energy.

92The StacksBBBMediaVideo Games

The Stacks
Wade created an Atari 2600 video game.

93Team BanzaiBBBSportsSports Teams

Team Banzai
Gunter Clan - group of gunters working together to find Halliday's easter egg.

94TIE Fighter BBBVehiclesSpacecrafts

TIE Fighter
Vehicle from Star Wars that appears in the OASIS.

95Tommy QueueBBBTelevisionTV Shows

Tommy Queue
TV show on IOI-N, a wacky situation comedy chronicling the misadventures of Tommy, a newly indentured OASIS tech rep struggling to achieve his goals of financial independence and on-the-job excellence!. An "inane corporate shitcom", according to Wade.


High end avatar dance software that Wade utlizes at Ogden Morrow's birthday party.

97Twenty Grand PalaceBBBDiningPizza Parlors

Twenty Grand Palace
Combination video game arcade / pizza parlor in the OASIS, inspired by the arcade from the movie War Games.

98Ultra-SliceBBBWeaponsBlade Weapons

Weapon Wade uses as Ultraman in the battle against Sorrento, a glowing circular saw blade of electric-blue energy.


United States Citizens Registry database.


Colonial starfighter from Battlestar Galactica that appears in the OASIS.

101Voight Kampff Test MachineBBBTechnology ProductsElectronics

Voight Kampff Test Machine
Replicant testing machine present in all of the virtually simulated Tyrell Corporation buildings in the OASIS, from Blade Runner.

102The VonnegutBBBVehiclesSpacecrafts

The Vonnegut
The name Wade gives his Firefly class starship, previously named The Kaylee.

103Vorpal Bastard SwordBBBWeaponsBlade Weapons

Vorpal Bastard Sword
Sword Wade carries to the planet Archaide.

104Vorpal BladeBBBWeaponsBlade Weapons

Vorpal Blade
Wade gives Shoto a Vorpal blade as a gift, originally from Lewis Carroll's Through the Looking-Glass.

105World Builder SoftwareBBBComputersSoftware

World Builder Software
OASIS software containing templates for structures, such as the Tyrell building from Blade Runner.

106X-Wing BBBVehiclesSpacecrafts

Wade keeps an X-Wing Fighter from Star Wars in the hangar on his private asteroid.

107Alt.phreakingMapOuter SpacePlanets

One of the worlds in Sector Seven named after an old Usenet group.

108Altair VI MapOuter SpacePlanets

Altair VI
Planet in the OASIS, inspired by Star Trek.

109ArchaideMapOuter SpacePlanets

Planet in the OASIS, tribute to video games of all kinds, includes a virtual simulation of the GSS Museum and Happy Time Pizza, a pizzeria from Halliday's hometown.

110ArrakisMapOuter SpacePlanets

Planet in the OASIS, based on the planet from Dune.

111The AvenueMapTransit RoutesAvenues

The Avenue
Road on the planet Neonoir, location of Ogden Morrow's nightclub The Distorted Globe.

112AxrenoxMapOuter SpacePlanets

Cyber punk themed world in Sector Twenty-Two containing a Tyrell Building from Blade Runner where Wade goes looking for the third Gate.

113The BasementMapWorldsMiscellaneous Places

The Basement
Aech's chatroom.

114BenatarMapOuter SpaceMoons

Artemis' small moon, location of her armored palace stronghold.

115The BoulevardMapTransit RoutesBoulevards

The Boulevard
Road on the planet Neonoir, location of Ogden Morrow's nightclub The Distorted Globe.

116Castle AnorakMapStructuresCastles

Castle Anorak
Halliday's personal stronghold on the planet Chthonia.

117Chthonia [Anorak's Quest]MapWorldsMiscellaneous Places

Chthonia [Anorak's Quest]
Fantasy world setting in the video game Anorak's Quest that Halliday programmed in BASIC on a TRS-80.

