Film 2016. Written by Carter Blanchard, Roland Emmerich and Dean Devlin. Directed by Roland Emmerich. Starring Jeff Goldblum, Bill Pullman, Liam Hemsworth, Jessie Usher, Maika Monroe, Sela Ward, Judd Hirsch, Angelababy, Joey King, Vivica A. Fox, Brent Spiner, Charlotte Gainsbourg and William Fichtner.
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1Camp Jackrabbit BBBYouth ServicesYouth Camps

Camp Jackrabbit
Youth summer camp. Bus full of abandoned kids that Julius drives to Area 51.

2CDSBBBTelevisionTV News

News network. "Alien Tech Malfunction Kills Col. Hiller"

3Channel 7BBBTelevisionTV News

Channel 7
TV station with local news program reporting on the alien attack.

4The Circle and the Alien MindBBBLiteratureBooks

The Circle and the Alien Mind
Book by Dr. Catherine Marceaux.

5City DestroyerBBBVehiclesSpacecrafts

City Destroyer
Large alien vehicles that detach from the alien mothership to inspect life on other planets, and, as the name implies, destroy cities.

6Collected Case StudiesBBBLiteratureBooks

Collected Case Studies
Book by Dr. Catherine Marceaux.

7Dr. O'BrienBBBHealthcareDoctors

Dr. O'Brien
Doctor at the Marilyn Whitmore Hospital at Area 51.

8How I Saved the WorldBBBLiteratureBooks

How I Saved the World
Book by Julius Levinson.

9Last Stop Liquor Store BBBFood StoresLiquor Stores

Last Stop Liquor Store
Where Julius finds the Camp Jackrabbit school bus full of abandoned kids.

10Life After ContactBBBLiteratureBooks

Life After Contact
Book by Dr. Catherine Marceaux.

11Marilyn Whitmore HospitalBBBHealthcareHospitals

Marilyn Whitmore Hospital
Hospital located in Area 51, named for President Whitmore's deceased wife.

12Mengniu Moon MilkBBBBeverage ProductsMilk

Mengniu Moon Milk
Milk served in the moon base cafeteria.

13QQBBBCorporationsCommunications Companies

Company providing communications between Earth and the ESD moon base.

14The Ruins of Las VegasBBBAmusementAmusement Parks

The Ruins of Las Vegas

15Space TugBBBVehiclesSpacecrafts

Space Tug
Ships deployed at the ESD moon base.

16T4 Global Defender Hybrid FighterBBBVehiclesAircrafts

T4 Global Defender Hybrid Fighter

17July 2, 1996 Dates20th Century: 90sEvents

July 2, 1996
Arrival & attack. On July 2, 1996 a massive alien mothership entered the Earth's orbit, deploying 36 City Destroyers to annihilate the world's largest cities. Over the next 48 hours, 108 cities were reduced to ashes, until a united, globally coordinated counterattack took out the alien's mothership - halting their fourth wave of attacks and eliminating the extraterrestrial threat.

18November 30, 1997 Dates20th Century: 90sEvents

November 30, 1997
Aside from a small pocket of resistance in an isolated area of the African Congo, the alien threat has been neutralized - and the world begins to rise from the ashes. Reconstruction begins immediately as the big cities, monuments and landmarks of the world are slowly restored to their former glory.

19March 17, 1998 Dates20th Century: 90sEvents

March 17, 1998
The near annihilation of humankind has given us an unexpected but welcome effect, as centuries old conflicts and political distrust are dissolved to create an unprecedented unity among the nations of the world.

20May 25, 1998 Dates20th Century: 90sEvents

May 25, 1998
Following the newly established global peace alliance, the United Nations creates the Earth Space Defense program to serve as an early warning system and united global defense unit - appointing War of 1996 hero David Levinson as its director. In conjunction with this announcement, the ESD launches a worldwide publicity and recruitment campaign.

21January 8, 1999 Dates20th Century: 90sEvents

January 8, 1999
ESD applies recovered alien shield technology to an F-22 Raptor to understand how they can better integrate other alien technology into future full Hybrid Fighters. This light experiment will serve as the foundation for the dramatic innovations that the ESD delivers nearly a decade later.

22June 22, 2000 Dates21st Century: 00sEvents

June 22, 2000
Following the destruction of the alien mothership, Las Vegas was completely demolished by a crashing City Destroyer. Since then, thousands have visited its untouched ruins - serving as a dramatic reminder of the aliens' ruthless attack and permanent memorial to the War of 1996.

23August 10, 2001 Dates21st Century: 00sEvents

August 10, 2001
A large group of aliens continue to hold out in the African Congo - the lone survivors of a crashed City Destroyer. The ESD repeatedly offers their support and assistance to the local government, but is met with aggressive refusal.

24October 23, 2003 Dates21st Century: 00sEvents

October 23, 2003
Applying new data from recovered alien weaponry, U.S. Army scientists make dramatic advances in applying their findings to military applications. While there is initially some controversy around exploiting this technology, demonstrations of the new weapons' capabilities quickly alleviate fears.

25April 27, 2007 Dates21st Century: 00sEvents

April 27, 2007
While test piloting the ESD's first alien hybrid fighter, an unknown malfunction causes the untimely death of Colonel Hiller.

26February 21, 2009 Dates21st Century: 00sEvents

February 21, 2009
Monitored from its command center in Beijing, China, the ESD Moonbase opens as Director David Levinson presides over the ribbon cutting ceremony. Designed with both offensive and defensive weapons capabilities, the Moonbase is the first of several planetary bases designed to monitor our solar system for potential alien threats.

27August 19, 2014 Dates21st Century: 10sEvents

August 19, 2014
After years of research and development from ESD scientists around the world, the next generation of hybrid alien vehicles and weapon systems are introduced. One of the standouts is the T4 Global Defender Hybrid Fighter, boasting unprecedented speed, maneuverability and offensive capabilities.

28July 4, 2016 Dates21st Century: 10sEvents

July 4, 2016
20 years of global unity. As we remember the last 20 years, we must also look to the future. The world has rebuilt stronger than we ever imagined and we must promise ourselves, as well as future generations, that we're never caught off guard again. We must continue to work together to secure the future of the human race - for as long as we stay united, we will survive.

29Alien PrisonMapDetention CentersPrisons

Alien Prison
Prison for surviving aliens from the War of '96, located in Area 51.

30ESD: Mars BaseMapStructuresMilitary Bases

ESD: Mars Base
The Earth Space Defense organization's space defense station on Mars.

31ESD: Moon Base MapStructuresMilitary Bases

ESD: Moon Base
The Earth Space Defense organization's space defense station on the moon.

32ESD: Rhea BaseMapStructuresMilitary Bases

ESD: Rhea Base
The Earth Space Defense organization's space defense station on the Saturn moon Rhea.

33Untitled OtherThemesSolo


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