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1Anywhere DoorDORAEMON 1969 Comic BooksTransportationTransportation Technology

Anywhere Door
One of Doraemon's tools from the future. A pink-colored door that allows people to travel according to the thoughts of the person who turns the knob.

2Biomatter ShuttleFANTASTIC FOUR 2015 FilmTransportationTransportation Technology

Biomatter Shuttle
The first teleporter that Reed builds in the garage.

3Borg Transwarp Network STAR TREK: VOYAGER 1995 TV SeriesTransportationTransportation Technology

Borg Transwarp Network
Vast series of transwarp conduits spanning the entire Milky Way Galaxy. The conduits in the network were connected by 6 transwarp hubs, and were supported by a series of interspatial manifolds, which were protected by shielding regulated from the central nexus by the Borg Queen herself. The network maintained thousands of exit apertures in all four quadrants, allowing the Collective to deploy vessels almost anywhere in the galaxy within minutes, giving the Borg a decisive strategic advantage.

4Bubble Gun RICK AND MORTY 2013 Animated SeriesTransportationTransportation Technology

Bubble Gun
Tool Rick uses to transport the kids over to Jerry's apartment for his custody weekend.

5The Clamp Entry-matic Automatic Doors GREMLINS 2: THE NEW BATCH 1990 FilmTransportationTransportation Technology

The Clamp Entry-matic Automatic Doors
Automatic doors installed at the entrance of Clamp Centre.

6CX-924 WATCHMEN 2019 TV SeriesTransportationTransportation Technology

Type of teleportation window that The Institute for Trans Dimensional Studies was experimenting with when the giant alien squid appeared.

7Cymatic Matter ShuttleFANTASTIC FOUR 2015 FilmTransportationTransportation Technology

Cymatic Matter Shuttle
The teleporter Reed and Ben enter into high school science fair. "It modulates the frequency of matter from one location to another and back again."

8Descent ChuteUBIK 1969 LiteratureTransportationTransportation Technology

Descent Chute
Back in New York once more, his trip to the Beloved Brethren Moratorium completed, Glen Runciter landed via a silent and impressive all-electric hired limousine on the roof of the central installation of Runciter Associates. A descent chute dropped him speedily to his fifth-floor office.

9Desimulator THE TWILIGHT ZONE 1959 TV SeriesTransportationTransportation Technology

Teleportation device used by the residents of Peaceful Valley, New Mexico.

10The Disintegrator-integratorTHE FLY 1958 FilmTransportationTransportation Technology

The Disintegrator-integrator
Andre's matter transporter device.

11Dizray FRINGE 2008 TV SeriesTransportationTransportation Technology

Teleportation device that Walter worked on previously.

12Emergency Transport UnitSTAR TREK: NEMESIS 2002 FilmTransportationTransportation Technology

Emergency Transport Unit
Device Data uses to send Picard back to the Enterprise, sacrificing himself at the end of Nemesis.

13Ga-ZoomMARVIN K. MOONEY WILL YOU PLEASE GO NOW! 1972 LiteratureTransportationTransportation Technology

"Get yourself a Ga-Zoom. You can go with a boom!" Kind of like being shot out of a cannon.

14Hyper-loops DARK MATTER 2015 TV SeriesTransportationTransportation Technology

Travel technology in the future. When the crew of the Raza goes back in time to 21st century Earth, Three complains about how primitive it is, and the lack of hyper-loops, aero-cars and mag-lev boots.

15HypergateESCAPE VELOCITY NOVA 2002 Video GamesTransportationTransportation Technology

Years before, a person named Omata Kane designed a "hypergate" system connecting systems of human-inhabited worlds that had been discovered by colonists from Earth.

16JauntingTHE STARS MY DESTINATION 1956 LiteratureTransportationTransportation Technology

Nickname for personal teleportation.

17Jump-doorsTHE DOSADI EXPERIMENT 1977 LiteratureTransportationTransportation Technology

Technology that allow instantaneous travel between any two points in the universe.

18Magnetic Air Transport System THE SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN 2008 Animated SeriesTransportationTransportation Technology

Magnetic Air Transport System

19Matter Transference BeamTHE HITCHHIKER'S GUIDE TO THE GALAXY 1978 LiteratureTransportationTransportation Technology

Matter Transference Beam
Technology behind the Electronic Thumb. Ford: "If you've never been through a matter transference beam before you've probably lost some salt and protein. The beer you had should have cushioned your system a bit."

