Film 1989. Written by James Cameron. Directed by James Cameron. Starring Ed Harris, Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, Michael Biehn.
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1Bud Brigman & HippyQuotesQuotes

Bud Brigman & Hippy
Bud Brigman: Hippy, you think everything's. Conspiracy.
Hippy: Everything is.

2Bud Brigman & Lindsey BrigmanQuotesQuotes

Bud Brigman & Lindsey Brigman
Lindsey Brigman: What are you still wearing that for?
Bud Brigman: I don't know. Divorce ain't final. Forgot to take it off.
Lindsey Brigman: I haven't worn mine in months.
Bud Brigman: Yeah, what's-his-name wouldn't like it. The Suit.
Lindsey Brigman: Do you always have to call him that? The Suit? It makes you sound like such a hick.

3Bud's baseball cap.TriviaQuestions

Bud's baseball cap.
New York Yankees
St. Louis Cardinals
Los Angeles Dodgers


Hippy: I gotta tell you, I give this whole thing a sphincter factor of about 9.5.

5Lindsey Brigham QuotesQuotes

Lindsey Brigham
Lindsey Brigham: These guys are about as fun as a tax audit.

6Lindsey BrighamQuotesQuotes

Lindsey Brigham
Lindsey Brigham: Luck is not a factor.

7Lindsey Brigman & Bud BrigmanQuotesQuotes

Lindsey Brigman & Bud Brigman
Lindsey Brigman: His name is Michael.
Bud Brigman: So what about "Michael" then... Mr. Brooks Brothers... Mr. BMW. You still seeing him?
Lindsey Brigman: No, I haven't seen him in a few weeks.
Bud Brigman: What happened?
Lindsey Brigman: Bud, why are you doing this? It's not part of your life any more.
Bud Brigman: I'll tell you what happened... you woke up one day and realized the guy never made you laugh.
Lindsey Brigman: You're right, Bud. It was just that simple. Aren't you clever? You should get your own show... Ask Dr. Bud, advice to the lovelorn from three hundred fathoms.

8N.T.I.Living ThingsAnimals

Non-Terrestrial Intelligence. Designation given to the alien race inhabiting the ocean depths of planet Earth.

9Operation SalvorPlansOperations

Operation Salvor
Your company has authorized the Navy's use of this facility for a rescue operation. The code name is Operation Salvor.

10Untitled ThemesStarfighter


11What is Hippy's mouse's name?TriviaName Game-Animals

What is Hippy's mouse's name?

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