Film 2023. Written by James Vanderbilt, Guy Busick. Directed by Matt Bettinelli-Olpin, Tyler Gillett. Starring Melissa Barrera, Jasmin Savoy Brown, Jack Champion, Henry Czerny, Mason Gooding, Liana Liberato, Dermot Mulroney, Devyn Nekoda, Jenna Ortega, Tony Revolori, Josh Segarra, Samara Weaving, Hayden Panettiere, Courteney Cox.
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1Abe's Snake RetailStores

Abe's Snake
Bodega where Sam and Tara enter trying to escape Ghostface. Reference to pseudonym "Abe Snake" that Wes Craven used when he directed adult films in the 1970s.

2Blackmoor University EducationUniversities

Blackmoor University
College that Tara attends in New York City. Named for John Blackmoor, the name the production company substituted on audition scripts to protect the killer reveal.

3Blackmoor University Station TransportationTrain Stations

Blackmoor University Station
Train station in New York City.

4Channel 4 TelevisionTV News

Channel 4
Gale's TV news microphone.

5Channel 8 TelevisionTV News

Channel 8
TV news van outside police station.

6Clock of Doom LiteratureBooks

Clock of Doom
Book by Gale Weathers in the Ghostface shrine.

7College Terror LiteratureBooks

College Terror
Book by Gale Weathers in the Ghostface shrine.

8Dr. Christopher StoneHealthcareTherapy

Dr. Christopher Stone
Sam's therapist.

9Ghostface Returns LiteratureBooks

Ghostface Returns
Book by Gale Weathers in the Ghostface shrine.

10Hasta El Fuego DiningRestaurants

Hasta El Fuego
Restaurant in New York City that Blackmoor University professor Laura Crane visits before being murders in the alley outside. Inside joke, as that was the name of production company Radio Silence's shared text chain during the pandemic, as well as a reference to Bad Boys for Life.

11Hollywood Horror LiteratureBooks

Hollywood Horror
Book by Gale Weathers in the Ghostface shrine.

12Knife of Doom LiteratureBooks

Knife of Doom
Book by Gale Weathers in the Ghostface shrine.

13Knife of the Hunter LiteratureBooks

Knife of the Hunter
Book by Gale Weathers in the Ghostface shrine.

14Miska's MeadBeverage ProductsAlcohol

Miska's Mead
Liquor for sale in the bodega, reference to Bloody Disgusting's Brad Miska.

15Omega Beta ZetaEducationSororities

Omega Beta Zeta
Sorority that fraternity member "Date Rate Frankie" mentions at the Omega Kappa Beta party. Same sorority from Scream 2.

16Omega Kappa BetaEducationFraternities

Omega Kappa Beta
OKB. Fraternity at Blackmoor University. Tara attends a party. Same fraternity from Scream 2.

17Stab CinemaMovies

Movie based on the original Woodsboro murders. Movie poster visible. Also mentioned.

18Stab 2CinemaMovies

Stab 2
Movie in the Stab franchise, originally based on the original Woodsboro murders. Mentioned.

19Stab 3 CinemaMovies

Stab 3
Movie in the Stab franchise. Movie props visible in the Ghostface shrine.

20Stabathon EventsFairs and Festivals

Poster from the Stab movie marathon from Scream 4 visible in the Ghostface shrine.

21Windsor College EducationColleges

Windsor College
College from Scream 2. Branded clothing visible in the Ghostface shrine.

22Woodsboro High SchoolEducationHigh Schools

Woodsboro High School

23The Woodsboro Murders LiteratureBooks

The Woodsboro Murders
Book by Gale Weathers in the Ghostface shrine.

24Wrongly Accused LiteratureBooks

Wrongly Accused
Book by Gale Weathers in the Ghostface shrine.

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