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2006 Film

 Fictitious Timeline 
 Fake events on real dates (8)
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  • 1929

    • February 10, 1929
      • Date of Birth on Alex's father Simon Wyler's Death Certificate.
 Bogus Business Bureau 
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  • Hospitals

    • Chicago City Hospital
      • Hospital where Dr. Kate Forster works.
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  • Quotes

    • Kate
      • Kate: Life is not a book, Alex. And it can be over in a second. I was having lunch with my mother at Daley Plaza and a man was killed right in front of me. He died in my arms. And I thought, "It can't end just like that on Valentine's Day." And I thought about all the people who love him, waiting at home, who will never see him again. And then I thought, "What if there is no one? What if you live your whole life and no one is waiting?"
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  • Trivia

    • Alex and Kate's dog's name.
      •  Jack

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