20New New York Tube System FUTURAMA 1999 Animated SeriesTransportationTransportation Technology

New New York Tube System
Pedestrian travel system in New New York.

21The Nexus HoleRESET 2017 FilmTransportationTransportation Technology

The Nexus Hole
Artificial wormhole.

22Other-Dimension-inatorPHINEAS AND FERB THE MOVIE 2011 Animated FilmTransportationTransportation Technology

Device that creates portals to parallel dimensions.

23Pegasus Fin System SPACE FORCE 2020 TV SeriesTransportationTransportation Technology

Pegasus Fin System
Space Force technology detected on a rocket from India, making Space Force think there is a spy in their midst.

24Phantom Zone Projector THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE 2017 Animated FilmTransportationTransportation Technology

Phantom Zone Projector
Tool Superman uses to send super-villains to the Phantom Zone.

25Portable Transwarp Beaming DeviceSTAR TREK INTO DARKNESS 2013 FilmTransportationTransportation Technology

Portable Transwarp Beaming Device
Device Khan uses to escape after his attack on Starfleet Headquarters.

26Portal GunRICK AND MORTY 2013 Animated SeriesTransportationTransportation Technology

Portal Gun
Rick's invention that allows them to hop between dimensions.

27Portal GunPOCKET LIKE YOU STOLE IT 2017 Comic BooksTransportationTransportation Technology

Portal Gun
Rick's invention that allows them to hop between dimensions.

28Portal Gun Pro RICK AND MORTY 2013 Animated SeriesTransportationTransportation Technology

Portal Gun Pro

29Project Silent SparrowBIG HERO 6 2014 Animated FilmTransportationTransportation Technology

Project Silent Sparrow
Teleportation device. A portal built by Krei Tech Industries.

30Quantum TunnelANT-MAN AND THE WASP 2018 FilmTransportationTransportation Technology

Quantum Tunnel
Hank's invention that allows travel to the quantum realm.

31Random Wormhole Generator EUREKA 2006 TV SeriesTransportationTransportation Technology

Random Wormhole Generator
Joke Zane makes. Sheriff Carter: "We have wormholes popping up randomly all over town. You have any project that could be causing it?" Zane: "Like my random wormhole generator?" Sheriff Carter: "You have one of those?" Zane: "No. But it's possible that something got jostled and reactivated when we were packing."

32Ribbon Hole THE TWILIGHT ZONE 2019 TV SeriesTransportationTransportation Technology

Ribbon Hole
Alien planet's name for a wormhole.

33Star Portal STARGATE SG-1 1997 TV SeriesTransportationTransportation Technology

Star Portal
Martin Lloyd's version of the stargate on his TV show Wormhole X-Treme.

34StargateSTARGATE 1981 Video GamesTransportationTransportation Technology

Transports the ship to any humanoid in trouble.

35TelepodTHE FLY 1986 FilmTransportationTransportation Technology


36TelepodTHE FLY II 1989 FilmTransportationTransportation Technology


37Televator THE UMBRELLA ACADEMY 2007 Comic BooksTransportationTransportation Technology

Travel device created by Reginald Hargreeves.

38Trajector Matrix STAR TREK: VOYAGER 1995 TV SeriesTransportationTransportation Technology

Trajector Matrix
Voyager encounters the people of Sikaris, a planet known for their great hospitality that also possesses Trajector Matrix technology that has the ability to get the crew home sooner - but they refuse to share.

39Transmat System BLACK MIRROR 2011 TV SeriesTransportationTransportation Technology

Transmat System
Black Mirror version of Star Trek's transporter system technology.

40Transporter STAR TREK 2009 FilmTransportationTransportation Technology

Teleportation technology, standard on Federation starships.

41Tunnel Tubeway BACK TO THE FUTURE: THE ANIMATED SERIES 1991 Animated SeriesTransportationTransportation Technology

Tunnel Tubeway
Rapid transit system in Hill Valley 2091.

42Universal Neural Teleportation Network THE MARVELS 2023 FilmTransportationTransportation Technology

Universal Neural Teleportation Network
Network of wormholes. As Monica explains: A system of wormholes through the space-time continuum aka, jump points, which allows us to hop between different planetary systems. Basically, it stretches and reconfigures space without rupturing the continuum.

43Vertical People TransportersTHE RESTAURANT AT THE END OF THE UNIVERSE 1980 LiteratureTransportationTransportation Technology

Vertical People Transporters
Modern elevator built by the Sirius Cybernetics Corporation.

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