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120K Leagues Sublines BOJACK HORSEMAN 2014 Animated SeriesTransportationMaritime Transport

20K Leagues Sublines
Submarine service BoJack takes Pacific Ocean City.

2Azure Cruise Line 2012 2009 FilmTransportationMaritime Transport

Azure Cruise Line
Geologist Adrian Helmsley's father Harry Helmsley and his friend Tony Delgatto are jazz musicians aboard Azure Cruise Lines' ship Genesis, performing in the Macauley Lounge when the world begins to end.

3Brighstar CruisesSUCCESSION 2018 TV SeriesTransportationMaritime Transport

Brighstar Cruises
Waystar's cruise line.

4Carousel Cruises International Ltd. BROOKLYN NINE-NINE 2013 TV SeriesTransportationMaritime Transport

Carousel Cruises International Ltd.
Doug Judy, Jake's nemesis The Pontiac Bandit, tricks Jake and Amy into taking a free cruise to save him from a hit man.

5Circle Line FUTURAMA 1999 Animated SeriesTransportationMaritime Transport

Circle Line
Sunken cruise ship Fry passes while traveling through the New New York Tube System.

6Empire City Cruise Line JESSICA JONES 2015 TV SeriesTransportationMaritime Transport

Empire City Cruise Line
Sign in the harbor.

7The Giggleship BOJACK HORSEMAN 2014 Animated SeriesTransportationMaritime Transport

The Giggleship
Shenanigags' comedy cruise line mentioned.

8Golden Trident THE MORNING SHOW 2019 TV SeriesTransportationMaritime Transport

Golden Trident
Cruise line from report on The Morning Show: "A Papua New Guinea-bound Golden Trident Cruise luxury liner carrying over 5,000 passengers is in its fourth day of quarantine."

9Gotham Steamship Lines BATMAN 1966 TV SeriesTransportationMaritime Transport

Gotham Steamship Lines
Mentioned by the Joker.

10Harbor Island Ferry THE TRUMAN SHOW 1998 FilmTransportationMaritime Transport

Harbor Island Ferry
Local ferry service in Seahaven.

11Hornblower Cruises & Events ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT 2003 TV SeriesTransportationMaritime Transport

Hornblower Cruises & Events
Company seen in the background in the harbor, presumably the same company that provided the boat used for George Sr.'s retirement party.

12Jenner Cruise Lines THE PRETENDER 1996 TV SeriesTransportationMaritime Transport

Jenner Cruise Lines
Transaction on Mr. Lyle's Centre expense report that Miss Parker finds in his apartment at the Franklin Regency apartment building in Blue Cove.

13Pacific Cruise LinesTHE LOVE BOAT 1977 TV SeriesTransportationMaritime Transport

Pacific Cruise Lines

14The Pacific PrincessTHE LOVE BOAT 1977 TV SeriesTransportationMaritime Transport

The Pacific Princess
Cruise ship.

15Paradise Lines Inc. SKELETON CREW 1985 LiteratureTransportationMaritime Transport

Paradise Lines Inc.
The company that owns the cruise ship Callas, carrying surgeon Richard Pine.

16Red Star Lines ALIEN 1979 FilmTransportationMaritime Transport

Red Star Lines
Lambert serves as Assistant Navigator on Red Star Lines pleasure cruiser Infinity from February 17, 2114 to December 6, 2114.

17Royal PrincessTHE LOVE BOAT 1977 TV SeriesTransportationMaritime Transport

Royal Princess
Cruise ship.

18Royal Star Line THE TWILIGHT ZONE 1959 TV SeriesTransportationMaritime Transport

Royal Star Line
Eileen and Alan travel on the S.S. Lady Anne to England, a ship owned by the Royal Star Line.

19S.S. Delmonico CHEERS 1982 TV SeriesTransportationMaritime Transport

S.S. Delmonico
Frasier and Lilith's Caribbean cruise ship.

20Ship of Fools THE DOORS 1965 MusicTransportationMaritime Transport

Ship of Fools
Come on, people better climb on board. Come on, baby, now we're going home. Ship of fools, ship of fools.

21Southern Seaport TicketsTONY HAWK'S UNDERGROUND 2003 Video GamesTransportationMaritime Transport

Southern Seaport Tickets
A ticket booth in Manhattan.

22Sun PrincessTHE LOVE BOAT 1977 TV SeriesTransportationMaritime Transport

Sun Princess
Cruise ship.

23Tinnock FerryTHE COLORADO KID 2005 LiteratureTransportationMaritime Transport

Tinnock Ferry
He was nodding long before she finished. "Dave and I spent three or four weeks after the Colorado Kid was found - in our spare time, accourse - canvassin motels in what Mr. Yeats would have called 'a widenin gyre' with Moose-Lookit Island at the center. It would've been damn near impossible during the summer season, when there's four hundred motels, inns, cabins, bed-and-breakfasts, and assorted rooms to rent all competing for trade within half a day's drive of the Tinnock Ferry, but it wasn't anything but a part-time job in April, because seventy percent of em are shut down from Thanksgiving to Memorial Day. We showed that picture everywhere, Steffi."

24Trident Cruises THE EVENT 2010 TV SeriesTransportationMaritime Transport

Trident Cruises
Cruise ship company.

25Wilson Cruise LinesWHITE CHICKS 2004 FilmTransportationMaritime Transport

Wilson Cruise Lines
The Wilson sisters' family company.

26Wind Surfer Ferry LinesWINGS 1990 TV SeriesTransportationMaritime Transport

Wind Surfer Ferry Lines
Ferry Line that Fay goes to work for after retiring from Sandpiper.

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