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BATMAN: HUSH 2019 Animated Film
  • Scarecrow: Have a face full of fear!

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  • Buildings and Landmarks
    • Batcave
      • Batman's headquarters, located beneath Wayne Manor.
    • Triffid Building
      • Name of the building Batman gets from Lex - the address for the delivery of a fortified ethylene compound engineered to allow exotic plants to withstand changes in locale and temperature, which leads him to Poison Ivy.
    • Wayne Manor
      • Bruce's family's mansion in Gotham City.
  • Cemeteries and Graveyards
    • Gotham Cemetery
      • Nightwing and Catwoman investigate the report of a person breaking the lock on the Gotham Cemetery gate, encountering Scarecrow inside the grounds.
  • Chemical Companies
    • Dupree Chemical Co.
      • Bane kidnaps the son of the Dupree family, holding him for random.
  • Cities and Towns - U.S.
    • Gotham City
      • Primary setting for the events of Batman: Hush.
    • Metropolis, Kansas
      • Batman goes to Metropolis looking for Poison Ivy.
  • Corporations
    • Lex Corp
      • Lex Luthor's company. Batman pays Lex a visit while in Metropolis.
  • Hospitals-Mental Health
    • Arkham Asylum
      • Batman tells Poison Ivy she's going back to Arkham when he tracks her down in Metropolis.
  • Industrial Companies
    • New Thurnary Metal Works
      • Abandoned warehouse where Batman tracks Hush (based on the name being an anagram for Arthur Wynne)
  • Newspapers
    • The Daily Planet
      • Newspaper in Metropolis where Clark Kent and Lois Lane work.
    • National Whisper
      • Newspaper. Headline: Notorious playboy saved by surgeon friend.
  • Police Departments
    • Gotham Police Department
      • Local police force in Gotham City.
  • Prisons
    • Blackgate Prison
      • Prison where Bane is taken following the botched kidnapping and ransom of the Dupree child, though by the time Batman goes to see him, he has broken out and Batman has to capture him again.
  • Professional Organizations
    • The League of Assassins
      • Lady shiva of the League of Assassins observes Batman capturing Bane at the Dupree chemical plant.
  • Surgeons
    • Thomas Elliot
      • Bruce's good friend and world renowned brain surgeon that saves Bruce's life after his accident.
  • Thoroughfares-Roads
    • Forest Road
      • Street in Gotham City. In order to conceal the fact that Bruce Wayne is Batman, when they have to take him to the hospital, Nightwing tells Batwoman to take the roadster to Forest road near mile marker 82 and wreck it.
  • Vehicles-Cars and Trucks
    • The Batmobile
      • Batman's car.
  • Water
    • The Lazarus Pit
      • Natural pool that possesses restorative properties. Lady Shiva tells Batman that it has been exploited by an unknown intruder.
  • Weapons-Explosives
    • Herbicide Bomb
      • Hush threatens Poison Ivy with his herbicide bomb.
  • Catwoman: Okay, crazy plant bitch. It's on.

  • Nightwing: Who knew heroin was so flammable.

  • Scarecrow: Have a face full of fear!

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