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Total Records: 20 - Group: BBB / Category: FOOD PRODUCTS / Subcategory: FISH PRODUCTS
Record Name
1Angry Norwegian Anchovies FUTURAMA 1999 Animated SeriesFood ProductsFish Products

Angry Norwegian Anchovies
Food product.

2Bay State Fish Sticks THE SIMPSONS 1989 Animated SeriesFood ProductsFish Products

Bay State Fish Sticks
Company that buys the Li'l Lisa Recycling Plant from Mr. Burns.

3Coconut Shrimp THE EARL HAYS PRESS 1915 OtherFood ProductsFish Products

Coconut Shrimp
Food product.

4Flacos Smoked SalmonARCHER 2010 Animated SeriesFood ProductsFish Products

Flacos Smoked Salmon

5Fulminated Mercury Tuna THE BOB NEWHART SHOW 1972 TV SeriesFood ProductsFish Products

Fulminated Mercury Tuna
Howard drinks part of Emily's science experiment, mistaking it for a brand of tuna.

6Harper's Jellied EelsTORCHWOOD 2006 TV SeriesFood ProductsFish Products

Harper's Jellied Eels

7Howard Foods Caviar GLOW 2017 TV SeriesFood ProductsFish Products

Howard Foods Caviar
Food product made by Howard Foods.

8Krill THE SIMPSONS 1989 Animated SeriesFood ProductsFish Products

Product sold at the 33 Cent store.

9Minnow BiscuitsFANTASTIC MR. FOX 2009 Animated FilmFood ProductsFish Products

Minnow Biscuits
Snack food at the grocery store.

10Mrs. Pell's Fishsticks THE CRITIC 1994 Animated SeriesFood ProductsFish Products

Mrs. Pell's Fishsticks
The fishsticks that Orson Welles advertises.

11Name that Tuna SAUSAGE PARTY 2016 Animated FilmFood ProductsFish Products

Name that Tuna
Tuna product.

12Nemo Brand Caviar RATATOUILLE 2007 Animated FilmFood ProductsFish Products

Nemo Brand Caviar
There are cans of Nemo Brand Caviar in the pantry at Gusteau's.

13Norwegian Red Herring ONLY MURDERS IN THE BUILDING 2021 TV SeriesFood ProductsFish Products

Norwegian Red Herring
Joke Charles makes about having in the fridge.

14Plankton THE SIMPSONS 1989 Animated SeriesFood ProductsFish Products

Homer tastes a generic Plankton product at the 33 Cent store. According to the Mexican Council of Food, it expired two years ago... and it can cause Red Tide poisoning.

15Romanofski Royale NIGHT COURT 1984 TV SeriesFood ProductsFish Products

Romanofski Royale
When Mac inherits a lot of money from his grandfather, he buys very expensive caviar for Christine.

16Ruby Reds SANTA CLARITA DIET 2017 TV SeriesFood ProductsFish Products

Ruby Reds
Type of clam sold by Ruby's Clams, the kind that turns people into flesh craving undead.

17Shrimp Casings THE SIMPSONS 1989 Animated SeriesFood ProductsFish Products

Shrimp Casings
Bulk products in Mr. Burns' prison cafeteria pantry.

18Tony's Oysters in a Canza IT'S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA 2005 TV SeriesFood ProductsFish Products

Tony's Oysters in a Canza
Seafood company Frank started with Tony Danza back in the 80s.

19Tuna SAUSAGE PARTY 2016 Animated FilmFood ProductsFish Products

Generic fish product sold at Shopwell's, from Firewater's flashback tale.

20Tuna Boat Tuna FUNNY FARM 1988 FilmFood ProductsFish Products

Tuna Boat Tuna
Sponsor listed on the softball field scoreboard.

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