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Total Records: 29 - Group: BBB / Category: VEHICLES / Subcategory: CAR WASHES
Record Name
1A1A Car Wash BREAKING BAD 2008 TV SeriesVehiclesCar Washes

A1A Car Wash
Car wash company from multiple episodes.

2Benny's Car Wash GROWING PAINS 1985 TV SeriesVehiclesCar Washes

Benny's Car Wash
Mike quits his job at Bennys Carwash to work for his old friend Jerry atStereo Village, against Maggie and Jasons wishes.

3Black Diamond ServiceTHE HITMAN'S BODYGUARD 2017 FilmVehiclesCar Washes

Black Diamond Service
Car detailing service plan that Michael mentions - the plan he paid for, but his car still smells like a cemetery: "Are you washing the car with dead assholes?"

4Bonus Car WashFAMILY LAW 1999 TV SeriesVehiclesCar Washes

Bonus Car Wash

5Car Wash THE SUPER MARIO BROS. MOVIE 2023 Animated FilmVehiclesCar Washes

Car Wash
Generic car wash in Brooklyn.

6Car WashBOLT 2008 Animated FilmVehiclesCar Washes

Car Wash
Automotive service in L.A. in background as Bolt races toward the movie studio.

7Car Wash THE SIMPSONS 1989 Animated SeriesVehiclesCar Washes

Car Wash
Generic Springfield car wash where the Simpsons get the family car washed after getting caught in the dust from the Burns' Casino explosion.

8Car Wash BOB'S BURGERS 2011 Animated SeriesVehiclesCar Washes

Car Wash
Generic car wash that Linda and the girls visit in their pink Valentine's Day limo.

9Carwash G.I. JOE: A REAL AMERICAN HERO 1982 Comic BooksVehiclesCar Washes

Generic carwash on the street during the car chase scene on Staten Island.

10Chamberlain U-Wash-ItCARRIE 1974 LiteratureVehiclesCar Washes

Chamberlain U-Wash-It
Car wash in Chamberlain, Maine.

11Civic Square Car WashPOLICE ACADEMY 3: BACK IN TRAINING 1986 FilmVehiclesCar Washes

Civic Square Car Wash
Local car wash service.

12Clean Car Wash PERSON OF INTEREST 2011 TV SeriesVehiclesCar Washes

Clean Car Wash
Charge on machine number and billionaire Logan Pierce's credit card bill.

13Diamond Wash 'n' Go THE SHIELD 2002 TV SeriesVehiclesCar Washes

Diamond Wash 'n' Go
Car wash where Danny and Julien respond to a robbery - shot the manager for $11 in quarters.

14Executive Auto Detailing Service BOWFINGER 1999 FilmVehiclesCar Washes

Executive Auto Detailing Service
Car wash where Bowfinger's camera man works.

15Finesse Mobile Detailing SEINFELD 1989 TV SeriesVehiclesCar Washes

Finesse Mobile Detailing
Car wash where Jerry goes to get the rampant, mutant BO smell out of his car.

16Fresh as a Daisy Carwash G.I. JOE: A REAL AMERICAN HERO 1982 Comic BooksVehiclesCar Washes

Fresh as a Daisy Carwash
Secret passage to underground detention center in Springfield that the Baroness uses to visit Major Bludd when he's imprisoned.

17Gentle Hands BREAKING BAD 2008 TV SeriesVehiclesCar Washes

Gentle Hands
Car wash that Walt and Skyler discuss maybe buying.

18Happy Hands Car WashCHIPS 2017 FilmVehiclesCar Washes

Happy Hands Car Wash
Car wash where Ponch follows up on a lead.

19Hollywood Luxury BubblesGET HARD 2015 FilmVehiclesCar Washes

Hollywood Luxury Bubbles
Darnell is owner and CEO of a car wash business.

20Lubbock's Car Wash HUNTER 1984 TV SeriesVehiclesCar Washes

Lubbock's Car Wash
Hunter confronts Parole Officer Colson.

21Moon Car WashSING 2016 Animated FilmVehiclesCar Washes

Moon Car Wash
Buster's car wash business after the theater is destroyed.

22Pine Tree Car Wash SKELETON CREW 1985 LiteratureVehiclesCar Washes

Pine Tree Car Wash
The wino brigade consisted of out-of-staters except for Lou Tattinger, who ran the Pine Tree Car Wash.

23Queen Bee Car Wash 20TH CENTURY GHOSTS 2005 LiteratureVehiclesCar Washes

Queen Bee Car Wash
Car Wash.

24Scrubba-Dubba Car WashTHE STAND 1978 LiteratureVehiclesCar Washes

Scrubba-Dubba Car Wash
Sometimes he knew those voices weren't real, but sometimes he would cry out loud for them to stop, only to realize that the only voice was his voice, hitting back at him from the houses and storefronts, bouncing off the cinderblock wall of the Scrubba-Dubba Car Wash where he used to work and where he now sat on the morning of June 30, eating a big sloppy sandwich of peanut butter and jelly and tomatoes and Gulden's Diablo mustard.

25Sparkle Car WashHONDA 1946 AdvertisingVehiclesCar Washes

Sparkle Car Wash
Car Wash from a Honda television commercial.

26Speedy Boy Car Wash DIFFERENT SEASONS 1982 LiteratureVehiclesCar Washes

Speedy Boy Car Wash
Car wash in Santo Donato.

27Spot Free Car WashTHE BROTHERS BLOOM 2008 FilmVehiclesCar Washes

Spot Free Car Wash
Car wash in the one hat town at the beginning of the movie.

28Westland Car Wash THE SHIELD 2002 TV SeriesVehiclesCar Washes

Westland Car Wash
After offering to pick up lunch for Claudette at Giovanni's, Billings witnesses a gang shooting while washing his car. Instead of intervening, he hides, calls in an anonymous report and returns to the Barn.

29When You Wash Upon a Car Wash THE SIMPSONS 1989 Animated SeriesVehiclesCar Washes

When You Wash Upon a Car Wash
Car wash in Springfield.

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