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  • Marty Huggins: Might wanna decide whether you're gonna buy toilet paper or aftershave. Because your face is like a butt.

Real dates. Fictional events.

Fictional business and products... and more
  • Activist Groups
    • National Association Of Women Voters
      • Stand-in for the League of Women Voters, sponsor of one of Cam Brady and Marty Huggins' congressional debates.
  • Buildings and Landmarks
    • Hammond City Hall
      • Building in Marty Huggins' hometown of Hammond, North Carolina.
    • Jefferson Memorial
Memorial in Hammond, North Caroline.
  • Cities and Towns
    • Mera-kai, China
      • After signing up Marty Huggins on the Republican ticket, the Motch Brothers travel to Mera-Kai, China, where a factory boss leads them past children stirring bubbling green acidic vats as machines spit out dolls boxed for shipments marked "USA." The Motch Brothers tell the Chinese boss they're buying real estate under a shell corporation in North Carolina's 14th district and invite him to establish his slave-wage, profit-soaring business on U.S. soil.
  • Cities and Towns - U.S.
    • Hammond, N.C.
      • Marty Huggins' hometown. "The jewel of the Carolinas"
  • Corporations
    • Motch Worldwide Global
      • The Motch Brothers' (stand-ins for the Koch Brothers) corporation.
  • Doctors
    • Dr. Scruggs
      • Doctor in Hammond that Marty Huggins greets on his way to work.
  • Gift Shops
    • Candles And Such
      • Gift shop in Marty Huggins' hometown of Hammond, North Carolina.
  • Hardware Stores
    • Hammond Family Hardware
      • Hardware store in Marty Huggins' hometown of Hammond, North Carolina.
  • Health Clubs, Massage and Spa Services
    • Curves
      • Workout facility for plus-size women, where Marty Huggins works out.
  • High Schools
    • Hammond High School
      • Local high school in Marty Huggins' hometown of Hammond, North Carolina. Location of the 14th district congressional debate and home of the fighting Cardinals.
  • Musicians
    • Dude Ranch
      • Marty Huggins' high school all-male a cappella group.
  • Newspapers
    • Hammond City Gazette
      • Local newspaper in Hammond, North Carolina.
  • Police Departments
    • Hammond PD
      • Cam Brady gets pulled over for drunk driving after leaving Marty Huggins' house.
  • Private Clubs
    • Pinecrest Country Club
      • Location of the Cam Brady Civility Brunch, welcoming Marty Huggins.
  • Professional Organizations
    • Hammond Association Of Business & Industry
      • Sponsor of congressional debate between Cam Brady and Marty Huggins.
  • Realms
    • Rainbow Land (place)
      • Fictitious place from story Cam Brady wrote in second grade, where unicorns are made of fudge and cotton candy and everything is free.
  • Shoe Stores
    • Nedwin's Shoe Stop
      • Shoe store in Marty Huggins' hometown of Hammond, North Carolina.
  • Short Stories
    • Rainbow Land (story)
      • 3 page doctrine written by Cam Brady in the second grade. The simple story of a teddy bear giving a pot of gold to a leprechaun.
  • Sports Teams-Mascots
    • Hammond High School Cardinals
      • Mascot of Hammond High School, local high school in Hammond, North Carolina.
  • Strip Clubs
    • Crazy Girls
      • Dance club where Becky danced.
    • Jumbo's
      • Dance club where Becky danced.
  • Tours
    • Hammond Tourism Center
      • Service in Hammond, North Carolina where Marty Huggins works as a tour guide.
  • TV Shows-News
    • Channel 20
      • Local news crew at Cam Brady's press conference.
    • WQRY 24
      • Local news team at Cam Brady's press conference.
    • WYBS 36
      • Local news crew at Cam Brady's press conference.
  • TV Stations-Numbers
    • Channel 15
      • WQDA TV news microphone at Cam Brady's press conference.

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