Film 1989. Written by James Cameron. Directed by James Cameron. Starring Ed Harris, Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, Michael Biehn.
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TV reporter: Little is known at this hour about the events leading up to the collision. The US Navy guided missile cruiser Appleton apparently struck the Soviet destroyer in low visibility conditions.

2Ask Dr. BudBBBTelevisionTV Shows-Talk Shows

Ask Dr. Bud
Joke Lindsey makes about Bud having his own talk show.

3Benthic Explorer BBBVehiclesWatercrafts

Benthic Explorer
Ship on the surface of the ocean connected to Deep Core drilling rig. Loosely based on the real life Glomar Explorer, a 618 feet long ship specially built for the CIA as part of Project Azorian, an attempt to recover a lost Soviet Union submarine in the Pacific.

4Benthic Petroleum BBBCorporationsFuel Companies

Benthic Petroleum
Company funding the deep sea drilling rig that accompanies the Navy SEAL team to the site of a down submarine. The blurb on the poster footer reads "At Benthic Petroleum we drill deeper into the unknown than anyone else in the business. Why? That's where our future lies waiting, at the bottom of the deepest trenches. In the abyss." Logo based on the now defunct Hollywood film equipment supplier Berkey Photo Inc.'s logo.

5Cab OneBBBVehiclesWatercrafts

Cab One
Deep Core's two working crafts - Flatbed and Cab One - were specially manufactured for the film by Can-Dive Services Ltd., a Canadian commercial diving company that specialized in saturation diving systems and underwater technology.

6Deep CoreBBBVehiclesWatercrafts

Deep Core
Benthic Petroleum's experimental underwater drilling platform near the Cayman Trough.


Deep Core's two working crafts - Flatbed and Cab One - were specially manufactured for the film by Can-Dive Services Ltd., a Canadian commercial diving company that specialized in saturation diving systems and underwater technology.

8Little Geek BBBTechnology ProductsRobot Models

Little Geek
The underwater drone/ROV nicknamed Little Geek was actually a Mini Rover MKII ROV, the second generation of the world's first small low cost remotely operated underwater vehicle.


American Ohio class nuclear submarine U.S.S. Montana - sub that encounters an alien life form near the Cayman Trough, crashes into a cliff and sinks.

10Bud Brigman & HippyOtherQuotesQuotes

Bud Brigman & Hippy
Bud Brigman: Hippy, you think everything's. Conspiracy.
Hippy: Everything is.

11Bud Brigman & Lindsey BrigmanOtherQuotesQuotes

Bud Brigman & Lindsey Brigman
Lindsey Brigman: What are you still wearing that for?
Bud Brigman: I don't know. Divorce ain't final. Forgot to take it off.
Lindsey Brigman: I haven't worn mine in months.
Bud Brigman: Yeah, what's-his-name wouldn't like it. The Suit.
Lindsey Brigman: Do you always have to call him that? The Suit? It makes you sound like such a hick.

12Bud's baseball cap.OtherTriviaQuestions

Bud's baseball cap.
St. Louis Cardinals
Los Angeles Dodgers
New York Yankees


Hippy: I gotta tell you, I give this whole thing a sphincter factor of about 9.5.

14Lindsey Brigham OtherQuotesQuotes

Lindsey Brigham
Lindsey Brigham: These guys are about as fun as a tax audit.

15Lindsey BrighamOtherQuotesQuotes

Lindsey Brigham
Lindsey Brigham: Luck is not a factor.

16Lindsey Brigman & Bud BrigmanOtherQuotesQuotes

Lindsey Brigman & Bud Brigman
Lindsey Brigman: His name is Michael.
Bud Brigman: So what about "Michael" then... Mr. Brooks Brothers... Mr. BMW. You still seeing him?
Lindsey Brigman: No, I haven't seen him in a few weeks.
Bud Brigman: What happened?
Lindsey Brigman: Bud, why are you doing this? It's not part of your life any more.
Bud Brigman: I'll tell you what happened... you woke up one day and realized the guy never made you laugh.
Lindsey Brigman: You're right, Bud. It was just that simple. Aren't you clever? You should get your own show... Ask Dr. Bud, advice to the lovelorn from three hundred fathoms.

17N.T.I.OtherLiving ThingsAnimals

Non-Terrestrial Intelligence. Designation given to the alien race inhabiting the ocean depths of planet Earth.

18Operation SalvorOtherPlansOperations

Operation Salvor
Your company has authorized the Navy's use of this facility for a rescue operation. The code name is Operation Salvor.

19Untitled OtherThemesStarfighter


20What is Hippy's mouse's name?OtherTriviaName Game-Animals

What is Hippy's mouse's name?

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