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AMERICAN PIE (13) 1999 Film
  • Cities and Towns - U.S.
    • East Great Falls, Michigan
      • Fictional U.S. city
  • Dates
    • November 27, 1998
      • Dr. R. Gruntzer prescribes Steve Stifler PentaLax.
    • May 27, 1999
      • Expiration Date on Steve Stifler's PentaLax prescription.
  • Doctors
    • Dr. R. Gruntzer
      • Doctor that prescribes Steve Stifler PentaLax.
  • High Schools
    • East Great Falls High School
      • No description available
  • Quotes
    • Finch
      • Finch: Oh, Stifler's Mom, whoa!
    • Jim's Dad
      • Jim's Dad: I have to admit, you know, I did the fair bit of masturbating when I was a little younger. I used to call it stroking the salami, yeah, you know, pounding the old pud. I never did it with baked goods, but you know your uncle Mort, he pets the one-eyed snake 5-6 times a day.
    • Michelle
      • Michelle: And this one time, at band camp, I stuck a flute in my pussy.
      • Michelle: What's my name? Say my name, Bitch!
    • Stifler
      • Stifler: I say, why don't you guys locate your dicks, remove the shrink wrap, and fucking use them!
    • Stifler's Mom
      • Stifler's Mom: Oh, Finchy Finch.
  • Restaurants-Other
    • Dog Years
      • No description available
  • Websites
    • Netbot e-mail
      • No description available

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