118Chthonia [OASIS]MapOuter SpacePlanets

Chthonia [OASIS]
Planet in Sector Ten, home of Halliday's personal stronghold, Castle Anorak.

119Cleveland AvenueMapTransit RoutesAvenues

Cleveland Avenue
Street where Halliday grew up.

120DiscworldMapOuter SpacePlanets

Planet in the OASIS, based on the Discworld book series by Terry Pratchett.

121FalcoMapOuter SpaceInterstellar Objects

Also known as Planetoid S14A316, the cheapest planetoid Wade could find, where he builds his stronghold.

122FrobozzMapOuter SpacePlanets

Small world in Sector Seven, home to detailed re-creations of the game Zork.

123GoondocksMapOuter SpacePlanets

Goonies-themed planet in the OASIS.

124Greenleaf LaneMapTransit RoutesLanes

Greenleaf Lane
Art3mis' home address in Vancouver.

125GreyhawkMapOuter SpacePlanets

Planet in the OASIS, reference to Dungeons & Dragons.

126GygaxMapOuter SpacePlanets

Planet in the OASIS, named after Gary Gygax, the creator of Dungeons & Dragons.

127HalcydoniaMapWorldsFantasy Lands

Magical kingdom setting in the educational games created by Ogden and Kira's nonprofit educational software company Halcydonia interactive.

128IncipioMapOuter SpacePlanets

Planet at the center of Sector One where new avatars spawn when created.

129IOI 1MapOuter SpacePlanets

Planet in the OASIS, a massive chrome globe, headquarters of The Sixers.

130LudusMapOuter SpacePlanets

Planet in the OASIS, location of OASIS public schools, as well as the Tomb of Horrors, home of the Copper Key.

131Ludus IIMapOuter SpacePlanets

Ludus II
Planet in the OASIS where all schools from Ludus were relocated to when it was revealed that Ludus was the location of the Copper Key. The original Ludus remained a battlefield for Gunters.

132MagratheaMapOuter SpacePlanets

Planet in the OASIS, based on the planet from the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

133Middle EarthMapOuter SpacePlanets

Middle Earth
Planet in the OASIS, named for Lord of the Rings.

134MiddletownMapOuter SpacePlanets

Planet in the OASIS that Halliday created to resemble his hometown in Ohio, as it was in the 1980s.

135MidworldMapOuter SpacePlanets

Planet in the OASIS, based on Midworld novel by Alan Dean Foster.

136MitnickMapOuter SpacePlanets

One of the worlds in Sector Seven named after a famous hacker.

137NeonoirMapOuter SpacePlanets

Plant in the Oasis where it's always night, location of Ogden Morrow's nightclub The Distracted Globe.

138PernMapOuter SpacePlanets

Planet in the Oasis, based on the planet from Anne McCaffrey's Dragonriders of Pern series.

139Planet DoomMapOuter SpacePlanets

Planet Doom
Planet in the OASIS, location of the third and final gate, as well as the crystal key. Named after the one of the planets of the Drule Empire in the video game series Voltron: Defender of the Universe.

140Planet ZemeckisMapOuter SpacePlanets

Planet Zemeckis
Planet in the OASIS.

141Portland Avenue StacksMapUrban AreasNeighborhoods

Portland Avenue Stacks
A sprawling hive of discolored trailer homes rusting on the shores of I-40, just west of Oklahoma City's decaying skyscraper.

142RingworldMapOuter SpacePlanets

Planet in the OASIS, based on the science fiction novel by Larry Niven.

143RiverworldMapOuter SpacePlanets

Planet in the OASIS, based on the fantasy novels by Philip Jose Farmer.

144SkolnickMapOuter SpacePlanets

Planet in the OASIS, location of an interactive simulation of the fraternity house from the movie Revenge of the Nerds. Named after Robert Carradine's character Lewis Skolnick.

145TokusatsuMapOuter SpacePlanets

Planet, location of the hidden high-level Japanese-language quest Shodai Urutoraman.

146Tomb of HorrorsMapStructuresBuildings

Tomb of Horrors
Underground tomb on the planet Ludus in the OASIS, based on the Dungeons & Dragons module, home of the the Copper Key.

147TranssexualMapOuter SpacePlanets

Planet in the OASIS featuring screenings of the Rocky horror picture show.

148Tyrell BuildingMapStructuresBuildings

Tyrell Building
The famous pyramid-shaped building from Blade Runner, included as a template in OASIS World Building software.

149Vulcan MapOuter SpacePlanets

Planet in the OASIS, based on the Star Trek planet.

150The WhedonverseMapOuter SpaceRegions of Space

The Whedonverse
A large group of worlds in Sector Eleven, where Wade obtained his Firefly class starship.

151WozMapOuter SpacePlanets

One of the worlds in Sector Seven named after a famous hacker.

152The XYZZY ClusterMapOuter SpaceStar Clusters

The XYZZY Cluster
A group of several hundred rarely visited worlds containing recreations of classic text adventure games.

153Amulet of ProtectionOtherArtifactsJewelry

Amulet of Protection
Magic item Wade carries to the planet Archaide.

154The CataclystOtherArtifactsAncient Weapons

The Cataclyst
A sort of magical bomb that could be used only once. When detonated, it would kill every single avatar and NPC in the sector, including its owner.

155The Copper KeyOtherArtifactsArchaeological Artifacts

The Copper Key
Key required to enter the first gate in Halliday's egg contest, hidden in a simulation of the Tomb of Horrors Dungeons & Dragons module on the planet Ludus in the OASIS.

156The Crystal KeyOtherArtifactsArchaeological Artifacts

The Crystal Key

157Fyndoro's Tablet of FindingOtherArtifactsArchaeological Artifacts

Fyndoro's Tablet of Finding
An ultrapowerful artifact that goes up for auction. A flat circle of polished black stone with one very simple power - "Once a day, its owner could write any avatar's name on its surface, and the tablet would display that avatar's location at that exact moment. However, this power had range limitations. If you were in a different OASIS sector than the avatar you were trying to find, the tablet would tell you only which sector your target was currently in. If you were already in the same sector, the tablet would tell you what planet your target was currently on, or closest to, if they were out in space. If you were already on the same planet as your target when you used the tablet, it would show you their exact coordinates on a map."

158Game Designer of the Year AwardsOtherRecognitionAwards Ceremonies

Game Designer of the Year Awards
Awards that Halliday won, on display in the real GSS Museum in Columbus, but also in the virtual simulation of the GSS Museum, which is located deep within the planet Archaide in Sector Seven.

159Hayata's Beta CapsuleOtherArtifactsArchaeological Artifacts

Hayata's Beta Capsule
Artifact from the hidden high-level Japanese-language quest Shodai Urutoraman, based on the 1966 Ultraman TV series.

160The Jade KeyOtherArtifactsArchaeological Artifacts

The Jade Key
Key required to enter the Second Gate in Halliday's egg contest.

161OASIS CreditOtherMoneyCurrency

OASIS Credit

162The Orb of OsuvoxOtherArtifactsArchaeological Artifacts

The Orb of Osuvox
The powerful artifact The Sixers use to generate the impenetrable shield around Castle Anorak.

163Ring of Magic ResistanceOtherArtifactsJewelry

Ring of Magic Resistance
Magic item Wade carries to the planet Archaide.

164Ring of TeleportationOtherArtifactsJewelry

Ring of Teleportation
Magic item Wade uses to teleport to the Zork planet Frobozz.

165Sword of the Ba'HeerOtherArtifactsAncient Weapons

Sword of the Ba'Heer
Artifact that Aech was carrying when he was killed by The Sixers detonating the Cataclyst.

166Untitled OtherThemesBeast 2


167Untitled OtherThemes3-D


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